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How to Release the Energy of Your Potential

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Buy recycled for environmentally-friendly home printing

Eco-Office Gals

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Part-Time Employment Keeps Growing

Small Business Labs

Last fall our article Are We Becoming a Part-Time Nation covered the trends leading to the growing number of part-time workers in the U.S.   The recent New York Times article The Rise of Part-Time Work covers some of the same ground.

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Event Schedules and Speakers

Practically Perfect PA

Organising an event is a tricky tricky thing with lots of moving parts and details that have to be well managed. In this blog I want to share some tips on two aspects of the event management process. Here are my top 5 tips on putting together an event schedule and dealing with speakers.

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7 Amazing Ways to Be Creative Like a Child

Dumb Little Man

Creativity is like the ebb and flow of waves in an ocean. There are periods in your life when you may feel very creative. But there may be other periods where you experience the creative doldrums. Ideas stop coming to you.

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Quiz: Are You a Slacker?

Eat Your Career

Every office has one: The slacker who seems to weasel his way out of anything that even remotely involves work. We pick up after him. We cover for him. In general, we all think he’s a waste of space. But, as I said, every office has one. What if—dare I say it— you’re that slacker?

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3D Scanner Turns 3D Printers Into Replicators

Small Business Labs

Makerbot , a leading 3D printer manufacturing company, announced a new 3D scanner prototype at the big tech trade show South by Southwest last week. It's called the "Digitizer" that can scan small objects and create a 3D digital design.

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How to Manage Your Boss's Expectations

Dumb Little Man

Does your boss try to coax a little more out of you each week? It’s what bosses do, right? Bosses are paid to manage their people to optimal performance. You know this, but you aren’t using this knowledge to your advantage.

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Why poor spelling and grammar hurt your career

On The Job

A couple of years ago I played the game Cranium for the first time. When the challenge was for my team to correctly spell "pharaoh," of course they chose me to take it on. That turned out to be a mistake as I confidently spelled it "pharoah."

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Americans Donated $370 Billion to Non-Profits in 2012

Small Business Labs

Americans are a generous people. According to the Atlas of Giving they donated $370 billion to charities of various types in 2012.  This is up 6.7% from the prior year and well about what is was a decade ago.

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Is it an Opportunity, a Challenge or a Problem?

Productive & Organized

Have you ever thought about the words you choose when presented with a situation that you don't really care for?    Have you thought about the emotions that you release?        Oftentimes a problem is also an opportunity. 

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The Best Kept Secret That's Right Under Your Nose

Dumb Little Man

I lost an expensive watch when I was 22 years old, a special gift given to me to on my 18th Birthday. I say "lost", but really it was ripped from my wrist when, purely on impulse, me and a friend decided to launch ourselves off the top of a hill and tumble all the way down to the bottom.

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How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps

Eco-Office Gals

“The traditional GLS lamp is dead!” ” Well it may not be quite dead but legislation, environmental issues and cost-saving are forcing businesses’ to re-evaluate the real costs of lighting.

Coworking in Bali

Small Business Labs

Coworking has become a global phenomenon with coworking facilities popping up everywhere from Reykjavik , Iceland to Phnom Penh , Cambodia.   And with 4.5

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The Benefits of Checklists

Ian's Messy Desk

I’m a big fan of the checklist. When I need to remember a number of items or how to step through a process, nothing works as well as the list. Chip and Dan Heath look at the effectiveness of checklists in this month’s column in Fast Company magazine. How can something so simple be so powerful?

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When the music fades…

The Small Business Blog

The flow of the rhythm… the rush of the beat… the adrenaline pumping! Oh, the thrill of dancing! True music lovers really appreciate the swell of emotions they have when they find a new song. It would seem at first that you could never get tired of it.

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Habits That Limit Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

We all have our little habits; the routines and rituals that we adhere to on a daily basis, or the day itself just doesn't feel right.

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More Data Showing Women Outperforming Men in College

Small Business Labs

The BLS recently released a report showing that the college education gap between women and men continues to widen.  According to the report, by age 25 30 percent of women and just 22 percent of men had received a bachelor’s degree. Also, about the same percentage of women (14%) and men (13%) are enrolled in college at age 25.  Since women tend to finish college at higher rates than men, its' likely this gap will widen a bit for this group in the coming years.

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Why we can’t go completely paperless

Ian's Messy Desk

Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead ! from INfluencia on Vimeo. You just finished reading Why we can't go completely paperless ! Consider leaving a comment! Recommended: Evernote Essentials. Humour Productivity paper paperless paperless office paperless processing

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Top 5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Bootstrapping is the realistic method of financing for any young entrepreneur these days hoping to keep their fledgling business afloat.

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The Interview: Why Wasn’t I Chosen

Job Advice Blog

From the interviewer’s vantage point, the selection process is about availability and choices. That principle applies to many things the rest of us do, too, throughout the day.

Ad Trackers Are a Business Owner’s Best Friend

Office Organization Success

When you use an all-in-one ecommerce system in your business (such as 1ShoppingCart or Infusionsoft ) you get to also track EVERYTHING you’re doing through setting up Ad Trackers (a special link that tracks the number of clicks and conversions to a specific web page). These are really important in your business, and they’re not just for when you’re running an advert or affiliate promotion. You need to use them in your day-to-day business management too.

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Networking Is Important For Your Business — And The Follow Up Is Critical

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Developing a solid plan for marketing and networking takes work, doesn’t it? And then the commitment it takes to carry out that plan sometimes takes even more effort. Hopefully, you do have a plan and you are making that effort because you know how important it is to your business growth. So, what are you doing to follow up with the contacts once you’ve had that initial meeting?

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Why India Is a Rising Star Among Exporting Nations

The Small Business Blog

China for more than a decade has been the world’s go-to country for manufactured goods. But competitive advantages do not last forever. Soaring labor and materials costs are eroding China’s edge , opening the door for other emerging economies to challenge China’s manufacturing preeminence.

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Moxie Tip 332: On Being Original

Virtual Moxie

I’m not entirely sure when we moved into an era of seduction and manipulation, with long sales pages, free offers (that aren’t actually free), creating false scarcity, getting folks in a room for the sole purpose of selling them bigger more expensive programs, saying anything needed to make more money, or when we became obsessed with becoming chicks with shticks, and having tag lines that all sound the same (million-dollar/six-figure mindset and mastery blahblahblah).

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If Money Can fix It, It’s Not Really A Problem

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Everyone complicates their lives, myself included. And when we do, we lose sight of what really is important. I’m going to share a true story right now. I have changed the names, though. My daughter participates in Destination Imagination , or DI. The team has been together for three years, and it has been difficult for them. Putting seven gifted children in one room and getting them to cooperate is not easy.

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Why personal development will make you miserable

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

I’ve spent my adult life doing personal development. Hobbies have come and gone but that one thing never changed. I’ve relentlessly worked on my self via books, seminars, the internet and the rest. So far so good.

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Nice Website, Has Anyone Seen It?

The Small Business Blog

The World Wide Web provides an inexpensive advertising and information board for businesses worldwide. The internet has long since replaced the phonebook as the go-to information source for homes and businesses alike.

2013 213

Tell Me About Your Company Culture

Virtual Moxie

A great question to ask a potential client is, “Describe your company culture to me.” Most people who run micro businesses don’t know that they have a company culture, but they do. Culture includes the values, vision, shared language (and jargon), work ethic, symbols, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that inform how people within an organization perceive, think, and feel about the company, and how they communicate and engage each other, and the clients of the company.

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Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business with Collaboration, Partnering and More Referrals

Productive & Organized

Recently, I have been talking to a number of people that are looking for more ways to generate leads for their business.    Are you?    One thing I always recommend is that they become a partnering superstar.

How an Executive Assistant Can Optimize Meetings with their Boss and Shine

Office Dynamics

As an executive assistant you may be curious about what type of dialog you should be responsible for in your one-on-one meetings. Here's some great tips from Joan Burge. If you missed Part 1 of this video visit: Executive and Assistant One-on-One Meeting Instructions with Joan Burge

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Websites That Set You Up for Identity Theft

The Small Business Blog

Do you remember when you had to give your permission and opt-in to a website or directory before they could list your and your business’s information? Those days, unfortunately, are gone.

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Streamlining Calendars

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Most of us have demands on our time that requires the use of a calendar so that we know where we are supposed to be at any given time. Add in multiple activities with their own calendars, and multiple family members with their calendars and activities, and you can easily end up with information in dozens of places. How Many Calendars Do You Have? I want to take a moment to make point about the difference between appointments and calendars.

Moxie Tip 331: A Standard for Clients Who Pay Late

Virtual Moxie

You put the clause in your agreement about stopping work when invoices are late to protect yourself from being screwed. Smart, that. But what you might not have considered was the client who wouldn’t mind stopping and picking up again when she’s able to pay. What you meant to do was create a disincentive. What your client sees is a way to keep her place in your practice even as she’s not honoring the agreement to pay you on time. She really shouldn’t be able to have both.

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Get On The Phone With Joan: A Q&A Opportunity

Office Dynamics

For the first time ever , Joan will be on the line, live on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time/2:00 p.m. Eastern, to answer your questions. Not sure about what program is best for you? Have a question that hasn't already been answered on our website?

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It’s All About Being Organized

Office Organization Success

Another busy week here in Findlay, OH! Along with having some great strategic planning calls with clients around reviving a membership site, and launching a new program, I also finalized setting up an assessment quiz, worked on an Infusionsoft campaign, and completed an interview for a Telesummit that I’m a guest on!

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Target Cloud CRM Groups for Business Success

The Small Business Blog

CRM for marketers is about forming relationships with your audience one person at a time. This is particularly true when it comes to large-scale Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses which can only survive if they are able to identify and then communicate effectively with that audience.

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