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The Path To Success: How To Get Motivated By Your Past And Future Self

Dumb Little Man

There it was… that one question that people ask you so many times during job interviews: where do you see yourself in 10 years? I was fresh out of school and had never thought about it that much. Strange, right?

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How to handle the office drama queen

Practically Perfect PA

At the moment I am mainly working with a small number of people or I work for myself at home so I can honestly say this blog is not directed at any current colleagues…promise!

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1ShoppingCart or Infusionsoft? Which One is Best for Your Business

Office Organization Success

Just this past week I’ve been involved in two separate Facebook group discussions around, “which one should I use in my business, 1ShoppingCart or Infusionsoft?”.

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Startups Going to the Dogs

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we love pet trends. So it will come as no surprise we enjoyed Tech Crunch's article The Series A Crunch Is No Match for Man's Best Friend.  It covers the growing number of dog related startups capturing venture capital.

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Get A Good Night of Quality Sleep With These 10 Shortcuts for Falling Asleep in Record Time

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Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? You work your butt off all day and all you want is to quickly drift off into a restful sleep. But sleep won’t come. You feel wound up like a spring, uptight and restless.

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Credit cards going green

Eco-Office Gals

With environmentally friendly products becoming more mainstream and readily available, credit card issuers have begun to roll out products, services, and rewards that have a focus on going green.

How to Handle Personal Crisis at Work

Eat Your Career

No matter how hard you try, there will inevitably be a time when stress in your personal life distracts you from matters of work. Whether you’re dealing with a sick child or a dying pet or a personal medical scare, you can’t always just walk away from work while you deal with your emotions.

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Stay Focused by Trying This One Powerful Tip to Stop Procrastination in its Tracks

Dumb Little Man

Isn’t it amazing how energetically we clean our closets or organize the movie collection when a dreaded project is looming? Especially when that project feels abstract and difficult… I battle with this type of procrastination a LOT.

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Streamline your written messages

Ian's Messy Desk

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6 Eco Friendly Marketing Tips

Eco-Office Gals

Engaging your customers does not have to hurt the environment. More businesses are jumping on the green bandwagon, and you can increase the eco-friendliness of your office and promote that lifestyle to customers too. Recycled Paper.

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Gartner: Anytime-Anywhere-Computing Driving Computer Market

Small Business Labs

Gartner released their 2013 and 2014 computing device shipment forecast and it will come as no surprise to readers that mobility is driving computing device purchases.   As the Gartner chart below shows, traditional PC shipments forecast to be down are 10.6%

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Get On The Road To Better Health By Building Healthy Habits At The Office

Dumb Little Man

All of us know the feeling of complete mental and physical exhaustion after sitting through an 8+ hour workday. It’s not fun, and has a more profound effect on the rest of our lives than we’d like to admit.

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Tips for Positive Communication

Ian's Messy Desk

Own your messages. Use personal pronouns like “I” and “my.” For example, “I would like to discuss the options in detail” instead of “Maybe there should be some discussion about the options.”. Make your messages clear, complete and specific. Plan what you want to say before you say it.

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4 Water-saving Tips for Eco-offices

Eco-Office Gals

Water is the substance of life. It’s one of the most important things you can consume to improve your health, and most office workers don’t drink enough of it. However, water is one of the last things offices think about, even eco-offices. After all, it just comes out of the tap, right?

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Is it Time for a Treadmill Desk?

On The Job

When I was in school, I biked or walked everywhere. Even when I entered the working world, I walked several miles every day, covering my beat as a police and court reporter. It wasn''t until the advent of email and the Internet that my butt seemed to become glued to a chair.

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How to Cope With a Job Interview Rejection: Learning From Mistakes

Dumb Little Man

Job hunting can be a grueling and demoralizing experience. The troubled job market worldwide has created an overabundance of qualified candidates, many competing for the same job.

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Is Your Business Ready for an Online Business Manager?

Office Organization Success

We are having a lovely visit with Dad, and our mini-weekend getaway to Vermilion last weekend was great. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to enjoy the lake, lunch by the river, and a walk around the town. This week I have some exciting news to share with you … for the first time in almost five years, I have two openings available for OBM (Online Business Manager) clients!

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Feisty Enterprise Tip #7: Look For Multiple Income Streams to Survive the First Eighteen Months

The Small Business Blog

If you think of yourself as an enterprise zone rather than just one business type then it makes perfect sense to make enough money by whatever legal means to survive. This often means having many ways of earning money whilst your main business develops a customer base and a successful trading format.

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Test your listening skills

Ian's Messy Desk

Here’s a simple drill to test your listening skills. Close your eyes. Count slowly to 50. Don’t let another thought enter your mind. Use this exercise to improve your ability to concentrate on a person who’s speaking, without your mind wandering. Related articles. Back to Basics: Seven Types of Listeners and Tips for Better Listening Skills. Listen. THE ART OF LISTENING: more heart, less distraction. You just finished reading Test your listening skills !

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Man Cave Basics: Things You Must Have To Equip Your Man Cave For Maximum Relaxation, Style and Comfort.

Dumb Little Man

“Man Cave” is one of those annoying phrases that has swept through the culture and reduced a sacred space and concept into something trashy and ridiculous.

Fiverr Joins Task Rabbit in Targeting Businesses

Small Business Labs

Fiverr , the online marketplace for people to buy and sell services for $5, recently announced a new platform to better support the "gig economy"   The new platform includes a visually oriented design scheme as well as a number of new analytical tools that allow gig sellers to better manage their Fiverr related business activities.   Most interesting is a new focus on supporting small business micro-task buyers.

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Flexible working cutting business costs

The Small Business Blog

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How to Focus Creativity to Achieve Results

On The Job

Are you an idea monkey? According to G. Michael Maddock, author of “Free the Idea Monkey…to Focus on What Matters Most,” an idea monkey is someone who can produce lots of new thoughts, concepts or ideas on demand and is ready to pour his or her abundant creative energies into working with others.

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Money Matters: Is it Worth it to Buy a Warranty for a TV?

Dumb Little Man

Are you thinking about buying a new TV in the near future? Be prepared for the whole extended warranty pitch from the salesman. But is it worth it? This article will help you decide before you make that trip to the store.

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The Networked, NOverhead Business Model

Small Business Labs

Ad Age's Can a Collaborative Cohort of Indie Shops Topple the Big Agency Networks covers a new ad agency called Circus Maximus.   Founded by a trio of former big ad agency executives, Circus Maximus is part of a new wave of small advertising firms that are challenging the big agencies. What caught my eye is how Circus Maximus describes their talent and business models.

Have you got everything covered?

The Small Business Blog

A word to the wise as weird weather has an ever increasing bearing on life. Running a micro business leaves little scope for error or loss – don’t we all know it? Losing time really hurts. We are all superhuman and are never ill because we can’t afford to be.

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When Getting Seduced by Potential, Let It Be Your Own.

Virtual Moxie

We are pure potential. I’ve often said that seeing The Matrix was a hugely spiritual event for me, because it was in that movie that I got super-clear that anything is likely possible (including jumping across buildings, bending spoons with our minds, flying, learning anything super-fast, and running as fast as lightening), but what holds us back is the belief(s) we hold about being able to do it.

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How to Organize Your Desk

Office Dynamics

Organizational Skills - Clean Up Your Stuff! Messy desks are no longer just an office eyesore. Unkempt work spaces are becoming a productivity issue as offices become more cramped and cubicles replace private offices.

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How Over-organizing Can Cripple Your Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Is it possible to be over-organized? By categorizing everything to the last degree and storing everything every possible place you could need it, you will soon find that maintaining your organization systems will have a negative impact on your productivity.

2013 168

Mastery and Commitment

The Small Business Blog

Last Sunday English golfer Justin Rose lifted the US Open golf trophy after an enthralling show of skill under pressure. His story is worth spending a little time to get to know. He came to prominence in 1998 when as an amateur, 18yr old he came 4th in the British Open.

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Information Overload for People in Transition

Job Advice Blog

Just two decades ago, finding a suitable job was simplistic. People wrote their own résumés, had them edited by trusted friends, and walked into the interview with confidence about having been for a long time in the previous job that he must have been good at because of a lengthy tenure.

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Wouldn't it be nice to hear "Yes, you're approved to attend the conference!"

Office Dynamics

You''re approved! Wouldn''t it be nice to hear that your request to attend your choice learning event for professional development was approved from your leader? Many assistants struggle with getting past the anxiety of even asking and others hear ''no'' and give up.

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Simplify Your Calendar With the Four Laws Of Simplicity

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. The Four Laws Of Simplicity: Calendars. After bumping into the Four Laws Of Simplicity , I realized that they can be applied not only to physical stuff, but also the aspects of every productivity system. In this series, we have already talked about applying it to “stuff “ Now we’ll take a look at how to apply them to simplify your calendars. The Four Laws Of Simplicity.

Multi-user access business software

The Small Business Blog

Your business software most likely contains sensitive information that you would not be comfortable sharing with every person in your organisation. That’s why it is important for software to enable a business owner to control what other users have access to.

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Pricing Your Services – Is It Time Or Value That Matters Most?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. How do I decide what to charge for my services? How do I determine my value and then put a dollar amount on that? These are age-old questions in the VA industry. I know they certainly are popular water-cooler topics for discussion in my VA circles and in my coaching sessions as well. Let’s see if we can answer these questions for you. Get clear on your value. If you don’t know your own value, it’s going to be hard to price and sell your services.

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Crave Victory

Office Dynamics

Did you know the spirit craves victory? Keep this in mind when you are facing difficulties or when life isn''t going quite the way you planned it. In speaking with thousands of people over my 22 years of speaking and mostly women, life is always throwing curves at us.

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Open Loops 6/28/13: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. This is a really comprehensive and thorough article explaining how to stop overload at work. From Lifehacker’s “How To Stop Work Overload With a Few Simple Boundaries” It’s an interesting thought…use dog training methods to get yourself to exercise. From Lifehacker’s “7 ways to use dog training methods to get yourself super fit” A good buying guide for the month of June.

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