The Emergence of Freelancer Management Systems

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  Freelancer management systems are different from online staffing platforms such as Elance, Odesk and in that they go beyond just facilitating one-to-one engagements between indidviaul buyers and sellers of freelance talent.    Several organizations currently provide freelancer management systems including MBO Partners , Work Market , Elance-oDesk and On Force.

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Coworks - A Social Online Talent Marketplace

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Instead of offering talent buyers a large number of potential hires like an Elance or oDesk does, it connects buyer and sellers of talent  based on personal connections and recommendations. Once you list a job, the website suggests contractors who've been recommended by people within your own network on the site.    Second, it's another example of the growing importance of online networks and reputation for freelancers.

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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Doer

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Network With Achievers. If you want to move beyond your comfort zone, one of the fastest ways is to network with achievers. When you network and become accustomed to interacting with the next level, it makes you uncomfortable with where you are currently at.

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Coworking in India

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India is the second largest player in freelancing after the US, according to Elance, an online service that connects freelancers to projects, with average earnings of about $15 per hour and rising.

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The Verticalization of the Gig Economy

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This industry started with generalist sites like Elance that connect a wide range of workers with people looking to hire help. They do this by using a networked consulting model that draws on their stable of over 100 independent consultants who specialize in the health and life sciences industry.  One clear signal that an industry is expanding is when participants start to specifically target niche, specialized or vertical market segments.

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The Rise of Corporate Independent Worker Talent Pools

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  PwC describes their Talent Exchange as a platform that provides registered independent consultants and freelancers: “a single, integrated platform that facilitates the project lifecycle from searching for open roles, to joining a project, to submitting hours and expenses, to networking.”.

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Four Tips for Monetizing Your Online Marketing Blog

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Instead of pitching courses and products, give your readers access to marketing networks that pay you for their success. With a few hundred dollars and some hours spent on Elance, you can easily program and design your own marketing tool.

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Your online Business Development System: The Blog Transmitter


Graphics Designers: elance. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. In my first article in my YOUBIDFAST series I introduced The TRANSMITTER as the first of three essential components of your Online Business Development System.

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Six Ways to Get More Juice from Your Freelancer | Men With Pens

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Do use sites like Elance. Network with other people in your field.

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