The Emergence of Freelancer Management Systems

Small Business Labs

  Freelancer management systems are different from online staffing platforms such as Elance, Odesk and in that they go beyond just facilitating one-to-one engagements between indidviaul buyers and sellers of freelance talent.    Several organizations currently provide freelancer management systems including MBO Partners , Work Market , Elance-oDesk and On Force.

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Measuring the Impact of the Invisible Economy of Independent Work

Small Business Labs

There's a growing view that the way economic statistics are collected and analyzed fails to reflect the economic and jobs impact of independent work - especially independent work created by new economy companies like Airbnb, Etsy and Elance. They are focused on New York city because of a dispute they are having with state and local officials over the legality of Airbnb's offerings.

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How to Find (and Utilize) the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Solo Business

The Solopreneur Life

Larry: Off topic slightly, but are the oDesks and eLances of the world hurting VAs and the rates they can charge? S olopreneurs frequently ask me questions about virtual assistants. I turned to Amy Wright, CEO of for answers. Amy Wright.

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