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10 Things Smart People Don’t Do

Dumb Little Man

What do you think when someone is called smart? You probably have an image of an educated and intelligent person in your mind. But being smart is something more than answering the questions right and getting good grades in school. Smart people are often creative, compassionate, grateful and humble.

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…and then what happened?

Practically Perfect PA

During Assist Travel 2015 we are running a brilliant interactive session called …What happened next ?

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4 Simple Steps for Creating Your Strategic Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

Office Organization Success

Think of the relief you’d get each day when you sat down at your desk, knowing exactly what you had to do that day. Better yet, think of the relief you’d feel knowing what to do not only each day, but each week, each month and each quarter.

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we like buzzwords here at Small Business Labs. We also like robots. So we're really like the term "RPA", which stands for robotic process automation.

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Big time savers: how to avoid wasting your time and being more productive.

Dumb Little Man

Time savers are a must in modern life. Either because we have plenty of responsibilities to accomplish or because we have so many deadlines to cope with, the fact is we either learn to use time wisely or we will be mostly in trouble from time to time.

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The 4 steps of business travel: Getting your Executive home

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I have been writing about the four steps of business travel, firstly I published waving goodbye to your Exec. The second step was Delivering your Exec to their destination and the third step was managing your Executive while they are on the road.

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Email Marketing: When to Know the Right Time to Switch Systems

Office Organization Success

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend (if you’re in the US). We really enjoyed the long weekend and got a lot of projects done around the house. And we also enjoyed the last weekend of the pool being open.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know There Was an App For

Dumb Little Man

We live in a strange world. With technology evolving at a rate never before seen in human history, we now carry pieces of metal, plastic and glass in our pocket that can connect us to friends, family and loved ones all across the world.

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6 Ways You’re Wasting Time and How To Stop It

Office Dynamics

There are many activities and habits throughout our day that waste our precious time. At first glance a few harmless minutes are spent Facebook scrolling here, internet surfing or jumping around from app to app on your smartphone.

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What I Did This Summer: WordCamp Edition

Tips From T. Marie

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time saying good-bye to summer. Luckily, the temps here in Maine this week look like it should make it easy to pretend the first signs of leaves turning aren’t showing up on Autumn Lane.

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An Alternative to Netsuite?

The Small Business Blog

Is there currently a SaaS offering that is an alternative to Netsuite? The answer is WinWeb. WinWeb gives you transformational enterprise level cloud computing for your growing business.

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Achieve Success Through an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dumb Little Man

The truth is you don’t have to actually be an entrepreneur nor own your own business in order to benefit greatly from adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. There is no denying that for the majority of people these are uncertain times.

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Near-Shoring Hurting China, Helping Small U.S. Manufacturers

Small Business Labs

The Harvard Business Review's  You Can’t Understand China’s Slowdown Without Understanding Supply Chains  covers the interesting possibility that China's recent economic issues are at least in part being caused by manufacturing moving away from China. Key quote from the article, which is written by a MIT engineering professor: I nonetheless believe that the slowdown is due, in part, to an acceleration of “near-shoring,” the practice of producing closer to the customer.

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What If You Don't Want to Get Rid of Stuff?

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2011-11-03 08:44:13. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Organizing doesn’t always mean getting rid of things. It means finding places for them so that you aren’t tripping on them, distracted by them, maneuvering around them or always looking for them. It means cr eating a living space that is pleasing and supportive. You do need space to put things if you’re keeping them, however. I wrote a post back in June about curating your environment.

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Better Relationships Via Truth Telling

Virtual Moxie

Last week, I wrote about how truth telling gives you a powerful marketing advantage. This week, I want to talk about why it also gives you an advantage with relationship building.

2015 204

Five Things I Learned From Working With Autistic Teens

Dumb Little Man

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 1 in every 68 children has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism is about 5 times more common among boys than girls, and it affects people from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.

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What Does Picking Out a Tile Backsplash Have to do With Online Marketing?

Office Organization Success

My husband is going to put a lovely new tile backsplash in my kitchen. So yesterday afternoon I went to a local tiling store to pick out what I’d like. They showed me rack after rack of different tile samples — round ones, square ones, rectangle ones, squashed hexagon ones. And then there were glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain options too. My head was spinning with all the different choices.

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Learning To Say No

Simple Productivity Blog

I have a confession to make. I have a hard time saying no. I am constantly asked to do things.because I have done things in the past. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I have time in my schedule for the constant inflow of tasks.

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Why People Don't Like Your E-mails

On The Job

Writing emails during a workday is about as common as breathing. We often do it without thinking, firing off a missive and hitting "send" as quickly as possible so we can get onto the next email. The problem is that our emails often cause more problems than they solve.

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8 Attitude Shifts To Kill Your Fear Of Beautiful Women

Dumb Little Man

Beautiful ladies of Great Britain; I felt painstakingly pathetic standing in the same room as you. I became shaken, self-conscious, short of breath, hysterically searching my brain for something to say. All I ever found was fantasies of things going terribly. I was terrified.

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Picking Up Chicks versus Attracting Meaningful Relationships

Brilliantly Better

I admit this is not a regular topic for me. I don’t usually write about this, and, to be honest, I’ve never been into picking … The post Picking Up Chicks versus Attracting Meaningful Relationships appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Relationships & Society

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Why Google Calendar Eats All Other To Do List Apps For Breakfast


This is a guest post by Tor Refsland. Tor decided to leave his six-figure job in order to follow his passion – to help online entrepreneurs SAVE TIME and INCREASE RESULTS. Want to become more productive? Download his free eBook and learn how to DOUBLE your productivity in 7 days.

Are You Offering Too Much -- or Too Little -- Praise to Your Team?

On The Job

There has been a lot written about the Millennial generation that grew up hearing “good job!” for nearly every achievement in their lives, whether it was coloring within the lines or winning a Nobel prize. The result is that many of us pepper our speech with “good job!”

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Remain motivated while between jobs

Dumb Little Man

Regardless of the fact that you lost your job or simply you feel the need for a change, any given individual will find themselves looking for a new position, in a new company at a certain moment in life. Being on a job hunt can be a bit of a challenge even if you are a highly trained professional.

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10 Grammar Mistakes You Should Avoid

Daily Writing Tips

If you want to write clear, correct English, you certainly need to pay attention to the grammar rules. To help you with that, we collaborated with the folks from Grammarly and Write To Done to create a list with 30 common grammar mistakes you should avoid. Enjoy! Mistake 1: Using whom as a subject.

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Easy strategies for an endless stream of content

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! Easy strategies for an endless stream of content first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — 2015, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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The Key To Staying Productive When Working From Home


Fall is quickly approaching and summer is coming to a close. Recently, my kids returned to school. As a work-from-home dad, I try my best to be as productive as possible and this shift in schedules can be challenging.

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4 Simple Steps to Having The Most Productive Day

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and wondered what on earth it was you achieved? Have you taken a look at a recent 24-hour period and gotten shocked at how so many hours passed without you having anything to show for them? I have seen worse. When I was much younger, my father usually asked my sister and I to account for what we did at the end of each day. Knowing that I would have to give an account made me do things I wouldn’t have ordinarily done.

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Migrants vs. Refugees

Daily Writing Tips

A reader wonders about the use of these words in the media: Please explain the difference between “migrants” and “refugees.” ” The news has provided nonstop coverage of migrants flocking to Europe from the Middle East and northern Africa.

2015 104

Anatomy of an Executive Assistant Infographic

Office Dynamics

Assistants go out on a limb so their bosses won’t have to lift a finger. Excellence for them is not just a goal, but a habit. This infographic is part of a series celebrating administrative excellence.

2015 266

The Time We Have


I am fascinated by time. I’m constantly aware of it – or so it seems. I notice things like movies that mention the word “time” in the title and then take a closer look to see if it’s something I might want to watch.

2015 103

Personality & Sleep: How To Be More Productive At Work

Dumb Little Man

It’s 11pm on Sunday and you’ve got to get up at eight for work. Your favorite movie just started, and you’ve got a decision to make. You choose the movie over sleep and struggle through the next day. Mondays, right? The fact of the matter is, we’ve all been there. We’ve all chosen to stay up later than we should or had a sleepless night that made work more difficult the next day. So, what’s the big deal?

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Daily Writing Tips

A reader has a question about the use of the transitive verb express: Is there something wrong with a phrase like this: “He expressed that he was tired”? It seems odd to me, but I can’t figure out why or if I’m just off base.

2015 94

The Productivityist Podcast 57: Crafting Coaches with Tony Stubblebine


On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Tony Stubblebine of We talk about the power of coaching, what it takes to be a coach, and several areas that people could really use coaching in so that they can take their work (and their lives) to the next level. Relevant Links.

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Derrick, From Gothic King to Cranes and Oil Rigs

Daily Writing Tips

The family name Derrick derives from the personal name commonly spelled Derek , which is a shortening of the Germanic name Theodoric , “ruler of the people.” Theodoric the Great (454-526), king of the Ostrogoths and eventual de facto ruler of Italy, probably inspired a great many European namesakes.

2015 90

These Ones vs. Those Ones

Daily Writing Tips

A reader questions the use of the phrase “these ones”: I was wondering about a manner of speech I have been hearing or reading and that seems not right to my ears: it is “these ones” as in the following: “If You Liked This Video, You’ll LOVE These Ones…” Isn’t the phrase complete with just “these”.

2015 88

Precursor To vs. Precursor Of

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks, Can you please tell me when to use “precursor to” and “precursor of”? Is there a difference between the two? Latin praecursor (“forerunner, advanced guard”) is from a verb meaning “to run in front of.” Latin cursor means, “to run.”.

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