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The New Brand Loyalty

Dumb Little Man

In the pre-industrial days, people were loyal to whichever brands were of the best quality.

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3D Printing Moving Past Prototyping to Large Batch Manufacturing

Small Business Labs

After literally several decades of hype and hope, it appears 3D printing may finally be starting to deliver on its promise to change manufacturing.

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Day in the life: Diana Brandl, Senior EA at Mister Spex

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Day in the life: Diana Brandl, Senior EA at Mister Spex, Founder and CEO of The Socialista Projects, Head of IMA Berlin and National Social Relations Officer, speaker, coach and mentor and all round superstar EA! What are the main aspects of your role?

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How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [Part 1] Getting Leadership Approval

Eat Your Career

As a professional development trainer , I take a lot of pride in my work. My number one goal is to help ensure that participants get a TON of value from their training. In this 3-part series, I’ll be addressing some important topics to help you do just that.

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How to Get Hermes Birkins (My Experiences on Buying 5 Birkins In 3 Years)

Dumb Little Man

Like many girls, I have a passion for beautiful things and that includes luxury bags, especially the holy grail of handbags, the Birkin. I am neither a VIP at Hermes nor celebrity but I have brought back a total of five Birkin bags from the Hermes boutiques (New York and Paris) within three years. Some were obtained as a walk-in while others required certain purchase history. With this, many people have asked me to share my experiences and tips on how to get a Birkin.

2017 193

EY Embraces the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

The "Big 4" accounting and consulting firm EY recently announced GigNow , an advanced technology platform that sources and matches qualified independent workers with projects at EY.

2017 173

The Strategic Executive Assistant

Practically Perfect PA

Jan Jones is the author of “The CEO’s Secret Weapon” and keynote speaker at the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit in October. In November she will be the special guest speaker at Adam Fidler’s groundbreaking one-day program “ The Strategic Executive Assistant ” in Milan and Paris.

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How To Handle Rejection As A Business

Dumb Little Man

Rejection is normal. Whether you’re an ordinary man, a student, a small business owner or a big-time CEO, you’ve surely experienced some sort of rejection in the past. Did a girl reject your confession? Did your teacher reject your presentation? Or did a client reject your proposal? All of these scenarios spell one thing. A big fat NO. And it hurts. For some people, learning to deal with rejection is very difficult.

2017 191

Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Likely Bad for the Independent Workerforce

Small Business Labs

The quick summary of our analysis of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill on independent workers is: Low and moderate income independent workers would likely be worse off due to the reductions in medicaid and elimination of subsidies provided by the ACA (Obamacare). Older independent workers (aged 50+) would likely be worse off due to potential changes in how insurance companies can charge older Americans.

2017 141

When “Start to” and “Decide to” Creep into Your Writing

Office Dynamics

by Barbara McNichol. Do you have a habit of starting a sentence with the word “start” or “begin”? In a 5,000-word document I recently edited, those two words appeared 14 times, while only five were deemed necessary to the meaning. That’s a lot of extra words! To be more direct in your writing, skip the “start/begin” part and employ the phrase Nike made famous: Just do it!

2017 143

Can You Really Be Authentic in Your Business- Part 3: Conclusion

Tips From T. Marie

For the past two weeks I’ve explored the question of what happens if you can’t separate your personal convictions and beliefs from your business. In part two I did a bit of research and talked about mixing politics with business and some examples of those that do and don’t. I can honestly say even with. Read more. Business Tips

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10 Working From Home Tips That Are Guaranteed To Make You Extra Productive

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up promising yourself that you’ll have a successfully productive day…but you end up sitting in front of the television all day instead? This used to happen to me quite a lot when I first started working from home. I’d lounge around in my pajamas all morning, trying to find the motivation to do something. And, well, I never found it. Then, one morning, I decided that enough was enough! I needed to change my routine.

2017 182

Research Shows Learning Is an Antidote to Stress

On The Job

There's a lot of stress at work these days, which are why things like yoga and mindfulness are such popular topics. But new research finds that deep breathing and downward-facing dog aren't enough to really reduce worker stress -- it's on-the-job learning that may lead to better outcomes.

2017 130

Make Educated Decisions When Choosing an Administrative Conference (Part 1 of 6)

Office Dynamics

Since there are so many administrative conferences being offered, I would like to walk you through a series of blogs on how to select the conference that is right for you, gain approval and how to get the most for your investment. I am keeping these blogs to the point. A conference should feed your brain and soul! Start with the end in mind. What is your goal or goals for going to a conference? Education wise? What skills do you need to grow? What new skills do you need to learn/develop?

2017 138

Can You Really Be Authentic in Your Business- Part 3: Conclusion

Tips From T. Marie

For the past two weeks I’ve explored the question o f what happens if you can’t separate your personal convictions and beliefs from your business. In part two I did a bit of research and talked about mixing politics with business and some examples of those that do and don’t. I can honestly say even with all of my reading and research I couldn’t come up with a do or don’t answer. Some people swear it’s a no-no, others will tell you that it’s part of being authentic.

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6 Secrets To Create An Effective Retirement Plan

Dumb Little Man

You were young and you just started your career a couple of years ago. You still have many years of work ahead of you. But then, someone talked to you about retirement planning. While he passionately shared his excitement about his plans, you pretended to listen when your mind was wandering around. Retirement plan is so not sexy”, you think. When the person left, you happily shrugged everything he just talked about and moved on with your life. Now, fast forward to your mid-thirties.

How to Set Boundaries at Work

On The Job

We all spend a lot of time at work, and some days it feels like a family get-together gone horribly wrong. You're tired of hearing about your colleague's dating life. You don't want to be pulled into any more conversations about who was the worst actor on "Friends."

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Podcast 072: Have what you love, love what you have

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! The current challenge I’m giving myself is general decluttering. I decided that there’s too much visual clutter in my apartment. It’s distracting and I feel that I can’t completely relax because so much is calling my attention. I need to remove some things. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play.

2017 100

Love Your Office Space Series: Take a Seat

Tips From T. Marie

Y ou spend a lot of time in your office. It could be a corner of your living room, a dedicated room in your home or even a small, rented space. No matter where your office is, a key to making work enjoyable (and productive) is creating an office space that you love. Over the next few weeks I’m going to give you some ideas for starting a love affair with your office.? We will cover everything from chairs to décor and a bunch of stuff in between. .

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5 Types of Insurance You May Need But Haven’t Heard Of

Dumb Little Man

Forget ‘5 tips for cheaper auto insurance.’ A quick google search will yield hundreds of thousands of article results and you’ve probably heard all of them already. We all know about the basic insurance options. There’s home insurance, auto insurance, commercial insurance, travel insurance and even renters’ insurance. These are the most talked-about forms of liability protection. However, there are several other types of insurance that are equally important yet lesser-known.

2017 168

Ammar Jali, Pittsburgh Entrepreneur, Explains Your Climb to Success Starts with Your Passion

Small Business CEO

Everyone dreams of something big in his life. If you talk to a child, they often envision themselves with what they would like to be when they grow up.

2017 87

Pushing Through versus Letting Go

Brilliantly Better

I’n writing this in an airport, waiting for my flight back to Bucharest. For the last 3 days I’ve been at a running event, called S24h. It’s an ultra-marathon competition, with races from 12 hours up to 48 hours. It’s… The post Pushing Through versus Letting Go appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Running

2017 59

Grammar Quiz #14: Irregular Verbs

Daily Writing Tips

Choose the verb that fills the blank most appropriately. No sooner had the family spread out their picnic, than it _ to rain. a) began. b) begun. When I saw the look on Zack’s face, I knew he had _ his promise. a) broken. b) broke. At the signal everyone _ and began to sing. a) raised. b) rose.

2017 79

Set Yourself Up for Success: 4 Tips On How To Launch Your Brand

Dumb Little Man

Whether you’re rebranding your company or this is the first time that you’ll be launching your business, your brand image is an essential consideration. You know what they say, first impressions matter. The process can be an extremely daunting and overwhelming task, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. If implemented and managed correctly, you’ll be able to launch your brand in the strongest fashion.

2017 166

5 Alternative Financing Options for Startups

Small Business CEO

Lack of funding is one of the biggest hurdles startups face. Banks are reluctant to lend to a brand-new business – or even an established business. Even loans from the Small Business Administration can be tough to secure.

Finding Focus with Shawn Blanc


On this episode of the podcast I speak with my good friend, productivity expert, and creator of The Focus Course, Shawn Blanc. We dive into the idea of getting out of our own way, as well as discuss our takeaways from Jeff Goins’s Tribe Conference and why showing up every day matters so much. Relevant Links. Tribe Conference. Ryan Holiday | Website. Anthony Ongaro | Website. Overlap with Sean McCabe | The Productivityist Podcast. Getting Results the Agile Way by J.D. Meier.

2017 46

Patron and Matron

Daily Writing Tips

As Latin scholars may recognize, patron and matron are cognate with the Latin words for “mother” and “father.” However, their senses, and those of inflectional forms of these words, extend beyond the immediately family.

2017 79

How Setting Life Goals Can Undermine Your Happiness

Dumb Little Man

Setting life goals is generally considered as a positive thing. I disagree with this. In my view, setting goals provides motivation in life but kills happiness. Relation between setting goal and happiness. There seems to be no relationship between happiness, wealth and prosperity. The latest figures released recently by World Bank recently show that global poverty level has reduced by half over the last 30 years. This implies that the poverty level has now dropped below 10%.

2017 159

3 Simple Things You Must Do to Create a Rock-Solid Business Plan

Small Business CEO

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur — and making the millions that can come with owning a business. The only problem: There’s a huge gap between dreams and what it takes to make them a reality.

2017 81

Turning Sixty: Top Things To Do In Retirement

Dumb Little Man

Very soon, you’ll be celebrating your sixtieth birthday and that means you’ll be looking at your retirement, too. It’s natural to feel jittery about it as one question keeps popping into your mind: Now what? It’s not that everyone over sixty goes through the same dilemma of finding new pastures. Some people keep working because they either need money or they just don’t want to get out of what they have become conditioned to.

3 of the Best Email Marketing Platforms for Maximizing Your Email Strategy

Small Business CEO

In a recent survey , 73% of marketers said the return on investment (ROI) from email marketing was excellent to good. This ranks it at the top of the ROI charts, ahead of SEO, which is why the average organization is investing 15% of their marketing budget on email.

Email 76

More About “Mission”

Daily Writing Tips

A recent post listed and defined many words containing the element mit and miss and descended from the Latin verb mittere , meaning “send.” This follow-up offers related words not as easily discerned as being part of the mittere family.

2017 76

3 Cases of Incomplete Parallel Structure

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the sentences below, an action or result is described in comparison or contrast to another, but the phrasing that expresses the parallel between the two phenomena is faulty. Discussion after each example explains the problem, and revisions illustrate solutions.

2017 74

The Prefix “Hypo” and Related Words

Daily Writing Tips

A recent post listed and defined words with the Greek prefix hyper – (meaning “above,” “beyond,” or “over”). Here, words based on its antonym, hypo -, are the focus.

2017 73

Going Back to Business School? Here’s How to Save Money and Time

Small Business CEO

It should be somewhat obvious that the more training you receive, the better you will be at achieving your goals. As it is true with doctors, so it is true with business leaders.

2017 71

How to Choose the Right Telephone Answering Services

Small Business CEO

With so many options available to SMEs in the area of telephone answering services currently, it might seem like finding a solution to suit yours and your customer’s needs shouldn’t be that difficult at all.

2017 69

What Makes Up a Development Finance Funding Process?

Small Business CEO

One of the major problems with property development lenders is that it can be a little awkward to stay abreast of all the different nuances, developments and changes.