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Working From Home: How To Protect Yourself Against Your 7 Deadly Habits

Dumb Little Man

Your friends are jealous of you. You work from home and you’re always bragging about how flexible, fulfilling and rewarding it is. No awful commute, no terrible boss, no pointless conversations with awful work colleagues. You’re in control and accountable to no-one.

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How do assistants get promoted?

Practically Perfect PA

Pin It. Here is a brief history of my career to date – After University I landed my first job as a Team Administrator at Deloitte, after a year and a half I left to join the Institute of Chartered Accountants where again I worked as an Administrator and Assistant to a department manager.

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How to Deal with Constant Complainers in the Workplace

Eat Your Career

You know that person who always has something to whine about? Super annoying, right? Working with a constant complainer can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. And if you’re not careful, the situation could go from an irritation to a serious career killer.

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Black Friday Deals Your Website Will Thank You For

Eco-Office Gals

We’re going to try to battle the Black Friday crowd this year to get both of my girls a 4G ipod touch. If we can grab them up we can finally have our iphones to ourselves. We haven’t done this in years and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.

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3 Proven Ways To Tell You’re Being Lied To

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever listened to someone speak and you secretly wondered if they were really telling you the truth? Or maybe you recently listened to someone as that person told you a story…but the story seemed to have logical gaps… it just didn't make all that much sense?

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Are Kids Too Expensive?

Small Business Labs

Of course kids are too expensive. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it costs $234,900 on average to raise a kid. This is up from an inflation adjusted $191,000 in 1960. By  By the way, these numbers do not include college costs.

Contest: Win Wonderful Day And Save Your Habits!

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. With the holiday season just about upon us, it is very easy for good habits to go right out the window. Or perhaps you need to establish a good habit to get you through.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your Goals and Live Goal-Free

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How often have you struggled with your goals? Most people set goals to get away from something. Don’t have money? Set a goal to make $100,000/year and you’re on your way. But there’s a problem hiding in plain sight. It often doesn’t make you happy.

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The Startup Fiscal Cliff

Small Business Labs

We hear lots of discussion these days about the fiscal cliff. This, of course, is about taxes and federal spending. But startups face their own fiscal cliff. Over the last few years, there's been a surge in startup activity. This has been driven by several trends. First, It's never been easier or cheaper to start a tech and/or web company. And the the maturation and growth of the Internet and other technologies and industries (genomics, clean tech, robotics, Big Data, etc.)

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PA in Europe

Practically Perfect PA

I did something a bit crazy this weekend and now writing this blog I am absolutely exhausted and in complete recovery mode but at the same time I wouldn’t change my weekend for the world. So what did I do?

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How College Students Can Prep for Green Careers

Eco-Office Gals

If you are a college student who is preparing for a career in a “green industry”, you have made a very wise choice.

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5 Steps to Laser-Sharp Focus

Dumb Little Man

Procrastination, fear , and overwhelm are just some of the things that stop us from taking action and reaching our dreams. Is focus the absence of all distractions, or is it just a state of mind that can be attained whenever, wherever?

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Review: The Dalai Lama’s Cat

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I have a hard time reading non-fiction. But put the concepts in a novel, and I am right there! The Dalai Lama’s Cat is a book that teaches the concepts of Buddhism through a work of fiction.

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Good Advice on Working From Home

Small Business Labs

I saw two good articles on working from home yesterday. Is Working at Home Right for You  does a nice job outlining the key issues one should consider prior to deciding to work from home.   The one item they left out is loneliness, which is interesting because it's the single biggest complaint about working from home we hear in our research. People miss the human interaction and social aspects of work. There's also a professional aspect to this.

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Top 5 Green Accounting Solutions for Your Business

Eco-Office Gals

As more and more people are becoming aware of the great and many benefits that come with making “green” (eco-friendly) lifestyle choices, it is becoming apparent to many individuals that being energy-efficient is the right way to go: at home and at work.

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How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln

On The Job

I don't profess to be an expert on Abraham Lincoln, but what I have read about his life has been inspiring. He was the focus on a recent column I did for Gannett/USA Today.

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Are You A Productivity Tortoise? Or Hare?

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. The the famous fable by Aesop, a hare challenges a tortoise to a race. As the race progresses, the rabbit works in spurts, getting sidetracked at various points, always telling himself he is far ahead and still has time to win.

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Healthcare for Freelancers

Small Business Labs

Good article in Businessweek on the Freelancers Union new health care clinic for freelancers. The 6,000 square foot clinic is in Brooklyn and will provide free care and wellness programs to freelancers who have a Freelancers Union health insurance plan and choose the clinic’s doctors as their primary care physicians.

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Getting Your Home Routines Under Control Can Help Your Business Grow

Productive & Organized

As a business owner with children, your schedule often changes as your kids' schedule changes.    I'm experiencing that right now!    My son, David, has decided to join the wrestling team. 

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On My Travels Again

Office Organization Success

I’m on my travels again. This time I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina, as Associate Consultant for Suzanne Evans’ 10K Club. It’s been a few months since I’ve been with this group of entrepreneurs and I’m excited to see how they’ve grown their businesses during this time. This week I hosted a live, virtual workshop, How To Put Your Follow-Up on Autopilot Using Autoresponders.

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Top 5 Tips for Being Kinder to the Environment

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Even small businesses should be doing all they can to try and reduce their energy emissions. Try to re-think your working practices and decide where savings can be made, such as switching…

Preparing For The Holidays (Free Ebooks)

Simple Productivity Blog

A few years ago I wrote two ebooks about the holidays. These were both written out of my experience, and I use the methods outlined in both of them today. With the upcoming holiday season, I decided that these books needed to reach a wider audience. The best part? They’re both free for you.

Moxie Tip 281: Let the World Know Who You Are

Virtual Moxie

The distance between at cause and at effect, in reality, is just one step. Envision that when it gets hard and you notice yourself feeling tossed about by something you’re not in control of. Then, consciously take a step to the side, as if stepping from where you are, in the muck and mire of it all, to a new place—a place where you pull up your big girl panties, actually stand in your own power, call your own shots, and get on with what YOU want for your biz and life.

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Pause Now to Consider Your Success Goals for Next Year

Office Dynamics

NOTE: Monday Motivators will be taking a holiday for Thanksgiving (November 26). Hello, Monday Motivators! If you think it’s still too soon to start planning your professional and personal goals for 2013, I want to encourage you to think again! As quickly as this year passed, so will next year.

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The Small Business Blog

I like the Enterprise Rockers – a group founded to make life fairer for micro-businesses. The way it works is that anyone can become what is known as a “Band Leader” – meaning form a local group with the aim to support each other in business. Not only to sell to each other, but also…

Pomodoro Technique 101

Productivity Bits

To get started, you only need a to-do task list and the Pomodoro Timer (affiliate link) or any 30-minute kitchen timer. Start with your first task in the list. Set the Pomodoro Timer to 30 minutes. Start working. Pay attention to the timer. If you reach the 25th minute, stop working and take a short 5 minute break. You might get tempted to just continue working but you must stop. You must follow the system.

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Moxie Tip 278: Figuring Out the Why

Virtual Moxie

If you’re in your business (or life), feeling like there’s something else, or something more out there for you, consider your passion(s). I know everyone under the sun says to do what you love and the money will follow, or some rendition of that. What I’m going to say is that in order to know where you belong in life, you need to understand what you enjoy, and why. Moxie Tips assistu be a successful virtual assistant moxie tips virtual assistant virtual assistant success tips virtual assistants

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The Big Turkey Day Weekend Sale

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics has a great holiday weekend sale for you! Don't forget to shop! We know you may not be interested in shopping on Thanksgiving so our sale is extended all the way through Cyber Monday! We are offering 40% off all Joan Burge authored books, CDs and DVDs!

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Humble Pie For Thanksgiving

The Small Business Blog

Greed is bad for business and for your job! It is one form of losing focus on the essential! Especially during times like these demanding more, while everyone is cutting costs and saving money wherever they can, is a sure way of losing customers, maybe even your business and/or your job. Humble pie is the…

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Giving Thanks

Simple Productivity Blog

Today in the US we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Started as a harvest festival, it has now expanded into a celebration of family and friends. Today I want to offer you, my readers, my thanks, because without you this blog would not exist. Thanks for reading, and be safe. More great content can be found on the site at, or you can find me on Twitter ( @SmplProdBlog ) and Facebook ( ).

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Does Your Work Impact Your Aliveness?

Virtual Moxie

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post about aliveness and how your work contributes to it or detracts from it. As a topic, it's come up a lot recently for my coaching clients, and the original plan was to write something new. But when I read what I'd written, I knew I couldn't best it. So here it is again: Dismiss Whatever Insults Your Own Soul. And I want to ask--what are your questions about having your work contribute to your aliveness? How can I help you have what you most want in this regard?

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Why Do You Write?

Men With Pens

Think of your favorite book. Better yet, go and get your favorite book, feel its heft in your hand, flip through its pages, smell its bookness.

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Beware the trademark conmen

The Small Business Blog

I have a recent experience regarding trade marks which I should share. We may only be a micro business, but we feel our name and logo – our brand – is so valuable. We registered it ten years ago. It was due for renewal in January. During the summer we received an official-looking notification, complete…

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7 Vehicular Violations of Proper English

Daily Writing Tips

Advertising in the form of signage printed on vehicles is a road hazard when exasperating errors and extraneous elements in the mobile messaging distract motorists. Here are photographs of seven moving violations, with commentary.

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Moxie Tip 280: Honor Resources

Virtual Moxie

Clients often notice that things feel off to them, but they don’t often have the self-awareness to know why. VAs often notice that things with clients feel off to them and they don’t know why, either. Not having resource limits respected is often the culprit. Honoring the resources will strengthen the relationship with your client, and allow you to get more work done simply and easily.

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Writing Tips from Blackbeard the Pirate

Men With Pens

Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, is perhaps the most notorious pirate that ever lived. As pirates are a generally notorious bunch, that’s no mean feat. Blackheard captured a French merchant vessel, renamed her Queen Anne’s Revenge, and outfitted her with more than 40 guns.

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Taking your business start-up to the clouds

The Small Business Blog

There is considerable and growing hype regarding cloud computing and its potential benefits to businesses of all sizes. The premise behind cloud computing may sound very ‘airy-fairy’ but it’s actually a very useful, practical concept that can improve efficiencies and increase security regarding sensitive business data. A common misconception is that your data is floating…

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