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How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media (no willpower needed)

Dumb Little Man

It’s possible to spend a great part of your life wasting your time on social media, and then find out in the end you could have done so much more with your time. I’m not exaggerating!

Can you improve the relationship with you boss?

Practically Perfect PA

For assistants the most important thing to get right is the relationship with your Executive. The reasons for this are twofold.

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MEMORIAL DAY SALE! WordPress Updates

Eco-Office Gals

All of our wordpress sites are under constant attack from hackers looking for loopholes into our websites. Hackerbots don’t care about traffic or ranking, they are programed for one thing only – to find weak spots in our platforms.

2014 204

Millennials and the Shift to Apartments

Small Business Labs

Are millennials (born 1980 to 2000) turning the U.S. into a nation of renters? That is a hotly debated question in the housing industry.   As the U.S. Census chart below shows, home ownership rates peaked just before the start of the Great Recession and has been falling since.

2014 201

Just Be You – The Influence of Passion

Dumb Little Man

We’re focused on magazines. We’re focused on what people are doing and trying to be like them. How we can dress like them, how we can look like them. The thing is just be you. Just be the best version of you. So many people are looking for something to do.

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Organising the office summer party

Practically Perfect PA

So you’ve been asked to organise the office summer party? As with any event, it is lovely seeing all of your hard work come to fruition and all of your guests having a great time. But, as with any event, it is hard work! Here are my top 15 tips for organising your office summer party.

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Executive and Administrative Assistant Skills That Are Important to Executives

Office Dynamics

While administrative and executive assistants have a very good feel for the skills they need to do their job effectively, I like to hear from executives and get their perspective, which is important.

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The Importance of Defining Your Life Goals as an Entrepreneur

Dumb Little Man

Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many people and something that a lot of us strive towards.

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Drilling Concrete

Loosely Speaking

I can do a fair amount of home repairs, as long as there’s no plumbing, electricity, or leveling required. I like to think that my projects are well conceived, but sometimes brutishly executed. I’m ok with that.

2014 176

Simplifying Getting Things Done Collection Buckets

Simple Productivity Blog

In conjunction with the articles that I have been writing about revisiting Getting Things Done, I want to present ways to simplify some of the concepts. Today we will look at how to minimize collection buckets with a broad overview.

2014 251

Radio Shack Wants to be Maker Shack

Small Business Labs

Like many baby boomers, I like Radio Shack and have many fond memories of shopping there with my Dad when I was a kid. Unfortunately for Radio Shack, I've rarely shopped there as an adult. That may change.

2014 184

Don’t Be Dumb: 4 Amazingly Easy Ways to Find Yourself Buried in Debt

Dumb Little Man

Should we all live like the rock stars, trust fund babies, and Internet billionaires we see in the media? If life worked like Hollywood portrayed it, you would drive an expensive sports car between your high-paying job and your mansion.

2014 283

WOW! Free Business and Marketing Services Giveaway

Office Organization Success

The most highly anticipated GIVEAWAY event of the year is underway – and it’s bigger than ever before. I’m talking about the “Done4You Giveaway of the Century” Get your free stuff now !

2014 173

Interview With a VA: Amy Kazor

Virtual Moxie

This month, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Amy Kazor, the 2013 AssistU VA of the Year award recipient. Enjoy the interview, and getting to know this bright, talented VA! . Meet Amy Kazor. Interview With a VA

Tune Hotel, London

Practically Perfect PA

There are four Tune Hotels in London and one in Edinburgh. If occupancy in the Tune Hotel Liverpool Street is anything to go by they will surely be opening more soon. It would be very easy and slightly lazy to call them the Ryanair of the hotel world.

2014 164

5 Marketing Questions All Business Owners Should Ask Themselves

Dumb Little Man

There’s your baby – your small business website.

2014 280

Deconstructing Getting Things Done: Vertical, Natural Project Planning

Simple Productivity Blog

For this month, plus into June, I will be looking at how to deconstruct Getting Things Done to get it to the basics of the tools: how they work, when to use them, and the reasoning behind them. Last week we looked at the second chapter of the book. Today we will look at the third chapter.

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Clients are 100% Responsible for Their Retainer Hours

Virtual Moxie

I was recently asked how responsible a Virtual Assistant should be for making sure that clients use their retainer hours, so none of them go to waste. In my view, although most VAs will feel responsible, in actuality, the responsibility for it belongs entirely to the client.

2014 232

If You Hit “Rock Bottom,” Make It Your Foundation

The Solopreneur Life

Below is an excerpt from my e-book, “Threadbare to Billionaire: J.K. Rowling’s Solopreneurial Magic and How You Can Use It To Spark Your Business.” ” Rowling says living in poverty, being at the bottom, gave her permission to be herself. She had nothing to lose. There was no risk.

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Workplace

The Small Business Blog

How important is staying hydrated? It turns out that office water coolers can have a significant positive impact on a workplace in both the long term and the short. By avoiding dehydration, a workplace will be happier, healthier and more productive.

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Your Systems For Success 30-minute Jumpstart

Office Organization Success

Are you overwhelmed by all the different list management choices out there, e.g. 1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Constant Contact etc.? Want to know the best way to create your free taste and automated follow-up emails? Would you like to brainstorm your next product launch campaign? Need help planning out your marketing calendar so you know exactly what you’re promoting and when? Spend 30 Minutes on Your Systems For Success Jumpstart Session … . And Get Your Questions Answered.

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Coworking Going to Pot

Small Business Labs

Business Insider's Pot Startups in Denver Now Have Their Own Coworking Space  provides a nice profile of Green Labs , a Denver coworking space that is focused on the cannabis industry.               The space is targeted at companies and independent workers that provide industry support roles such as financial management, marketing services, etc.

2014 151

Don't let a verbal attack go unanswered

On The Job

Not responding to a verbal attack at work can have serious consequences for your career, but there are ways to develop your ability to fire back with professionalism.

2014 205

Top 5 Tips for Bank Holidays

The Small Business Blog

This weekend is another Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, but unfortunately many micro business owners and self-employed people are not able to enjoy the luxury of taking the workday off. In fact, many of us work every weekend anyway because entrepreneurship is a way of life!

Panicked at the thought of a Summer slowdown?

Office Organization Success

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with my youngest son, Sam. First, it was his school’s Spring picnic; then I walked with him and his class for ice cream; and fnally stayed with him and helped in the classroom. I am so grateful I have created a lifestyle that allows me to spend my time in this way. If you haven’t yet registered for the Grow and Monetize Your Business Event , do so today. There are just a few days left before this event wraps up.

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Open Loops 5/23/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

2014 198

Handling Pushy Clients Who Violate Boundaries

Virtual Moxie

A VA pal and I were talking and she shared that in a recent conversation with a new client, the client was insisting that my pal have a back-up plan in place to cover the client’s work for when my pal would take vacations, sick days, personal days and the like.

2014 194

How does an executive assistant maintain job security?

Office Dynamics

BIG Learning: Build Your Reputation Every Day. I meet many high-achieving executive assistants who are very content. They are at the top of the administrative career ladder in their company, make a really nice salary, like their executive and have their job down pat. But is that sufficient?

2014 183

Free Training to Help You Build Your Team

Office Organization Success

There comes a time in your business where you simply can’t do it all alone … at some point you will need to get help. Whether that’s with a graphic designer, a web designer, a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, or some other type of support professional; you won’t be able to move forward in your business without that help.

2014 144

The Secret Successful Business People Never Think to Tell You

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips I watched an interesting video at this morning. The video is an interview with Tim Jahn of Matchist and it’s all about ‘pivoting’ when something in your business isn’t working. As I watched the short video it suddenly dawned on me. Pivoting, or changing direction in my business, is something I’ve consistently […] ( Read more. ). Business Tips

2014 127

How to Have a Career Like Peter Drucker

On The Job

When you look five, 10 or even 20 years down the line, are you optimistic about what you see or do you dread what may be facing you and your family? If you’re like one-third of Americans recently polled by Gallup, then you’re dissatisfied about what the future holds.

2014 169

Co-Operation – Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“Coopetition: Cooperation between competitors… especially common in the computer industry, where consumers want to know in advance that a broad range of companies will support a given technology… companies will compete on actual products even as they cooperate on technical standards, sacrificing a degree of independence to increase the odds of success for the technology… Read the full article here: Co-Operation – Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

2014 159

Creating Job Security for The Executive Assistant

Office Dynamics

BIG Learning: Build Your Reputation Every Day. I meet many high-achieving executive assistants who are very content. They are at the top of the administrative career ladder in their company, make a really nice salary, like their executive and have their job down pat. But is that sufficient?

2014 158

How to hack your best intentions so they actually happen 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Chuck Palahniuk. Everything you’ve ever wanted – along with the rest of human potential – lies in the gap between good intentions and concrete action. And it’s time for you to cross the chasm.

2014 108

Don’t Go it Alone! Grow Your Business With a Mastermind Group

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. As Virtual Assistants and business owners, it is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day details of running the business that we do not invest enough time in growing it. Even if we set aside several hours a week, where do we begin? What areas of our business need improvement? Where can we be more efficient? In what ways are we succeeding? A coach or mentor can be an invaluable asset to help us focus on priorities, and give us encouragement.

2014 100

How to Find Your Muse – and Fire Her

Men With Pens

The Muse - the source of creativity and inspiration that all writers search for so desperately. I’d found mine a few years back, and oh, what a vision she was! Airy and beautiful, lulling me with dulcet tones. I was enthralled. No more writer’s block, no more floundering for inspiration and ideas.

2014 93

Organizing kitchen spices

Clutter Coach

by I worked with a client unpacking and setting up her kitchen this week. I corralled and sorted all her spice containers; jars, plastic bags, paper bags, plastic boxes, fabric bags; and we saw that there were duplicates and even triplicates of some spices. One problem is that spices don’t all come in the same kind of container and plastic bags don’t work well in a spice rack. That means that some spices end up packed into a larger container in the pantry, away from the jars in the rack.

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