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How to Finally Get Started on Your Big Dream

Dumb Little Man

We all have those big dreams.

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A great event idea for 2014

Practically Perfect PA

Keeping event ideas innovative and fresh can be an extremely difficult exercise. It’s a delicate balancing act of trying to push the envelope to keep things exciting, but not too radical that it fails to appeal to the majority of the workforce.

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LinkedIn Q&A: What’s the Difference Between Endorsements and Recommendations?

Eat Your Career

By now, most of you probably know that LinkedIn is the gold standard for online professional networking. Regardless of your opinion of social networking in general, LinkedIn is a site you simply can’t afford to overlook.

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Shoe Organizer: Creative or Just Weird?

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-05-01 10:26:41. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Maximizing storage space is always a good idea. Shelves in the back of your closet, off-season clothes under the bed. This wacky shoe organizer caught my eye.

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The 5 Minute Morning Success Ritual

Dumb Little Man

Do you want to wake up motivated, energized and productive each morning? The morning is the most critical part of ones day, especially in terms of being as productive as possible. Most people wake up each morning tired, lethargic, stressed, and even uninspired.

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How to sign off correspondence on behalf of the boss

Practically Perfect PA

Sometimes I look through my manager’s inbox and I can’t believe how much stuff they get sent.

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Book Review: Exporting - The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably

Small Business Labs

I was excited by the arrival of my copy of Exporting - The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably. It's written by small business exporting expert Laural Delaney. We've known Laural for years here at Small Business Labs.

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10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day

Dumb Little Man

We all know how hard it is to get the day going. You wake up, your bed is entirely too comfortable. After pressing “snooze” on your alarm clock half a dozen times, it’s time to get up. Your coffee is taking too long to percolate. You can’t find anything good to pack for lunch.

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Practically Perfect PA visits: The Hilton Garden Inn DC

Practically Perfect PA

On my second night in Washington DC I was pleased to be staying in the Hilton Garden Inn because I always know what to expect from a Hilton – attentive service, clean and comfortable rooms, perfect wifi and great dining options. I wasn’t disappointed!

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Ecommerce Driving Steep Declines in Retail Foot Traffic

Small Business Labs

The startling chart below shows shows retail foot traffic is rapidly and dramatically declining.   It's from the Wall Street Journal article Stores Confront New World of Reduced Shopper Traffic.

2014 183

The Immortal Claude C. Hopkins and His 13 Don’ts of Advertising

The Solopreneur Life

I f there was a Mount Rushmore of advertising, Claude C. Hopkins would be its George Washington. Test marketing, coupon sampling, and copy research are standards today in advertising, and Hopkins invented them all. Claude C. Hopkins.

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This Is The Key to Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life This Year

Dumb Little Man

“When you drop a pebble into a pool of water, the pebble starts a series of ripples that extend until they encompass the whole pool. This is exactly what will happen when you give your ideas a definite plan of action.”

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Top Tips for Balancing Your Working Life

The Small Business Blog

For all our entrepreneurial readers that run their own businesses, the main priority in their lives is to ensure that their business is a success.

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Alt-Labor: Unions in a Freelance Economy

Small Business Labs

Unions haven't fared well over the past few decades. At their peak in the 1950's, about 1 in 3 U.S. workers were in a union. Today, about 1 in 10 are union members - and only about 6.6% of private sector workers are in unions.

2014 183

Insulating Your Home for the Winter: It’s Never Too Late

Eco-Office Gals

We may have already entered 2014 but I’m sure that we have by no means left the cold weather behind us. This means that insulating your home now will still provide you with the benefit of lowering your energy bill and keeping you cosy during those windy nights that may still be to come.

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58 Ways to Mastery in Everyday Life

Dumb Little Man

Do you want to master something in your life? I mean, do you want to do something so well that you could do it in your sleep? This doesn't mean that you have to be the best in the world, but at least the best you could ever be. It's in the human nature to want to grow. To want to expand.

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How to Turn Your Sales Copy From a Frog Into a Prince

The Solopreneur Life

O ne of the most respected copywriters of the past 40 years, Gary Bencivenga, was part-owner of a New York advertising agency in the 1970s.

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Radius Small Business Trends Presentation

Small Business Labs

Radius  is one of the more interesting big data startups.    Using web-crawling technology similar to Google's, they've amassed data on over 27 million U.S. small businesses.  They sell this data to companies looking for help with prospecting, lead generation and target marketing. They just released a presentation on The Most Important Small Business Trends in 2014.

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Can Better Eating Help Your Career?

On The Job

You may start out the new year with the intention of taking better care of yourself. But then you go to work. In the break room is a birthday cake. The boss orders pizza when everyone is forced to work late. The vending machines have offerings that include chips, candy bars and sugared drinks.

2014 205

Why You Should Do What You Love

Dumb Little Man

I went to college for a program I didn’t really care for with one thing in mind: “I’ll use my income to fund my career as a writer and a musician.” It seemed like a brilliant plan. At the time, how was I to know I was telling myself heinous lies? I actually thought I was quite progressive.

2014 285

Computer Cord Organizer

Clutter Coach

The MOS organizer is a beautiful thing. I’m guessing its designers are Apple fans because the packaging is equally beautiful and clever; the device sits in a drawer in its box and you pull an orange ribbon tab to slide it open. I love it when office supplies are fun and nice to look at.

2014 141

UK unemployment falls sharply

The Small Business Blog

We could finally be moving closer to an interest rate increase in the UK, as the number of people out of work fell by 167,000 in the three months to November to 2.32 million.

2014 201

Nothing Comes From Nothing

Simple Productivity Blog

Just a quick thought for the day… When I don’t plan, when I drift along, when I don’t put in any effort… Is it any wonder that I don’t get where I want to go? The post Nothing Comes From Nothing appeared first on

2014 190

3 Ways To Ditch The Blame Game

Dumb Little Man

If you were raised in a family with other siblings chances are you have played the blame game a time or two. In fact, more than we all would care to admit, when confronted by a parent with the question, “Who did this?” we quickly replied “Not me.”

2014 284

There's Nothing Wrong with Being a Night Owl


I get tired of the argument that you should be an early riser to make the most of your day. I accomplish a hell of a lot as a night owl, and I know I''m not alone. In fact, as long as you''re mindful and intentional about what you''re doing, you can deliver the goods as an early riser or a night owl.

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Tips for Saving a Project in Trouble

On The Job

Projects run into trouble every day , but when it’s your project, your job and your reputation on the line, it can seem like a very big deal. So what action should you take, and when? Todd C.

2014 157

The Perfect Task List

Simple Productivity Blog

There are task lists. and there are Task Lists. Most task lists function; but Task Lists actually help you get your work done quicker. So how do you get to the perfect task list? The post The Perfect Task List appeared first on More great content can be found on the site at, or you can find me on Twitter ( @SmplProdBlog ) and Facebook ( ). Productivity

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Teaching Your Child to Learn Through Music

Dumb Little Man

Music is a powerful tool that parents and educators can use to help children excel academically, socially, and psychologically. If your preschooler is struggling to learn to tie his shoes, try creating a little song to help him remember the steps.

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Decisions – Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“What is important is not the decision itself but rather how committed and informed people are. The ‘best’ decisions can be bungled just as the ‘worst’ decisions can work just fine.” ” – William Ouchi, US writer. This week’s quote illustrates the point that just because you might have made some poor business decisions in the… Read the full article here: Decisions – Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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Moxie Extra: Calling All Writers--We Need Your Voices!

Virtual Moxie

My friend Shannon and I were recently having a conversation about how we, as writers, make sure to live whole lives. It’s important to us that our lives are rich, full, and balanced, and that we have ample time to write and create.

2014 141

Decluttering Isn’t A One-Time Thing

Simple Productivity Blog

You''ve gone through everything in your house. The closets are emptied, the drawers organized. All your clothes fit. Bags are waiting to be donated, bags are waiting for the trash. Oh, the bliss of being done! Except you''re not. Decluttering is not a one-time thing. Let''s take a look at how to make it work ongoing. The post Decluttering Isn’t A One-Time Thing appeared first on More great content can be found on the site at,

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Saving For Retirement: 7 Reasons Why You May Have To Delay Contributions

Dumb Little Man

Thinking about retirement can be daunting when you’re wondering how much money you need saved and how you will earn that amount in the first place. Saving for retirement is important and starting while you’re young is best.

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How to Be a Multitasking Genius


The following is a guest post by Robine Fisher , who is clearly a fan of multitasking. Robine graduated with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Journalism, but somehow she found herself proofreading for a dissertation service for a living.

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Do You Mean Passive or Just Weak?

Daily Writing Tips

A great deal of nonsense is written about “Passive Voice,” especially on sites targeted to writers. Here’s a typically misleading bit of writing instruction under the heading “How to Make Passive Writing Active”: Take the sentence “The inn was noisy.” This is a fine sentence.

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Open Loops 1/24/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings -- my open loops -- to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on minimalism vs. frugal, making your bed can improve your life, time, unplugging, fresh starts for the new year, eliminating distractions, and failure. The post Open Loops 1/24/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along appeared first on

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Apps for a Small Business’ Accounting Needs

Small Business CEO

Being in the accounting department of a small business doesn’t mean being tucked away in the back corner of the office hammering away on a Dell desktop running Windows XP and an old copy of QuickBooks.

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Focus On The App Within


Brennen Reece wrote a great piece this week describing the way he gets things done. The Bullet Journal has become popular with paper-based system fans because it is pretty simple, scales, and is flexible to a point.

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