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5 online courses every Executive Assistant should take

Practically Perfect PA

I took my first online training course probably around 15 years ago now. It was a live webinar and we had to listen to the speaker via the phone on my desk while watching the slideshow on my computer screen. It was a bit of a novelty and funnily enough, a lot of my colleagues were […].

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Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office

Eco-Office Gals

Climate change is becoming an increasingly real subject for businesses and consumers across the globe. As a way to combat or prolong the issue, many organizations have opted to go green by creating more eco-friendly working environments.

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Tops Tips In Choosing A Place to Live

Dumb Little Man

If choosing a place to live in was easy, everyone would love where they live. However, a surprising number of people do not. The Place and Happiness survey conducted by American urban studies theorist Richard Florida and the Gallup Organization found that one-third of 28,000 respondents felt either ambivalent or unhappy about where they live. According to the May 7, 2018 USA Today article , millennials skip starter houses to land their dream homes.

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What to Do When You Have to “Fix and Polish” a Message

Office Dynamics

Suppose your supervisor emails you a message that says, “Fix the attached” or “Polish this piece.” What does it mean to fix or polish a business message? In addition to correcting punctuation, typos, misspellings, and grammar glitches, what’s required beyond that?

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Podcast 097: Sorting

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! ?. Podcast 97, this one, is about sorting. Back in podcast 61 I talked about general sorting principles. I find sorting to be easy and even kind of fun. Do you remember the Sesame Street recurring sketch called “One of these things”? In the sketch, there were four objects and one of them was different from the others.

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5 Innovative Green Building Ideas For New Architecture Projects

Eco-Office Gals

Since the early 2000’s, the green revolution has been underway. Especially in the last 10 years, we have seen countless commercial projects realign their sustainability priorities.

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Top 5 Signs You Might Need Help with Alcohol Addiction

Dumb Little Man

America is facing an addiction crisis much larger than any generation before. Now, the drugs are harder and smarter but some old ways of getting high seem to continuously plague the human population. Alcohol has been used for hundreds of years as a relaxant and a depressive drug. For some people though, it isn’t just about having a good time but it’s something they end up living for and throwing away their lives for.

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The Competitive Advantage with Austin Church


On this episode of the podcast, I spoke with Austin L Church. Austin is the author of children’s books and a consultant who loves helping people build businesses around the work that doesn’t feel like work to them.

2018 79

Is America "The World's First Poor Rich Country"?

Small Business Labs

Umair Haque's essay Why America is the World's First Rich Poor Country suggests that America has created a new kind of poverty.    He argues that despite relatively high incomes, growing numbers of Americans can't afford a middle class lifestyle.

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What Not to Say At Work: 5 Phrases You Should Totally Avoid

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You can never overemphasize the importance of effective communication. In both your personal and professional life, communication skills can either walk you up the ladder to success or drive you down into the abyss. You have to communicate on a daily basis to stay in sync with your co-workers and be on the same page with your boss. Knowing what not to say at work is crucial, particularly when it comes to talking with your boss.

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How Having Competitors Nearby Can Help Your Business Grow

Small Business CEO

Business owners in general avoid locations where there are competitive businesses, wrongfully assuming that the more similar businesses there are in the area the fewer clients/customers there will be for them.

2018 86

A Guide to Vertical Lists

Daily Writing Tips

A recent post described how to organize and format in-line lists, those that occur within a sentence.

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Federal Reserve Study Finds 31% of Adult Americans Do Gig Work

Small Business Labs

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (The Fed) recently released their 2017 Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households. This report "examines the economic well-being and financial lives of Americans and their families."

2018 67

6 Important Things You Need to Do After Buying A Lemon Car

Dumb Little Man

In a list of expensive purchases that are supposed to last, a car tops the list. It’s supposed to be a lasting purchase. So, when your newly bought car spends more time in a mechanic’s garage than on the road or even in your own garage, then you’ve landed yourself a lemon. No one likes going to the mechanic and it’s worse when you just bought your car. However, there comes a point when the repairs are too constant and you’re left needing to act.

2018 147

Different Types of Commercial Burglary Explained

Small Business CEO

There are no sure ways to prevent commercial burglary but there are ways to reduce the risk considerably. Before investing in the latest security systems, it is very important to know the different types of commercial burglary.

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How to Say "No" to a New Position? Very Carefully

45 Things

Is it ever OK to turn down your boss when he or she offers you a new position? I was in this situation once. I had been hired to run a medical magazine, but within the week my new boss took me out to lunch. "I I have a proposition for you.

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How to create the luck required for huge entrepreneurial success 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Every wildly successful entrepreneur with an ounce of genuine self awareness and intelligence knows that luck is a big part of their success. . Finding product market fit. Timing. Chance meetings that change everything. Bad decisions that ultimately led to good places… . All these things are present in the biographies of super successful founders. They are all integral to their success. . This isn’t to minimize entrepreneurial smarts, hustle, determination or discipline.

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How To Survive A Broken Heart

Dumb Little Man

I get asked how to survive a broken heart all the time and my response is always the same: piña coladas. This is why I am a relationship expert. I know so much about love that I can change Cupid’s diapers (he poops little peanut butter cups.). This is a non-gender specific advice. If you’re a woman who has been done wrong, put that pint of ice cream down and pick up a piña colada.

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3 Tips for Optimizing Your Content For SEO

Small Business CEO

While having quality content on your website is going to be beneficial to you, your content creation efforts are going to have the biggest positive impact on your online presence when you’re working in conjunction with an SEO strategy.

2018 74

This is How New Employees Can Help Your Career

45 Things

It's pretty annoying when a new colleague -- who has been on the job for only a week or so -- challenges the way things are being done. This doesn't seem efficient," she says. Why don't we do it another way?" Or, she might say something like, "Wow, this seems like a total waste of time.

2018 56

4 Simple Steps To Landing Your Dream Job

Dumb Little Man

Aaron is a fresh college graduate looking to land his first full-time job. He studied Finance in college and has been researching companies in the Phoenix area for available entry-level finance positions. Aaron worked as a server throughout college but he doesn’t have much relevant experience in the financial industry. He’s new to the job hunting process and doesn’t know where to begin his search. What can Aaron do to increase his chances of landing a great job?

2018 141

About Dementia: The Silent Epidemic

Dumb Little Man

Despite the notable dips in life expectancy in the United States in recent years, humans’ overall life expectancy is up. A hundred years ago, life expectancy in the U.S. was 48.3 for men and 51.1 for women.

2018 182

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business Website Today

Small Business CEO

When you’re running a business website, you’re in a constant state of improvement. Even if you feel like your website is satisfactory, there are always ways to make it better and gain more success through this venture.

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International Business Trends to Look Out for Throughout 2018

Small Business CEO

It is very important for businesses to adapt to their market, but also to update their technology and business operations according to what the competitors are doing.

2018 70

Do Student Loans Stifle Potential Businesses?

Small Business CEO

Approximately 50% of the American private sector is comprised of small businesses. But due to student loans, the American entrepreneurial spirit has suffered a hit and in 2016, CNN reported that US entrepreneurship has been at an all-time low for nearly 40 years.

2018 69

6 Common Mistakes of Site Owners Going Global

Small Business CEO

Taking your business abroad is a great way to get new clients while also exploring new markets. But, going global is no easy feat, and without proper planning, you could end up facing all sorts of obstacles. Going global requires all sorts of changes, especially to your existing company website.

2018 68

Why it’s Crucial to Understand if Your Business can Afford a Business Loan

Small Business CEO

If your business is running low on cash, or if you’re keen to expand but don’t have the capital, a business loan can seem like the perfect answer. It’s true that a business loan can provide a valuable boost to working capital, especially if your income fluctuates.

2018 68

Insure The Future Of Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Owning your own business comes along with a whole slew of responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities of being a business owner is planning and investing in your future. Taking the necessary precautions to insure every angle of your organization is wise.

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