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6 Essential Steps For Overcoming Codependency

Dumb Little Man

Overcoming codependency is key for any healthy relationship. This condition will slowly poison any romantic union and the self-confidence of the people in it. It’s a silent killer that has ruined millions of relationships in modern society.

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10 tools to help you work remotely

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently looking at how many Assistants are now working remotely or working with a remote boss and I can tell you there are a lot of you managing this new way of working. It is only going to become more common so I thought I would share with […].

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How to Hide Your Age on Your Resume

Eat Your Career

As a career coach and professional resume writer , I work with a lot of “older” job seekers. I use quotes there because age is relative. It always surprises me that the people most concerned with age discrimination are usually women in their mid- to late-forties. I hardly consider this old!

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My First Experience at The Conference for Administrative Excellence

Office Dynamics

As Told By Your Office Dynamics Marketing Specialist. Hello from your Office Dynamics Marketing Specialist! Recently we held our 25 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence and WOW, it did not disappoint!

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What Your Gut Feeling Is Telling You about Your Relationship

Dumb Little Man

What is a gut feeling? It’s that sensation you feel in your stomach, warning you there’s something to be careful about. Sometimes, it’s out of excitement but in other times, it’s a straightforward warning. When you think about it, there’s no such thing as a decision based on pure logic.

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Day in the life: Brenda Rogers, EA to the CEO, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group

Practically Perfect PA

Enjoy today’s day in the life: Brenda Rogers, EA to the CEO, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group What are the main aspects of your role? The main aspects of my role are to manage the CEO and CFO’s active calendar of meetings and travel.

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The 3 People You Want to Meet at Work

On The Job

If you want to see where you career is going, look at who you hang out with at work. Is it the guy who plays on his phone during meetings? Is it the woman who is short-tempered and can be snarky to the intern? There's an old proverb that says you are known by the company you keep.

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8 Of The Most Iconic Cars From The Movies

Dumb Little Man

Throughout the years, the big screen has featured some of the most iconic cars in the automobile industry, and in many cases, the actors have been upstaged by the actual cars! Here are eight of the best movie cars. Lexus 2054 – Minority Report. Via

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Podcast 106: College organizing tips

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 106 and it’s about organizing tips from my college days. They involve beer and garbage bags, just so you know. Before I get to that, I want to announce that I’ve been posting more to Instagram. To find me, go to Instagram and search on clutter Coach. Type it with the space in between the words or not, I should be the first entry that comes up.

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Do These 5 Things When You Get a New Boss

On The Job

There's nothing quite as disconcerting as getting a new boss. Even if you hated the old boss, at least you knew all her weird habits and devious tricks and could counteract them before they did much harm. But a new boss? This means a lot of changes, even if the new boss says there won't be changes.

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Training For Adults Can Be Fun

Office Dynamics

“Laughter has been shown to increase our pain threshold, reduce blood-sugar levels, boost glucose tolerance and increase blood flow to vital organs.” If that is not enough reason to laugh and play, then how about because it’s fun and relieves stress?

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How Personal Counseling Helps Mental Health and Addiction

Dumb Little Man

Personal or individual counseling is a process wherein an individual works with a licensed and highly-trained therapist on a one-on-one basis. It’s set in an environment where the person feels most secure and comfortable. That way, he can freely explore his feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

2018 215

A Better Take on Pro Tips to Manage Your Bursting Email Inbox

Simple Productivity Blog

I recently listened to a podcast on the subject of managing email from a man with whose views I mostly agree. Instead of agreeing, though, I found myself shouting "NO" at the car stereo as I drove to work.

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41 Words That Are Better Than Good

Daily Writing Tips

The soul of writing is specificity, yet all too often, we lean on general-purpose words instead of choosing the most precise ones. Most of our daily communication probably depends on less than 1,000 words.

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Working with an Assistant

Laughing all the Way to Work

I was speaking with a senior Executive at my office today and she said one of the most valuable things that she has learnt over the years was how to work with an assistant. I think when we are first in the workforce we are going to the office expecting our boss will tell us what to do and we will endeavour to do it according to our skill set. However, there comes a time as we gain experience, that we will want to show our bosses what we can do and how we can help them.

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5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Parents’ Anniversary

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Anniversaries are considered as one of the most special occasions in the life of a couple. And if you are planning to celebrate the day when your mom and dad tied the knot, then you must be quite excited. They definitely deserve some fancy celebration on achieving such a big milestone in their life.

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How to Combat Loneliness As a Solopreneur

Small Business CEO

When you first decide to strike it out on your own in the small business world, the excitement of starting your business can quickly fizzle into burnout. Everyone talks about the joys of maintaining your own schedule as an entrepreneur, but not many discuss the loneliness that can settle in fast.

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20 Tips to Improve your Writing Productivity

Daily Writing Tips

So you’d like your latest writing project to get moving faster. Great writers have felt the same. Don’t worry, it’s fixable. When the words stop, writers have effective ways of getting them moving again. Plow new ground.

2018 112

Certification Programs for Administrative Professionals

Jen Lawrence

Whether you’re an administrative professional looking for a way to validate your skill set or a manager looking to contribute to your admin’s professional development ( thank you, thank you, thank you ), certification is the perfect step.

How to Duke It Out with Colleagues

Dumb Little Man

Imagine your fellow teachers as planets with their own sovereign states, all with different needs. To say that politics is almost invariable in the teaching industry is an understatement. Each school has different quirks to consider. The culture is steeped in and mired in racial hierarchies.

2018 196

Virtual Reality 101: What You Should Know About VR Technology

Small Business CEO

Virtual reality is a computer-created environment that allows a user to experience an alternate reality. Just like the Hollywood blockbuster “The Matrix,” science fiction has glamorized the idea of VR in countless novels and movies.

2018 80

Inspiration for Writers: Hunt It Down!

Daily Writing Tips

Not many writers lounge in an ivy-covered tower pouring out inspired words – that’s unrealistic. Many successful writers still keep a day job, most out of necessity, some out of choice. How inspired would you feel if you sat in an ivy-covered tower all day?

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Buck the Suppression: Vote Today!

The Marq

It's inevitable! In every election, there's one side that downplays the other's ability to make a That may be purely in words, like ads or articles about how one side will turn out more than the other, or it may be in actual voter suppression legal hurdles like requiring an ID.

2018 56

How To Modernize Your Business By Ditching The RFP

Dumb Little Man

In our modern, fast paced world, there is hardly any time to spare. Businesses need results and they need them quickly, encouraging development of new technologies that can keep up.

2018 231

Supporting Employees through Financial Difficulties

Small Business CEO

While many of us still think that people who are working can’t really get into financial difficulties, it’s no longer the case. Employed people are just as likely as the unemployed to be struggling with personal debt, especially as wage rises aren’t keeping up with inflation now.

2018 79

6 Tips to Create Your Own Zen Room

Small Business CEO

In this day and age, we’re constantly on the go and trying to keep up with our jobs, relationships, health and more. Technological advances also mean that we’re always connected on our smartphones, computers, tablets etc.

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6 Ways to Spend Your Business Loans

Small Business CEO

Before searching for lenders for your business loan, you need to first understand what you will use this money on. While a large cash lump sum may seem like just what your business needs, you need to approach your loan with caution.

2018 77

5 Surprising Ways to Deal with Difficult People

Small Business CEO

It is not very easy to deal with difficult people, that’s for sure. Let’s imagine the next situation. Your boss instructed you to head your team of four, organize a meeting, plan a product launch, and “ensure that it is 100% successful.”

2018 75

Tips to Use Angie’s List for Contractors and Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

Angie’s List was started in 1995, and the company has grown into a trusted service for consumers to judge the trustworthiness of contractors. Geared towards home services, Angie’s List can be used as a lead generation tool for small businesses.

2018 66

Diversity In The Workplace And Its Effect On Well-Being

Small Business CEO

It is safe to say that whether recruiters are convinced by the argument for equality or not, there is a tangible effect a diverse workforce has on the well-being of the workplace in general and the individuals it comprises.

2018 66

Ideas Aren't a Light Switch

The Marq

I know it's tough for folks who know me to imagine this is true: I run out out of words regularly! I've read many articles and blogs about the importance of writing every day. It's a means of not only getting your ideas out, but to learn to better articulate them.

2018 52

Small Business Spotlight: Texas (Infographic)

Small Business CEO

Small businesses dominate the landscape in Texas. Though most things are larger here, this isn’t true for entrepreneurs. Over 99 percent of businesses in the state are classified as small businesses. This includes over 2.2

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