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7 Simple Steps to Organizing & Hosting a Successful Teleclass

Office Organization Success

This simple strategy can add hundreds of new subscribers to your list … practically overnight! And it’s a very simple, yet low-cost marketing strategy that you can implement on a regular basis to reach your target market.

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

When you hear the term “eco-friendly,” your mind might jump to advancements like solar panels , electric cars, and walls that keep heat inside.

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How Your Business Could Benefit from Mobile Shredding Services

The Small Business Blog

All businesses, whether large or small, will produce or possess sensitive information. This data must be kept confidential in order to protect the interests of an organisation. If you do not dispose of this data in the right manner, it could compromise your company as well as your clients.

2015 249

The Real Reason You Aren't More Productive

On The Job

Rory Vaden wants you to forget everything you know about time management, because it’s probably wrong. He wants you to ignore the advice on doing the most difficult tasks first every day, or the rule about answering emails during certain time periods.

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Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: Assist Conference ticket!

Practically Perfect PA

Thanks to our wonderful partners at Tate we have a very special giveaway for Practically Perfect PA readers this month. We are offering one lucky reader the chance to attend the Assist Conference for free.

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How Dog Training Differs From Emailing

Business Writing

Outside the supermarket the other day, I walked past a man who was trying to get his dog to sit. He said, "Sit. Sit, Rudy. Each word was followed by a short pause during which the man''s. Email Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

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Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Simple Productivity Blog

In order to change, we need to have an awareness of what we are trying to change/improve/remove. Only with that awareness can we see what we are striving for. For general improvement, though, it can be difficult to find what we are moving away from.

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Climb the career tree, all the way to the top!

Practically Perfect PA

In honour of National Employee Motivation Day (January 21 st 2015), we thought we’d inspire all the Practically Perfect PAs out there with a few tips for climbing the career tree, all the way to the top. Are you motivated to get your career moving this year?

2015 224

How to Stay Focused in an Open Office

On The Job

There are a lot of complaints these days about open concept offices. Workers complain there are too many distractions, they’re so loud you cannot hear yourself think and everyone is in everyone else’s business.

2015 198

Sources of Contingent Talent Shifting

Small Business Labs

DCRTrendline's New Sources of Talent  covers research by Ardent Partners showing that hiring firms are shifting how they locate and hire contingent talent (freelancers, contractors, etc.). The Ardent Partners chart below from the article shows survey data on this shift.

2015 196

The Best Way to End The Day: 5 Things to Do Before You Go to Sleep

Dumb Little Man

You know that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, right? Some watch movies, read a book, force their eyes to close, plan and worry about tomorrow, or think about the things they had to do today but didn’t manage to. I say eliminate all this and make the best of the end of the day.

2015 286

Networking with other departments

Practically Perfect PA

We all know that networking is really important for assistants. There are plenty of external networking events out there but really the first place to start with building your network is within your organisation.

Thursday from the Trenches Episode 7

Simple Productivity Blog

In this episode of Thursday From the Trenches I talk about getting things done as opposed to waiting to do it "right". The post Thursday from the Trenches Episode 7 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

2015 190

The Internet of Pets

Small Business Labs

The giant, annual Consumer Electronics Show held last week in La Vegas was a major coming out party for new products with sensors, advanced network connectivity and products related to the emerging  Internet of Things. 

2015 189

5 Ways Athletes (and anyone else) Can Connect Their Mental and Physical Self

Dumb Little Man

Everything we do, sports included, is 90% mental. In fact, saying that sports is 90% mental might be one of the most overused clichés. The truth is, anything we do is both 100% mental and 100% physical. Think about it. Our thoughts influence our actions, and our actions influence our thoughts.

2015 285

Ten tips for organising a business trip to… Geneva

Practically Perfect PA

At some point or another you will book a business trip to Geneva for your Executive or they will pass through the city before leaving for another destination. It really is one of Europe’s main business hubs.

2015 208

The Power of Review

Simple Productivity Blog

Reviewing isn''t just to keep you on track. Reviewing is also about seeing where you have been so you can appreciate where you have come from. The power of review lies in both looking forward and looking back. Today we will look at how looking back is essential to your direction.

2015 190

Is Article Marketing Still a Good Strategy?

Office Organization Success

One of my members in the School for Online Business Success asked me recently about article marketing. She wanted to know if it was still an effective marketing strategy as she’d heard it wasn’t that great any more.

2015 184


Dumb Little Man

Fear Of Failure. This is one of the restricting factors at start. When you try to think about failure in the first place, there is a high probability that you could restrict yourself from starting even when failure has been discovered to be a subset of success.

2015 285

The Marriott, Edinburgh

Practically Perfect PA

The Marriott in Edinburgh is in a perfect location for those flying into and out of the city. It is 10 minutes from the airport, which is great for an early departure, and 20 minutes from the city centre using public transport.

2015 187

Book Review: The Future of Work

Small Business Labs

I'm more than a bit behind on my book reviews, which is why it's taken me so long to get to Jacob Morgan's excellent book, The Future of Work.

2015 183

The Best Inbound-Marketing Resources: HubSpot and Impact

The Solopreneur Life

A n important part of what I do here at is spend a ton of hours searching for the resources that are worth your time. You’re welcome!

2015 182

Introducing The “DEAL-WITH-IT DOZEN” To Lift You Up When You Are Down

Dumb Little Man

“I don’t regret what I’ve been through. I’ve had ups and downs, super highs and some really low lows. I’ve been so blessed that I could never say, ‘I wish this didn’t happen.’ It’s part of who I am.”

2015 285

Why Big Business Has Customer Service All Wrong (and how small businesses can take advantage of it)

Tips From T. Marie

I’m a stickler about customer service. I could blame it on being a waitress in my teens, but it’s more likely because I was taught that we should always treat people the way we ourselves would like to be treated.

2015 176

Need a Punctuation Class? Try This Test.

Business Writing

In response to client requests, I have designed a new online class, Punctuation for Professionals. It''s a lively, interactive review of the essential rules of punctuation. Would you benefit from a punctuation class? See whether you can identify punctuation errors. Proofreading Punctuation Pointers

2015 169

Inbound Marketing: Its Advantages and Disadvantages for Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

I nbound marketing can be an efficient method for building your solopreneur business. It’s a great tool if you have the proper skills, knowledge, and tools to make it work.

2015 171

5 Ways To Find New Leads For Your Business

Dumb Little Man

2015 is here and if you are a business owner, one of your new year resolutions ought to be taking your business to greater heights. Most small business owners rely on word of mouth referrals to get new clients for their product or service.

2015 281

Open Loops 1/23/2015

Simple Productivity Blog

#Excerpt. On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on cleaning your freezer out in winter; unreasonable bosses; defusing heated arguments; a different type of planner.

2015 163

Why I think we should kill multitasking.

Office Dynamics

Kill multitasking! Juggle with precision focus. As I perform seminars throughout North America in every kind of business you can think of, I often encounter people who are proud that they can multitask. I have been engaged in this topic and spoken on it for the past few years. What about you?

2015 229

The 3 Things You Must Do To Be “All In”

The Solopreneur Life

G ive your all to your life. You can’t be half-in, half-out.” ” –Urban Meyer. You’ve heard the term “all in,” haven’t you? It means being fully committed to something.

2015 162

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

Virtual Moxie

Jasmine picked my brain with a billing question. One of her clients has her making lots of phone calls. Often, Jasmine ends up sitting on hold for long periods of time. And when she does, there’s another client’s work that’s easy to do at the same time.

2015 225

Technology of the week: MailChimp

Practically Perfect PA

What is MailChimp? More than 7 million people around the world use MailChimp, which means that if you are not already using their services you probably know what they do! Just in case, MailChimp allows users to create and send bulk emails to clients, staff and potential customers.

2015 148

Own Your Career, Build a Professional Development Plan

Office Dynamics

Your career should be a work in progress whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or staying in your current position and wanting to increase your effectiveness. There is a difference between having an occupation and a career. In an occupation, you are stagnant.

2015 192

Tips for Hiring Freelancers for your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Freelancers are a growing and essential part of the American workforce, with 53 million independent professionals currently living in the United States, up from 10.3 million a decade ago. By 2020, forecasters predict there’ll be more freelancers in the United States than full-time employees.

2015 104

Embrace your personal organizing style

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2012-10-30 20:33:07. Republished by Blog Post Promoter “I can’t be organized.” ” “I never learned about organizing.” ” “My mom was a packrat and so am I.” ” “My father was super neat and always gave me a hard time about my mess.” ” “My grandparents lived through the Depression so they keep everything.” ” Have you said any of those things?

2015 100

The Context Conundrum


Whenever I deliver a workshop or talk and bring up the phrase “work by context instead of by project” I get a lot of curious looks. Some of the looks are indicative of “a-ha moments” while others are more quizzical. The thing is that most people don’t think of their work in terms of context.

2015 102

100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 69. Stop Faking Your Life

Brilliantly Better

It’s so easy to get caught in a flow of fakes. Society wants us to politely lie and you need to lie sometimes too. Just … The post 100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 69. Stop Faking Your Life appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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