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How to Deal With an Overly Critical Boss

Eat Your Career

I’ve heard from a lot of people lately who are all suffering with the same problem: An overly critical boss. There’s nothing worse than working for someone who only sees the negative. When you do great work, it’s ignored.

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4 Simple Steps to Securely Send Credit Card Information

Office Organization Success

Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they are asked to send their credit card information in order to finalize a business transaction. If the vendor you’re using doesn’t have a secure shopping cart interface that you can use, there are a few other alternatives.

More Workers with Autism Entering Workplace

On The Job

Autism is a subject that often promotes a great deal of debate. The causes. The solutions. Employers are now entering that discussion, as they will be seeing more job applicants with autism spectrum disorder. It's an issue I looked at in my latest Gannett/USA Today column. An estimated 1.5

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Christmas gifts for assistants!

Practically Perfect PA

It’s nearly Christmas! As assistants I’m sure you have been aware of this fact for quite some time as you would have been running around organising everyone’s Christmas festivities including parties, cards, presents, decorations and goodness knows what else!

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Top 5 Tips for Small Business Payroll

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Once you start employing people it is essential that you are aware of your obligations as an employer. In the UK, this means registering as an employer and submitting P35 and P14…

How to Keep Your Sanity After Losing Your Job

Dumb Little Man

Losing your job can certainly make you nuts, especially when you are the bread winner in the family; when a lot of people you love depend on you. With the instability of the economy nowadays, you never know. You might be laid off tomorrow regardless of how hard you work.

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Why Spiked Eggnog May Be Just What Your Career Needs

On The Job

Are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Thinking about settling down for a long winter’s nap? Trying to figure out where you’re going to find seven lords a-leaping?

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Working Online: What is Really Needed?

Eco-Office Gals

The economy is slowing recovering but that doesn’t mean that every industry is coming back in the same shape it was in before. Many positions are coming gone and are probably never coming back because there are more efficient ways to perform those tasks.

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5 Ways I Stopped Depriving Myself of Sleep

Dumb Little Man

I used to stay up really late knowing I had to get up early. Sound familiar? You know how it goes, that book just has to be read the same night, you just don’t feel like going to bed when there’s so much on TV or you just left it too late to catch up on work.

2012 285

Is it the end? Far from it

The Small Business Blog

Everyone up to speed on the Mayan calendar? Don’t rush out and buy one, because it ends … er … two days after tomorrow, as may the world as we know it. Are you sticking fingers in your ears and humming loudly every time someone raises the idea that we may have only a few…

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4 Things To Do Before Leaving Work On Holiday

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Have you ever come back from some time off from work to find absolute chaos? Your email overflowing, tasks strewn everywhere, people clamoring for information and dozens of voice mail? Most people will take some time off over the holidays. Setting things up ahead of time can make easing back into the work flow faster and more productive. Here are 4 things to do before leaving work on holiday: Set Up Your Email.

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Top Ten Countdown of Best Business Tips for 2012 – Part 1

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. While brainstorming ideas for my last two articles of this year, I knew I wanted to share something with you that would lead you into 2013 with renewed energy and motivation.

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15 Easy-On-The-Waistline Holiday Eating Tips

Dumb Little Man

Holidays create a "perfect storm" for eating way too much. They combine some of the worst cues and triggers for overeating: family drama, too much food, tradition and ritual, stress eating, and the attitude of “why not – it’s the holidays.”

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Intuit and Instagram - Two Views on Who Owns Your Data

Small Business Labs

I was not surprised to hear Instagram, the photo sharing site acquired by Facebook, was changing its privacy policy.   But I was stunned by the change. In addition to the expected changes to allow Facebook advertisers to be able access your personal data, they are also reserving the right to use your username, photos and other data in advertisements. You agree to all of this when you sign up for the service. And there doesn't appear to be an opt-out.

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Enjoy The Moment

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. Today’s tip is a simple one that will decrease your stress and increase your enjoyment. Enjoy the moment. That means instead of focusing on the things you may need to do, enjoy what is happening now. Watch the presents being opened instead of going through the dinner menu. Enjoy the cup of cocoa instead of worrying about postal schedules. Watch the holiday special with your child instead of writing out cards. It’s all a matter of focus.

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Spam Is Still Spam in a Holiday Greeting

Business Writing

For the last couple of minutes I have been sitting at my computer and deleting spam greetings from my email inbox. These greetings do not give me a warm, positive feeling about the senders. I consider the greetings spam because. Email Etiquette

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Now Scheduling for January

Office Organization Success

All 6 spots to my complimentary Business Success Systems Assessment went within a couple of hours. Obviously, I’m hitting a nerve for so many of you. And if you missed out, don’t worry. Click Here to schedule your one-on-one assessment with me in January. And one of the biggest A-ha’s from this week? You cannot begin to get your systems set up unless you know who you want to work with and the results your services deliver.

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Survey - How Small Businesses View Big Data

Small Business Labs

As part of the broader Big Data for the Little Guy project, Intuit surveyed 500 small business owners to learn more about how they view big data and its potential.   The results are pretty interesting. Small business owners see the potential power of big data, but also realize there are costs and barriers associated with its use.  71% of the respondents noted potential barriers, with the top being: 15% felt big data might be too costly.

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How To Simplify Repeating Events

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. There are things that we do repeatedly that follow the same pattern. Most of the time, simple checklists will suffice because you just need to know if you did a task. However, I have recently run into three situations where I needed to record more information about the tasks so I didn’t lose track of things. Here is how I simplified tracking these repeating events: Situation.

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Three Qs and As About Taking Time Away From Your Biz

Virtual Moxie

Whether you celebrate the Christmas holiday or not, there's no way around the fact that, in many parts of the West, things slow down--or stop completely--around the Christmas and New Year holidays. That makes it a perfect time to either get more stuff done for your business, or take time away. I rarely hear from the people who want to use the time to get more stuff done, but the people who want to take time away often write to ask me a variety of questions about how to make it work.

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Condolences to Newtown, Connecticut

Business Writing

No words can comfort those who have endured the horrendous killing of children and adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday. The terrible tragedy is beyond understanding. Yet some people who know the suffering families and individuals in Newtown. Writing Condolences

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Big Data: The Great Equalizer for Small Businesses and Consumers

Small Business Labs

The New Data Democracy: How Big Data Will Revolutionize the Lives of Small Businesses and Consumers is a new research and trends forecast report from Intuit and Emergent Research (that's us).    The report is on big data for the little guy , which is Intuit's phrase for describing how the data and analytics revolution is empowering consumers and small businesses with new opportunities to improve their lives and businesses. Big Data is clearly a hot topic these days.

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Open Loops 12/18/2012: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. I’ve run across some really cool iOS apps lately, and I wanted to share these with you. A really cool app I started playing with is iFontMaker. You can make all sorts of fonts – even your own handwriting! The last time I did this it involved paper and scanning, and payment…this is free to make a font and works well.

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I Believe In You! An Open Pillar Huddle

Office Dynamics

It's the end of the year and while we are winding down we are still moving and planning for our BIG return in early January. We have many hopes and dreams for the New Year and we have many accomplishments to celebrate from this year in the days to come.

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Can’t Find a Job? Do You Know Why?

Job Advice Blog

Growth, evolution, changes. Technology may be a wonderful thing, but it has negative elements—especially if you’re in transition and looking for a job. Perhaps you don’t know how to conduct a contemporary job search. Well, that may not be true, and don’t blame yourself. The résumé Two decades ago, applicants would submit their IBM [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice Individual Career Counseling interview

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What is the Industrial Internet?

Small Business Labs

Industrial giant GE has been pushing the idea of the Industrial Internet, including publishing a detailed white paper on the concept.   This is a larger scale variation on the concept of the Internet of Things , first coined back in the late 1990s. The basic idea behind both concepts is more and more objects are being embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate.

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Why you secretly want the apocalypse to happen

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Humans have been predicting the apocalypse for hundreds of years. We’re intoxicated by the idea that when we hit a certain date, everything will change. Entrepreneurs, smart though they are, are no less seduced by this thinking.

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12 Days of Christmas Sale Day 12

Office Dynamics

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve drummers drumming a grand finale! Today is our final day of the 12 Days of Christmas sale and we saved something special for you! Today only get 40% off all Live a BIG Life books and product found at

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9 Often Overlooked Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

Men With Pens

Marketing your freelance business can often be frustrating. You’re already busy trying to make ends meet, and it just seems like there’s not enough time to do everything you know you need to do. There’s no “magic formula” to making marketing easy – you just have to do it.

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Moxie Tip 294: Review Your Year

Virtual Moxie

We outgrow clothes, shoes, relationships, jobs, it makes sense that we outgrow our standards. My saying that standards can always be higher is my way of reminding people to check in with their own, to see if they've been outgrown and need adjusting. In my view, that shouldn't cause burnout. Maybe doing it once each year is enough. Or maybe, if you're like me, it's easier to be awake and aware and adjust things as you go, with one over-arching review each year.

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Launch Multiple Businesses With Tips From 1-800-Got-Junk?

Small Business CEO

Now that you have one business up and running, you may be itching to dive head first into something new. You may not realize it but you now have an advantage over other new business owners. You’ve been there and done that.

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One Last Chance! Three Books for $30! Wednesday Only.

Office Dynamics

One Last Chance! Valid December 19, 2012 until Midnight Pacific Time. Happy holidays from Office Dynamics. We really enjoyed connecting with you over the last 12 Days of Christmas Deals.

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The 5 Myths of business: How they invisibly drive our thinking


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30 Things I Did In 2012

Brilliantly Better

Although, technically, we still have 2 more weeks until the end of the year, I decided to publish this blog post right now. I know many things can (and, according to my schedule, will) happen in the next two weeks, but I needed a time and place for this blog post. It’s a recap. A [.]. Blogging Personal Development 2012 life

2012 74

Facts are More Important Than Being First

Daily Writing Tips

Thanks to technology, everyone who wants to be a writer and publisher can easily do so online. Unfortunately, this ease has resulted in a lot of unease about how information is disseminated.

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12 Days of Christmas Sale Day 11

Office Dynamics

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me eleven pipers piping and cheering for Adminology! Who among us doesn't remember the perceived crisis of Y2K? That was more than a decade ago, but it seems like eons since everyone was worried about the changeover from 1999 to 2000.

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The Art and Science of Resilience and Survival: 12 Rules Of Life


In "Surviving Survival" Laurence Gonzales looks deeply into the mental processes that enable us to cope with the trauma that often sets in during and after a challenge to our survival.

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