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How to Overcome Emotional Abuse

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Emotional abuse isn’t the easiest thing to deal with. Compared with physical abuse, it leaves pain that lasts for a longer time. It creates a lot of grief and unhappiness that tend to torture the victim every single day.

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Managing your Executive’s one to one meetings

Practically Perfect PA

It kinda goes without saying that organising your Executive’s schedule is a never-ending task. Their time is always in demand, be it from clients, suppliers, colleagues around the business and of course from members of their team.

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7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Admin Leader

Eat Your Career

As a proud former administrative professional , I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the admin community. In fact, from the moment I got involved in the field, I wanted to be an admin leader. I felt called to it from day 1.

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Ride Sharing Continues Rapid Grow

Small Business Labs

Pew Research recently did a study on the use of ride sharing services by Americans. Key quote on their findings: "The share of Americans who use ride-hailing services has increased dramatically. Today, 36% of U.S.

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How To Know What Changes You Should Actually Make In Your Life

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These days, the internet is full of confusing mixed messages. There is the message of “Be yourself! You’re beautiful no matter what you look like!” Then, there is the message of “You must look this exact way in order to be considered beautiful.”. Neither of those are necessarily true.

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How to set boundaries between your personal and professional life

Practically Perfect PA

At the recent World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt, the delegates talked a lot about the challenges we face in the role, which were, of course, shared by all of the representatives from different parts of the world.

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Communicating In Style, With Style

Office Dynamics

The word communicate is derived from the Latin word, communis , meaning commonness. When we are communicating, we are trying to establish commonness with others.

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7 Signs That You’re Living in Denial

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We are all living in some form of denial. People everywhere- from the online entrepreneurs in Qatar to the shoe shines in Gary, Indiana- live in denial without even knowing it. I can’t be referring to you, can I? If your gut feeling is saying “No way!”,

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Cheval Harrington Court, London

Practically Perfect PA

The Cheval Harrington Court apartments are located in one of my favourite parts of London, South Kensington. Or as I like to call it, the really French part of London.

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Tips to Get Rid of Stress

Office Dynamics

Life is too short to let things get to you, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes things are going so fast and so much is happening we all of a sudden think, “Whoa, what just happened?”. Then comes the stress and we quickly become one of the “office dragons” that we don’t like very much.

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Storr Raises $4 Million to Democratize Retail by Letting Anyone Sell Brand-Name Products

Small Business Labs

Storr is a new digital marketplace that lets anyone set up an online store and sell brand-name products.    According to their press release announcing their $4 millon seed round: "Now people can buy new, brand-name products directly from their friends or people they follow." " This is sort of an influencer marketing meets social selling. Storr's head of business development describes this approach as a “transactional Pinterest” in a Glossy article on the company. 

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How to Remove Skin Tags with Duct Tape

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Skin tags can be quite embarrassing. Also known as acrochordons , they are the small flaps of skin that appear on the body. People who are very young, very old, pregnant, and diabetic are more prone to developing them. While they are typically harmless, they aren’t that pleasant to look at.

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Podcast 111: Quit sorting

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 111 and it’s called quit sorting. Like last time, this podcast is based on what I’ve gotten from reading a book called Algorithms to Live By. There are a bunch of sorting algorithms. Sorting is a common task a computer is asked to do.

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New Training and Resources to Office Dynamics in 2019

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International is the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching, and resources.

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How to Look Your Best on Video

On The Job

Image: We all had a good laugh at the Dad doing a video chat when his children managed to scoot into the room and Mom followed moments later to frantically try and remove them.

2019 130

How To Keep Mold Out of Your Basement

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The adverse effects of mold are hard to overlook. From unpleasant appearance to respiratory problems and lethal consequences, mold can make our lives truly miserable. Even though it’s clearly not desirable, many people do everything necessary to help the mold grow.

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Things To Put on a New Calendar

Simple Productivity Blog

You have a beautiful blank calendar before you. What should you put on it to ensure you get the most use out of it? This article addresses the basics. In spite of my dedication to electronic calendars (because of their portability and shareability), I still maintain a paper calendar in my kitchen.

How to Stay Organized with Leadership Team Meetings? – Ask An Admin

Office Dynamics

Welcome to another question for Ask an Admin – Admin to Admin Advice. This is where you submit the question and your peers answer your question.

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Writing with Speech Recognition Software

Daily Writing Tips

A professional writer might add a thousand words a day to their rough draft. With speech recognition software, some writers can add several thousand. That’s one reason why more writers are choosing to dictate their books.

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4 Crucial Business Development Lessons for First-Time Entrepreneurs

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Completing my business studies, I knew that I wanted to create something on my own. I had ideas and was eager to materialize them as soon as possible. I had the so-called “entrepreneurial drive” and a wish to put it into practice while I was young.

2019 221

Could Uber Get You in Trouble at Work?

On The Job

Employees are routinely cautioned not to leave their work laptops unattended or use unsecured Wi-Fi networks when they travel for business, but a new threat is cropping up where employees may least expect it: ride-sharing applications. Specifically, a Kaspersky Lab security review finds that of 13 international ride-sharing apps, all revealed several security problems.

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What is a Good Work Balance? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Welcome to another question for Ask an Admin – Admin to Admin Advice. This is where you submit the question and your peers answer your question.

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Looking your best on video

Laughing all the Way to Work

Good advice when doing meetings by video. link] My sister experienced this recently when she signed up for a multi-video meeting with other consultants. She didn't realize everyone would be able to see her so she ran out to get changed because she was in her housecoat. In the meantime, her husband didn't know she was online and casually walked by the computer in his underwear. It could have been worse. I'm sure they all got a good laugh out of that one

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Stick to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions with These Tech Gadgets

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New Year is considered as the start of a whole new journey. It’s the time when all of us make new resolutions. But come February, these resolutions are forgotten and never thought of again. It is the same old cycle that repeats every single year.

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Writing Online: 7 Great Opportunities for Freelancers in 2019

Daily Writing Tips

If you’re struggling to earn a living as a freelance writer, you’ve probably looked at many opportunities for writing online. The question is, which of them pay well? You’ve probably noticed that writing short blog posts often brings tiny paychecks. What pays better?

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5 Ways to Instantly Modernize Your Marketing Campaigns for 2019

Small Business CEO

If you’re looking toward 2019 wondering what you can do differently from last year, you certainly aren’t alone. Reassessing your tactics is always a smart move, after all. Think about it.

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Humans (not AI) are the future of focus and productivity optimization 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve experienced that pivotal “I need some productivity hacks” moment. . It happens in every entrepreneur career when an exciting new idea, glowing with uninformed optimism… morphs into an oh-s**t-this-is-tough venture. .

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ADHD Summer Camp Can Improve Social Skills of Special Kids

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Children look forward to summer camp for various reasons: trying unique and exciting activities, making new friends (or reconnecting with old ones), and seeking adventure away from parents. Parents often look to camp for growth opportunities – physical, social and emotional.

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Get Organized with a Business Binder

Jen Lawrence

One of my biggest frustrations as a business owner is the sheer amount of information I have to maintain. Even being small, I still have to keep track of business licenses, client contracts, EIN documentation, web logins… the list can go on and on.

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When Should You Outsource a Business Task?

Small Business CEO

As your business grows, you’ll encounter dozens of important tasks and responsibilities that must be handled in order to keep operations running smoothly. And, in many cases, one of the toughest parts is knowing when to outsource. The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing.

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Where to go for a great Gif and other creative messaging

Practically Perfect PA

It goes without saying that Gifs, emoticons, emojis and Memes are everywhere on social media. We use them all the time, to express a point, to send a quick reply, to make people laugh. Gifs are great and Memes are funny as hell. But do you use them at work? And if not, why not? It’s […].

2019 191

Will CBD Change Modern Pain Management?

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Today, CBD is used to treat a myriad of conditions and its effects are reflected in both controlled scientific studies and personal accounts.

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A Trio of Smart Small-Business Moves to Make This Year

Small Business CEO

As a CEO of a growing business, it goes without saying that you want your company to be as successful as possible.

2019 88

4 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Capital is essential for new and growing small businesses. Whether your small business is just starting out or expanding, raising capital can be challenging. Consider these smart financial strategies for funding your small business venture. Get a Loan Using the SBA Tool. The U.S.

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Can a Non-Citizen Start a Business in Canada?

Small Business CEO

It stands to reason that recent immigrants in Canada hope to take advantage of the country’s prosperous opportunities. However, many are unsure if they can legally open a business in Canada without first becoming a citizen.

2019 79

How to Avoid Needing Regular VAT Loans

Small Business CEO

You are a business owner who makes quarterly VAT payments. You know you’re going to come up short when your next filing is due, so you’re already thinking about getting a loan. Unfortunately, this is not your first time. You have used VAT loans multiple times in the past.

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Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Technology Stocks in 2019

Small Business CEO

The tech industry is by no means limited to big players; there are also tech startups, website and software developers, etc. From hardware to software, the tech industry is just ripe with opportunity.

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