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Beauty Hacks: 10 Best Hairstyles for Traveling

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Most people complain that their hair becomes too dry or too greasy after a long trip. It becomes worse when your hair is down the entire time making it more vulnerable to wind, grime, and your own oily fingers. When you finally arrive at your destination, your hair is a total mess.

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The benefits of working abroad for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

As many of you will know, I moved to Barcelona a few years ago to work as an assistant and marketing manager for Gallus Events. I must say, looking back, I was pretty brave. Moving to a new country where I didn’t know the language or many people.

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Despite Their Problems, Uber Will Likely Continue to Thrive

Small Business Labs

To say there's been a lot of recent bad news about Uber is, of course, a massive understatement.    Rarely has a firm had as many problems, miscues and crises as Uber has had so far this year. Recode even calls it Uber's no good, very bad 2017.

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3 Simple Strategies to Get New Clients Over the Next 30 Days

Office Organization Success

If you’re struggling to get more clients, there are three simple strategies that you can implement that will help. But, more importantly, taking consistent, daily action is the real answer to getting more clients.

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7 Tips in Choosing Perfect Toys for Your Kids

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When a birthday or holiday rolls around, no doubt your kids will present you with a wish list of the toys they want. And every time a toy commercial comes on TV, your child is probably pointing to everything they see, asking you to buy it. While you’ll want to fulfill some wishes, there are some more things you should think of when buying toys for your kids. Here’s how to make the right choice for finding perfect toys for your kids. Choose Brand Names.

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New speakers for the Virtual Summit

Practically Perfect PA

I’m so excited to share with you the first group of new speakers for the Virtual Summit and their session details. We have a really varied group trainers from all over the world for the Summit who are truly inspiring.

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The Growing Use of Online Talent Marketplaces

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting findings from the MBO Partners State of Independence study is how much the use of online talent marketplaces has increased over the past 6 years.

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10 Energy-Boosting Snacks To Eat Before The Gym

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The will to go to the gym and work your heart out usually gets trumped by the lack of energy to give it all you’ve got. You may be pumped up and hyped but you do not get the most out of your time in the gym. You lose steam easily and you wrap up and throw in the towel early. Our daily food intake has a lot to do with the energy in our body or the lack thereof. There are pre-work out food that are very ideal to give you that boost you need to make sure you get the workout you have in mind.

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Technology of the week:

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Technology of the week : Here are all the details…. What is is an online platform and app that allows for easy video or audio conferencing. You don’t need to download any software as everything is available on the website for use.

2017 141

Seeking Freelance Flexibility With Full-Time Stability

Small Business Labs

The Inc. article What Do Millennials Want From Their Employers, Exactly? This Study Sums It Up in 1 Sentence says Millennials want: "Freelance flexibility with full-time stability" This is, of course, not just what Millennials want. It's what everybody wants. The study the article refers to is Deloitte's 2017 Millennial Survey.

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What You Should Know About The “This Website is Not Secure” Message

Tips From T. Marie

If you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers, you may have been alarmed by a new message that can be found in your browser address bar. Both browsers are now announcing that websites that do not have a security certificate, indicated by the [link] in the address, as not secure. But what exactly does that. Read more. Business Tips Business Websites and Blogs WordPress

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How To Overcome Obstacles: 5 Ways On How To Be A Conquerer

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To stress you out beyond your normal limits with extreme mental and physical challenges to make you worthy of serving with the world’s most elite fighting force. This is the simple principle of the US Navy SEALS. But, don’t confuse simple with easy. In order to be one the greatest warriors on the planet, you must conquer the obstacles in front of you. If you only endure, you will become just another failed statistic. During BUD/S training, the most iconic and demanding event is Hell Week.

2017 176

Brighton: The Silicon Valley of the United Kingdom?

The Small Business Blog

We are all aware that the digital revolution has been fully embraced throughout the United Kingdom. As the digital age continues to evolve, there are always some locations which tend to stand out from the rest.

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7 Ways to Get Control of Your Day (Part 2 of 4 Part Series)

Office Dynamics

In case you did not read part 1 , I am writing a 4-part series around the topics of managing your day and time. I promise to keep these short and to the point. #1: 1: Early in the day, clarify your top 5 priorities for the day. Instead of thinking about the 10 things or more you have to do today, narrow your list to your top 5 priority items that you must get done today. This will help you feel like you have control vs. feeling like you are being controlled by everything that pops up.

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Why Others May Not See You as Reliable

On The Job

Reliability. Everyone wants to work for someone who is reliable, and every boss wants an employee who is reliable. This isn't an earth-shattering revelation, yet it's one that can fall by the wayside as you become busier in your career and in your life.

2017 141

How To Control Negative Thoughts: A Practical Approach On How To Suffer Less

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It is well-known that thoughts create emotions. But, the full consequences of this fact are largely misunderstood. Thoughts create emotions. Then, those emotions guide our behavior. For example, the thought “I’m never going to succeed at school, why should I even study? creates emotional distress. That emotional distress can easily trigger coping behaviors, like binge-watching House of Cards or mindlessly refreshing Instagram every five seconds. That’s just the beginning of the spiral, though.

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Simple Particle Logo Intro Video for Great Business Branding

Andrea Kalli

Begin your videos with something classic. Here’s a super simple Particle Logo Reveal for an intro video. It’s great for branding all your videos. Can be used for any type of business, and works for both masculine businesses, feminine businesses, and anything in between.

2017 130

4 Ways Big Data Has Changed Fleet Management Forever

Small Business CEO

Fleet management is no simple task; it’s tough to balance vehicle acquisition, repairs & maintenance, as well as disposals. All of that’s even before you consider the knowledge and effort it takes to be in full compliance with regulations and state laws.

2017 103

5 Ways to Impress in a Text Interview

On The Job

Imagine that you're standing in line at Starbucks, when you receive this text. Hello! We just received your resume and wanted to chat initially via text. Can you tell us why you feel you're qualified for this position?" After a minute, you answer: "I know this is a joke. Who is this? And why are you harassing me you a**hole?"

2017 109

Time to Break the Cocoon! 5 Great Tips For Finding Motivation

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We have big dreams and we make bigger plans to fulfill them. But, as time passes, we tend to lose motivation and enthusiasm in working towards our dreams and passions. Eventually, we become more like a puppet who works from 9 to 5 just to make enough money for survival. Does this sound like you? Are you simply existing and not living your life? Has life’s ups and downs taken away the spark from you? It’s high-time to kick off the negativity and stress that have been controlling your life.

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Podcast 061: Organizing basics

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! I’m going to talk about some fundamental concepts and ideas about organizing. The two I’ll talk about today are: keep things you use often close by and things you seldom use farther away, and keep like things together. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play.

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Steps for Creating a Paperless Home Office

Productivity Bits

We’ve all been there: Keeping and storing documents that we deemed important throughout the years only to walk into the home office space one day and see a mountain of papers staring back. This can be magnified ten-fold if you work from home. The good news is there is an easy solution that will save you time, money, storage space, and clutter. Going paperless is not only better for the environment, but it can make you more productive.

5 Productivity Tricks For A More Productive Day of Summer Travel


Today’s guest post is by Kacey Mya. Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for “ The Drifter Collective. ” She finds excitement in the world around her and this is portrayed through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts. You can connect with Kacey on Twitter , Pinterest or Instagram. There’s nothing better than a nice vacation. And, while it’s lovely to see and experience places you’ve never been, one of the best things about getting away is, well, getting away.

2017 69

8 Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Self-Motivation

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Finding motivation can be a difficult task. You have work to do, but it’s easier and more entertaining to scroll through social media pages. With that in mind, you can imagine how much harder motivating kids is. Think of the times your mom asked you to clean your room. Although you agreed and said yes, you probably went back to goofing off. And your mom probably resorted to nagging because of that. Talking to your child and getting the results you want is a tricky thing to master.

2017 164

Faith In Manufacturing Jobs On The Decline

Small Business CEO

Although the American economy has grown by about 2 million jobs this year, none of them are in the manufacturing sector. This is alarming news–not just for manufacturing workers, but for the economy at large. Why is this such bad news?

2017 83

3 Ways to Make Sentences More Concise

Daily Writing Tips

Sentences need not be pared down to essentials—the challenge is to make them as coherent as possible, not as concise as possible—but careful writers will craft and revise their writing in part by minimizing the number of words necessary to convey their thoughts.

2017 81

Sleep Smarter with Shawn Stevenson


I met Shawn Stevenson at Tropical Think Tank in February of 2017 and his talk was phenomenal. We had a few exchanges while we were there but I wanted to have him on the show to dive deeper into some of his work. Shawn is the author Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success and if you’ve been listening to my show for a while you know that I’m definitely into the idea of how sleep can affect your personal productivity.

2017 54

How To Boost Your Communication Power

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The key to creating a magical life starts and ends with communication. The most powerful factor in person-to-person communication comes down to how you present yourself in the conversation, which is determined by your emotional state. The level of emotional intelligence you apply throughout the interaction and your mindset prior to entering the exchange are your key components to powerful communication.

2017 163

5 Ways Online Videos Can Help Your Business

Small Business CEO

Video has become one of the most powerful ways to communicate with online audiences. More businesses than ever are using this format to sell, educate and promote their products and services.

2017 81

What is a Calque?

Daily Writing Tips

One way in which the English language is enriched is the acquisition of calques, or literal translations of foreign words and phrases. This post lists and defines calques from various languages.

2017 80

Boost Your Business With Meditation

Brilliantly Better

This is a guest post by Mindvalley Academy Success is important to us – that is obvious. Why else would we work as hard as we do if the reward wasn’t worth it? Whether you manage a massive corporate company,… The post Boost Your Business With Meditation appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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5+ Trends for Bloggers to Follow This Summer

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Being a blogger is very exciting because you are part of something that is forever evolving. There are always new trends emerging and old trends taking a back seat. It does sometimes become challenging to keep up with these trends, but you definitely should not fear change. There are many tools online to help you become a successful blogger. You can find anything from a paraphrasing tool or even a topic generator when you’re a little stuck.

2017 160

Four Ways To Help Your Designer Perfect Your Product Label (Infographic)

Small Business CEO

If you’re an entrepreneur with a product launch coming up, it makes great sense to bring in a professional to design your first product label.

2017 79

Vocabulary Quiz # 6: Commonly Confused Words

Daily Writing Tips

In each sentence, choose the correct word from the pair of similar terms. (If If both words possibly can be correct, choose the more plausible one.). She likes to _ his facial tics. a) imitate. b) emulate. He _ a talent for music when he was very young. a) evoked. b) evinced.

2017 71

High Performing Teams Video Course launched by Ken Thompson


High Performing Teams and High Performing Virtual Teams are topics very close to the heart of almost every leader irrespective of the size of their organization.

2017 52

A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Good Web Content That Can Sell For $100

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Not so long ago, UX Myths posted an article which demonstrates that people are not too fond of web content reading. In fact, they only read around 20% of all the articles and there’s no guarantee that they actually read everything. So, it seems kind of unfair that you have to spend hours picking the right keywords, writing and polishing texts only to have readers simply scan through your article. This, however, should not bother you.

2017 159

5 Reasons Why Good Communication With Your Employees Will Boost Your Business (and How To Do It)

Small Business CEO

When you communicate well with your employees, work relationships are generally hunky-dory. Good communication enables you to build good relationships with your staff.

2017 72