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Five Simple Ways To Beat Low Back Pain

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever suffered from low back pain? If not, you’re in the minority. 80% of people will at some stage experience this debilitating condition. So, if you do suffer from back pain, what action can you take to solve the problem? Well, the first priority is to change your perception of the pain.

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Advice for a first time assistant

Practically Perfect PA

I was in my early 20′s when I landed my first full time one on one PA role, prior to that I had been working as an account manager. Although the two jobs had very similar elements I must say transitioning from an account manager into a PA role was a difficult process.

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From 20th Century Jobs to 21st Century Work

Small Business Labs

The Forbes article Hack Work To Combine Peak Performance and Personal Purpose has a fascinating chart that compares 20th century jobs with 21st century work.   Developed by future of work expert Ayelit Baron , the chart (shown below) nicely summarizes many of the shifts and trends we follow.

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5 Pixar Storytelling Secrets That Will Help You Tell the Story of Your Business

The Solopreneur Life

I’m going to help you write the awesome, memorable, inspiring story of your business. Using your brainpower, creativity, and five cool secrets from Pixar Studios, you’ll have a story that you can proudly tell the world. Are you ready?!

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6 Simple But Effective Ways You Can Reach Your Goals

Dumb Little Man

Goals push us to keep going. They motivate us and help us lock on to a target. Through evolution we have learned that the best way to get results is to focus our attention on one thing at a time.

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Seven reasons why your boss should use a chauffeur service

Practically Perfect PA

Ensuring our boss is able to get from A to B without any fuss or stress is a key task for assistants. The fuss and stress shouldn’t be felt or seen by the boss but we can certainly feel it! As we all know keeping our managers on track is at times a logistical nightmare.

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Not Everyone is on the Web or has a Smartphone

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we're big fans of Pew Research. Their Web at 25 in the U.S. report includes a wide range of statistics and facts on U.S Internet usage since its inception. One of the biggest reactions this study has gotten is surprise that not everyone is on the Web or has a smartphone.

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10 Tools & Tips For Escalating Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

A lot of us put in a lot of time and work in our daily activities, and push ourselves to the limit without getting the desired outcomes. This can be really frustrating and can take a toll on your health.

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Practically Perfect PA visits: The Hilton Anatole, Dallas

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve been told that everything is bigger in Texas and that is certainly the case when it comes to the Hilton Anatole. It is a massive hotel!

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How to Work Smarter and Be More Productive

On The Job

You''ve downloaded every new app that promises to keep you organized, read books that vow to make you more efficient — and yet you still feel stressed out and overwhelmed with the clutter on your desk and in your mind.

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IBM's Cognitive Computing Food Truck

Small Business Labs

The Institute of Culinary Education and IBM have teamed up to create a food truck that uses cognitive computing to help chefs create new dishes.

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How I've Managed to Make Myself Happy

Dumb Little Man

I've had a happy, carefree childhood. For that, I feel lucky. Unfortunately, along the way I've picked up negative thinking habits. It was getting worse for me month by month. It felt like cooking a frog. If you slightly add to the heat, the frog won't even notice.

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3 Tips for Smoother Workflows

Simple Productivity Blog

Most of what we do every day can be classified as a workflow; we do repeatable sequences of actions. In this article we are going to take a look at how to make smoother workflows. The post 3 Tips for Smoother Workflows appeared first on

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Top 5 Tips for Small Business Retirement

The Small Business Blog

Small business owners are often in an unusual position because they won’t receive a pension from their employer once they retire. The self-employed have to think more carefully than most about planning for their retirement.

Deloitte on Industrialized Crowdsourcing

Small Business Labs

Deloitte University's Industrialized Crowdsourcing is one of the best, relatively short descriptions of crowdsourcing I've read.   The key quote is the summary: Enterprise adoption of the power of the crowd allows specialized skills to be dynamically sourced from anyone, anywhere, and only as needed. Companies can use the collective knowledge of the masses to help with tasks from data entry and coding to advanced analytics and product development.

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12 Painless Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter

Dumb Little Man

There’s something about cold weather that makes many of us crave comfort foods—and gain weight. If you’ve spent the last several springs frantically trying to shed the pounds you gained over the holidays and winter months, here are a few tips for eating well without packing on more weight.

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Organizer

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2011-08-09 10:40:47. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Is getting organized on your to-do list? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, for most folks, it just stays on the to-do list, year after year. See if any of these scenarios sounds familiar. If they do, I can help.

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The 8 Commandments of Data Compliance

The Small Business Blog

Here’s something you might not know. The Great White Shark has 300 teeth. Here’s another. The average lifespan of an ant is about 90 days. And one more.

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Your Business is an Accident Waiting to Happen, If You Don’t Do This

The Solopreneur Life

This morning my 16-year-old daughter Anna took the road test for getting her driver’s license. It was a bad day to drive, let alone take a driving test — overnight we received 4 inches of snow, which means we now have more than 3 feet of snow on the ground. Anna and I arrived at […]. Related posts: May Snowstorm “Achilles” Will Make Some Small-Business Owners Smile. The Solopreneur Life Goes On Vacation.

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Questions and Answers: A Beginners Guide to Meditation

Dumb Little Man

an extract from her just-published book, Inspiration Meditation, (part of the Go Creative!

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Are conferences for administrative professionals beneficial enough for you to go?

Office Dynamics

by MARY ELLEN SLAYTER on MARCH 6, 2014 8:33AM. in ADMIN PRO FORUM. Question: ”I think it would be interesting to attend one of the larger conferences for admins and office managers, but I’m sure it would involve some travel, missed time from work and the company footing the bill.

Incentives Are Seductive Lies. Be Honest and Ask For the Business You Want

Virtual Moxie

Valerie was having a challenge moving from the conversation to working with the client. She called to say that she’d read about a strategy on a community site for Virtual Assistants and was considering offering an incentive—two free hours of her time in the first month of the relationship.

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Reducing Inputs: Phones

Simple Productivity Blog

In this day, most of us have two or three phones. Each of these phones have voice mail, and usually one of those phones is carried at all times. The amount of information coming from these phones can be overwhelming. Let''s look at reducing the phone inputs.

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Checkmate! How to Capture the King of Jobs

Dumb Little Man

Happy at work? Already searching the job board? That’s great: it shows you’re ambitious to move on. And there’s nothing wrong with ambition. In many ways, it’s the driving force behind every career move (even the unsuccessful ones).

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Do You Have This Key Business Management System In Place?

Office Organization Success

Yay … I think we have finally had a full week of school without any closings or 2-hour delays. The last time that this happened was before Christmas! Last week’s visit to the University of Toledo was wonderful. My son is really excited to be going there, and we’re really happy with the college too. This week I delivered the first training in a 3-part series, Telesummit Mastery. The training went well, and feedback from students has been really positive.

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Press Release: Video Series for Executives Maximize the Time and Talents of Your Assistant

Office Dynamics

. Just Released Video Series for Executives. MAXIMIZE THE TIME AND TALENTS OF YOUR ASSISTANT.

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New Productivity Forms: March 2014

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the things I wanted to do this year is to release productivity forms more often. Fun tools make me more productive) So to that end, I will be releasing a new set of productivity forms every month.

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David Ogilvy’s “We Sell or Else” Video

The Solopreneur Life

Advertising legend David Ogilvy used the video below to explain his “secret weapon.” ” Even though Ogilvy focuses on direct response in this video, his message applies to you and me today: the function of all sales/marketing/advertising is to sell, and successful advertising is based on knowing the consumer. As you watch, pay close attention to […]. Related posts: David Ogilvy on How to Write.

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Read This if You're Sick of Winter

On The Job

“A Polar Vortex sounds like something Mr. Freeze would use to destroy Gotham City… or a new flavor of Powerade.” — Jimmy Kimmel The bad weather that has stormed and stomped its way across the U.S.

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Progress – Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“Growth is like creativity, it doesn’t go along very neat, precise plans. You get clogged highways before you figure out a way to open up capacity. You get pollution before you figure out a way to fight it.” ” – Steve Forbes, US publishing executive We all aim to grow our businesses, but sometimes we can… Read the full article here: Progress – Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Quotations Business Growth business quotes progress

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Readership Survey Available

Simple Productivity Blog

Please consider taking some time to fill out the readership survey below. I use the information to help me plan articles, products and answer questions. I can’t write the blog without your feedback! Please take the survey by clicking here Photo by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha.

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For Immediate Release: Experience the Extraordinary

Office Dynamics

Experience the Extraordinary! Introducing the NEW Office Dynamics International Website. A portal to impactful information that brings new insights and solutions for the office right to you. Blazing fast page loads and oodles of valuable information are now at your fingertips!

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6 Ways to Build Your Company’s Online Credibility

Small Business CEO

Businesses are paying more attention to their social media presence. According to Fast Company, 93 percent of marketers say they’re using social media as part of an overall marketing strategy.

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Transitive Verbs

Daily Writing Tips

The grammatical term “transitive verb” occurs in numerous posts on this site, usually with a reminder of what it means, but perhaps a dedicated post will be useful to readers who remain shaky on the concept.

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Open Loops 3/7/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on task switching being a symptom of a problem, cleaning up broken glass with a lint roller, and internet contracts for kids.

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BIG Energy Is Required In Today’s Workplace

Office Dynamics

Embracing and pushing out BIG energy spoke to me more than ever last week. It was a very important week for Office Dynamics International and our staff. We had 3 massive projects that we had been working on for months and all had a deadline date of February 25.

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How to Build a Business That Can Flourish Without You

Small Business CEO

“We don’t need you anymore.” ” These five words can be a stinging rebuke if they come from a loved one, but if they come from those in the business you’ve founded, they can be golden!

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