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Advice For Healthy Living: Get Off Your Duff

Dumb Little Man

We are sitting ourselves to death. No, really, we are. We're averaging 9.3 hours a day sitting compared to 7.7 hours a day sleeping. Do the math – car to work to car to home to TV – that's at least 9.3 hours, right? It's not any better for our kids, either.

2013 285

The Rise of Fashion Trucks

Small Business Labs

We're seeing a noticeable increase in the number of fashion trucks. These are trucks that sell clothing, accessories and other fashion items.

2013 270

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Hot Summer WordPress Deals from Eco-Office Gals

Eco-Office Gals

Summer is heating up and the savings are sizzling at Eco-Office Gals! Don’t miss out on The Before, During and After Hot Summer WordPress Deals! The “Before”: Don’t have a WordPress site yet, but need one?

2013 256

Fleeing my comfort zone

Practically Perfect PA

Tomorrow I will be speaking at the Office Manager and PA show. It will be my first public speaking engagement and I am quite frankly terrified!

2013 244

Financial Management Tips: Properly Managing Your Finances During A Divorce

Dumb Little Man

Throughout our lives we will face many stressful situations, for some, this may include going through a divorce. If you ever have to face a time like this, you should know that it is important that you protect yourself financially.

6 Strategies to Implement a Summer Schedule

Office Organization Success

As I shared in a recent training call, the number one reason why I started my business over 11 years ago was because I wanted flexibility in my schedule.

2013 215

The Rise of Wearable Computing

Small Business Labs

Ok, I'll be honest.  There's so much hype about wearable computing I really didn't want to write about it. Also, we covered this trend early last year.  But there's so much discussion on this topic I guess we have no choice.

2013 215

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 5 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety at Work

Dumb Little Man

Is fear leading you down a one-way street to joblessness? This question might sound extreme but I lost a number of jobs due to excessive anxiety which paralysed my productivity and creativity.

Stress 285

List-A-Palooza Is Back!

Office Organization Success

If you haven’t heard about List-a-Palooza yet, you’ve got to check this out…. It’s a 90 Day List-Building Challenge to see how rapidly you can grow your e-mail list. Click Here to get FREE access. With a profitable e-mail list you can: Fill your seminars and programs. Attract more clients and sales.

2013 184

Food Truck Attracts VC Funding

Small Business Labs

Eat Club , a startup that's  using food trucks to deliver lunch to hungry office workers, recently  raised $5  million in VC funding.        This makes Eat Club, as far as we know, the first food truck operation to attract venture capital funding.

2013 193

4 Social Resume Strategies to Help You Get Seen and Get Hired

Eat Your Career

If you’ve heard the term “social resume” floating around recently and wondered what it’s all about, you’re in the right place. A social resume is not so much an actual thing; rather it’s a variety of things.

Resume 175

Eating Healthy: When you absolutely must eat fast food are there any healthy options?

Dumb Little Man

Summer is the time for traveling and enjoying the great outdoors. That means you’re probably spending more time outside, but it also means you’re likely to be eating on the run.

2013 285

Leadership Skills for Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

I have always said, “ You do not need to be a manager or senior executive to be a leader. Every executive assistant and administrator can be a leader and should be a leader.

Skills 245

Join Me for #HandmadeChat June 6, 2013

Eco-Office Gals

Eco-Office Gals (that would be me) has been invited to be part of the Indie Business Network #HandmadeChat. HandmadeChat is a Twitter talk show to educate, train and inspire creative and artisan entrepreneurs to become profitable business owners.

2013 164

E-junkie Provides Real-Time Case Study In How Not To Use Social Media

The Solopreneur Life

I use e-junkie for some of’s e-commerce. But tonight, instead of fulfilling your orders, e-junkie is providing a real-time case study in how not to use social media. Their service went down more than 2 hours ago.

Relationship Advice: 7 Unexpected Ways To Make Love Last

Dumb Little Man

If you've got the basics covered - like being faithful, remembering to talk to each other and having great sex – you might be wondering what else you can do to make it through the years.

2013 285

How to Avoid Making a Bad Decision About a Job

On The Job

I wish I had talked to Dan Heath or Francesco Gino before I made some truly horrible decisions in my life, like getting a perm because I believed I could look like Julie Roberts in "Pretty Woman" or that taking a job to work for someone I knew was a complete psycho.

2013 222

Growing Consensus: Obamacare Good for Entrepreneurship

Small Business Labs

There's a growing number of studies suggesting that the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) is going to increase entrepreneurship and self-employment. The New York Times article The Affordable Care Act Could be Good for Entrepreneurship  covers a Robert Woods Johnson study that finds Obamacare will likely increase the number of self-employed by more than 11% as a direct result of the law.

2013 153

Feisty Enterprise Tip #4: Seek Advice From Those That Have Started and Successfully Run Their Own Micro Enterprise

The Small Business Blog

Yes, I know that this means that there’ll be some good advice that you’ll ignore because it has come from someone that hasn’t started a business. Equally, I’m not saying that you should accept all advice from those that have started and run a business.

2013 217

Tips For Success: This Is Not Another Article About Failure

Dumb Little Man

Your fear of failure might just be the thing that's stopping you from succeeding spectacularly and the thing that.stops you.from.doing the.yada, yada, yada. Honestly, I couldn't go through with it. I don't think I can read another article about how important failure is.

2013 284

How to Find Time for What Really Matters

On The Job

Remember when you were a kid and summertime meant hanging out with friends, sleeping late and going on vacation?

2013 205

The Seven Deadly Organizing Sins: Wrath

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-11-05 12:37:02. Republished by Blog Post Promoter This is Sin #5 on the list, which also includes lust, gluttony , greed and sloth. Wrath, or anger, is sinful because it’s destructive. It can harm others and it can harm you as well.

2013 141

Do you feel lucky?

The Small Business Blog

“What you have to ask yourself is, do I feel lucky. Well do you?” This is one of the most famous lines in cinema history but it has a real relevance when it comes to running a business.

2013 213

Control Your Anger With These 5 Steps to Effective Anger Management

Dumb Little Man

Having spent years as a victim of acute anger problems before finding the courage and strength to cure myself, I can tell you, anger is good. No, that’s not a typo. Anger is an instinct which Nature programmed into us so that we can save ourselves from danger, and it’s healthy.

2013 283

Why Simplifying Will Make You More Productive

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I believe it is part of human nature to complicate things over time. We want to enhance what we are doing, so we tweak the process. In the best results, the tweaks lead to improvements. Most of the time, the tweaks don’t really buy us anything, but we leave them, and after a period of time, the tweaks morph into a burden of extraneous actions. This is not an un-doable process, though. Just as we complicate, we can simplify as well.

2013 190

One Final Training Before the Summer Break

Office Organization Success

Wednesday was the last day at school for the boys … they’re now on Summer vacation until August 19! This means a change of pace for me, as I work to a new, lighter summer schedule. I did manage to squeeze in one final training though — all about the 4 key online business management systems you need in your business. I was excited to share this information with everyone on the call.

Pic of the Day: Bukowski

The Small Business Blog

The picture for today is a quote by the novelist Charles Bukowski. He might use some choice language, but he’s making a valid point. There comes a point for most of us when working for other people is not something we want to do any longer.

2013 209

How to Plan Business Travel & Business Travel Planning Checklists

Office Dynamics

Travel Planning for Executive & Administrative Assistants. When I was an executive assistant planning hundreds of trips for my executive over a 20-year period, I thought I did a good job. Most of the time, my executives were pleased. But I really didn’t understand the intricacies of travel until I became an executive and traveled often. For 22 years, I have been traveling; mostly within the United States.

Travel 174

To Remain Connected to Your Market, Be Like a Parent of Young Children

The Solopreneur Life

M y wife says our kids make us smart. She means that our daughters make us aware of things in the world that we otherwise would know nothing about. For example, when our girls were small we became very familiar with a parallel universe of: Safety: outlet plugs, edge and corner guards, bathtub seats, back-facing car seats, baby monitors, water wings.

2013 121

Redefining Email Processing

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I believe that it is human nature to complicate things unconsciously. We tweak, we add, and suddenly we are left with a behemoth that might not be serving us all that well. Such is the case I found with my email a few weeks ago. In this article, I will show you where I have been, what didn’t work, what inspired the change, and the result. My Previous Process.

Email 170

Top tips for Print Advertising

The Small Business Blog

Not long ago I was travelling on the London Underground and caught sight of this advert at Kings Cross Station. The image made me chuckle. More importantly for Vodafone, it got my attention. Unfortunately, so many print ads fail to perform like this Vodafone ad.

2013 207

For Administrative Professionals, Efficiency Is the Name of the Game: Utilizing Automated Services

Office Dynamics

For Administrative Professionals, Efficiency Is the Name of the Game: Utilizing Automated Services. By Annabella Caballero, Account Consultant at Seamless.

Two New Offerings From

The Solopreneur Life

I want to let you know about two new offerings from The first is The Solopreneur Emergency Turnaround Program. This program is for you if: 1. You’re in a really bad spot financially and need to turn things around quickly. Your business growth has stalled. You hate your day job, and you need to get out ASAP! Why a turnaround program? I’ve been doing a LOT of consulting lately for solo businesses that need to make big things happen in a hurry.

2013 109

Why Living Your Standards Matters in Business (and Your Life!)

Virtual Moxie

Bana wrote to pick my brain : “I’ve been talking with one of the AssistU graduates who’s given me a lot of good food for thought about your Mentoring Program. In one of our conversations, she shared that you teach that it’s important by stick to your standards without deviation, especially when you start your practice. Why is that? I would think that in the beginning it’s smarter to be more flexible and give clients exactly what they want in order to get them through the door.

2013 155

Introducing the Data Backup CloudAPP

The Small Business Blog

Yesterday WinWeb announced the launch of a brand new app to help ensure that small business data is kept securely in the Cloud. Your business can now have up to 50 gigabytes of automatic data backup online for only £50 / $75 per annum.

2013 206

Monday Motivator: The Spirit Within You Is Bold and Adventurous

Office Dynamics

The Spirit Within You Is Bold and Adventurous. Welcome to June, Monday Motivators. We are on the third of five pillars of Living a BIG Life. I will be focusing on the Spiritual Pillar this month.

2013 147

De-Flash Your Website, If You Haven’t Done So Already

The Solopreneur Life

I ’m still seeing a LOT of websites that depend on Flash. In a world that increasingly depends on browsers in mobile devices, Flash has become irrelevant. It doesn’t run on the vast majority of the mobiles, and Adobe has abandoned mobile Flash development. sums it up: There’s probably a new, special circle of hell for designers who bamboozled their restaurant clients into using cutesy Flash-only sites after the release of the iPhone in 2007.

2013 109