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Are Your Goals Big Enough?

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All too often peoples success is hindered by the limitations they place upon themselves, if you don’t aim high you wont achieve much. As Napoleon Hill said: “the starting point of all achievement is desire.”

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The Rise of the Skills Training/Job Placement Industry

Small Business Labs

The current employment picture is quite interesting. The official statistics say we've got a great jobs market.

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Are you an ORC? I am & Proud of it.

Tips From T. Marie

Being young, urban and creative is great, but baby boomers aren’t dead yet. Apparently Hipsters are dead.

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Welcome to Office Life (for administrative professionals)

Office Dynamics

Have you ever taken the time to go back through old pictures? Over the years, have you collected and packed away special mementos or souvenirs from places you visited? Do you have a box of letters or cards you received that were special and you just couldn’t throw them away?

Three Easy Ways to Drastically Improve Your Charisma

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Pause for 2 Seconds Before you Respond The vast majority of people cannot wait for their turn to speak. For a day, pay attention to your day to day conversations. Observe how often the person you are talking to cuts you off before you have finished your thought.

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The Personal Services Boom

Small Business Labs

Back in 2008 we forecast that personal services would be one of the key small business growth sectors over the next decade. We described their appeal as: Personal services firms. provide life support services to increasingly harried, time-constrained consumers.

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5 Things to Help You Ace a Phone Interview

On The Job

The minute you apply for a job, the preparation must begin. That means that once you hit "send" to email your resume or application to a company, you need to be on your toes.

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How to Fail, so you never Lose !

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What is LifeWorking and How Does it Relate to Coworking?

Small Business Labs

Futurist Ayelet Barron  has coined the term  "LifeWorking"  to describe: "a way of life that does not try to separate life and work into two distinct and seemingly incompatible spheres, but instead meshes both into a new way of thinking about a life journey in the 21st century." " Her point is to find work that is personally exciting and fulfilling and that also allows you to enjoy the journey.

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The Star Performer’s Secret Sauce Free Webinar Replay [assistant training for 25 years and counting]

Office Dynamics

25 Proven Tips to Administrative Excellence. Did you miss it? The 25-year anniversary educational free webinar filled with fun and celebration was a great success and we’re including it here for you to view in it’s entirety.

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Tips for Avoiding Distraction at Work

On The Job

You start the day with the best of intentions. You are not going to get distracted. Going. Distracted. Then you think you’ll just do a quick Gmail check to make sure you’re not missing anything critical. After that, you check your Instagram account – might as well while you’re already online, right?

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7 steps to slow your financial burn rate

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Does your money just burn a hole in your wallet? Are you spending on stuff you don’t need leaving you with no money for want you’d planned? So how do you slow down your financial burn rate?

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Why You Shouldn’t Check Email On Vacation

Simple Productivity Blog

It should be a no-brainer. You're on vacation to get away from work. Therefore, having made a decision to be away from work, you should stay away from all things work. This includes email.

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Play to the Strong

Virtual Moxie

In a recent conversation, I was sharing some of the lessons I learned while building AssistU that are helpful to me still today. There are two, specifically, that I want to share with you, and I'll share one this week, and one next week (so as to let them really sink in).

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Don’t Forget About Print Advertising! Three 3 Times Brands Made It Work

The Small Business Blog

Poster printing is everywhere. Despite shifts to Twitter ads, PPC campaigns and digital banners, we still see a lot of print based campaigns every single day. So, is print really dying or is it just reestablishing itself? London based poster printing company Ro-Am Posters say that despite digital trends they are still seeing numerous orders… Read the full article here: Don’t Forget About Print Advertising! Three 3 Times Brands Made It Work on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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How to handle a new relationship

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Handling a new relationship can be a challenging task, since you don’t really know each other. Feeling a little uncomfortable at the beginning is quite common; unless of course the partner is a best friend. No one can give surety about your relationship, not even you as for how long it will work.

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Productivity Tool Overview: Energy Management

Simple Productivity Blog

I have long believed that true productivity requires a variety of methods. Some days you need to may need to focus on a specific task and power through. Some days you may need to sprint through a bunch of tasks. Some days you may need to focus on your energy.

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Productivity Experimention: A Case Study for Writing


Trip Adler is a Harvard graduate who was accepted to Y Combinator with the idea for a ridesharing app. But Trip Adler isn’t the founder of Uber. What happens when someone smart, who has a good idea, meets with a team of experienced advisors and they collectively whiff on an idea like Uber?

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The Story Of My First 220km Race – Ultrabalaton – The Fifth Marathon

Brilliantly Better

I’m writing this exactly one week after the race. One week ago, exactly at the same time, my GPS watch battery decided to give up, … The post The Story Of My First 220km Race – Ultrabalaton – The Fifth Marathon appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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The ‘Dos and Don’ts’ when going through a divorce

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Going through separation and divorce is emotionally draining and it can be difficult to be objective. It is estimated that approximately 40% of marriages end in divorce.

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New Productivity Forms: June 2015

Simple Productivity Blog

I am lucky enough to live very close to the Atlantic Ocean, and I intend to spend some time there this summer. Of course, I will be at the hidden-away locals' beaches, and far away from the "oceanfront" with its tourists and blinking neon.

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Key Steps to Becoming a Better Project Manager

Productivity Bits

The skills that are required of you as a project manager are numerous and various. You are supposed to be able to manage time and schedules well, and only those with developed planning skills can do this successfully. At all times, be ready to drop whatever you’re doing and dedicate your attention to helping any part of your team with the task at hand.

The Story Of My First 220km Race – Ultrabalaton – The Fourth Marathon

Brilliantly Better

The first kilometers after I put on my headlamp were rather easy. But, as I was covering more and more ground, I noticed a significant … The post The Story Of My First 220km Race – Ultrabalaton – The Fourth Marathon appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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How Do I Get Him To Text Me Instead Of Me Texting Him All The Time?

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It’s all too common. You’re texting with someone new but you notice that you’re the one who starts every conversation. Things feel a little one-sided, but you can fix! Here’s how to get him to message first1 Stop Texting Him First If you’re the one who always initiates conversation, you’re letting him know that you’ll always be there.

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Open Loops 6/12/2015

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on. Speaking up at work. Anger management. Life essentials worth investing in. 13 Things IT People Wish You Knew About Computers.

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How to Love Writing Again

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! How to Love Writing Again first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — 2015, All Rights Reserved. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Five Writing Tics to Delete in Revision

Daily Writing Tips

All writers strew less-than-perfect turns of phrase in their first drafts, unnecessary words and phrases that slow down writing. Here are five stylistic flaws that can be eliminated in revision. Unnecessary prepositional phrases.

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Can An Employer Legally Verify Salary History?

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The job market in the United States is becoming increasingly competitive not only in terms of individual skills but also in relation to compensation. As of 2015, American employers are still enjoying a substantial pool of overqualified candidates to choose from, and this has not stopped them from keeping the upper hand with regard to salaries and compensation. To this effect, verification of salary history has become a sort of hiring strategy, and it is legal to a certain extent.

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The Smallest Step

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2010-03-05 16:02:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I’ve posted before about the difference between goals and tasks. It’s similar to the difference between projects and to do’s. Goals and projects are not one-shot deals. They need to be broken down into do-able steps. Sometimes even the next do-able step doesn’t seem to be getting done.

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What are The Benefits of Happy Employees? (Infographic)

Small Business CEO

All businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve their levels of productivity. After all, with higher levels of productivity come higher profit margins. Fortunately, one of the best ways to improve productivity is by making sure your employees are happy.

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Ultrabalaton – The Aftermath Of A 222 Kilometers Race

Brilliantly Better

It’s been exactly 11 days since the race. If you don’t read my blog on a daily basis, then I should tell you I’m talking … The post Ultrabalaton – The Aftermath Of A 222 Kilometers Race appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Can You Dock An Employee’s Salary Pay If They Don’T Work 40 Hours?

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According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you can’t dock the pay of salaried employees if they work less than 40 hours per week. A few exceptions do exist, namely for sick leave or similar reasons for absences over the course of an entire week. The FLSA dictates that you need to pay exempt employees an hourly wage up to 40 hours per week and then pay them overtime for any hours worked beyond that total.

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Daily Writing Tips

Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphics. Modern Man has emojis. Since the 1980s, symbols to express emotions have proliferated in cyberspace. At first they were made with what was available on the keyboard, like the smiley face made with a colon, a hyphen, and a parenthesis.

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Three Simple Ways to Supplement Your Income

Small Business CEO

Keeping a small enterprise afloat with a limited income is an unenviable challenge, yet it’s one faced by many businessmen and CEOs. The current commercial climate is highly competitive, and keeping the wheels turning whilst make a tidy profit is incredibly hard work.

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Auto Insurance Rate and Red-Light Camera Tickets

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In mid-2015, the New York Times published a story about Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a young politician who is a rising star of the Grand Old Party and a presidential candidate hopeful. The NY Times article indicated that a 10-year search for traffic citations issued to Senator Rubio and his wife in Miami came up to a combined total of 17 traffic tickets, including one red-light camera ticket that a skilled attorney was able to dismiss for the young Senator.

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How Long Will A Dui Show On Background Check?

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Once you are convicted of driving under the influence, your life can change in several ways. You will likely need to part with your vehicle, even if it is your first offense. Your license may be suspended for at least six months to a year or longer, depending on the state in which you reside.

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Do I Have To Pay Income Taxes On A Life Insurance Payout?

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For many, the federal tax code is confusing and complex. In most cases, you are required to pay taxes according to the total annual income you earned. In theory, the U.S. tax laws are set up to favor low-income workers over high-income workers, and every working citizen is taxed on a case-by-case basis. However, it is important to understand the differences in the type of income you receive as you may not be required to pay taxes on everything.

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