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10 Cooking Tips For Beginners To Help You Master The Kitchen

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A recent survey showed that almost a third of the US population cannot cook. Decades of TV dinners and ready meals have left many of us unable to find our way around a kitchen. However, with some basic skills, you can find that cooking can be an enjoyable and healthy pastime.

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Drone Sales Taking Off

Small Business Labs

Over 3 million drones are expected to be sold in the U.S. 2017, with 4.45 million forecast to be sold in 2018. This data comes from The Consumer Technology Association via the Axios article Demand for Drones is Exploding. The chart below (click to enlarge) is from the article.

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Lots of new speakers added to the Virtual Summit

Practically Perfect PA

We are almost there with the final programme for the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit and I will release all of the details next week, but in the meantime I thought I would introduce you to our next group of speakers. Here they are! Leni Miller, Founder and President of EASearch LLC.

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Should You Have Friends at Work?

Eat Your Career

I’ve long believed that friendships and work don’t necessarily mix. However, in the past few years I’ve refined my stance on the topic a bit. The Argument Against Friends at Work.

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Are There Benefits to Implementing Business Intelligence for Small Business?

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Business Intelligence (BI) is a process for analyzing data and presenting relevant information to business executives. It’s meant to help them make better business decisions and improve their overall performance. There are many benefits to using Business Intelligence for every business.

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Uber Promotes Worker Flexibility

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Uber's  "180 Days of Change" campaign , which is designed to improve the Uber driver experience, is getting a positive response for both the media and drivers.

12 Strategies To Help You Cope With Change

Office Dynamics

As I’m sitting here on Friday afternoon catching my breath from a very busy week and working on my speeches for our Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence , I am reminded how change is more prevalent than ever in our lives. In the past week, I have personally been through lots of changes; my staff has gone through changes; family and good friends of mine are experiencing change; and the world is changing every day. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad changes.

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4 Free Business Productivity Apps To Help You Grow Your Small Business

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Managing a business is easier said than done. When you run your own business, you need to give it all your time and attention. It’s a job that is both demanding and fulfilling. Eventually, you’ll want to turn it into a business that can run without you. This, unfortunately, is the harder part. The first obstacle you need to anticipate is manpower. For small businesses and start-up companies, it is usually the owner that does most of the work.

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The Drivers of Contingent Workforce Use by Enterprises

Small Business Labs

We attended Upwork's Work Without Limits Executive Summit last week. This event was focused on the future of work and targeted at large enterprises.      The attendees were senior HR, procurement and business unit leaders from major corporations.

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Virtual Assistant Team Business Marketing and Promotion Video

Andrea Kalli

Take a look a my recent Virtual Assistant Team Business Promotion Video. This one is going on the home page of her website, to welcome visitors. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing.

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Survey Reveals What CEO are Really Thinking About

On The Job

Life would be much easier if you could read your CEO’s mind, wouldn’t it? While that may not be possible, a new survey does shed light on what CEOs are thinking about every day, providing an insight into what your concerns and priorities should be now and in the future.

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How NOT To Breathe When You Feel Anxious

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‘If you feel nervous, just take a few deep breaths. In, then out. In, then out.’. This feels like an obvious advice. Everyone knows that slow, deep breathing can calm the heart rate and lower feelings of anxiety.

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Zeqr Introduces a New Approach to Learning

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Zeqr is quite literally the future of learning. Using the latest EdTech (Education Technology) available, this new online education portal allows users to take online courses from “Xperts” in a one-on-one video chat, for rates starting as low as just a few dollars per course.

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Artist Painter Marketing and Promotion Video – Second Touch Art

Andrea Kalli

Here’s something I did for an Artist Painter Promotion Video to help with her marketing efforts – Second Touch Art. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing. If you want to see more, check out my showcase videos: [link]. The post Artist Painter Marketing and Promotion Video – Second Touch Art appeared first on Video Design, Editing, and Marketing Virtual Assistant. Video Marketing

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Punctuation Quiz #19: Capitalization

Daily Writing Tips

Correct the capitalization in the following sentences. Next sunday will be our fifth Anniversary. My best school subjects are History, french, math, and Physics. Sallie bought new curtains for her French windows. When we visit Rome, we hope to obtain an audience with the pope.

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Happiness Techniques From Around The World That Can Change Your Life

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When we look back across our lives, it is often the most prominent of events and landmarks that we remember: a kiss, a birthday party, a new job, or a sporting achievement. Yet it is the way we live our day-to-day lives that truly defines who we are and how we feel. Happiness breeds happiness, and it is important to start with the fundamentals. All around the world, ordinary people and famous achievers alike have developed ways to buoy their daily experience for thousands of years.

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Business Marketing: Understanding Key Terms and Semantics

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Business marketing isn’t what it used to be. Now, particularly with regard to online advertising, it’s more important to understand key terms and semantics than it is to try to push yourself as a brand or product from the inside out.

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How Much Do You MSU?

The Marq

In business and life, you've got to MSU! But what the heck is MSU? Is that the thing in Asian foods that can make you feel bloated? Is it some new technology or business practice you need to know about?

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Resolving Both Passive Construction and Verbosity

Daily Writing Tips

Writers often unconsciously construct a sentence in which the key information appears at the tail of the sentence. Many, too, take insufficient care to avoid wordiness. All too frequently, readers stumble across sentences that suffer from both problems.

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5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out

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You know what they say—applying for a job is a job in itself. Albeit a little negative, the saying is correct—it does take a lot of energy and effort to search and apply for jobs. In this day and age, it’s likely that you will be submitting at least 20 or more applications in an average job search.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

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Workers’ compensation costs extend far beyond the cost of your insurance policy. The costs of a workplace accident also include time lost, attorney fees, disruption to your daily operations and medical costs.

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Szen Zone with Gary Szenderski


On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Gary Szenderski. Gary is the author of the book Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change and I wanted to dive into the idea of what “Szen” is why he is so fascinated with change.

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Pressing and Pressure

Daily Writing Tips

Press and all the words containing it as a root, as well as a few disguised words from the same source word, pertain in some sense to applying force. This post lists many of the words stemming from the Latin verb premere , meaning “cover” or “hold fast,” and its descendant pressare.

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How Acupuncture Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Although smoking is at its lowest level since 1974, many people are still struggling to ditch the habit. Smoking is an incredibly strong addiction that impacts both the mind and body. Finding the strength to quit doesn’t just require sheer willpower; it also relies on emotional willingness. There are various forms of support out there for people who are trying to quit smoking, but there are also some unconventional methods available for those of you who haven’t found success just yet.

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4 Reasons to Use PDF Readers

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PDF readers are now found everywhere no matter what type of device you have. They are lightweight softwares that let you read and edit PDF files.

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Where a Career in Finance Can Take You

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If you are looking for the perfect career option, you might be thinking about majoring in finance. However, you could be wondering what your job opportunities will look like if you do end up getting this degree. Luckily, this is a career field that has a lot of different opportunities. These are some of the potential careers in finance you can look into. Financial Planner. Some people need a lot of help with their personal finances.

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How To Buy An Online Business You’ll Be Successful With

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As the world of online trade and digital media continues to boom, the prospect of making a living over the internet has become an attractive one. However, despite how encouraging it is, not all people have the guts to start. Many of them are deterred by the prospect of having to start from scratch. Building a successful website can seem like a daunting task to someone who has never done it before.

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How To Make Better Business Decisions By Paying Attention To The Economy

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When you are running a business, you have a lot of hard decisions to make. Should you hire more people or keep running on a skeleton crew? Should you expand to that new location or keep your business small? Can you afford to sink your cash into merchandise or should you hold on to it a while longer? No one has a crystal ball, so making business decisions can be a very stressful thing to do.

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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Online Business

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For many businesses, especially SMEs, they haven’t really gotten fully to grips with taking their business online in a significant way.

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Tips for Insuring Your Car When You Have a Disability

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If you or any of your employees are categorized as a driver with disability, you should be aware of a thing or two about insuring your business vehicle. Read on for some tips. You may not be aware that insurers are not allowed to refuse cover or charge more for disabled drivers.

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Budget Planning: Why Every Fitness Business Owner Needs to Plan Their Finances

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If you are the owner and operator of a small business such as offering your services as a personal fitness trainer it can be all too easy for your personal and business finances to mingle.

Tips for Helping Employees to Grow So You Boost Retention Levels

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There are many costs involved with having a high staff turnover , from the loss of knowledge that occurs when workers walk out the door, to the financial costs involved in finding replacements, and the time it takes to train them up.

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Advertising Advice For Small Businesses

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Small businesses, by definition, don’t have the same resource base the larger companies and corporations have. That means that advertising can be a little bit more difficult, or at the very least, advertisers have to be more creative and follow different sets of advice.

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6 Productivity Tips for Graphic Design Agencies

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Running a graphic design agency is a lot of work, especially if you have several designers working under you. Finding ways to boost productivity can be a challenge when you have a mile-long to-do list.

All About “Most”

Daily Writing Tips

Most is a grammatically versatile word employed in references to amounts, quantities, and degree. This post discusses its use as various parts of speech.

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Bright Ideas: 5 Ways That Neon Can Be Used As Effective Visual Marketing

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An iconic reminder of bygone business marketing, the last few years have seen neon making a comeback in new and interesting ways.

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3 Content Marketing Strategies Businesses Can Leverage Today

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Content marketing is the ideal fit for large enterprise businesses and small mom-and-pop stores. Content marketing can fit into any budget, and if you do the work yourself, this budget can be nonexistent in many cases.

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