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3 Identity Theft Horror Stories That Will Make Your Toes Curl

Dumb Little Man

Identity theft is a scary phenomenon. It's unnerving to think your identity could be out there somewhere, shambling around like a rotting zombie from The Walking Dead, wreaking unfathomable havoc on your reputation and credit score.

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The Office* Show and how to be a great delegate

Practically Perfect PA

Right everyone raise your hand if you attended the Office* Show last month?! I did, I did! As you can imagine I am pretty much surrounded by events 24/7 so it made a lovely change last month when I attended the show simply as a delegate!

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Are You Doing Business the Way Everyone Else Is?

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips How unique is your approach to business? Have you done some trailblazing to find what works best for you or are you following someone else’s recipe for business success? My son is constantly sharing funny videos with me from YouTube.

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My Time Management Reboot: The Pros and Cons of Electronic Systems and Why I Created a Hybrid

Eat Your Career

It pains me to announce that my grand experiment with using electronic time management systems has officially come to an end (sort of). You see, for the past several years, I’ve been using a variety of tech tools to help organize my life and work—appointments, tasks, projects and more.

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The Science Of Getting What You Want: 7 Simple Steps To Help You Achieve Anything You Want

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Just imagine for a second you could make all your dreams come true, achieve anything you want and succeed in all your undertakings. Wouldn't this be absolutely amazing? And you know what? Achieving outstanding success actually isn't even that complicated.

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Why You Should Go To College and Finish

Small Business Labs

There's a lot of debate around the merits of the going to college these days. Due to high costs, high debt loads and a lack of good post graduate jobs, many are suggesting other paths.   Some say doing a startup is better than going to college.

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How We Made Our High Energy Consumption Business Green

Eco-Office Gals

As a stage and studio installation company, understandably our projects don’t always have energy saving properties at their core.

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Work Smarter: 5 Productivity Hacks To Maximize Your Time In The Office

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Everyone has them. Days spent staring at the computer screen, drinking cup after cup of coffee, struggling to get any work done. There are several common causes – procrastination, tiredness – all of which can be easily solved.

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Part-Time Employment Not Due to Obamacare

Small Business Labs

The Wall Street Journal's Don't Blame Health Care Law for Part-Time Employment shows that despite what a number of folks are saying , the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is not causing, at least yet, an increase in part-time employment.

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Why Your Office Needs a Green Workplace Policy

Eco-Office Gals

If you have an office without a green workspace policy, it’s about time to put one in place! Though change comes slowly to many traditional offices, startups and new businesses often adapt to these policies remarkably quickly, and even if it takes a while, the effect of the policy is important.

How to Train Your Subconscious to Work With You to Reach Your Wildest Dreams

Productive & Organized

Did you know that research shows that the majority of our behavior is driven by our subconscious mind?    Studies say that it impacts 80-96% of what you think feel and do!    Your subconscious programming affects your health, weight, family life, finances, choices, etc.

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How To Get A Job When You Have No Experience

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What is the most common manner of young and inexperienced people applying for a job? Most of them enter a website, choose a couple of job offers, send their CV and, in the best case, also attach a cover letter.

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Avoiding the Abilene Paradox

The Small Business Blog

The Abilene Paradox was first put forward by JB Harvey in the mid-70’s. It says that a group of people can end up taking a course of action that none of them individually wants to take. It’s a paradox because it happens when people try and be nice to each other.

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Here Comes Generation Z

On The Job

For years employers have been working to better understand how to hire, train and employ young workers known as Generation Y. But just when they thought they may be making some headway in understanding how best to develop and harness these young employees, along comes Generation Z.

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More Americans Plan to Delay Retirement

Small Business Labs

We've written so often for so long about Americans - and especially baby boomers - delaying retirement that I'm honestly getting tired of the topic.   But a recent Associated Press - NOARC Center for Public Affairs Research study on this subject caught my eye. Key quote on their findings from an AP article on the study : Some 82 percent of workers 50 and older say it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement.

10 Ways To Save Money Without Compromisi?ng Your Lifestyle

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With the economy the way it is today, many people are finding ways to cut back and save money without compromising their lifestyle. Sticking to a budget or cutting costs isn't always the easiest thing to do but with some practice and guidance it can be done.

Initiative: Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” ” That quote was by a man who features regularly in the quote of the week, the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw.

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Overcommitting Produces Lousy Work and Pissed Off People

Virtual Moxie

Jessica set up an appointment with me for some on-the-spot coaching to discuss how she manages her time. Among other things, we found that Jessica runs her practice on adrenaline (a post for another time).

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Why Employees - and the Self-Employed - Love their Jobs

Small Business Labs

Gallup's Creating the Job You Love  covers an interview with Shane J. Lopez, who has been researching people who love their jobs.   Key quote: "I wanted to discover the attributes and behaviors that are shared by people who love their jobs. What I found was that these folks don't have much in common except they believe that they need to design and build their own jobs. When they're given a job, they think it's up to them to turn it into something they love."

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The Best Healthy Foods That Will Really Fill You Up

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While the number of calories you consume each day is a major factor in how much you weigh, not all calories are created equal. Some foods that are high in calories are not very filling, while there are others that have fewer calories but are better at filling you up.

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Administrative/Clerical: Tips for Better Time Management

Office Dynamics

One of the most important things you can do as an administrative professional is learn how to manage your time. Time management is critical in this line of work, because you inevitably have a range of specific tasks you need to accomplish each day.

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Infographic: Working Mothers

The Small Business Blog

Being a mother is perhaps the most difficult job of all, but nowadays many modern women manage to juggle parenting while also having a successful career.

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Learn How to Leverage InstantTeleseminar for Your Visibility and Business Operations

Productive & Organized

I love introducing you to different types of tools that help you: Get your message out. Increase your personal productivity and optimize your business. I'm thrilled to tell you about an interview I will be doing that shares a tool that does both!

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Do You Have What It Takes? Take The Confidence Test!

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What if I told you that if you haven't succeeded yet, you won't? What if I said that your potential is lower than you think? What if I told you that you don't have what it takes? It wouldn't matter. Read more ». Goals Business Focus Success Career Happiness Failure Brain

Wearing the Appropriate “Costume” To Work—Looking Your Professional Best

Office Dynamics

Hello Monday Motivators! Fall and the approach of Halloween are definitely in the air in Las Vegas. As I drive through my neighborhood to exit for work, I see many houses all done up in preparation for the grand evening of Trick or Treating.

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You Want to Grow Your Business – But Are You Really Ready?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Wow, I can’t believe we are charging into a new year already in a just a few short months! Exciting things are happening, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in my business. How about you? Are you anticipating a breakout year in your business?

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How to Take Time Away from Your Business

Office Organization Success

This weekend Sam (my youngest) and I are going to be busy packing our suitcases for our upcoming trip back home. We’re going to visit Dad for a little while. And we have a lot of fun trips planned too. Sam is especially excited about going to Legoland, Windsor. Judging by the number of emails I received, it seems my note last week struck a chord with many of you.

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Top Home Improvement Design Ideas To Amp Up Your Porch This Fall

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Fall may be my favorite season, with nature providing a beautiful backdrop as I decorate my home's outdoor spaces! As summer ends and the nights get chilly, your outdoor sitting area may need warming up to match the coming season.

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Switch Tasks Easily With Alarms

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I love timers. They are my number one secret weapon when it comes to productivity and time management. I use timers to help me get started on things, and to end them so I don’t get sidetracked. But timers are best in the moment. What about the times when I just need a reminder to switch? That’s when I add alarms into the mix. I can switch tasks easily with alarms. Alarms For Timeboxing.

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How to Have Perfect Timing

On The Job

Having good timing is often cited as critical to success. For example, if you present a project at the wrong time, it may die a quick death. But if you unveil it at just the right time, then success can be yours. But how do you know when the time is right? Instincts?

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It's Time to Pre-Order The NOW Year


The wait is over.sort of. And I''m not talking about today''s Apple announcement, either.). Newsletter subscribers had a head-start when it came to pre-orders.

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Binge Drinking and Big Horsepower: Reasons Why Alcohol And Fast Cars Are A Deadly Combo

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Car enthusiasts love to share their hobby. Whether arranging a long drive and cruise to a restaurant for a club or showing off a vehicle at a friend’s house, the camaraderie and sense of community is hard to miss.

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One Way To Simplify School Labels

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. School has started. And with it come the demands for labels. I am very glad that manufacturers are willing to support the schools when parents purchase their products. And the best way to know their products are being purchased is when the parents send in labels or proofs of purchase. When I was in grade school, it was Campbell Soup labels. And our entire physical education equipment needs were provided through those means.

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How To Be a Better Writer — Immediately

The Solopreneur Life

I t was 1988 and I was working in my first journalism job; I was a staff writer at a small newspaper in Sheldon, Iowa. The newspaper had a renowned sports section, and an Omaha native named Ken was the sports editor. Every Friday night Ken would count the number of column inches he had written during the week. He’d then stand up, clear his throat, and announce the total to anybody who was in the newsroom.

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Build Your Own Organizing System

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-04-14 11:06:01. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I don’t follow a particular organizing method or recommend a specific system. My clients all have their own unique needs, ways of thinking and taste.

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Halloween Accidents: Don't Let Your Night Of Fun Turn Into A Night Of Terror And Pain

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Regardless of what night Halloween falls on, this holiday calls for people of all ages to cut loose, have fun, and join in the costumed revelry. When you are invited to a Halloween party, your primary focus may be on the fun that lies in wait for you that evening.

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Open Loops 10/25/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. Concentration can make or break productivity. Here are some secrets. From Michael Taft’s “Five Amazingly Powerful Secrets of Concentration” We are approaching the season of “I want” (I saw my first holiday ad this week). The Simple Dollar gives some advice on. How to curb this in kids.

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