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Accenture Says Independent Work is the Future (and Soon)

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We just read Accenture's Technology Vision 2017 report  and they strongly suggest independent work is the future of work. 

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How Content Marketing Can Reach Targeted Customers

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Despite continued reports of its death, content marketing is alive and well and remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Types and modes of delivery continue to evolve, spurred on by changes in the way consumers engage with brands, but the concept remains the same.

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Executives and Assistants Working in Partnership — The Magic Formula

Office Dynamics

The most important team in the workplace is that of the executive and his or her administrative assistant. Just think about it…. they work together more closely than any other team; the assistant is responsible for running her executive’s life in addition to her own job; most executives rely heavily on their executive assistant to get the job done, be the gatekeeper, information flow manager, department liaison, decision maker, sounding board, organizer and Chief of Everything Officer.

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Get Strong, Sleep, Repeat: The Importance Of Sleeping

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When you’ve had a long and tiring workout, you just want to go home and sleep. You feel satisfied knowing that when you wake up, you’re ready to take on another day at the gym for successful growth. How do we fall asleep? In a simple manner, your internal body clock recognizes your environment.

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Is Social Video the Next Big Thing?

Small Business Labs

BI Intelligence , one of our favorite analyst groups, has a fascinating presentation on online social video being "the next big thing" Because they are a paid subscription site, we can't link to the presentation.    But we can provide the highlights.

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Grammar Quiz #4: Misplaced Modifiers

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences includes a modifying phrase that is incorrectly or awkwardly placed; revise the sentences as necessary: 1. I told my parents I wanted to transfer many times during that first semester.

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2 Ways to Get More Done Starting Right Now

On The Job

There's a lot of distracting stuff going on in the world today. It can be difficult to concentrate on work when your co-workers are loudly discussing the latest political news or your email box is filling up with urgent messages from political groups.

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Teamwork Quotes From Great Leaders

Office Dynamics

Teamwork is essential in the workplace. It encourages communication and collaboration, and it helps people grow and learn. Two heads really are better than one, as the saying goes. When intelligent team players come together, they build each other up and produce results that no one person can alone. To remind you how essential teamwork is, GetVoIP put together this visual on teamwork quotes from great leaders.

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4 Ways Technology is Gradually Ruining Humanity and How to Tackle it

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Technology surely has done a lot more good than harm — the communication, socialization, research, etc, couldn’t have been any better. However, we can’t afford to disregard the side effects that accompany these benefits.

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3 Ways Your Small Business Could Be At Risk For Fraud

Small Business CEO

Fraud is one of those words that can put the fear into even the most confident of businesses. Being a victim of fraud within your small business can be a real kiss of death if you’re not able to rectify any damage done and make up for your losses.

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Digital Transformation Leading to Ghost Restaurants

Small Business Labs

Ghost restaurants are delivery only, online restaurants that skip storefronts and deliver food straight to the customer. Think Amazon for restaurants.

3 Cases of Too Many Commas

Daily Writing Tips

This post illustrates several types of sentences that incorporate excessive punctuation. Each example is followed by a discussion and a revision.

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8 Awesome Strategies to Ensure Your Success

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“Progress equals happiness.” ” – Tony Robbins. If there is one thing that nearly guarantees success in life, it is this: progress.

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10 Super-Charged Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017

Andrea Kalli

Want to Know How to. Supercharge Your Business? 10 Great Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017. 10 Great Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017 and Beyond. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, if you are not growing your company, you are likely losing ground.

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Smart Ways to Manage International Transactions for Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Having an international presence is one of the best choices a small business can make. With the international consuming class expected to grow by 75% to 4.2

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The Promise and Peril of Editing in Proof

Daily Writing Tips

Which method of editing is the most effective one? Which content formats should be employed, and how many iterations are necessary? Ultimately, what works for the publisher is the best approach, but consider that what is most expedient is often at odds with what is best.

2017 19

5 Tips to Eliminate Fear From Your Life

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Have you ever failed to do something, or failed to do it to the best of your ability because of fear? Unless you are some kind of superhuman, the answer is probably a definite yes.

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The Productivityist Podcast: Alignment and Automation with Mridu Parikh


Joining me this week as my guest is Mridu Parikh , the woman behind Life is Organized. She is a productivity coach, business strategist, speaker and trainer. She made it her goal to help individuals get clear on their priorities through effective time management, efficient processes, systems and life-changing habits – to do more in less time.

Save your Business Money with a More Efficient Boiler

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Fuel is expensive, and the prices only continue to go up. Boiler systems can waste energy for a variety of reasons; older systems are just not as efficient as newer systems, for example. In addition, heat loss is a problem.

5 Video Production Tips for Powerful Business Videos [INFOGRAPHIC]

Andrea Kalli

Video Production Tips Infograph. Sound production is crucial for a business video that drives sales. Understand Your Audience. Pay Attention to Composition When Filming a Video. Edit Like a Professional. SEO is Critical, So Take the Extra Time. Andrea Kalli. Video Design, Editing, and Marketing.

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9 Powerful Lessons from the Success Story of Bill Gates

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Most people know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft. He is the brain behind most of the computer technology that the world currently enjoys. The most important thing is to learn some lessons from his life. Here are 9 powerful lessons you can learn from the success story of this great mind.

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Why It’s A Good Thing To Delete Your Subscribers

Office Organization Success

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going through my subscriber database and cleaning it up — deleting subscribers, products, and autoresponders. I ended up deleting over 3,000 subscribers!

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Should Your SMB Chase Government Contracts

Small Business CEO

Regardless of where you live, the different levels of your government (federal, local) will employ a certain number of people such as doctors, teachers, employees in culture, utilities and so on.

Video Budgeting and Spending Tip

Andrea Kalli

Video Budgeting & Spending. Video Tip: Not all videos have to be big production deals with big price tags. Actually, most don’t. I think not a lot of people realize that. Most of your videos can be simple with a little editing, strategically placed branding elements, and call-to-action.

9 Baby Steps To Happiness For The Naturally Gloomy

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Consider yourself to be a bit of a Debbie Downer? A gloomy type predisposed to unhappiness, and there’s nothing you can do about it? Good news: you may be only half right! Psychologists agree that just 50% of our happiness is due to our genetic disposition.

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More Words That Turn on the Root “Vert”

Daily Writing Tips

A recent post dealt with many of the English words based on the Latin verb vertere , meaning “turn,” focusing on those that precede the root vert with a prefix, and their various grammatical forms. This follow-up post defines some additional words in the vertere family: those beginning with vert.

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SEO For Your Startup: Tips and Tricks

Small Business CEO

Search engine rankings, and the methods by which one achieves quality rankings, has always been an organic, ever-changing process rather than a simple and straightforward to-do list.

Career Success A to Z: J is for Journey

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. This week’s topic is one I’ve written about in the past, but it bears repeating here. When it comes to career success, don’t look at it as a destination; instead, focus on the journey.

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56 Challenges To Kick-Start Life After Fifty

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Some people wait their whole life to start living… don’t be one of them. If you’re past the big 50 feeling jaded and lifeless. Concerned about the world. Concerned about your world. Your finances, relationships, health or work… Reading this list should spark at least one change.

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The Meanings and Variations of “Sister”

Daily Writing Tips

Sister , from the Old English word sweoster and cognate with the Latin term soror , means not only “a female with one or more parents in common” but has also come, by extension, to refer to a woman with whom one has a bond or a common interest.

5 Tips to Save on Printing Costs in the Office

Small Business CEO

The printer is one of the most used pieces of office equipment. Whether its copies of a resume for an interview or notices for employees, you’ll always have to print something. The problem is that printing isn’t exactly cheap.

Usage Challenge: Can You Pick the Correct Word?

Business Writing

Do you think you know words well? Take this challenge: Pick the correct word or phrase in every sentence below. No peeking at the answer key until you have finished! This site/sight/cite is ideal for our conference. Grammar and Usage

Finding your Fitness Passion

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Fitness is a tough fish to catch, but more so when you don’t love what you do. It doesn’t make sense to routinely do something you absolutely despise, does it? So why bother? Especially if you can find an alternative. In a fitness regimen, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

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More Hyphenation of Phrasal Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

Three types of phrasal adjectives are treated according to the same basic rules, as shown in the following (erroneous) examples, which are discussed and revised below each sentence.