6 Simple Ways You Can Start Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

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Depression, panic attacks, mood disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders — these are just a handful of mental health issues that over three-quarters of the United States deal with by the age of 24. Offer inexpensive out of pocket health insurance.

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Simple Health Tips: Become The Programmer of Your Reality

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“Your mind is like the operating system of a super computer which gets programmed over time by your own environment and experiences… You can, however, learn to reprogram the mind… you can become the programmer of your own reality.”. You can live a life of positivity, health, and gratitude!

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Why Is Turmeric The Best For Kidney Health?

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Did you know that turmeric is amazing for kidney health? Free radicals cause oxidation and are effectively neutralized by turmeric, providing a safe environment alongside a boosted immune system. Turmeric promotes heart health. Food Goals Health

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Why Is Turmeric The Best For Kidney Health?

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Did you know that turmeric is amazing for kidney health? Free radicals cause oxidation and are effectively neutralized by turmeric, providing a safe environment alongside a boosted immune system. Turmeric promotes heart health. Food Goals Health

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A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Eating During the Holidays

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This outcome is especially problematic because overweight children face cyber-bullying, lowered self-esteem, and chronic health issues. However, environment, genetics, metabolism, and poor sleep habits can also promote excessive weight gain. Children Health Holiday

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Living A Sustainable Lifestyle: 10 Simple Tips On Going Green

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While saving the planet is certainly the most important, saving money and improving health are not bad, either. Plus, buying them will help promote the local economy. It’s detrimental to the environment and it shows on the bills, too. Green Health Money

How to Reset Body Clock Fast: 5 Circadian Rhythm Tips to Maximize Your Day

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However, your environment dramatically affects it. Phones, computers, and televisions all emit blue light which promotes wakefulness. Brain Health ProductivityLike the moon and seasons, your body follows a rhythm known as the circadian rhythm. This cycle controls numerous aspects of your physical, emotional, behavioral and mental well-being each day. Going against the rhythm of this cycle makes your days harder and your productivity lower.

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The Best Home Remedies For Insomnia You Should Know About

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These things can compromise both your health and relationships. Sleeping in an uncomfortable environment or room can also contribute to having insomnia. 8 Health Risks Of Poor Sleep. Check your sleeping environment and arrange your bedroom in whatever way you’ll feel comfortable. Lemon balm is proven to promote relaxation and calmness. Health SleepInsomnia is a sleep disorder which causes difficulty in sleeping.

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Eye Safety In The Workplace: Effective Ways To Protect Your Vision

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Unless a worker is assigned in a hazardous environment, he’s not likely to wear any protective eye gear. As a guide, here are some of the ways you can promote eye safety at work. If you work in an industry where you’re exposed to these dangers, pay special attention to your environment and gauge how at risk you are. Working at an office or from home can also affect your eye health, especially if you spend long hours in front of a computer. Health Workplace

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Small Business Start-Up Idea – T-Shirt Design | THE SMALL BUSINESS.

The Small Business Blog

Small Business Start-Up Idea – T-Shirt Design by Stefan Töpfer on Apr 02, 2008 There is always a great demand for custom-made T-shirts, ranging from sports teams in need of new kit to event organisers wanting promotional shirts to give away. E-Mail me or follow me.

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The Top Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

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The culture, work environment, relationship with co-workers all affect why you do not want to pursue that job anymore. Going through ultimate boredom or an extremely toxic environment can be enough to make you quit. No Promotion for a Long Time. Toxic Environment at Work.

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How to Be Extraordinary At Work: Helpful Tips For Career Growth

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Once you stick to your priorities and project deadlines, you can definitely expect quick promotions. This can maximize your chances of getting promoted in less time. Plus, a positive working environment also increases job satisfaction. How to be extraordinary at work?

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5 Surprising Benefits of Bringing Dogs In The Workplace

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See Also: 7 Ways Pets Affect Emotional and Physical Health. Promotes a healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple but very effective way that dogs help you maintain your health by getting up and moving.

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7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Energy Efficient

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Employee Health Benefits . The transition away from fossil fuels also benefits indoor air quality and employee health. Perhaps one of the more apparent reasons a small business should be energy efficient is the benefit to the environment.

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The Power of Green in the Office Space

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As more and more offices make the move to greener operations, it has become abundantly clear that creating eco-friendly work environments are not only good for the air and physical space, but they are also great for office morale and productivity. Mental health and Well Being.

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How Toys Can Boost Your Child’s Development

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They look around their home environment and enact the same with their toys. Make sure you have adequate toys that would develop their mental health. In contrast, masculine toys or toys endorsed for boys promote aggression and violence but enhance spatial skills and logical skills.

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5 Office Design Hacks That Will Increase Employee’s Productivity

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One of the major challenges faced by corporations nowadays is developing an office layout that promotes employees’ mental and physical health, as well as motivating them towards greater productivity. Create A Noise-Proof Environment.

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The Importance of a Positive Workplace Culture to Enable High Performance

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The environment or culture within a workplace has a lot to do with how well or how bad the performance of the employees is. There are some qualities that must be present within a healthy work environment in order to perk up the progress and help the organization to evolve into something better. Many employers swear that a cutthroat environment that is high-pressured is the only real way to get their employees to deliver what’s expected of them.

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7 Awesome Ways to Effectively Manage Your Stress on Weekdays

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Studies show that stress is one of the leading causes of chronic health conditions. At school, stress can be due to project deadlines, an unfavorable environment, and teaching style.

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HR Tips to Hire and Retain Generation Z In The Workforce

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They want a reasonable income with health coverage benefits. They aim for a flexible workplace environment and new opportunities. Here are a few strategies to consider: Promote positive facts about your company online. These employees appreciate the idea of paid vacation and a flexible work environment. Review Your Work Environment. Most enjoy listening to music to be more productive while others enjoy a relaxing environment.

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Feng Shui and Wellness: What You Need to Know

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The ancient Chinese thought a lot about the relationship between the body and the environment. at the head of a T-junction) can have detrimental effects on your health, relationships, and/or finances. So, when you’re considering lifestyle changes to promote improved well-being for you and your family, consider the interior design and feng shui as much as you think about your diet and exercise.

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Home Security System for Seniors

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Automation can be used to improve the lives of seniors in terms of: Easier health care through remote monitoring, daily medical testing, medication reminders, medical care coordination, and remote medical consultation.

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How to Start a Workplace Garden

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Establishing a garden that employers and employees collectively tend to can promote new relationships and strengthen teamwork within a company. Non-toxic methods are much safer for people, pests, and the environment, making them very popular.

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Green Incentives You Can Set as an Entrepreneur

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Here are some great ideas on incentives that you can use to promote green activity with your employees: Alternative Transportation Bonuses. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air for employees while helping the environment.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Patient satisfaction and customer.

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Many times the disability or the illness itself can leave patients anxious, demanding and angry, but health care professionals owe it to every patient and their family to provide the best of customer service no matter how difficult the challenge.

Featured Soloist Diana Guerrero: “Find What Sets You Apart”

The Solopreneur Life

The environment and location and way of life was attractive to me. I am recently recovered from some health challenges that were not clearly identified and that left me unable to produce. Find what sets you apart and be assertive in promoting yourself.

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The Benefits of Chair Massage Therapy in the Workplace

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Employees in competitive work environments often suffer under the demands and burdens of their office’s rapid fire culture, and this stress often negatively affects both work performance and personal health. Chair massage can hasten the healing of strained muscles, reduce muscle pain, enhance the health of skin, soothe headaches and eye strains, promote flexibility, and improve posture. Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Visit the original article at [link].

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The New and Modern Way Companies Are Increasing Productivity

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They’ve realised that yes, we may get a lot done, but the high-stress environment affects employees both physically and mentally. See Also: 5 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Mental Health. Did you know that companies have a new way to increase productivity ?

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The Power of Volunteering

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It gives me a purpose, and is good for my mental health.” , said Karla, a volunteer for a number of organizations. You will be meeting in an environment you both support and care about and will be on a shared journey. A report by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency that promotes volunteering, found that people who had spent time volunteering had a 27% better chance of finding a job than others who had never volunteered.

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Boost Self-Improvement Results with 20 Minutes a Day Exercises

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Relaxation (10 Minutes a Day) An article from the University of Maryland Medical Center mentioned how relaxation techniques can help cope with stress and promote long term health by slowing down the body and quieting the mind. “We are what we repeatedly do.

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11 Top Tips for Time Management

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Look After Your Health Those who wake up early have more time to exercise and to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule – people who thrive in cluttered environments. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule – people who thrive in cluttered environments. A long-term goal is something like buying a house, and a short-term goal is something like getting a promotion or raise.

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10 Lessons Office Professionals Can Learn from Phil Jackson

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Each day, we are on the court (workplace) implement “plays&# (making decisions) so that we can stay in the game (remain employed) and ultimately reach the championship to reap the rewards (promotion).

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Motivation to be Motivated

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Obviously, you will get accolades from your employer such as promotions or bonuses but you should also make a point to reward yourself. This will make for a positive work environment and people will be more productive and want to get the job done and will be yearning for more.

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

Practically Perfect PA

Obtaining funds from work to complete training in the current environment is difficult. High standard of customer service and the ability to work under pressure in a busy environment and be flexible and adaptable is key.

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Increase Motivation and Enhance Moods By Interior Design

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Like prompt plugging of tiny trickles caused by pinhole openings in a leaky dam, nipping emotional negativity created by non-motivation in the bud is essential to long-term emotional health, economic solvency, and personal productivity. This post was written by a guest author.

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5 Ways Minimalism Helps You On The Path To Productivity


This spacious environment is not only physical but mental. Less mess promotes thought and creativity. And you’re much more likely to have a head full of mental clutter when your physical environment is cluttered. On top of all the other benefits that minimalism can bestow upon your productivity, it’s also good for your health. Today’s guest post is by Dan Erickson.

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How To Invest In Yourself (And Why)

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Borrowing a ready made identity, like “being a millionaire” is a very dangerous thing for your mental health. Your Highest Asset: Health This is by far the easiest way to understand this whole “invest in yourself” approach. We’re floating from one environment to the the next one.

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Small Business Start-Up Idea – Weight Loss Consultation | THE.

The Small Business Blog

It will be free to access and as such should be seen as one of your major promotional tools. Business environment and set-up cost: There are no barriers to online international coaching other than language (although even this can be overcome by translation). E-Mail me or follow me.

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The Centre of Your Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Trust – Trust is fundamental in order to secure a productive work environment. Unfortunately our PC world & laws promote “lying&# to people and this ends up having this effect, that nobody knows what is true and what is phony – I think we need to reverse this trend.

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Small Business Start-Up Idea – Sign-Making Service | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Business environment and set-up cost: This is primarily a local business because you will work closely with clients and be responsible for installing the signage. The rest of your expenses will be related to promoting your website. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Small Business Start-Up Idea: Image Consultant | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Business Environment and Set-up Cost: The needs of each client will be different and they will likely require one-on-one consultation, so the majority of your customers will be based in the local region. E-Mail me or follow me.

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7 Ways To Avoid Pessimism

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Enough money , enough health, enough love. It simply cannot survive in this environment. IMHO I do live in a real pessimistic country and in a non-supportive environment, though it is hard to figure out how much projection of my own pessimistic thinking is involved.

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Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act


STEP1 - Understand the environments each council must operate in. In health some services would need to be compared by patient and others by hospital. I recently worked with colleagues to identify savings through collaboration between different local councils.

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