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How to thrive, not just survive as an Assistant

Practically Perfect PA

Let’s face it, we all know that sometimes you can have the best day at work when you feel on top of the world and you are high-fiving your teammates and CEOs… and sometimes you want to throw your resignation at the first person you see in the office and run as fast as you […].

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3 Ways to Change the World from Your Cubicle

On The Job

I'm fed up, and I know many of you must feel the same. I'm fed up with the name-calling, the finger-pointing and the yelling. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away, but I can't. What I can do is think about how I behave every day and hopefully do a little better.

?How Your Happiness Is Related To Your Health

Dumb Little Man

Over the past decade, a whole industry has grown around teaching people the secrets of happiness. You’ve probably seen shelves full of self-help books, each touting to help you find happiness. There are also courses and programs promising the same.

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Career Advancement is a Privilege, Not a Right

Eat Your Career

I’ve encountered a number of counterproductive attitudes in the workplace, but one in particular really bothers me. Too many people out there think they deserve career advancement for all the wrong reasons.

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On to the next task.

Laughing all the Way to Work

The way I work is to get things off my plate as soon as possible and move on to the next task. The problem is it is now filed in the back burner of my mind. It is still hovering in the background somewhere, but I've completed the work, done whatever I had to do with it and diarized whatever needed to be diarized and moved on until I need to know it again. My boss may come out a month or so later and ask me questions about it and sometimes my mind draws a blank.

2018 155

Event Budget Health Check

Practically Perfect PA

One of the most important tools to control any event is the event budget. It’s normally just a simple excel spreadsheet or perhaps its a page on your accounting software. Despite it being just a humble document the budget is what underpins every successful event.

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Conference for Administrative Excellence – Gala Event

Office Dynamics

Following a full training day, we reconvened for the Glam and Glitz Gala.

2018 207

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How To Learn To Trust Your Gut Again

Dumb Little Man

Plainly, intuition is a high level of thought. It is a natural, seemingly thoughtless process that requires no analysis or deep thinking. It can show itself even when we least expect it. We sometimes call the experience of intuition a “gut feeling.”

2018 197

How mindfulness can support lasting change in behaviour

Practically Perfect PA

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness can be described as a way of being and living rather than a tactic or strategy for life. When practised on a continuous basis, mindfulness improves mental health and functioning by helping decrease stress and psychological distress.

2018 151

Successfully Overcome Challenges

Office Dynamics

Determine to Succeed. Attitudes are important to successfully overcome challenges. Right now, we have a lot of challenges facing us – the economy, companies downsizing, air travel stress, an election year on the horizon, and personal challenges. That is just life.

2018 196

How to Build a Powerful Partnership with Your Boss

Eat Your Career

Note: I realize that a lot of people dislike the word “boss.” I use it here for ease as a catch-all for any workplace superior. It is not intended to sound derogatory or condescending in any way.

2018 130

Bleisure Travel Continues to Increase

Small Business Labs

We first reported on bleisure travel , which is the the blending of business and leisure travel, back in 2015.    A According to the folks at the expense reporting and management firm, SAP Concur, it continues to gain popularity. 

2018 179

Launching the Future Assistant 2019

Practically Perfect PA

Today I’m really excited to let you all know that we have now opened bookings for next year’s Future Assistant Conference!! That is right, we are launching the Future Assistant 2019!

2019 141

Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays. The stores, boutique shops, and online businesses sell everything to decorate your home, prepare for parties, and offer all kinds of paraphernalia.

30 Words Invented by Shakespeare

Daily Writing Tips

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), considered the greatest writer in the English language, used more than 24,000 words in his writings, more than any other author. Of those words, more than 1,700 were first used by him, as far we can tell. He may have made up many of them himself.

2018 109

Poverty in America

Small Business Labs

In September the U.s. Census Bureau released the Supplemental Poverty Measure: 2017. It reports that 13.9% of Americans lived in poverty in 2017, which is statistically the same as in 2016. This leads to the obvious question what is - and why is there - a supplemental poverty measure.

2018 153

Access to Contraceptives Around the World: What You Need to Know

Dumb Little Man

In the UK, contraception for women is easily accessible and readily available, thanks to the NHS. 45 other countries have proudly offered contraception to patients free of charge for years, whilst some governments have dragged their feet on making such treatments available. How do seven varying countries around the world compare in terms of accessibility? Here’s what you need to know about people’s access to contraceptives. United States.

2018 143

Podcast 105: Desk triage

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 105 and it’s about desk triage. Can you spare half an hour? What if it would make the following half hour twice as productive? And the hour after that too? Spending time on organizing is a great investment because it always gives you a high return, unlike other investments these days. Here’s how to start.

2018 100

An Unimpressive Message From My Dentist

Business Writing

I want the best in dentistry--not business writing--from my dentist. But I'm still disappointed when I receive a pointless, error-filled email like the one below. In it, I have changed the name of the dental practice to "Your Favorite Dentist.".

2018 141

Functions of the Apostrophe

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses the three primary functions of the apostrophe in the English language: the marking of the possessive case in nouns, the marking of the omission of one or more letters, and the marking of plurals of individual characters.

2018 88

5 Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Small Business CEO

Business leaders are not just great at making their companies a success, but they should also be great at handling their staff. After all, without a hardworking and inspired workforce, they will not be able to achieve success in business.

2018 81

More on the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) Movement, Independent Work and Edge Communities

Small Business Labs

Last month we covered the growing Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement and how it relates to the rise in independent work.    The quick summary of that article is the trends driving the interest in the FIRE movement are similar, and in some cases the same, as the trends driving the growing interest in independent work. In particular the desire for increased work/life autonomy, control and flexibility are key drivers of both movements.

2018 104

Create more value than you capture 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Truly great businesses never fail to adhere to the simple principle that Tim O’Reilly coined: Create more value than you capture. The obvious examples are institutional: . Microsoft changed the world with Gates’ vision to have “… a computer in every home”. The actual revenue the company captured from selling Windows licenses seems like a drop in an ocean compared to the value Microsoft’s customers created with the Windows product. . Think about the businesses built. The efficiencies gained.

2018 44

Mentality and Mindfulness Meanings

Daily Writing Tips

Mental and its lexical relations, all pertaining to workings of the mind, as well as mind and words and phrases derived from that word, are listed and defined in this post. Mental. Mental is descended from the Latin noun mens , meaning “mind.”

2018 71

The Importance of a Board of Directors in the Formation of a Company

Small Business CEO

To build a successful venture, CEOs and other management involved in forming a company need to know it takes teamwork and good communication. The board of directors in a company are responsible for its ultimate success or demise.

2018 81

The Next Revolution Will Be Technological, Not Ideological

Brilliantly Better

During the last 2-3 years, a certain social trend became more and more visible. A mix of far right and traditionalism, spreading around the world and popping in places you’d never thought something like this will ever exist. In Europe,… The post The Next Revolution Will Be Technological, Not Ideological appeared first on Dragos Roua. Motivation and Inspiration Personal Development

2018 43

Compromise Is Not a Four Letter Word

The Marq

Where would we be without compromise? In the United States, we'd be without the country that has served as an example of democracy! If it weren't for compromise for the greater good, our forefathers wouldn't have been able to set aside their differences.

2018 52

Key Things to Look for When Choosing a Long-Term Courier Partner

Small Business CEO

Finding the right long-term courier partner can be difficult, however with plenty of in-depth research, you can be sure to find a courier on a budget that aligns your business needs, in addition to having your customer’s best interests in mind.

2018 77

How to Protect Your Business from Exchange Rate Volatility

Small Business CEO

Exchange rates can be incredibly volatile which is problematic for businesses because this could have a serious impact on your bottom line. So, what can you do to protect your business from exchange rate changes?

2018 73

Business Addresses: Different Types and Why You Need One

Small Business CEO

A business address is the official headquarters of a business. They may be the actual place where business is conducted, a mailbox, or virtual headquarters to add legitimacy to the business.

2018 72

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Business Videos Using Screen Recording

Small Business CEO

Screen recording is being used as a tool to create business videos more and more frequently. Because it is able to capture footage of apps and software, websites, online platforms, and digital products – it is perfect for creating videos involving them.

2018 66

How to Lead a Multi-National Business Startup Team

Small Business CEO

Leading a multi-national team after you’ve launched a startup is no easy task. You still get to deal with the day-to-day worries a regular business owner would.

2018 66

The Most Common E-commerce Checkout Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Small Business CEO

The e-commerce world is only getting more competitive. Setting up an online storefront and selling products and services directly to customers is easy to do these days, especially with CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla being easy to use, with many e-commerce plugins available for them.

2018 65

4 Smart Tips to Create Financial Buffers in Your Business

Small Business CEO

If you own or manage a company, it’s essential that you give yourself financial buffers whenever possible.

2018 64

Sole Proprietors: How to Appear Bigger to Your Future Clients and Partners?

Small Business CEO

“The bigger the better” is a phrase we’re all familiar with. It’s true too, no matter how much many of us wish it weren’t so.

2018 64

Smart Business Decisions To Keep Your Company Competitive

Small Business CEO

If you want to keep your company competitive, not only will you have to have a fantastic product or service, but you’re also going to have to have a backbone of incredibly smart business decisions. If you are at the top end of your company, it may be up to you to make those decisions.

2018 62

How to Get the Most Out of Your Window Display

Small Business CEO

As a retail store, window displays are one of the most indispensable weapons you have in your marketing arsenal. They can turn the heads of those walking by and get them interested in your brand, converting them from mere passers-by into customers that will visit your store time and time again.

2018 62