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5 Obvious Goal Setting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Dumb Little Man

Goal setting can get overwhelming. To get the maximum results and to actually achieve your goals, you have to know what you're doing. If you miss something important, or make an obvious mistake, it could mean significantly delaying your progress.

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The questions you need to ask before you cover for another assistant

Practically Perfect PA

In last week’s blog I wrote about assistants working together as a team and part of the blog discussed how we should cover for each other when one of us is off sick or on holiday.

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Green Energy: Simple Ways to Save Money and Protect the Environment

Eco-Office Gals

Believe it or not, building an eco-friendly house from renewable materials isn’t the only way to go green.

Productivity versus the perils of working from home

The Small Business Blog

When I am not blogging, I am writing or editing copy for clients. I have exactly eight hours in which to get this work done. That’s a fair amount of time, isn’t it? Well, four of those hours are between 8am and 12pm while my four-year-old is at nursery. (I

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7 Effective Ways to Deal with Rejection in Relationships

Dumb Little Man

Do you remember how you felt when you failed that math test back in school? Or when your application for inclusion in that sports team was rejected? Or more recently, when that job application didn’t work out?

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Working with other assistants

Practically Perfect PA

In my recent blog on what I think Assistants can expect in 2013 I briefly discussed the relationship between assistants and how teamwork and support of each other will become more important this year. I thought I would go into a bit more detail and give some tips on how we can work as a team.

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6 Ways to Wow an Interviewer Via Video Interview

On The Job

Not long ago someone wanted to interview me via Skype. I froze. I badly needed a haircut. I had bags under my eyes after a week of no sleep because of a bad head cold. The t-shirt I was wearing had a big stain from the tea I had spilled on myself earlier. A Skype interview?

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How to Increase Concentration – The 5 Key Steps

Dumb Little Man

Do you usually find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand ? Do you find your mind invariably straying to some happy moment in the past, a pleasant song you've recently heard, or a movie you've seen, or a book you've read etc.? Most of us do, so don't worry.

2013 285

Top 5 Tips for Social Media #Hashtags

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Hashtags are widely used on social media, especially on Twitter, but have now been adopted by many other social media platforms too.

5 Ways to Look Better at Work

On The Job

While looking in the mirror recently you discover a gray hair. In your eyebrow. You also begin to notice that everything is starting to, well, sort of droop. Sag, actually. Your latest photo in the company newsletter bears an uncanny resemblance to your mother. And your great Aunt Edith.

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Wall Street Journal's Explosive Technologies

Small Business Labs

The Wall Street Journal's Explosion in Innovation covers 8 technologies the author believes will drive innovation over the next decade. The eight are: 1.

2013 194

Why The Road to Success is Always Full of Failures

Dumb Little Man

Henry Ford once said that failure is the opportunity to start again more intelligently. Throughout history there have been a lot of rich people who made awful business mistakes, got fired, got rejected for jobs and were considered to be losers.

2013 286

Turning your talent or hobby into a business (Infographic)

The Small Business Blog

If you are still considering starting a business, why not base it on your favourite hobby or unique talent? The most successful small and micro businesses often grow from the passion that the owner has for a particular interest.

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Why I Discourage Phone Calls. Should You?

Tips From T. Marie

I’ve had a couple of people mention the fact that my phone number isn’t so easy to find on my Clerical Advantage website.

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The Rise of Public Unions; The Fall of Private Unions

Small Business Labs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their annual Union Summary this week. The New York Times sumed up the data quite well with their article title, Unionization Rate Lowest in a Century.  Key quote from the article: "The percentage of workers in unions fell to 11.3

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BMW Examines Fuel Cell Technology

Eco-Office Gals

These days, the environment is at the top of just about everybody’s list of concerns. We’ve all been able to enjoy the results of the wonderful technological developments that have happened over the course of the last several decades.

2013 158

Communication Breakdown

The Small Business Blog

The art of articulation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- being able to articulate what you do personally or in business is just about the most important skill you can develop. Sounds obvious huh? Well I am constantly being shocked just how bad people are at it.

2013 208

Plan A Schedule: Use Buffers

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. My husband, who used to be an electrician in the Navy, was called on off hours to do work on the ship. Often it was said, “It will only take five minutes.” ” But as my husband is fond of saying, “There is no such thing as a five minute electrical job.” ” Even replacing a lightbulb on a ship usually became a much bigger project. He learned this, and how to buffer his tasks. Not Parkinson’s Law.

2013 158

Book Review: The Encore Career Handbook

Small Business Labs

One of the trends we've long covered is the desire and/or need by aging baby boomers  to continue working past their traditional retirement age. Related to this is the growing trend of baby boomers looking to do something new work wise starting in their 50s.

2013 169

On Judging

Virtual Moxie

The idea for this post was a Facebook conversation about judging that came as a result of a friend posting this quotation: I understand the spirit of it—I really do. But being a word geek, I struggle. I just cannot get behind the second part of that as it’s written.

2013 225

Why your business should start using video online conferencing

The Small Business Blog

Talking to any clients, potential new customers and investors is always important. At all costs, you’ll probably want to maintain a regular dialogue with them, but did you ever consider the price you’re paying for talking to them?

2013 206

Streamlining Inputs: Paper

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Paper breeds more paper. It is only by regular processing that we can hope to keep the paper monster from breeding all over our homes. But faced with piles of paper, it is very tempting just to shove the piles in a hidden space and hope they go away. They never do (trust me on this, I have tried). Streamlining the way we handle paper can make it much smoother and faster to deal with.

2013 152

Beijing Factories Stall Production Due to Dangerous Pollution

Eco-Office Gals

When the topic of foreign places that you’d most like to visit comes up, “Beijing” is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Yet, it does bear some pretty fascinating facts. For one thing, it’s the capital of the most highly-populated country in the world (China).

2013 151

Big Data Not Always So Big

Small Business Labs

One of the interesting things we found interviewing Big Data experts is how they define Big Data. Most articles and studies define Big Data as: a collection of datasets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional database management tools or data processing applications. Most definitions also discuss the 3 Vs - volume, variability and velocity - and how the Internet, mobile computing and smart objects are leading to vast increases in all three.

2013 149

Credit Card Merchants Make Accepting Payments Simple

The Small Business Blog

The more types of payment you are able to accept from your customers, the more likely you are to actually sell your products and services.

Spots Available! 30-day Business & Marketing Systems Assessment

Office Organization Success

Let me work with you and help you create your own strategic business plan. The 30-day Business & Marketing Systems Assessment : Focuses on making sure you have the RIGHT systems in place to GROW your business. Includes a deep-dive Business Systems Assessment , including a private 60-minute strategic planning session. Together we create YOUR 90-day Profit Plan. Plus you get 30 days of unlimited and private email support with me to help you implement your 90-day Profit Plan.

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Do You Know Whom to Network With?

Job Advice Blog

By far the most effective way of getting a new job is by networking. When making presentations to large groups, I often test that tenet, and invariably it proves to be true. Therefore, networking is how people in transition should spend most of their time.

Testing Webtype’s New “Font Swapper” Tool

The Solopreneur Life

H umans have clothing. Buildings have architecture. Automobiles have design models. Words have typography. Typography is the most important decision you make when branding your company, building a printed piece, or creating a website. Visitors/customers/clients interact the most with your business via text, and typography is the first impression and the lasting impression for any business.

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Open Loops 1/25/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. Out of sight, out of mind…get more done by keeping your goals visible. From Daytimer’s “Today’s Productivity Tip: Keep Your Goals Within Reach” I have always struggled with what to say to a grieving person. Pick the Brain lays it all out…and also contrasts what not to say.

2013 130

My Own “Duh” Moment

Office Organization Success

This week I am writing to you from beautiful San Diego! I’m here on a personal trip for a fashion event… I’m so excited as fashion has been a life-long passion of mine. I’ve never been to San Diego before and am so enjoying the city. As I shared with you last week, I’ve been doing my own strategic planning for 2013. And one of the biggest “duh” moments I had was in realizing how I was missing out on opportunities in my business.

2013 126

Book Review: Better Business Writing

Business Writing

At last! A book I can recommend to executives and to the human resource managers whose responsibility it is to develop executives: HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by Bryan A. Garner. Garner is one of my favorite experts on. Best Picks Books Teaching Business Writing

2013 122

Webinar: Top Notch Minute Taking: Tips and Tricks for Admins

Laughing all the Way to Work

Please join me on February 7, 2013 at 1 p.m. EST for another minute-taking webinar. I enjoy giving these webinars and wish I could have had something like this when I first started. I have tried to put everything that I would have liked to know into the webinar. As many of you have found out, there is more to taking minutes than just taking the minutes. Preparation is key and can make a big difference in the quality of your note taking and take the stress out of the task.

2013 109

Moxie Tip 304: Attraction—It's About Pull, Not Push

Virtual Moxie

One thing I know for sure, Attraction cannot exist in the same space where seduction and manipulations exist. Moxie Moxie Tips

2013 155

Get it together, finding your mojo to dreaming BIG!

Office Dynamics

"As a creative person I sometimes go through times of frustration when I don't feel creative or can't find my spark. It should be something we can just tap into but it doesn't work that way. I found today's resource to be helpful to me in finding my clear purpose and vision.

2013 143

Sell Yourself Without “Selling Out”

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Most people are not 100% at home promoting themselves and what they do. As business owner, however, you have to get comfortable selling yourself and your services, and quickly, for your business to thrive. If you’re holding out on promoting yourself – whether out of fear, self-consciousness, or not knowing how to do it the “right way,” you are holding your talents, skills and gifts back from the world, and from potential clients!

2013 100

Are You Following the Cool Kids Online?

Men With Pens

I have a confession to make: I don’t want to be rich and famous. Well, that’s not quite accurate. I do want to be rich, and a little bit of fame never hurt anyone. I just don’t want to become either according to today’s cool kids standards.

2013 90

Moxie Tip 303: Hey, It's Called "Social" Media!

Virtual Moxie

Life is absolutely about more than work or business. It's more than planning one strategic move after another. It's more than gaming people based on metrics—talking with them at this time of day because it’s “proven” to get better engagement than fifteen minutes later, for instance. And it's certainly more than looking for the continual stream of things “share” so that you don’t fall off the radar of your market. And there’s more to “social” media than that, too. Communication Self-Care