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4 Productivity Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Dumb Little Man

The biggest obstacle to our success as business owners is often not a lack of knowledge or resources, but rather our ability to manage time. As a freelancer, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with several time management strategies over the past few years.

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How to Make Going Green Easier on Employees

Eco-Office Gals

Deciding to go green in your business is a great thing to do. However, everyone may not be on board. Many times, employees hesitate because change isn’t always easy to deal with. They may feel like these changes are forcing them to do things that make no sense or make their jobs harder.

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When Losing is the Answer – 3 Things to Lose for your Best Year Yet

Practically Perfect PA

I love the book Transitions by William Bridges , he says that new beginnings, all begin with an ending. As a result we may feel a sense of loss, then feel a little lost before we can embrace a new beginning.

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Career Success A to Z:D is for Diminishing Returns

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. Okay, stick with me. This might sound like an odd one, but it’s valuable nonetheless.

2016 138

8 Interview Tips For Introverts

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As an introvert myself, I know how difficult it is when the spotlight is right on you. The thought of talking spontaneously to total strangers brings sweaty beads of nervousness on the forehead, and interviews are just as much of a challenge, if not more of a challenge.

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Building a Strong Partnership with Your Boss

Office Dynamics

Building a strong partnership with your boss takes the right combination of time, practice, trust and these key elements addressed by Joan Burge in this free webinar. We invite you to watch the replay: Building a Strong Partnership. Important Webinar Resources.

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10 reasons to attend Assist 2017

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few months I have been busy behind the scenes working on the programme for Assist 2017. It is coming together really well, so I thought now would be a good time to share 10 reasons why I think you lovely lot should attend. It is on Friday 24th February in London.

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Most Powerful New Year Quotes to Motivate Anyone for a Fresh New Beginning in 2017

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After sending out inspiring Christmas quotes , follow up with our new collection of motivational Happy New Year quotes. Post them on your social media and inspire all your friends and followers too! And if one quote or saying resonates with you, own it! Start the year with the right mindset.

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10 Ways You Can Get Control Of Your Day

Office Dynamics

I hope you are doing well this second Monday of December. I’ve been having a jolly time hosting daily webinars that started December 1 as a part of our 12 Days of Christmas this year.

2016 173

Upwork and the Paradox of Place

Small Business Labs

The average distance between buyers and sellers of services on the talent marketplace  Upwork  is over 1,000 miles. If you look at transactions where the buyers and sellers are both in the U.S., 96% of the buyers and sellers are more than 50 miles apart.

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How to write and keep New Year’s resolutions

Productivity Bits

The start of a new year is often seen as the beginning of a new you; a clean slate that allows you to look back on the previous year, see where you went wrong, and correct those mistakes while growing and rebuilding yourself. It can be your health or physical fitness; it can be that dream job you wanted to get or any goal that you have always wanted to achieve; this is the time to do it!

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The Problem of the Perfect Parent

Dumb Little Man

As parents, we may try to keep a clean house, practice good time management skills with getting everyone in the family where they need to be on time, and in general have our act together and run a tight ship. We may not succeed all the time, but striving to do our best is a good thing.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Must-Have Skills for 2017

Office Dynamics

What are the eight must-have skills for executive and administrative assistants for today? As you enter into 2017, be sure you are equipped with this top-notch skill set. Joan also talks about one bonus skill, tune in to see what it is.

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5 Cases of a Missing Hyphen

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the following sentences, omission of a hyphen hinders comprehension; discussion and a revision follows each example. Two and a half months elapse between when the president elect is declared the winner of the election and when he or she takes office.

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Christmas Video – North Star client

Andrea Kalli

The holidays is a perfect time to let your clients know you are thinking of them and that you appreciate them. Using a Christmas video as a message of appreciation to clients is one way to share your heartfelt message. In this video, the final scene shows a logo-to-snow effect, complete with wind whoosh sound effects, providing that extra special holiday goodness. By Andrea Kalli – Video Editing & Marketing Services.

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Gym Exercises That Will Boost Your Winter Regime

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Have your workouts been stalled by the ever-changing winter weather? Going out for a run isn’t the most appealing exercise option during the winter months. Not only is it cold but it can be extremely daunting running alone in the darkness.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Proactive Professional with Chrissy Scivicque

Office Dynamics

In this webinar we get to dig in deep with Chrissy Scivicque about what the skill “proactive” really is. What does it look like, how do you acquire and build this skill and so much more. We hope you take the time to tune in and watch this free webinar replay.

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3 Steps to Building Productivity Habits That Stick


“Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.” – Charles Reade. Productivity requires taking action on your intentions. The best way to make progress with your intentions is to find a way to pay attention to them. Productivity habits – repeated actions that pair your intentions with attention – are an excellent way to do this. But this kind of progress doesn’t happen overnight.

2016 66

Achieving Parallel Structure in Sentences with Parenthesis

Daily Writing Tips

When a sentence includes a form of parenthesis—a word, phrase, or clause framed by a pair of commas, dashes, or parentheses—writers must take care that the statement surrounding the interjection is structurally valid so that if the optional parenthesis is omitted, the remaining wording is still coherent.

2016 89

3 Actionable Steps To Help You Overcome Fears

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever not eaten a new food because you were afraid that it might taste bad? Have you ever not gone out with a new group of people even if you wanted to? Have you ever not delivered a presentation even though you knew it would bring amazing benefits to you?

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Mastering Exceptional Self Leadership for Assistants

Office Dynamics

In this free webinar Joan Burge dives right into the important skills that any administrative professional needs to embrace to become an exceptional self-leader. We invite you to view the webinar replay: Mastering Self Leadership. Webinar Resources.

2016 159

The Productivityist Podcast: Broadcasting Happiness with Michelle Gielan


We’re “broadcasting happiness” on this episode of The Productivityist Podcast with my guest Michelle Gielan, the bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness. Michelle was a national CBS news anchor turned happiness researcher, founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and has a new special airing on PBS called Inspire Happiness with her husband, fellow happiness researcher Shawn Achor.

2016 63

Literal Meanings and Pedantic Precision

Daily Writing Tips

Earlier this year, the Merriam-Webster website, which, along with its paper-and-ink version, is notorious for its laissez-faire approach to word usage, expressed an intriguing argument in one of its Usage Notes: Chill out about preserving the “original” meaning of words.

2016 80

12 Christmas Quotes about Love and Family that will Lift Your Spirits

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Do you need inspiring Christmas quotes and cards to send out to your loved ones this holiday season? Friends, throughout the year, our minds are filled with thoughts of improving our businesses, boosting our productivity and focus, and ultimately creating success.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant

Office Dynamics

In today’s free webinar Joan shares Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant and she covers the topic of Creating a Career Portfolio. So much great information in this webinar. Please enjoy the replay. Watch the replay: Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant.

2016 152

How Companies Can Make Use Of CRM Systems

Small Business CEO

Customer relationship management systems, better known as CRMs, make running a business much simpler. Regardless of the industry you work in, it’s important to keep on top of your relationships with customers to improve trust, increase brand loyalty and deliver an excellent service.

2016 72

Abbreviations in Science and Technology

Daily Writing Tips

Because of the bewildering variety of abbreviations for scientific and technological terms and the inconsistency of treatment, writers and editors are advised to consult with publications like The Chicago Manual of Style or a handbook specific to a scientific discipline or to an industry to confirm standard modes of abbreviation for specific terms.

2016 80

Todo List Apps for People Who Don’t Like Todo Lists

Dumb Little Man

To-do list and task manager apps can be great as a second brain. They act as a repository for all of the things that we need to do but struggle to remember.

2016 272

The Perfect Gift for Everyone in Your Office

Office Dynamics

Happy cheerful colleagues celebrating christmas party in office smiling giving presents. Every year, managers and human resources professionals like you struggle with the same issue: what to give their employees for the holidays.

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How To Make Sure Your Christmas Party Doesn’t Turn In To A Nightmare

Small Business CEO

It’s nearing the time of year when you get to have fun at the office Christmas party. These parties are often held as team-bonding activities that ingratiate employees to their employer.

2016 70

Punctuation Quiz #8: Strong-Comma Semicolons

Daily Writing Tips

All but one of the following sentences incorrectly employs or omits one or more semicolons; revise sentences as necessary to demonstrate correct use of punctuation: 1.

2016 76

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Office Space Caters To Each Stage Of A Business Journey

Dumb Little Man

Instead of asking where you will work, the more important thing to consider is how to make your space work for you. As your company evolves and grows, take a good look at your office space and check if it is still the optimal setup for your current circumstances.

2016 272

The Power Of Intention

Brilliantly Better

If you ask a teenager these days about the Law Of Attraction, chances are that you will get a decent answer. Most likely, that teenager will know at least the basic information on the topic. He may even give you… The post The Power Of Intention appeared first on Dragos Roua. Spirituality & Beliefs

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Making Your Market – How to Find Your Lead Generation Unicorn

Small Business CEO

Everybody wants something for nothing. It’s human nature to want free stuff, but free doesn’t necessarily need to mean it’s ‘cheap and hasty’.

2016 69

How to Become More Resilient Under Stress

45 Things

The sometimes unrelenting stress of a job can keep both employees and leaders awake at night. They toss and turn as they ruminate about a variety of issues, such as whether an important customer will sign a new contract or if there will be layoffs after a merger.

2016 63

Top 4 Benefits of Red Cabbage Juice That You Should Know

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Any nutritionist will tell you that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for your body especially when taken raw. This is because heating or boiling denatures or destroys the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

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Advice on Working in the Gig Economy From a Successful Gig Worker

Small Business Labs

We noticed a really good comment with excellent advice on working in the gig economy in the Harvard Business Review article Who Wins in the Gig Economy, and Who Loses.    We liked it so much, we are reprinting here in its entirety: I'm a huge winner in the new economy.  I left the corporate track about 11 years ago and dramatically increased both my earnings and my quality of life.

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