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15 Grammar Goofs that make you look silly

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Your Willingness to Fail Will Determine How Often You Succeed

Dumb Little Man

Learning how to surf was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I have zero natural athletic ability, and I’ve never been good at sports. To add to that, the conditions are different every single time you paddle out. But, I persevered.

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Top 5 Small Business Fuel Saving Tips

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. With the price of fuel so high, now is a good time to make sure that everyone who is expected to drive for your business understands how they should be expected to drive. If this means…

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What Would They Do Without the Administrative Assistant?

Office Dynamics

Hello! I hope you enjoy today's Monday Motivator. What would they do if you weren’t there? Any professional should do this but I highly encourage administrative professionals to: Create a set of guidelines about how to do your job when you’re not there.

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If unemployed hiring managers will like this!

Job Advice Blog

If you have been unemployed for some time now or a recent victim to this economy, there is one thing that you can do to keep your resume current. Instead of having a gap from your last job to your current status, how about volunteering and adding that to your resume? It will make a [.]. Interview Advice by Jeff LeFevre Jeff LeFevre Job Advice Volunteering

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How Much Training Do You Really Need?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Is it really true that the more technical training and certifications you receive, the more valuable you are to clients? There are many classes and services readily available, but is it really necessary to do it all? In reality, this approach could backfire because it’s impossible to be everything to everyone. There is a good reason why Virtual Assistant specialists are more valuable than generalists who try to know and do everything.

The Solopreneur Handicap That Makes You Suck at Productivity

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

If you can pull it off, being a solopreneur is great. You can create wealth and usually bypass the usual freedom-devouring traps that most entrepreneurs get snared in. If the goal is wealth, freedom and sanity… the solopreneur life is an increasingly smart choice. Except for the side effect.

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The Car as a Mobile Office

Small Business Labs

We've long followed the trends toward connected cars.  Back in 2007 we discussed the growing role cars would play as mobile offices in the Intuit Future of Small Business report The Connected World of Entrepreneurs.

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The Cold, Hard Truth About Guest Posts

Men With Pens

Guest posting is a great way to get known and gain exposure for your business. I know, because I used guest posting as a marketing strategy for years. I still guest post when the mood strikes me. Heck, I even wrote an ebook about it. But most days, I’m on the other end of the spectrum.

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Are You Meeting Expectations?

Productivity Bits

If your company is conducting regular performance reviews, chances are you’ve already had your annual review. It’s already past March and you’re reading this from your work computer. You weren’t fired. Congratulations! If you’re like most knowledge workers, the minimum threshold you have to have to maintain your job status is meeting your company’s expectations. Your performance and productivity over a period of time must meet certain standards.

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Is It OK to Fudge the Truth on a Resume?

On The Job

Is it really a big deal to lie on a resume? The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a free-speech case involving a former California official convicted under the Stolen Valor Act after falsely claiming that he received the Congressional Medal of Honor , even though he never served in the military.

What Writers Can Learn From Therapy

Business Writing

In the Better Business Writing course on Friday, a participant named Sydnee shared an insight about remembering to focus on the reader's needs, especially in marketing messages. She gave me permission to share her idea with you. Sydnee suggested imagining. Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

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7 Tips to Get You Where You’re Going-On Time!

Ian's Messy Desk

Image via Wikipedia. Being on time is rarely a problem with me. For some reason, with all my other bad time-management habits, I don’t have a problem with tardiness. For those of you who are perpetually late, Maria Gracia gives seven simple tips to get you where you need to be – on time.

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How Much Is An Idea Worth

Productivity Bits

E piphany. Eureka. How much is an idea worth? It is virtually worth nothing. Really. The great products we see today are brought forth by some kind of thinking process. We call them concepts. Or imagination. Dream. Before we see products, a thought process must take place. But how important is an idea? If we are to put a tag price to a very important idea, how valuable is that idea in dollar terms?

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Do You Charge for Estimates?

Make or Break Moments

As a service provider, much of my time is spent meeting with potential customers. Whether over the phone or in person I have the opportunity to ask questions about their needs so that I can assess the project and offer an estimate for the cost and benefits of working together. I don’t charge for this. [.]. Connecting Moments Missed Moments

Coworking for Writers and Artists

Small Business Labs

Writers and other artists have long joined together to form coworking spaces, although they rarely call them that.  They usually call them clubs or salons.  San Francisco's Writers Grotto  considers itself a club.

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Adverse vs. Averse

Daily Writing Tips

Adverse and averse share the root verse , which stems from the Latin term vertere , meaning “to turn.” But their meanings are distinct and, taken literally, antonymic: Adverse , from the Latin word adversus (“turned toward, facing”), means “antagonistic”; the original term conjures of image of confrontation. Averse , meanwhile, comes from aversus (“turned away”) and means “strongly disinclined” or “strongly unfavorable to.”.

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10 ways to improve your public speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

According to The Book of Lists , the fear of public speaking ranks number one in the minds of the majority of people. Far above the fear of death and disease comes the fear of standing in front of a crowd. I was a member of Toastmasters for a number of years. I enjoyed the applause and after effects of successful speeches, but I hated the nerves and stress that went with the delivery. It goes without saying, great content can be ruined by poor delivery. Okay, I said it.)

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Received lousy customer service? Complain about it on Gripevine

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Millennial Myths

Small Business Labs

Good article in Strategy and Business on 5 Millennial Myths.  According to research by the authors, "stereotypes of millennials in the workplace are inconsistent at best and destructive at worst" Instead of the common view that Milennials (also called Gen Y, born roughly 1980 - 2000) are needy, lazy and not committed, the article argues that in terms of work Millennials are not that different than older Gen Xers and baby boomers.

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5 Inspirational Books for Teen Writers

Daily Writing Tips

A site visitor requested from me a roster of books that teenagers should read before they graduate from high school. However, I never strove to work my way through the literary classics (whatever they are), so any list I compile may seem deficient to those who believe that doing so will prepare young people to be great writers.


Brilliantly Better

Here we are, on one of the weekends I get to spend together with my 6 year old, Bianca, doing a little bit of shopping. It’s a really cold February Saturday, and the shop is pretty packed. As we’re approaching the cash register, we start to talk on a low voice: - Chinka paah ! I whisper. Checker-aah, checker-aah , she answers, visibly surprised. Shong-fa, ashta-na , I continue, pointing towards a shelf on my left. -

Getting Your Personal Life and Work Balance Back

Small Business CEO

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, we’ll soon be swapping our home office chairs with outdoor activities. With cold, gloomy Winter weather, you’ll most likely find me glued to my computer screen either working, blogging or shopping.

Taming the Inner Drill Sergeant

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. “You, maggot! You’ve got 10 minutes before you have to leave for that meeting. Don’t just sit there! Get something done! Move it! Move it! Move it!” ” Does that sound familiar?

Attribute Tags and Their Alternatives

Daily Writing Tips

While reviewing an article or a story you or someone else has written, you notice a preponderance of iterations of what are often referred to as attribute tags — phrases that identify a speaker, such as “he said” and “she said.” What do you do about this repetition? Several possibilities exist. The most obvious solution is to vary your attributions by using synonyms for said , and you can easily find such word sets online.

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Stop people making bad commitments and poor estimates


Imagine the scenario. The workshop went so well. You just stopped short of a group hug. You finished off by agreeing the actions. Everyone was so pumped up and serious. Fast forward 2 weeks. none of the actions happened! People are even claiming they don't remember taking any actions.

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Ideas For Adding Personality To Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Small Business CEO

Whether you like it or not Facebook will be upgrading everyone’s page with the new timeline design on March 30, 2012. You may have already noticed that you can switch to the new design now or just wait until then.

Hiding Content in Plain Sight

Business Writing

This morning a friend asked me if I was going to attend a film tonight that was listed in a weekly email newsletter. I told her I had not seen the event in the newsletter, and she insisted it was. Writing Tips

Gradable Words

Daily Writing Tips

Many adjectives have degrees of grade or intensity: big (adjective), bigger (comparative adjective), and biggest (superlative adjective), for examples of varying grades, or loud (adjective), louder (comparative adjective), and loudest (superlative adjective) as various levels of intensity. Others, however, have no variation: You cannot (notwithstanding the poetic license of the US Constitution’s “a more perfect union”) be perfecter than someone else or be the perfectest of all.

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Do You Charge for Estimates?

Make or Break Moments

As a service provider, much of my time is spent meeting with potential customers. Whether over the phone or in person I have the opportunity to ask questions about their needs so that I can assess the project and offer … Continue reading → Connecting Moments Missed Moments

How I Use Evernote


I’ve had Evernote on all of my Macs (and iOS devices) since it first came to market, but I never really dove into using it too much until my friend Brett Kelly delivered the goodness that is known as Evernote Essentials.

Sea Level or C-Level

Business Writing

In a recent business writing workshop, a participant introduced himself by saying he writes for a C-level audience. Another attendee, who lives in Alaska and works with the communities of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands, was immediately intrigued: Sea level. Writing Tips

A Quiz About Tactical Syntactical Revision

Daily Writing Tips

Most writers understand that whole subject-verb-predicate thing, but there’s more to crafting sentences than making sure they include those basic ingredients (but not necessarily in that order — and, then again, a sentence doesn’t really require any of those elements). The following sample sentences suffer from poor organization (and, as a result, their readers suffer, too).

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

Eat Your Career

Here’s a lesson I’m still learning: Changing your mind isn’t the same as giving up. You see, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals— how to set them properly , how to see them through, how to keep your perspective about achieving them. As most of you know, I’m kind of a goal junkie.