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Day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University

Practically Perfect PA

This month we have a day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University. Cressida recently spoke at the Assist Conference. She was full of useful tips and very charismatic on stage.

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5 Simple Tips On How To Form A Habit

Dumb Little Man

Do you still remember your New Years Resolutions? How many of them have you put into practice? Let me guess: Little to none of them. And you’re not alone. Good habits seem to be very hard to form while bad habits just sneak up on us when we least expect them.

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Business Spotlight: How Cox Enterprises Successfully Promotes Sustainable Employee Behavior

Eco-Office Gals

At Cox Enterprises , conservation is more than a corporate priority. It’s a mindset we encourage every employee to adopt and apply to their lives.

2017 207

Many Working in the On-Demand Economy Are Business Builders

Small Business Labs

The online platforms like Upwork, Uber, Lyft and WorkMarket are not just used to provide hourly or project work. For many, they function as platforms on which people can construct, test, build, and run small businesses.

2017 180

How to deal with the office downer

Practically Perfect PA

I was recently watching a brilliant interview with the former Assistant to Mark Zukerberg, Anikka Fragodt.

2017 201

6 Hobbies For Couples That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Dumb Little Man

Feeling bored doesn’t have to mean you don’t love your partner anymore. It’s probably just the right time to find something new and interesting to do together. Taking up a new hobby is one great way to start. It will give you something new to talk about. It can give you and your partner a fresh perspective, too. If you are curious to know, take a look at these six hobbies for couples that you can try out today. They might just bring you and your partner closer together. Cooking.

2017 181

Podcast 063: The big declutter, part 2

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! What’s next with that big decluttering project? I’ll talk about ways to develop criteria and make decisions so you can make your vision a reality. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website.

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Supplier of the week is Tripmate

Practically Perfect PA

The Practically Perfect PA supplier of the week is Tripmate. Here is everything you need to know about this new corporate travel booking platform. What is Tripmate?

4 Ways To Reduce Stress Inside and Outside of Work

Dumb Little Man

Many people have been there. The point where it feels like the chaos of your job is taking over every aspect of your life. This can have an incredibly negative effect on your personal relationships and overall well-being. While a moderate amount of stress can be good for staying motivated, the harsh reality is that you will most likely be overwhelmed at some point in your career.

2017 163

What's Worth the Effort in Job Searching -- and What's Not

On The Job

It can be exhausting looking for a job. There's the old saying that "looking for a job is a job." In addition to writing a resume and cover letter, you're now supposed to monitor social media and look for ways to "brand" yourself to prospective employers.

2017 141

Sextech and the Future of Sex

Small Business Labs

The sex industry is quite large, with industry revenue estimated to be north of $30 billion  (which sounds low to us).    So it comes as no surprise there's a future of sex podcast,  which explores how sex tech is affecting intimacy, connection and relationships.

2017 130

Build Structure out of Chaos (Part 4 of 4 Part Series)

Office Dynamics

To end my 4 part series, I wanted to share my quick list of tips with you. In case you missed the rest of the series, you can read part 1 here , part 2 here and part 3 here. Remember that doing several little things throughout your day can also improve your productivity. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to try. Best of luck. Standardize processes. Focus on tasks of high value. Clarify objectives. Learn to think on paper. Anticipate upcoming work events or projects.

2017 114

3 Practical Driving Tips To Save You Money On Gas

Dumb Little Man

How far away do you live from your job? Ten minutes? Thirty minutes? An hour? If you live far from your job or if you drive a lot, these fuel efficient driving tips will liberate you from spending precious minutes and dollars at the gas pump. I’ve collected my own data to compile this list to ensure that you’ll come up with the same money-saving results I got. Take note that the more aware you are as a driver, the better results you will reap from this information.

2017 159

7 Tips That Will Make Your PowerPoint Better Than Ever Before

On The Job

When was the last time you gave a PowerPoint presentation and no one turned to their phone to check email or play "Word Cookies"? If the answer is never, it's time to rethink the details of your PowerPoint and learn ways to keep your audience focused on your presentation.

Frugal Ways to Improve Remote Team’s Productivity

Productivity Bits

Many organizations tend to neglect team collaboration in remote workers, and that is a concern. Those kinds of team members never see each other face to face, and sometimes even work in different time zones, which obviously means that it’s that much harder to stay in sync. With each year, the number of telecommuting workers rises drastically. Now, there are times when distance between teams is something that can’t be avoided.

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Build Structure out of Chaos (Part 4 of 4 Part Series)

Office Dynamics

To end my 4 part series, I wanted to share my quick list of tips with you. In case you missed the rest of the series, you can read part 1 here , part 2 here and part 3 here. Remember that doing several little things throughout your day can also improve your productivity. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to try. Best of luck. . Standardize processes. Focus on tasks of high value. Clarify objectives. Learn to think on paper. Anticipate upcoming work events or projects.

2017 112

Why Runners Should Get a Sports Massage

Dumb Little Man

Sports massage is a form of physical therapy that is designed to help athletes prepare and recover from intense training and activity. This style of massage aims to prevent injury while supporting the repair of damaged muscles, tendons and soft tissues. When is the right time to get one? There is no right answer for this question as it’s subjective. Generally speaking, however, there are four main categories of sports massage: Pre, post, general and injury-specific.

2017 156

Video for Cause Marketing – Event Marketing – SECOR 1st annual Parker 1K Marathon

Andrea Kalli

Video for Cause Marketing – Event Marketing – SECOR 1st annual Parker 1K Marathon – “6 Blocks for SECOR” I was approached by SECOR to do a promo video for their 1st annual marathon in Parker Colorado coming up next month. The cause is to raise awareness and money for families in need locally in Douglas County. Check it out at In particular, I was excited to finally be able to use the Human Typeface at the end.

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Improve the Five Key Areas of Business with These Resources

Small Business CEO

There is a limited skill pool for most small businesses due to financial restrictions and lack of talent options from the immediate area. Yet, these barriers break through the clever use of online resources, products, and services.

2017 80

40 Fish Idioms

Daily Writing Tips

The ubiquity of fish in culinary traditions and the popularity of fishing as both a recreational pastime and a food-gathering activity has led to the development of many fish-based idioms, including those listed and described below.

2017 68

7 Ways To Stop Your Shopping Splurges

Dumb Little Man

Fact: Retail therapy is not a medically-verified form of therapy. Just over thirty years since the phrase was first coined to flag up American consumers’ habit of trying to shop their troubles away, many no longer see the irony in the phrase and adopt retail therapy as a form of catharsis. As Mary T.

2017 154

5 Ways Minimalism Helps You On The Path To Productivity


Today’s guest post is by Dan Erickson. You can connect with Dan on his website Hip Diggs where he gives you strategies to give you a more simple and peaceful life. People who get things done are busy. Right? They have full schedules and balance multiple projects. They schedule and use every single second of their time productively. If that’s how you envision the path to productivity, you’re on the wrong path. If you spend all your time being productive, you’ll likely fail in the end.

2017 63

5 Ways to Automate Your Business Marketing

Small Business CEO

You probably already about the oncoming robot revolution. Within a few decades , the global economy could be transformed by a swathe of new robots that take away millions of jobs and infuse the world with unimaginable efficiency.

2017 70

3 Examples of Strengthening Parallel Structure

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the sentences below, misplacement of a word, or absence of a word, presents an obstacle to comprehension. Discussion and a revision follows each example. These regulations either need to be revised or repealed. When employing an “either.

2017 66

How Augmented Reality Is Changing The Game

Dumb Little Man

When was the last time you went out to upgrade your smartphone? When you did, you probably had the option to purchase a virtual reality headset. Anybody with a smartphone and a VR headset can play virtual reality games and enjoy virtual reality programming. With how entertaining it is, it’s no surprise how it became a growing market. Money Is Being Poured Into Development. Last year alone, developers poured $700 million into the development of virtual reality technologies and applications.

2017 155

What Noticing Does


Whenever I sit down to plan, write, or create anything, I want to put myself in the best position to build something worthwhile. In order to do that, I think about all of the things I’ve been noticing up until that moment. Here’s what this looks like when I’m writing something. First Notice. When I started writing this piece, I remembered there was a book called The Noticer. I decided to dive into the internet to see what quotes I could find from it that might help reinforce my writing.

2017 58

4 Ways to Create a Paperless Workplace

Small Business CEO

There has been a steep fall in paper consumption in the workplace over the past decade. The average office worker in the United Kingdom consumes around 45 pieces of paper per day. This is five pieces lower per worker per day compared to what it was in 2008.

2017 69

3 Types of Usage Errors

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the sentences below, a word has been misused or is ambiguous, affecting the clarity of the statement. Each example is followed by a discussion explaining the problem and a solution to it.

2017 62

5 Best Ways to Use Technology To Land Your Dream Job

Dumb Little Man

Looking to move on from your dead-end job? Are you struggling to even land an interview? The modern corporate world is so brutally competitive that you don’t even need a job to be severely stressed. “We’ll We’ll be in touch.” ” “We’ll give you a call.” ” “We’ll let you know soon.”. We’ve all heard these responses before. And for a job seeker, there’s nothing worse than waiting for that call. You know it can turn your life around.

2017 158

“At Least He’s Consistent”


I’ve been following the work of Seth Godin for longer than I’ve been in the personal productivity game. He was one of my first (and only) guests on the podcast I did as a productivity parodist. He was a gracious guest and played along nicely as I portrayed a faux productivity expert who preached the virtues of doing things “eventually.”. I don’t own all of Seth’s books. In fact, I own fewer than half of the books he has written. But I read his blog. Seth posts on his blog daily.

2017 57

Why Your Business Must Go For Direct Outreach

Small Business CEO

There are a couple of reasons why businesses are moving away from direct outreach towards more passive, yet highly effective, inbound marketing strategies. Firstly, direct outreach is invasive – you could be reaching out to a prospect while they are busy.

2017 65

Style Quiz #13: Parallel Run-In Lists

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences features a list of words or phrases with flawed structure. Revise as necessary. The film is aimless, seemingly deceptive and spreads a poor message.

2017 61

3 Problematic Parentheticals

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences is muddled because a parenthetical phrase is incorrectly punctuated. Discussion of each example explains the problem, and one or more revisions resolve it. This phase consists of a management experience whose intensity and scope has few, if any rivals.

2017 59

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Office Space

Small Business CEO

Choosing the location of your company is important because it determines the visibility of your business. The decision also determines the profitability of your business because of the monthly rent costs. Business owners often make major mistakes when choosing their first office space.

2017 56

Fearless and Free with Wendy Sachs


This week Emmy-award winning TV news producer, speaker, and author of the book Fearless and Free, Wendy Sachs joins me at the Productivityist Podcast. Wendy has also worked as a Capitol Hill press secretary, public relations executive, CNN contributor, content strategist, and editor-in-chief of Tune in as we talk about careers, career change and ways you can move forward in your own career.

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