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Health Benefits of Sewing: Sew or Quilt for A Healthier Life

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Everybody needs a healthy hobby in their lives. It can be any activity that creates a positive effect on a person’s mental and physical health. Sewing and quilting are two great examples. These hobbies are a great choice for people of all ages because they are very enjoyable.

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Happy Holidays!

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Podcast 134: Set achievable goals

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by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! This is podcast 134 and it’s about setting achievable goals. We live in a culture where we’re encouraged to set daring goals for ourselves. There’s even an acronym, BHAG, that stands for big, hairy, audacious goal.

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Employers No Longer Disqualify Those With Criminal Backgrounds

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From July 2007 to July 2008, more than 10,000 people left Las Vegas as the unemployment rate in the metro area skyrocketed to more than 12 percent and home prices plunged by 30 percent. It was a grim time.

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Self-Doubt

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We all have moments of self-doubt. Whether you’re giving a presentation at work or moving to a foreign country, it’s impossible to escape the little voice in your head that questions your decisions. Not all self-doubt is bad though. Self-doubt can help identify areas that we need to improve.

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10 Commandments of Stress Reduction

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There is too much stress in our lives. We're so busy and overwhelmed that our stress levels creep up. And it's not good for us. Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, eating disorders and more. It's a killer.

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7 Ways a Customer Journey Mapping Exercise Can Redefine Your B2B Marketing Plan Next Year

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Customer journey mapping is one of the greatest marketing strategies in recent times and something that will certainly continue in the year ahead. But what is customer journey mapping?

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How to Create Facebook Video Ads in Minutes: Tips For Beginners

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Facebook video ads are an essential part of any business’ social media toolkit. According to Wyzowl, people recall just 20% of the information they read compared to 80% when info is presented in more visual formats. This largely explains the rise of self-directed learning on Youtube.

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Episode 276: Freeing The Dream with Cliff Ravenscraft


On this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Cliff Ravenscraft. For more than a decade, Cliff had been known as the Podcast Answer Man. He’s trained tens of thousands of individuals how to successfully launch an audio podcast. Today, Cliff is a business and life coach.

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5 Things You Need On Hand Before Selling Your Online Business

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Selling an online business is never an easy process. However, the rewards can be awesome. The success of the sale will prepare you for whatever route you decide to take, and ultimately, life-changing. The value of your business is as a result of several factors.

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The Most Common Smartphone Myths Finally Debunked

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Smartphones aren’t cheap. So when you hear tips and tricks about fixing them or prolonging their lifespan, you’d readily give them a try. Unfortunately, not everything you read on the internet is true. Here are the most common smartphone myths and the truth behind them.

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Reinventing the Office Experience: How Office Design Has Changed

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As technological innovations continue to change the nature of work, business owners and professionals work on creating a space that encourages productivity and business prosperity.

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How Gut Health Can Support Weight Management

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Believe it or not, we’ve got millions and millions of different types of bacteria in our intestines. These microscopic organisms aren’t bad, though. In fact, they are necessary. These gut bacteria are very important for our overall well-being.

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WordPress Holiday Plugin: Top Picks You Can Use This Season

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Although it’s the holidays, your business should still be up and running to accommodate your customers. Being online and responsive is vital if you want to boost your sales this season. But what can you do?

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Can You Use Credit While Enrolled in a Debt Management Plan?

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A debt management plan (DMP) is one possible path forward. But of course, you have questions. Like: How does debt management work? How long does it take? Is it true you have to stop using credit while enrolled in a DMP? Keep reading to learn more. What to Expect from a DMP.

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Should You Pay off Your Car Loan Early?

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Popular wisdom says anytime you can pay off a debt early you should do so. However, there are some instances in which you shouldn’t end a car loan early. Let’s take a look at some of the arguments for doing so and some key reasons against it. For: Keeps You “Right Side Up” in the Loan.

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7 Strategies to Boost Ecommerce Sales In 2020 and Beyond

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It is the dream of every entrepreneur to expand their customer base. Though it could be a tedious task if not done correctly, with the right tool, I bet you it will work wonders. In truth, for you to boost sales on your e-commerce store, you do not need any fast and hard rules.

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Condo in Brooklyn: Did You Know That Rents in Brooklyn Are Going Up?

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Once seen as something of a black sheep compared to shinier, glitzier Manhattan, Brooklyn has truly come into its own. Residents love the borough’s character and vitality, and many now work there instead of commuting across the Hudson River.

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4 Beneficial Tips on Paying your Student Loans Fast

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It’s fast to get loans, but to repay them can be challenging. A good education comes with a price tag. However, millennials and generation Z don’t feel the same. Many graduates of current times face the grueling task of paying off their loans.

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Walking the Walk: Why YOU Are the Key to Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

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Sustainability isn’t an issue companies fear addressing. Findings from a 2019 study by United Nations Global Compact and Accenture Strategy confirm that trend. According to the study, 48% of CEOs include sustainability efforts in their business operations.

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5 Keys to Writing a Great Business Plan

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A well written business plan can make or break your business. With a good business plan, you will be able to attract investors, know what to expect from your industry, and be aware of the strategies and performance of your competitors.


8 Sales Automation Tips To Increase Revenue

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Market leaders are embracing automation to increase sales. 67% of marketing leaders are currently using some form of marketing automation. Another 21% say they plan to add it within two years. They move to automation is because it works.

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4 Signs You’re Ready for an Office Space

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Is your home office your advantage, or is it preventing your company’s growth? During the early phases of launching your business, your home office is your advantage. It enables you to run as financially lean as possible. This means you can focus your time and your budget on building the company.

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MOT Testing on Your Business Car: What is it, and Why Should You do it?

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The MOT is a statutory check carried out and administered throughout the United Kingdom by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), a collaboration of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).