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Are assistants overqualified?

Practically Perfect PA

I have just spent the last hour looking through jobs that are currently available to assistants. It has been really interesting reading all of the different job descriptions, the skills that are required and the salaries attached to different levels of the role.

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What I Use: My iPad Productivity Tools

Simple Productivity Blog

I''ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the tools that I use to operate at peak productivity. Today we will start a series of articles about my go-to productivity tools by looking at what I use on my iPad.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Clarity

Dumb Little Man

You turn on the TV and you are bombarded with images and stories of disaster and tragedy from around the world, you are getting 100 emails a day, your finances need attention and you still haven’t fixed the leak in your bathroom.

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Five Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Free

Tips From T. Marie

When I first started my virtual assistant business I was on a tiny budget. Surviving on unemployment and taking part in Maine’s Self Employment Assistance Program meant that I just didn’t have any extra money to invest in my little start up.

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Working with a self-reliant boss

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve often been asked to give advice to assistants who work with a self-reliant boss. I have experienced this myself and it can be really frustrating.

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Minimal Is Not Simple

Simple Productivity Blog

Several people have commented to me in the past few weeks that because I prefer to simplify things, that must mean I am a minimalist. Nothing is further from the truth. The post Minimal Is Not Simple appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog.

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5 Reasons Your Life Should Have a Theme

Dumb Little Man

You should have a theme, a motto, a definite thing that you stand for. Does that sound a bit corny to you? It did to me too until I realized how much having one could affect all aspects of my life.

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Minute taking tips

Practically Perfect PA

As any PA knows, taking minutes is a challenging and essential skill. This guide provides some handy tips on getting it right, every time. Do your research.

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How to Get Out of Work You Don't Want to Do

On The Job

We all have tasks as work we''d rather avoid, but usually we just suck it up and get them over with as quickly as possible. But is there a way to get out of doing work you really don''t want to do?

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5 Motivation Secrets of Successful People

Dumb Little Man

Because motivation is such a powerful, driving force, it is one of the most important elements of the corporate world and can be the difference between failure and success.

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Digital Nomad Trend Taking Off

Small Business Labs

Tanya Mohn's New York Times article Coworking on Vacation: A Desk in Paradise  hit a cord with readers. It lit up social media with thousands of tweets and Facebook posts.    The article focuses on coworking facilities in exotic or tourist oriented locations that also provide accommodations.

2015 183

Feeling unappreciated?

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I have been wondering how my initial thoughts about running an event have turned into the Assist Conference – which is just a month away!

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Why It's Your Fault You're Out of the Loop at Work

On The Job

Take a look at comments posted on workplace blogs or on social media sites, and it won’t be long before you find an employee complaining that they’re often left out of the loop regarding business decisions.

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10 Ways to Embrace Changes In Your Personal and Professional Life

Dumb Little Man

For many individuals, accepting change in their personal and professional lives is oftentimes a difficult proposition. Yet change is inevitable; it is the only thing that is constant in our world.

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Open Loops 1/30/2015

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

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Who Are You? Tell Resume Readers Fast

Business Writing

The other night I helped a young friend with her resume by phone and email. I have known "Alicia" for many years, so I know her story--her job and education history, her strengths, and her accomplishments. I know the essential

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NBC Comedy to Look at Life in a Coworking Space

Small Business Labs

According to Variety , NBC has ordered a pilot of the comedy "Sharing", which it describes as: “Sharing” is a single-camera entry from Universal TV about disparate groups of people who work side-by-side in a shared office space. Jeremy Bronson wrote the pilot and exec produces with Jimmy Fallon and Rick Schwartz. Damian Lanigan is a co-exec producer. I wonder if Fallon has ever worked in a coworking space? Coworking

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Don’t Quit Your Jobs…Yet

Dumb Little Man

It’s the new year. If you’ve put off pursuit of your dreams, I have a message for you. And no, it doesn’t require that you write a resignation letter, tell off your boss or make a viral video informing company management that you quit. You could do all that, but what’s the point?

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My First Impressions of the New Mailchimp Popup Forms

The Solopreneur Life

T his afternoon I went to my Mailchimp to make a change to a signup form. At the forms list, I scrolled down and saw “Subscriber popup.” ” I was surprised to see this today when I was in my Mailchimp account. Wait, what? Yep, Mailchimp has (finally) added popup forms.

2015 167

What's Missing From This Reminder?

Business Writing

My husband, Michael, is planning to participate in an event on Saturday. Below is the entire content of the reminder email he received today. Can you identify what''s missing? Subject: Three More Days Until the Run! We hope you are. Email Proofreading

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Why "Total Talent Management" is Important to Freelancers

Small Business Labs

One of key trends we follow is the growing awareness of the importance of contingent talent by corporate HR departments.    Long viewed by HR departments simply as a way to save money, the independent workforce (freelancers, contractors, independent consultants, etc.) is starting to be be seen as a strategic resource.

2015 148

Break Through a Career Plateau and Climb to the Stars!

Office Dynamics

Employees often ask me “How can I continue advancing my career after I feel I’ve hit a career plateau?” They also tell me that they like who they work for and the work they do, but feel stagnant. Anyone who asks that question is a go-getter!

2015 182

Solopreneur Online-Marketing Survey

The Solopreneur Life

I need your help (again!). Online marketing is a perennial challenge for solopreneurs, and I’m conducting a three-question survey that deals with it. The results will help you and me solve solopreneurs’ biggest online-marketing challenges.

2015 167

The Bonham, Edinburgh

Practically Perfect PA

The Bonham, a 4 star boutique hotel, is situated in the West-end of Edinburgh. It is a lovely small (or should I say ‘wee’), quiet hotel and it has a very relaxed atmosphere. The reception area leads on to the restaurant area and to a small bar space – The Consulting Room which serves cocktails and afternoon tea. I arrived on a wet and windy Sunday morning and was immediately whisked up to my room.

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Uber Study - Drivers Satisfied, Like the Flexibility

Small Business Labs

Uber released a survey of their drivers last week.  As with all things Uber, it's being widely covered. The key findings, at least from my perspective, are: 78% of Uber drivers are satisfied with their experience driving for Uber. 74% reported Uber has made their lives better by giving them more flexibility with their schedule. 81% of the drivers work part-time as Uber drivers. As of December 2014, Uber had 162,037 active drivers on its platform.

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Disruptive Marketing Trends Every CEO and CMO Should Follow

Small Business CEO

Running your own small business is no easy task. Not only do you need to know how a business works, but how to market and brand your business successfully. Computers were first intended for business use mainly to store data, and other information processing needs.

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The Inbound Marketing Grader Examines Golf Instructor and YouTube Star Shawn Clement

The Solopreneur Life

S hawn Clement is a golf instructor based in Canada. He’s the most popular golf instructor on YouTube, with more than 22 million views since he started making YouTube videos in 2006. The home page at Shawn Clement’s Wisdom In Golf website.

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“This is the Year” to declutter your life!

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2007-02-09 13:01:17. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Oprah has declared it! This is the year! And if Oprah says it, well… On Wednesday, Oprah’s guest was Peter Walsh of Clean Sweep. I saw him speak at the NAPO Regional Conference a few years ago and really enjoyed his down to earth, funny style. With clients he’s direct without being mean and compassionate without being indulgent.

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How to Turn a Prospect into a Paying Customer

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article → Another rocking post from Men With Pens! How to Turn a Prospect into a Paying Customer first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — 2015, All Rights Reserved. Better Business

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Awesome Perks You Can Offer Your Employees

Small Business CEO

You want your employees to love working for you. So, obviously, you’ve set up a comprehensive salary and benefits package. You offer paid time off to take care of sick kids, more than enough vacation time, on-site daycare, the works. Those are all great.

2015 106

“How Mobile-Friendly Is My Website?”

The Solopreneur Life

D o you ever wonder, “How mobile-friendly is my website?” ” I know I do. I work on a MacBook Pro and I’m on my iPhone a lot. I don’t use an iPad, so My Inner Boss sometimes says: “You should see how that page looks on an iPad.”

2015 162

Review – Casual.PM


Project Management tools can be unwieldy beasts, that’s for sure. In some ways, this can be understandable. I mean, managing a project is supposed to be complicated, isn’t it? So many things to track, people to monitor, vendors to liaise with, stakeholders to keep happy.

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100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 80. Stop Complaining

Brilliantly Better

Complaining is like an open invitation for troubles. The more you complain about something, the more of that something you invite into your life. Cut … The post 100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 80. Stop Complaining appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Why your Business Could Benefit from Call Forwarding

Small Business CEO

When it comes to business, large and small, one main focus should always be on the client and the solid delivery of services for those clients. This however makes them stick to one specific area for long periods of time meaning they cannot progress in terms of size or profit.

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How to Get a Premium YouTube Channel

The Solopreneur Life

I f you’re looking for potential revenue streams, consider trying to get a premium YouTube channel. A screen shot from the Fix My Hog premium YouTube channel. YouTube paid channels, which launched in May 2013, give video creators the opportunity to earn revenue from paid subscriptions.

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Tips On How to Secure a Job in the Oil and Gas Industry

Job Advice Blog

The oil and gas industry is an ever-evolving marketplace with new technologies constantly being developed. But potential applicants shouldn’t be put off by the task at hand; many leading companies offer a raft of varying position to a plethora of different professions such as engineers, accountants, scientists, project managers, safety inspectors and much more. The [.]. Interview Advice by Jeff LeFevre Interviewing advice Job Advice

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The Productivityist Podcast: Intentions, Time, and Saying No with Patrick Rhone


This week Patrick Rhone makes his third appearances on The Productivityist Podcast. I always enjoy chatting with Patrick because even when we don’t see eye to eye on a topic, we always manage to find common ground on several others.

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