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I Miss the "Mail Moment"

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Mail, as we know it is a wonderful story from USA Today on the end of a great American traditional the postal service calls "the mail moment"   This moment occurs when we collect, sort and open our mail - and do so with a bit of excitement and anticipation.  They've never experienced the pre-email, pre-social media "mail moment"  But folks who grew up prior to the Internet know. Bell tolls for the U.S.

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Atlanta, Georgia: The City that Smiles

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 18 September, 2009 Atlanta, Georgia: The City that Smiles I recently arrived in Atlanta, Georgia to attend OfficeArrow s Lift Summit on Social Media. ► August (4) Managing your Boss's Inbox Nice ways to say, "Hurry up!"

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The Advertising Game

Laughing all the Way to Work

Telemarketing is my number one annoyance in advertising and as soon as I answer the phone and get that few seconds of dead air, that is my queue to hang up. I dont like them because it is a waste of paper, it clutters up the fax tray and becomes another job I have to do to separate the legitimate faxes from the unsolicited faxes or they are addressed to someone who no longer works there or to nobody in particular. 411 Look Up

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