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Why You Need a Mindful Journaling Practice

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Each person should find time to have a break and think about what is bothering them. Mindful journaling will help to figure out what is in your heart. Our hectic lifestyles lead to stress, depression, and other similar problems.

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Customize Your Zoom Background for Your Home Business

Tips From T. Marie

It seems like everyone is using Zoom for video conferencing during this time of social distancing due to Covid-19. Students and teachers are using it for learning.

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Independent Workers Qualify for Unemployment Insurance Under the CARES Act

Small Business Labs

Last week Congress passed and the president signed the CARES Act, a $2 trillion stimulus bill designed to help businesses and Americans weather the economic storm caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Independent workers (the self-employed, freelancers, gig workers, etc.) qualify for a number of assistance programs contained in the bill.    We'll be covering these over the next couple of days.  

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The organised Assistant

Practically Perfect PA

The role of the Assistant these days is pretty diverse; one day you will be assisting one Executive with personal tasks, the next you may be making business travel arrangements for a different person, managing a project, working on a big event or hiring a new Administrative team.

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5 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

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As our home’s first line of defense against harsh sunlight, torrential rains, heavy snow, and the elements in general, the roof is the part of our home that tends to sustain a lot of damage over time. Considering the importance of our roof, any sign that it has a problem must be addressed right away.

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Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals (Webinar)

Eat Your Career

Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of Career Advancement for Administrative Professionals. April is Admin Appreciation Month! Consequently, this month’s webinar is devoted to administrative professionals. If you’re not an admin, you are still welcome to attend.

How Many Employees Will Small Business Layoff?

Small Business Labs

Based on an industry by industry analysis of small business employment, our base case estimate is employer small businesses will layoff about 21 million employees through July (1).

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5 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Web Design Projects

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With more and more people starting their own business, the demand for custom website designs is continuously on the rise. Whether offering a product or service, a business can gain their consumer’s trust with a high quality website.

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Unemployed? Transferable Skills are the Answer

On The Job

In the coming weeks and months you're going to hear a lot about "transferable skills." Transferable skills are those abilities that you can use in a variety of jobs: communication, organization and teamwork.

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The Stimulus Programs Gig Workers and Freelancers Qualify For

Small Business Labs

Congress passed and the president signed the massive Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) economic stimulus package last week.    The legislation contains a number of provisions aimed at helping independent workers (the self-employed, freelancers, gig workers, etc.) weather the economic storm caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Time Management Skills for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

One of the biggest struggles executive assistants report to me is mastering effective time management. Let’s face it: your days are chaotic. You’re pulled in a million different directions, and many of you have multiple leaders to support.

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Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance their Business Ideas

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Every entrepreneur or startup owner faces the biggest concern of financing their business. With minimal experience and no business background, entrepreneurs find it very hard to get the money at the initial level.

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Podcast 143: Tips from work-at-home veterans

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio. You can leave a review here! ?. In this podcast I talk to two women, Melissa Kirk and Mimi Heft, who normally work at home to get some tips for the rest of us who are suddenly now doing that.

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30 Day Challenge: 5 Minute Breathing

Simple Productivity Blog

For April of 2020 I am going to stretch myself to start a simple daily meditation: 5 minutes of focusing on my breathing. The post 30 Day Challenge: 5 Minute Breathing appeared first on Laura Earnest. 30 Day Challenge

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Administrative Professional’s Day: Best Gift for Your Assistant

Office Dynamics

When I worked as an executive assistant, I was always flattered on Administrative Professional’s Day when my leader would generously give me a gift in recognition for my service and hard work. It made me feel special and truly meant a lot to me.

2020 137

How to Access Your Favorite TV Show or Movie from Anywhere

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Imagine leaving home for good as an expat or just traveling for a while.

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Misbehaving Memes: thou, with, and went

Daily Writing Tips

Since Richard Dawkins coined the word in 1976, meme has become familiar to social media users as a captioned graphic used to convey a thought meant to be amusing, inspiring, or informative and shareworthy.

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30 Day Challenge Wrapup: A Puzzle A Day

Simple Productivity Blog

I'm sure that doing puzzles can be a great help to those who want to up their mental game, but it didn't have the effects I was hoping for. The post 30 Day Challenge Wrapup: A Puzzle A Day appeared first on Laura Earnest. 30 Day Challenge

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Should You Launch a Business in Edinburgh?

Small Business CEO

There are numerous reasons why you should consider launching a small business in Edinburgh, aside from the fact that the Scottish capital’s average monthly rent of £946 remains relatively competitive. Skill levels in Edinburgh are also relatively high, with 57.7%

2020 70

How AI Makes You A Better Photographer

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Once upon a time you needed to carry camera equipment around with you if you wanted to be able to document anything throughout your day. At first, cameras were reserved for still, seated photos only, but over time camera technology improved so that cameras were easily portable.

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You Could Use An MVP Day


Whenever I’m feeling drained, sick, or otherwise low on energy I don’t just use energy as a filter for the tasks I’m going to work on. I also use my criteria for an MVP Day as a way to get the right things done.

2020 61

Evernote: Managing Someday Tasks

Simple Productivity Blog

Most people have moments when they see something and think, "I'd like to do that someday." If you're not going to forget about it, that means you either have to do it right now or write it down somewhere so you won't forget.

2020 130

How Restrictive Legacy Technology is Holding Your Business Back

Small Business CEO

Remember your favorite old pair of jeans that you wore everywhere just because they were comfortable? Legacy technology is something similar to that. Any form of an old method, technology, or system used in a working space comes under this category. photo credit: Uncle Saiful / Flickr.

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How Come There Are Fewer Women than Men in Tech?

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Women have made huge strides in every field, yet tech is one industry where they are still underrepresented. Even though many women are responsible for shaping the tech world the way it is today, they are not being given their due.

2020 180

Episode 290: Creative Menopause with Chase Reeves [Recorded LIVE at The BIG Ready]


On this special episode I’m joined by Chase Reeves LIVE at The BIG Ready to talk about many things, including something Chase calls “creative menopause.”

2020 52

How a Headless CMS can speed up your Digital Transformation

Small Business CEO

Headless CMS has become quite a big thing in the past few years, but there are still a lot of developers who continue to use a traditional content management system. The following article discusses how a headless CMS can provide potential benefits and help you speed up your digital transformation.

2020 68

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) Recruiters

Small Business CEO

The world of entrepreneurship is an exciting and dynamic one that involves quick thinking and determination. Competition is high, oversaturation of the market is common, and ample funding is necessary. In truth, we’re all just trying to make it. photo credit: Traction Process.

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How to Get Everyone In Your Team Involved in a Project

Small Business CEO

Undertaking a new project can come up with a lot of challenging tasks. All from planning to directing the assigned venture, a team of proactive individuals can certainly help you in meeting your goal. While on the other hand, even the slightest of remissness can nullify all your hard efforts.

2020 65

3 Best File Sharing Services

Small Business CEO

Online file sharing is convenient and lets users share large files quickly. In many cases, it’s desirable over sharing files via email. This is because emails limit the size of attachments that can be sent.

How to use IT Tracking Systems To Flag Upcoming Problems in Your Network

Small Business CEO

We use tools and machines to take out errors from the workplace as much as possible. For this, we turn manual work into programmed work, and that is somehow not adequate for all tasks.

2020 63

Tips to Start Your Own Business at University

Small Business CEO

I am glad that you are reading this article. It means that you are a student who doesn’t want to get a diploma and find a 9-5 job. If you are looking for some tips to starting your own business, you are in the correct place. Pros of Being an Entrepreneur. Is it hard to run your own business?

2020 63

5 Things to Look Out for In A Professional Translation Service

Small Business CEO

Translation services are fast becoming a major requirement of modern day businesses. Does your business require qualified linguistics and translation services ? It is important that you understand what you need to look out for when deciding on a translation service.

2020 63

Running a Multi-national Digital Business? You Should Use a Virtual HQ. Here’s Why.

Small Business CEO

A Virtual headquarter – or Virtual HQ – in a nutshell allows businesses to benefit from all the advantages of having a prestigious address, landline phone number, and team support without committing to dedicated office space.

2020 63

Truly Memorable: Does Your Business Have a Niche?

Small Business CEO

Successful businesses find a product or service niche and learn how to excel in it. Entrepreneurs should find their niche before even drafting a business plan, but those who are already getting a business off the ground and want to become more focused can still play catch-up.

2020 60

4 Tips For Motivating Your Employees

Small Business CEO

Motivated employees are the most productive kind. In order to get the best out of them, you have to keep them working efficiently by their own choice. It can be incredibly frustrating to find yourself with a group of employees that aren’t driven to get the job done.

2020 60

4 Hints To Get Your Small Business Rolling

Small Business CEO

Starting a small business is a big commitment. You have to have passion and drive, and to a degree, you have to know what you’re doing in the business realm as well as in your product’s universe.

2020 60

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work in 2020?

Small Business CEO

Many ambitious entrepreneurs have tried their hand at being professional affiliate marketers and failed. On the other hand, there are some affiliate marketers that have made a huge success of their online selling businesses.

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