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Business travel without the stress

Practically Perfect PA

Business travel can be a stressful experience. Unfamiliar surroundings, time and performance pressures, networking in a second or third language, and a confused body clock all contribute to rising stress levels.

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Coworking, Differentiation and Segmentation

Small Business Labs

Kansas City's Laya Center  (pictured below) is the  the first coworking spa in the U.S.   In addition to having the only natural cryotherapy chamber in the Midwest, the Laya Center also offers chromotherapy as well as yoga and other traditional spa treatments and services.

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Betting on the Lottery: Is There a Strategy?

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Lotteries are among the world’s most favorite gambling pastimes, with hundreds of people made much richer because of them. So there’s no wonder lottery ticket sales are huge when there’s a massive jackpot on the line. With state and national lotteries all completely checked by third-party audits, people play knowing that the results of each draw are completely fair and random; and yet people still manage to concoct strategies for playing the lottery.

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3 Steps to Take When You No Longer Like Your Job

On The Job

Sometimes you accept a job and are really excited about it. But as you spend more time in that job, you start to lose some of that enthusiasm. Before long, you feel stuck. It can be difficult to finally admit to yourself that you're not happy with a job you thought was a good fit.

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Is a PA job description worth the paper it is written on?

Practically Perfect PA

During the Future Assistant Conference we touched on the subject of job descriptions, which if truth be told, we talk about a lot at Practically Perfect PA events. It is a topic that never stops being hot.

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Pet Obsessed Millennials Pamper Their "Fur Babies"

Small Business Labs

Last week the online retailer Zulily celebrated their first annual pet week. In honor of this auspicious occasion, t hey released a set of survey results on pet owning millennials.

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It’s Not What You Have But How You Feel That Makes You Rich

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One day, while riding the train, I overheard a cry for help. Sure, the young lady sitting across from me was literally crying. “If only I was rich,” she said. “If only I was rich!” ” “I know, Babe. I know,” responded her friend in hopes of consoling her. What started out as watching from afar, as if I were some nosy neighbor peeking from a window, turned into full-blown observation.

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10 Instagram accounts to help develop your career

Practically Perfect PA

I loooooovvvvveee me some Instagram and I’m sure most of you are the same. I think it might be my favourite social media platform, although that is like picking your favourite child, it kinda depends on the day.

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LinkedIn's Deep Dive on VanLifers and Digital Nomads

Small Business Labs

LinkedIn's From van life to careers, figure it out as you go covers a couple who have spent several years as VanLifers.    It includes an excellent video that is the most professionally done of any VanLife video we've seen and is well worth watching.

2018 194

The Four Burners Theory and Managing Life

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If we want to be successful this year, it’s important to streamline our plans and priorities. This way, we can achieve our maximum potential over the next coming months. We all spend our lives juggling priorities and making sacrifices in some areas of our lives to excel in others. We burn ourselves out focusing on one goal while all of our other priorities get neglected. The “Four Burners Theory” depicts life as four burners on top of a stove, each represents a core area in our lives.

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Paperless Post- Can E-Cards Work For Businesses?

Tips From T. Marie

Paperless Post, a service providing ecards and evites, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in checking out their service and possibly writing about my experience. They provided free credits so that I could take the service for a test drive and give my readers my opinion and review of what they have. Read more. The post Paperless Post- Can E-Cards Work For Businesses? appeared first on T.Marie Hilton's Clerical Advantage Online Business Technology Services. Online Tech Tools

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Project Management 101: Getting to grips with MS Project

Practically Perfect PA

At the recent Future Assistant conference we held a session on Project Management for beginners.

Fighting Office Dragons

Office Dynamics

I have been speaking about office dragons for years and how to professionally deal with the dragons. Dragons were huge, dominating, fictitious creatures. Medieval writers had vivid imaginations for big, scary things. For many people, work is like a dragon. It can be overwhelming and certainly dominates well over half of our waking hours. Sometimes the people we work with can be pretty “fiery” creatures to deal with, too. Please join me on Thursday, March 1, 2018 | 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

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3 Important Factors to Consider for an Effective Business Analysis

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The first time I thought about the success of various big organizations, I used to feel that their success was just a result of some huge luck. I also thought that the founder of those organizations had a lot of money in stock before they started their businesses. I started studying what could have led to their huge success and how they were able to maintain their growth in today’s most challenging business era. This is when I realized the strategic utilization of business analysis.

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Paperless Post- Can E-Cards Work For Businesses?

Tips From T. Marie

Paperless Post , a service providing ecards and evites, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in checking out their service and possibly writing about my experience. They provided free credits so that I could take the service for a test drive and give my readers my opinion and review of what they have to offer. I have what could be considered a paperless office.

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You're Always Being Watched

On The Job

Years ago I was volunteering at a community fun fair, which is another way of saying that kids were running around juiced on too much soda and candy, and parents were paying $10 for a hot dog. All of it was in good fun since it was aimed to raise money for a local community project.

2018 130

Blatant Pronoun Misuses You Want to Learn and Avoid

Office Dynamics

by Barbara McNichol. I love watching the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” but even this escape doesn’t give me a break from grammar glitches. In one episode alone, I counted four times when participants and/or hosts misused the pronouns as they spoke. As a society, if we repeatedly hear words used incorrectly on national TV (and all around us), how will we ever know what’s right?

2018 146

How to Survive a Mass Shooting: 8 Actionable Tips from Experts

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One of the worst mass shootings in the United States is the Las Vegas shooting incident which has woken up everyone worldwide. Even I was deeply affected by the news as I read through what victims and the families of the dead have endured during the tragic event. Because of what has happened, hundreds of people around the area and thousands of people all over the world probably have one thing in mind: How to survive a mass shooting?

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My conversation with Chris Wilson of Unstuck School

Clutter Coach

by On Monday I was the guest presenter, talking about limiting your options and why it’s a good idea. No, a necessary thing to do if you want to get anything done! Click the image to watch the replay and find out why. The post My conversation with Chris Wilson of Unstuck School appeared first on Clutter Coach

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The 3 Ingredients Of A Minimalist Productivity Workflow


I don’t consider myself to be a minimalist. But when it comes to my personal productivity, I definitely have minimalist tendencies. I align tasks with my time in a way that allows me to move forward with as little friction as possible.

2018 60

What is Holding Your Brand Back? PART 3

Office Dynamics

By Anel Martin. Well, that is a big question! Personally, I think what is holding us back from powerful, successful and valuable brands is the same thing that holds us back from fulfilling careers and happy lives. That is a big statement but here goes! I think it is the inability to speak up, trying to fit in, not being able to decide and FOCUS, believing we don’t deserve it (whatever “IT” is for you), lack of self-discipline and confidence. So let’s run the list down: Speaking up.

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How to Set Your Mind to Lose Weight

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Have you ever asked yourself how people lose weight and manage to keep it off? You are thinking losing weight and staying fit is a matter of genetics, metabolism, and the willpower to change one’s habits. Although those things play a part in losing weight, building muscle, and improving one’s general health, the most important component to change happens in your brain. The two stimuli that cause a person to take action.

2018 157

3 Types of Errors Involving the Correlative Conjunction “Either”

Daily Writing Tips

When either and or are employed in a sentence to frame two alternatives, the correlative conjunction either is often misplaced, usually rendering the sentence more or less comprehensible but potentially introducing confusion.

2018 72

The Free-Time Formula with Jeff Sanders


This episode of The Productivityist Podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people like runners, cyclist, weightlifters and vegetarians get lower rates on their life insurance. Go to to support the show and see if you qualify.

2018 52

3 Website Essentials to Boost Service Business Sales

Small Business CEO

Service businesses are interesting. Small towns may only have one electrician that has a monopoly on the industry, but other cities may have dozens of electricians all vying for the same business. It’s a difficult situation to be in, but there are ways to use your website to boost sales.

2018 71

Balancing Work and Study: 4 Highly Effective Tips You Need to Try

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If you are a student, you’ve probably thought of getting a job. But is it possible to work and study at the same time? The answer is yes. To be successful in balancing work and study, here are some tips and tricks you can consider. Find a Job Based on What You Are Studying. It might seem difficult but it is not impossible! For example, if you are pursuing a degree in History, you could look for jobs that can help you improve and learn more about your course.

2018 154

“Constitute” and Its Established Cousins

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists and defines a small family of words derived from a Latin verb meaning “set” that share the element -stitute. Statuere , stemming from the Latin verb stare , meaning “stand,” alludes to establishment or causing to stand.

2018 71

EXPOSED: The Dark and Nefarious Blog

The Marq

It's been about three months since I posted anything on TheMarq or the YouTube channel, but that's changing today.

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4 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Small Business CEO

Digital marketing in the modern age is a beast to be reckoned with.

How Has Trade Changed Over Time

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Trading centuries ago was way different than what we’re experiencing today. It was less convenient, easy, and predictable. It took a lot of time and it came with a lot of risks. Here, we take a look at how has trade changed over time. Setting the scene. Post-war investment was very different to the trading opportunities of today. The Great Depression, along with two world wars, had impacted the Stock Market such that very few people owned common stock.

2018 143

3 Types of Hyphenation Errors with Numbers

Daily Writing Tips

Writers are easily confused by, or are negligent about, proper use of hyphenation with phrases with numbers, whether the numbers are represented in spelled-out or numeral form.

2018 70

What To Look For In Health Insurance Plans for Parents

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Finding the right health insurance plans for parents can be tough but when you know exactly what to look for, it can become a seamless process. Old age brings with it ailments and health-related problems. If you aren’t prepared, it can put you under a lot of stress. It can cause problems not just with your finances but your relationship with your parents and siblings, too. One of the best ways to be prepared is to invest in the right health insurance plan.

2018 141

Become Happier Today

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Are you happy? How to be happy everyday? This is a really subjective question when you think about it. Happiness can’t really be measured easily through quantitative measures. Happiness is dependent on a lot of things, including your circumstances. But one thing is for certain. You need to develop certain habits in order to become happier overall. Factors Leading To Greater Happiness. Though happiness may be subjective and deeply personal, there is still a basic formula to it.

2018 164

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: What You Need to Know

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Vitamin B12 is essential to the human body. It has an incredibly important role in your central nervous system as it ensures the health of your nerves and blood cell. It plays a huge role in the production of DNA, too. Because of its functions, it’s highly important that you get enough of this vitamin, whether through your diet or by taking supplements. If you do not get enough vitamin B12, then your blood cells will not be able to function properly. This can cause anemia.

2018 144

The Key to Cybersecurity Awareness? Tell Your Employees to Slow Down

Small Business CEO

Do you have a cybersecurity awareness training program in your office? If so, what’s the central theme? How about… slow down. There are of course many tenets of a successful cybersecurity awareness program, but none more central to stopping human error and negligence.

2018 68

Grammar Quiz #23: Pronous

Daily Writing Tips

Correct errors of pronoun use in the following sentences. Do you want to go with Hamed and myself to the park? Last summer, the Retys were extremely kind to my family and I when we stayed with them. If it snows, me and the children will take our sleds to the hill behind the school.

2018 67

How to Beat the Competition: 24/7 Phone Answering Service

Small Business CEO

A common complaint among small business owners is the battle to beat out the competition that exists in this day and age. Since businesses open and close every year, estimates as to how many companies there are in the world are hard to make.