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Lithium’s Customer Heroes

Customers Rock!

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What Makes a Great Leader?

On The Job

I've interviewed many leaders over the years, and the one thing that comes up consistently is that great managers don't have to use a bunch of fancy voodoo to motivate or inspire workers.

2012 83

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Triathlon

Dumb Little Man

Triathlons can be intimidating. The mere mention of one conjures up images of genetically perfect athletes speeding through race segments so fast that they're blurry. Fortunately, you don't have to be a genetic freak in order to be able to run your first triathlon.

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How Hiring Decisions Are Made

Job Advice Blog

Years ago, I had a large office in the Wall Street area with a personal secretary screening my phone calls, opening mail, taking dictation, and managing my calendar. Since then of course, the business world has changed. The next phase had executives sharing a pool of secretaries using floppy discs working on word processors. That [.].

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How to get your Employee’s to be Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

You have decided to make a big work decision and go green. That means you have taken the time to turn your office into an office that tries it’s hardest not to harm the earth. You know it’s a great decision but you may have a hard time convincing your employees otherwise.

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How to keep your customers from leaving you

Service Untitled

A surprisingly high statistic from the Research Institute of America (RIA) states an average business will never hear a word from 96 percent of their unhappy customers whose complaints range from poor service, rudeness, to discourteous treatment.

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Getting more out of your networking

The Small Business Blog

A colleague of mine, Barclay Thompson of Clear Business Development, shared the following link (from Nigel Botterill called Networking – The Surest Way to Stay Poor?) with me the other day. Following that we met up for coffee earlier today to talk about blogging, which I do quite a bit of, and a general catch…

How to Boost Morale When Things Are Grim

Eat Your Career

It’s no secret that times are tough. The economic outlook seems to change by the minute and the only thing certain is that things are still uncertain. That’s why I thought this recent question from my free coaching call was worthwhile sharing with others. No matter what your situation, you just never know what the future holds, so hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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Is the Venture Capital Industry Broken?

Small Business Labs

According to the Kauffman Foundation, the VC industry is very broken. Their report "We Have Met the Enemy. And He Is Us" is a damning analysis of Venture Capital as an asset class and the Venture Capital industry in general. The news here isn't that the VC industry is broken.  This has been actively discussed for years.   The news here is who's saying it's broken.   The Kauffman Foundation has long been a close friend of the VC industry.

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15 “Dis-” Words and Their Relations

Daily Writing Tips

Words with the antonymic prefix dis- are easily confused with similar-looking terms starting with mis- or un- that usually have differing connotations or entirely distinct senses. Here are comparative definitions of some of these terms, along with etymological identification: 1-2. Disassemble/Dissemble/Misassemble. The first two words have a shared etymology but distinct meanings.

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To take on a senior employee in your own biz – or not.

The Small Business Blog

There is a better way of building your business than taking on a senior employee. Unfortunately, this better way is risky and certainly is not possible for all types of micro-business. My preferred options/alternatives to taking on a senior employee are: Option 1. using independent contractors/freelancers/other micro-businesses Option 2. taking on partners or if you’re…

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Announcing the DFW Writing Contest Winners

Men With Pens

It’s time to announce the winners of the Damn Fine Words writing course contest … and boy, was it EVER tough to choose just two names from the 20+ submissions we received. Entrants fought hard to get into the Damn Fine Words writing course. Some posts were straightforward. Some were thoughtful.

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The Aging U.S. Workforce: Baby Boomers in 2020

Small Business Labs

In 2020 the youngest baby boomers will be 55, the oldest 74.  Not surprisingly, the aging of this large demographic cohort is going to fundamentally change the nature of the workforce.   As the chart below shows, by 2020  one quarter  of the U.S. workforce will be 55 or older.

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7 Idioms from the Military

Daily Writing Tips

Military terminology and slang is a rich source of expressive expressions. Most, like “bite the bullet,” are clichés, but some, such as “bomber crew,” are unusual (so much so, sometimes, that in writing they may require a partial explanation). Awkward Squad. This obscure but oh-so-useful phrase originated in military usage to refer to a unit of particularly inept recruits. Now, in civilian usage, it denotes an incompetent or obstructive group in a company or organization.

Getting Started With GTD

Productivity Bits

I often get questions about how to get started with GTD. If you never heard of GTD before, Google the phrase “Getting Things Done by David Allen” Go ahead, read about GTD and I’ll be here when you’re ready. While you performed that search, you probably saw links to articles on how to get started with GTD. Ok, I’m really late into the game. I can find a lot of detailed materials on how to GTD on the internet. But here are quick tips on how to get started with GTD.

Quick Filing System Tip

Office Organization Success

When creating your filing system, follow the same system for both your paper & computer filing systems, as well as for organizing your emails – it makes it easier to find everything. Quick Biz Tip

Taking over the (virtual) world

The Small Business Blog

The online space is very competitive and businesses can sometimes struggle to be seen. Your business probably can’t afford to buy any physical land, so why not grab yourself some virtual land and start taking over the map one grid at a time? That’s exactly what the people at Landjacker are allowing businesses to do …

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Do women talk too much?

On The Job

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg became a hero to many women when she publicly stated that she leaves the office at 5:30 p.m. every day to be with her children. Not only was this a call for the 40-hour week many of us have abandoned, it was a statement from a powerful, successful woman.

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You are Invited: 3 Keys to Consistent Follow-Up=>Getting MORE out of LESS

Productive & Organized

Over the last year, I have talked a lot about taking action and having good follow-up systems in your business.    The freedom and the dollars are in the follow-up!    The crazy thing is, most businesses have no or limited follow-up systems in their business. 

Featured Soloist Derek Peterson: “Always Work to Fill the Glass”

The Solopreneur Life

T his is The Solopreneur Life’s “Featured Soloist,” the purpose of which is to give all of us a glimpse at how other solopreneurs operate their small businesses. Today we meet Derek Peterson. If you would like to be the “Featured Soloist,” please send me an e-mail,

Older vs. Elder

Daily Writing Tips

Which comparative adjectival term meaning “more advanced in age” is more correct in usage? Many people still prefer to use elder and its superlative eldest , but they tend to be, well, older; the choice of that last word is becoming the alternative of choice. One reason is that there is no world eld to serve as the basis of elder and eldest ; it seems more sensible to many to progress from old to older to oldest.

2012 18

The Longevity Economy and the MetLife Mature Market Institute

Small Business Labs

The Longevity Economy  is the term the AARP uses to describe the huge economic impact - and numerous business opportunities - presented by the 100 million aging U.S. baby boomers and seniors.

2012 18

Going Green to Save Green: 3 Money-Saving Office Solutions

Eco-Office Gals

The new eco-centric business model isn’t a fad to be canceled out by the next trend. While the environmental implications of the green business are obvious, the fact that going green can actually save your small business serious money may not be as well known.

More than just a brand

The Small Business Blog

I told you last week that “back in 1998-9 our instinct was to radically change the course of our lives”, promising to tell you this week just how, where and why. That was a tad ambitious for one small blog, but here are the bones. Mother’s Garden is more than a brand; it is a…

2012 16

Thinking of ditching 1ShoppingCart … read this first

Office Organization Success

I’ve seen quite a few discussions on Facebook over the last week or so about 1ShoppingCart’s price increase; the main topic being that they’ve put their prices up by 30%. A lot of the posts I’ve been reading have been about users unhappy with this price increase and so are looking for a new provider.

2012 16

The Rules of Engagement in English

Daily Writing Tips

In the same day, this site received, among readers’ responses to my recent post Courtesy Titles and Honorifics , two diverse email messages: One was a reasonable, well-written support of the writer’s opinion that, as she was taught, because the courtesy title Ms. is an artificial designation that doesn’t abbreviate anything, it should not include a period. The other correspondent wrote, “hey watch out your website looks like a rule book, and we all know rule books are fascist.”.

2012 15

Do You Fall For These Time Management Lies?

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Managing how you spend your time is the key to make sure that you don’t fritter away a precious resource on meaningless activities – at least without meaning to.

2012 11

Top 5 Tips for London 2012

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. The London Olympics are expected to cause travel chaos for small businesses and the general public this Summer. Make sure that all your vital journeys are well planned in advance and that…

2012 16

Want Great Clients? First Own Your Brilliance!

Virtual Moxie

Yesterday's Moxie Tip sent a flurry of email to my Inbox. Here's more on the topic. When you wake up in the morning and head into your office (or whatever space you’re working from), what attitude do you take with you? Are you clear about who you are, what you do, and that you create wonderful value for your clients? Or are you unclear, unsure, and afraid that you’re a fraud dressed in sweats and bunny slippers?

Book Review: “Spunk and Bite”

Daily Writing Tips

The Elements of Style , by William Strunk Jr. and E. White, has been widely celebrated as one of the masterworks of English usage. Time magazine listed it as one of the one hundred most influential books written in English since 1923. More than ten million copies of the slim little volume that elucidates good usage, proper composition, and correct form have been sold over the course of the last half-century. Shred it.

2012 15

Make Your Small Business Influencer Nominations Now!

Small Business CEO

Nominations for the second annual Small Business Influencer awards are now being accepted. The Small Business Influencer awards honor companies, organizations, apps and people who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market.

2012 10

The Easiest Customer May Also Be The Best

The Small Business Blog

I love reading Seth Godin’s Blog – you should click over to it, it’s worth it – he has a way to extrude the essence out of all kinds of stuff and topics. But sometimes he gets it spectacularly wrong, at least in my opinion. In one of his posts he asserts that: The easiest…

How to Connect With Your Audience

Ian's Messy Desk

Communication works best in an active, not a passive environment. If you want to get your message across to your audience members, you have to connect with them. Interaction is a continuous way to get feedback on how well your content is understood. It also gives listeners a chance to contribute their experience to the learning process. How do you build interaction? Be prepared to be spontaneous. Have questions ready—begin with relatively easy, accessible ones.

Courtesy Titles and Honorifics

Daily Writing Tips

There was a time when it was considered proper form to refer indirectly to people in writing with a courtesy title or an honorific — a designation that identifies gender, profession, or title of nobility. That time, to the great relief of writers everywhere, has passed. Of course, in direct address — in a salutation, or when otherwise referring to someone in writing (as in a transcription) — it is and perhaps always will be proper to identify people with such markers: “Mr.