Coworks - A Social Online Talent Marketplace

Small Business Labs

Instead of offering talent buyers a large number of potential hires like an Elance or oDesk does, it connects buyer and sellers of talent  based on personal connections and recommendations.  At the broad level, it's another example of how social is being added to many types of products and services. Coworks is a new online talent marketplace with a twist.

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How to Find (and Utilize) the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Solo Business

The Solopreneur Life

If it turns out that they’re spending a ton of time answering email, in social media and in customer service…it’s probably a good time to consider outsourcing. S olopreneurs frequently ask me questions about virtual assistants.

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Four Tips for Monetizing Your Online Marketing Blog

Andrea Kalli

From top affiliate bloggers to social media marketers and PR experts, the best blogs do not just offer information, but accessibility. With a few hundred dollars and some hours spent on Elance, you can easily program and design your own marketing tool.

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Are Bootstrapping Their Companies

Small Business CEO

With social media and similar forms of marketing, this is a fun and highly cost-effective strategy. Accountants, web designers and marketing people can be hired online at places like ODesk and Elance. Starting a small business is hard.

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Offshore, Team, Solo: A Client's Challenge to get the Help he Needs

Virtual Moxie

I’m a consultant, and I need general admin help, help with my social media, some design help (I need a new logo), and help with my web copy and SEO-and that’s just to start. You might (again, depending on how you feel about it) choose to let your VA know know that you’d like her to use offshored VAs, or people from Fiverr , or Elance , or Odesk to handle one-off, very specific projects. A new one here at VMoxie… a Pick Anastacia’s Brain question from a client!

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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition » Make or Break Moments

Make or Break Moments

I’m familiar with Elance but a colleague who had a similar project told me that she’d had great success with oDesk - so that’s where I started.

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Your online Business Development System: The Blog Transmitter


You may well be daunted by the volume and variety of the tools available and you certainly do not want to become an online/social marketing expert, thank you! These articles are NOT for you if you are already an experienced online marketer/social media practitioner.

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