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Don't Waste Another Day! Get Motivated With 8 Ways To Put A Rocket Under Your Butt And Get 2013 Back On Track!

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You have two choices when you look at today's calendar. You can think "It's July. I can't believe 2013 is half over! What happened to all my goals?" " Or, you can think "It's July. That means I still have half a year to demolish all my goals!"

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The Role of an Online Business Manager

Office Organization Success

Many business owners are a little confused between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant – they think they’re one and the same. To some extent they are, but there is a role for both types of virtual support professional in your business.

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10 Ways to Enjoy a Day Off

Ian's Messy Desk

A couple of weeks ago was Canada Day. In three weeks time it will be Heritage Day in Alberta , a Provincial holiday which focuses on the many cultures that make up our population. We haven’t yet put together our plans for the weekend, but have a couple of ideas.

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Here’s a Fun Exercise That Should Speed Your Branding Process

The Solopreneur Life

I f you’re an aspiring or new solopreneur, here’s an fun exercise that should speed your branding process. It was first suggested to me by Naomi Niles, who designed Go to your favorite online bookseller and look at book covers, lots of them, from all categories.

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The Napoleon Bonaparte Guide to Achieving Your Goals in Life

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Who better to gain some lessons on achievement from than a man who commanded the entire French army by the time he was 26 years old? Napoleon Bonaparte was an intelligent, ambitious and skilled military leader who conquered much of Europe during the early 19th century.

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How to Deal With a Co-Worker Who Shares Too Much

Eat Your Career

We’ve all had that co-worker who just shares too much information (the kids call it “TMI”). You know what I’m talking about: That person who gives you the play-by-play of her divorce proceedings. The one who’s happy to share all the gory details of her recent bout with stomach flu.

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The Rise of Robo Sapiens

Small Business Labs

The robotics industry continues to grow, innovate and create new products.  A recent NY Times article covers Atlas, an experimental robot built for the department of defense.

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Get Serious About Organizing Your Workspace! How to Organize your Home Office.What You Need.What You Don't Need.

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Is your home office a disaster? Are you so buried under piles of paper that you can’t find the computer? Wading through all that mess is wasting your time, so maybe you should finally get serious about organizing your workspace.

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A To-Do List by Any Other Name

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2011-04-19 14:23:57. Republished by Blog Post Promoter A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. ‘Tis true. If it were called bog shrub we would love it just the same. It’s not true for your to-do list, however.

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Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions for Small Businesses

Eco-Office Gals

Running a ‘green’ office can be challenging and does have an initial outlay of fees. However, when done right, it can be both fruitful to the environment and the business alike.

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If You Had the Boulder Book Store In Your Town, You’d Never Need Amazon

The Solopreneur Life

O n Sunday, July 7, while on a family vacation in Estes Park, Colorado, we drove down the mountain (3,000 feet of elevation change in 20 miles) and into Boulder for the day. Our destination was downtown, Pearl Street, and there we found the Boulder Book Store. Inside the Boulder Book Store.

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Stop Living In Isolation! Get The Most Out Of Life With 10 Tips to Expand Your Social and Business Circles.

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Is your social life lacking? Do you spend most of your time alone with nothing to do and nobody to do it with? Are you tired of wanting to go out and experience new things, but have virtually nobody to do it with? What about work?

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The 10 Biggest Goofs Made By New Workers

On The Job

On your first day of a new job you’re often excited and nervous. But after a few weeks, you start to settle in and feel more comfortable with your colleagues and the work.

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The Mobile Centric World

Small Business Labs

Well known venture capitalist Bill Gurley's Transitioning to a Mobile Centric World  provides an overview of the major shift to mobile computing.    Gurley argues - and we certainly agree - that computing is in the middle of a platform change from PCs to mobile computing devices.  More specifically, he argues that browsers are becoming less important and stand alone mobile apps more important.

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Incorporating Green Practices Into Self-Employment

Eco-Office Gals

In a recent blog published by the Wall Street Journal , writer Rachel Emma Silverman points out something that looks logical at first glance. Self-employed workers tend to land fewer jobs with established companies.

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It’s All About the Follow-Through: Turning Goal-Setting into Goal-Achieving

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A pro golfer doesn’t halt his stroke as soon as he launches the ball into the air. A major leaguer doesn’t stop his swing as soon as the bat hits the ball. He follows through and finishes his swing. Without following through, each of their actions would be useless.

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Moxie Lessons From a 50 Year Old

Virtual Moxie

Thank you so much for all the comments and amazingly heart-felt emails you sent me last week as I celebrated my 50th.

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What is Radimparency?

Small Business Labs

According to the funny folks at Vooza , radimparency is a buzzword standing for radical, impactful transparency. They coined this term in their spoof video on startups (shown below). My favorite line from the movie - "you gotta take that call and say sorry, I can't talk right now." "   Vooza consists of a team of comedians focused on making fun of the startup world.

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Before doing anything new, be guided by your customers

The Small Business Blog

Take a look at the following article: Small Businesses Favor Tactics that Balance Customer Attraction, Retention. Have you taken a look? What is it suggesting? Are you doing all of the activities listed, some of them or only a few? How do you feel?

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Is Your Job Putting Your Health At Risk? 8 Ways To Survive Cubicle Lifestyle And Take Care Of Your Health.

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Many of us don't do physical labor for a living. Instead we work in offices and many of us automatically assume that cubicle jobs are harmless to our health. After all we don't carry, lift, move or do anything that requires serious muscle work.

How to Become More Influential

On The Job

Remember the first time you heard about Twitter? At the time, you may have scoffed and said you could care less about what someone ate for lunch.

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4 Step System to Realize Your Vision and Stay Focused on What Matters

Productive & Organized

Having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in your business is a critical component to reaching the level of success that you want, but vision alone will not get you there.

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Feisty Enterprise Tip #10: Ditch the Business Plan – Find a Customer To Sell To

The Small Business Blog

Whatever the product or service you are thinking of offering, you must test and practice selling it to prospective customers. You might need to change the product or service offer if you find it too difficult to sell.

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Are You Throwing Money Away? These 15 Tips Will Save Money on Groceries.

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Are you tired of throwing money down the drain? These days, most of us are trying to stretch our dollars to cover everything we need for our families, and a big chunk of our budgets has to go for food.

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Manage Your Time. Schedule Your Workflow. Save Your Sanity.

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. I heard an old expression the other day, “the harder I work, the behinder I get!” Do you ever feel like they’re talking about you? I remember times when I certainly felt this way.

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One of the Best Ways to Get What You Want #CatalystQuestion

Productive & Organized

Do you know the best way to get what you want in business and in life? Ask for it! I know that sounds really simplistic, but many of the private clients that I work with have a really difficult time with this simple concept.

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Using The 4 Laws Of Simplicity To Streamline Projects

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. The Four Laws Of Simplicity: Projects. After bumping into the 4 Laws Of Simplicity, I realized that they can be applied not only to physical stuff, but also the aspects of every productivity system. In this series, we have already talked about applying it to “stuff” , as well as calendars , task lists and reference material. Now we’ll take a look at how to apply them to projects. The 4 Laws Of Simplicity.

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Stop Wasting Time and Money With These 6 Productive Steps to Shopping Online

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Shopping online is like looking for one bee in a hive full of buzzing bees. Well, because it’s just so darn hard to find that one bee. And when you finally find it, you’d already be all grey and old.

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Cubesat: Cheap Satellites Anyone Can Afford

Small Business Labs

One of the key themes we regularly explore is the democratization of technology. This is a series of trends and shifts that's giving small businesses - and even individuals - access to tools and capabilities that even recently were only available to large corporations and government agencies. Add the commercialization of space to this list.

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Monday Motivator: Turn OFF Devices and Be In The Moment

Office Dynamics

Hello, Motivators! This week I am focusing on the Family Pillar of Live a BIG Life. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, I travel all over the country and that equates to a lot of meals on my own.

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How to Green Your Office Washrooms & Save Money

Eco-Office Gals

Operating a business with an eye toward eco-friendly practices helps keep the planet green and offers monetary benefits like lower electricity bills and less trash. Green friendly bathrooms provide a safe environment for employees and also offer a pleasant experience for guests who visit the office.

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This Is What Biz Owners Want

Office Organization Success

We had a fabulous vacation in Kill Devil Hills, NC. As is usual with vacations, the time went by far too fast, and now it seems like the holiday was just a distant memory. But, lots of exciting things are happening and ventures to be had. In fact, being away from the business for a week or so has allowed me to see things a lot more clearly. Specifically, I’m going to move back into making online business management support a primary focus of my business.

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Link Lineup - Mindset, Market Research, Productivity, Workspace and Business Visibility

Productive & Organized

Every few weeks I share a Link Lineup post where you get quick access to some great posts that I have found. This week, I'll share links on. Mindset. Market Research. Productivity, Organization and Clutter. Workspace/Office. Business Visibility. Armchair Travel.

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Feisty Enterprise Tip #11: Bootstrap Don’t Borrow

The Small Business Blog

I know this may go against everything my readers will have seen before about starting a business. But I am Soculitherz and these other writers are not. Sure, there will be exceptions. If you come up with a brilliant new invention that you’re going to manufacture there may be no alternative but to borrow to… Read the full article here: Feisty Enterprise Tip #11: Bootstrap Don’t Borrow on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Feisty Enterprise Tips Bootstrapping feisty enterprise tip soculitherz

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Find Your Purpose with the P.A.S. Method

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I’ve never been one who has been able to find my life’s purpose. I’ve been through dozens of methods to help me figure it out, and I always draw a blank. Or worse – I am pointed to something that repulses me. So when my fellow blogger Mohamed Tohami of Midway Simplicity contacted me to tell me about his new product, The P.A.S.

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Why you do not trust yourself

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Some good friends and I joke around about axioms of the pop-psychology and personal-development industry – there are some hilarious statements used out there, that are funny because they’re always true.

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Administrative/Clerical: Recording Better Messages and Voicemails

Office Dynamics

For administrative professionals, recording voicemail greetings and leaving voicemail messages is an inevitable part of the job. Although recording a voicemail can be intimidating, it is an important skill to master.

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