Adopting Green Accounting Practices for Your Business

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Get good equipment. So, when it comes to the electronic equipment that you use to do your accounting on (such as your computer), make sure to look for the Energy Star seal so that you know that you are purchasing something that is going to be both good for the environment and also easy on your utility bills. Green Your Business accounting software cloud storage good equipment green accounting company recycle

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Eight Ways to Keep Your Office Clutter-Free

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Keeping your desk and files clutter–free in a paper–filled environment isn’t easy, but a little planning and a little technology can help. Bank statements, voided checks, purchase records (purchase orders, payment vouchers, vendor invoices), and sales records (invoices, monthly statements, shipping papers and customers’ purchase orders). Invest in equipment and software. Continue filtering, filing and tossing and you’ll maintain a clutter–free environment.

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Low-VOC Commercial Design Goes Mainstream

Eco-Office Gals

If you’re thinking about how to create a healthier workplace environment, consider going low-VOC. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals widely used as ingredients in products such as paint, building materials and furnishings, office equipment and cleaning supplies. As part of our redesign, we purchased Knoll office chairs that are GREENGUARD certified.

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Little Green Footsteps

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use; holiday forms, purchase order sign-off, invoice sign off, expenses, just to name a few. A purist may say that there is still a green cost to running the IT equipment and my argument would be – fine – I agree. For instance, if you need, but don’t have high speed scanning equipment then don’t bother going out and buying more expensive equipment. Eco-Office Gals business business processes carbon footprint environment going green Green paperless office

Better Eco Friendly Choices for Your Business in 2017

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By doing so you’re doing your bit towards cleaning up the environment, while also helping your company’s bottom line because going green saves money. To help save the environment we need to reduce the amount of energy we use, and as such you should find ways to reduce the energy consumption in your workplace. CFL and LED lights cost more to purchase but save you money in the long run. Making your business more eco-friendly (green) is a wise move to make.

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Waste Not, Want Not: Recycling In Your Office

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But what you might not realise is that this is extremely harmful to the environment, as many of these electronics contain toxins and hazardous materials, which can leak out and effect the environment around them if not disposed of correctly. Many people seem unaware that there are procedures and companies in place which can dispose of electrical equipment safely and responsibly, and so, unable to see an alternative, they turn to just dumping them in tips and landfill sites.

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31 Ways to Be Less Wasteful In the Office

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Squandering valuable cash and energy is bad for the environment and your wallet. Purchase a water cooler instead of bottled water. Take out warranties when purchasing machinery and equipment. Purchase sturdy, high quality tables and chairs that will last longer. Need to replace your office equipment? It’s vital that you are frugal to save the environment and just think how much money you can cut back on spending!

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Going Green in the Office While Staying in the Black

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With Global Warming having shocking effects around the globe, do your bit to help the environment by keeping your workplace green. With such busy schedules and deadlines to meet, saving the environment can be one of the last things on a worker’s mind. By following the advice on this page you can be green in both senses, by saving the environment whilst being cost effective. Switch off electronic equipment which isn’t in use.

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Going Green to Save Green: 3 Money-Saving Office Solutions

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Flooring: Choosing a decidedly green flooring option like bamboo, linoleum, wool, or other FSC certified hardwood is a good place to start saving: the environment and your money. You can also opt to purchase previously owned furniture. By purchasing previously used furniture from an office resale supply store, you will get great products at a lower price and will be adhering to green standards through minimization and reusing.

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6 Simple Ways To A Greener Business

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Aside from the fact that your company does its share to preserve and nurture the environment, it is also good for business since it would allow you to conserve resources which means, more savings. Without further ado, here are 6 simple ways you can increase your business’ bottom line by running a greener business: Turn off all your equipment when not in use. Economy & Environment Entrepreneurs energy conservation green business

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The Green Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Workforce

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Below, we have enclosed five other reasons for you to take into “going virtual” into serious consideration: It’s better for the environment. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase additional furniture or equipment and you don’t have to pay for monthly utilities to keep it up and running either. That’s because individuals can work in a familiar and more relaxed environment.

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5 Little-Known Recycling Facts That Could Help Your Business Go Green

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Aside from the positive image of doing their bit for the environment, it can be understandable why businesses fail to see how recycling can actually help them grow. However, these five little-known facts show just how big an impact that recycling can have on both the environment and a business’s finances – and these are just a drop in the ocean.

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Eco Mobile and Broadband

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Electronic waste often contains highly toxic materials that can negatively impact the environment for decades or even generations. A number of companies will even purchase your old phones allowing you to make a little money in the process. You can use major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find companies that specialize in purchasing and recycling or refurbishing old cell phones. If you have a phone on the list, you complete an online form to request a purchase.

Eight Ways to Eliminate Paper and Clutter in Your Office

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Keeping your desk and files clutter–free in a paper–filled environment isn’t easy, but a little planning and a little technology can help. Bank statements, voided checks, purchase records (purchase orders, payment vouchers, vendor invoices), and sales records (invoices, monthly statements, shipping papers andcustomers’ purchase orders). Invest in equipment and software. Continue filtering, filing and tossing and you’ll maintain a clutter–free environment.

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Eco Friendly Order Fulfilment Options for Businesses

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If you happen to be someone who is very committed to the welfare of the environment, then you may be wondering about what are some of the eco-friendly order fulfillment options for businesses that you can use. However, what we’re recommending is that you use (or purchase) an actual shredder for the old newspapers and magazines that you have lying around. Also, IDS Packaging makes biodegradable three-layer bags that you can ship items like books and computer equipment in.

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Top 5 Office Waste Reduction Tips

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Also, if you and your co-workers are conscious about the needs of the environment, then you also want to make choices that will reduce the amount of office waste that you have for the sake of being responsible with what you dispose of and how you dispose of it. Also, when it comes to office equipment that uses paper, purchase an all-in-one copier, printer and scanner (preferably one that is refurbished) and refill your print cartridges a couple of times before discarding them.

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Top 5 Green Accounting Solutions for Your Business

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The good news is that we’ve done some reading and researching and come up with five solid tips that will definitely make your life easier while doing your part to make the environment that much better. Get energy-efficient equipment. When it comes to being energy-efficient, one of the best things that you can do is purchase items that are marketed as being that way (you can double-check with Energy Star).

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How Augmented Reality Is Changing The Game

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When you did, you probably had the option to purchase a virtual reality headset. If you have a classroom that lacks tools and equipment to conduct biology experiments, students can still get a virtual reality version of a lesson for a fraction of the cost. It meshes your current environment with a virtual one. Augmented reality works with a headset, haptic feedback and binaural audio to give users the most life-like virtual environment possible.

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Featured Soloist Burton Kelso: “Putting Yourself First Is the First Secret”"

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I took the time to think about the type of equipment I would need for my business before I purchased it. Every day I see many businesses (big and small) purchase equipment without thinking about the long-term aspects of those purchases. It’s a waste of time and money when you are replacing equipment every 18 months. With the exception of my computers, the equipment I purchased for my business lasted many months after my first 10 years of business.

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Simple Things You Can Do to Go Green in Your Business

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create a healthier environment for you and your employees.   This not only impacts the environment, but will frequently get you looking at waste in other parts of your business (like wasted time).  Using less-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products not only improves the environment, but did you know that many natural cleaning products are usually sold in a concentrated form?  When purchasing new equipment, pay attention to the energy rating.

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NOT, “Just An Admin!”

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Three months later I selected the location, negotiated the lease, remodeled the space and purchased new furniture, office equipment, and supplies. The role of the administrative assistant requires a diverse skill set, high emotional intelligence and strong business acumen to get through the day to day environment of today’s demanding environment. Designed by Freepik. Have you ever said, or heard an admin say, “I’m just an admin?” I have.

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DIY Home Renovations: Tips to Renovate by Yourself and Save

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Ask your construction company what they do to help the environment and how they reduce their emissions, for example controlling emissions from their equipment, disposing of their waste and recycling parts – none of which should cost you any extra in their fees. Copyright © 2011 Guest Author. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. This article was written by John from Home Loan Finder. Visit Home Loan Finder to compare home loan interest rates.

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Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Training vs. Freelancing: Which One Is Best For You?

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look at more than just the business plan—maybe the client’s home environment or history of finishing projects). Consultants are better equipped with analytical versus counseling skills. She might even record the training sessions so people can purchase the training videos and watch on demand. T his is a guest post written by Rob Place. He is the publisher of Solventurer, a Web site that helps solopreneurs during the start-up stage.

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106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World

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The Spiral Notebook Purchase (and then use!) Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Communication Productivity Tip: Dont Make People Search for You. Main | Start 2011 off Organized! » 106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World "Overwhelm" is a word that I have been hearing a lot lately. 

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How To Train Your Brain

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It also monitors your energy levels sending stimuli of hunger (that would be the equivalent of re-fueling the planes), it does long-term planning (equivalent of upgrading the equipments and planes) or makes estimations (learning by example, for instance, after a plane collision). After that, you subscribe using InApp Purchase (meaning you’re buying a subscription from within the iPhone, using the credit card you use for buying stuff on iTunes and App Store).