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Do You Use "Who" or "That" to Refer to People?

Business Writing

When I talked about the rules of writing to a group of professional communicators, the first question they raised was this: Is it acceptable to use both who and that to refer to people, or is only who correct? Before. Books Grammar and Usage

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4 Things Highly Successful People Do Differently

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If you are genuinely happy with your life and your career, it’s easy to consider yourself successful. Most of us can agree that Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey are also successful people, even though we don’t know them personally.

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Don't be Afraid to Question the Data

On The Job

“Don’t fall in love with the data.” – Frank Sesno Not many companies ignore data these days since it’s often thought to be the secret sauce that’s going to lead to greater success. Yet data can be an inexact science.

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More Industries Moving to the On-Demand Economy

Small Business Labs

The On-Demand Economy is commonly defined as the economic activity created by online marketplaces that fulfill customer demand via the provisioning of goods and services immediately or much faster and/or easier than traditional firms. 

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Podcast 046: Done is better than perfect

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! In this episode, I’ll talk about why getting things done and out the door always trumps trying to make them perfect. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website. Each week I go into greater depth about one of the 52 ways.

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How to prioritize

Clutter Coach

by After a business group talk I gave, someone asked me how to figure out what the highest priority task is. He looked at his project list and felt they were all equally important, and then he ended up not doing anything because he felt unsure. I told him about David Allen’s four criteria model for prioritizing , which takes into account more information than simply how important a task or project is. The criteria are context, time available, energy available and priority.

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Tracking Your Workout Activity: Several Ways You Can Do It

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A lot of people struggle with starting a workout regimen. A lot of them lay out several excuses in order to postpone their training sessions. This is where motivation kicks in. Depending on the type of your personality, you have to find one specific motivation to get you up and running for your workout program. One of the best and most interesting motivators you can find is technology.

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Career Success A to Z: N is for Non-Negotiable

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. When it comes to career success—and more importantly, career fulfillment—it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

2017 TrendsWatch from the Center for the Future of Museums

Small Business Labs

The Center for the Future of Museums released their annual trends report, TrendsWatch 2017.    This is one of our favorite trends publications and we read it front to back. This year's report has 5 chapters: A Mile in My Shoes: closing the empathy deficit.

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Do you suffer from tomorrow syndrome?

Clutter Coach

by If you’re the type who is always planning to tackle a particular project tomorrow, but then you don’t do it, you’ll like this. A behaviorist asked smokers who wanted to quit to smoke the same number of cigarettes every day, not to cut down. Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? This put the smokers in a bind. They wanted to quit, but they promised to continue smoking. They didn’t even get the chance to promise to taper off slowly by smoking fewer than the day before.

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Can You Heal the Chakras By Being Grateful?

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Can gratitude heal your chakras? The short answer is yes. Whenever you experience an energetic imbalance due to strong and persistent thoughts and emotions, your body experiences the imbalance, too. The body keeps all the information, such as your persistent negative thoughts and emotions, until you take care of their underlying causes. Unfortunately, many people focus on addressing their symptoms, rather than treating the root cause of their problems.

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Fighting Co-Worker Dragons (2 of 3 part series)

Office Dynamics

Image Designed by Freepik. Hopefully, you read part 1, Fighting Manager Dragons , where I introduced and explained the topic of office dragons. In case you did not open that issue, you may want to check it out as I discussed employees’ perceptions of manager dragons and tips to success. Today, I want to address co-worker dragons. When I teach my Star Achievement Series® classes, I ask participants, “What are some of the things co-workers do that make them “appear” to be dragons?”

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3 Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

One of the toughest parts of owning and managing a small business is the feeling of never having enough time to accomplish everything. To reduce some of your workload, you add a few employees.

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Punctuation Quiz #13: Punctuation Within Parenthesis

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences is structurally flawed because an interjected word or phrase is not correctly nested within or attached to another phrase that is itself an interruption in the flow of a sentence. Revise the sentences as necessary.

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Top 10 Best Mobile Accessories To Carry With You 2017

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Whether you are frequently outdoors for business or you simply like traveling, bringing some essential gadgets with you can help ensure not only your comfort but safety, too. However, with so many items to choose from, picking out the most important ones can be tricky. You can end up spending a lot of hours just packing your things. As a guide, here’s a quick list of the gadgets and best mobile phone accessories you can carry around for your trips. Phone Power Bank.

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20 Days Into Intermittent Fasting – First Impressions

Brilliantly Better

For the last 20 days I’ve been on an intermittent fasting challenge. What is intermittent fasting, you asked? Well, intermittent fasting is not a diet, but an eating routine. It groups all the meals of the day in a certain… The post 20 Days Into Intermittent Fasting – First Impressions appeared first on Dragos Roua. Running

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Choosing a CRM That is Best Tailored to Your Needs

Small Business CEO

Small to medium businesses often do not have the need to use the most robust and expensive CRM tools.

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3 Cases When Hyphenation Doesn’t Help

Daily Writing Tips

Writers are often confused by the complexity of hyphenation rules, mistakenly omitting them when their presence would help clarify meaning and inserting them when they’re superfluous.

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6 Best Fitness Tools To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

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Keeping a resolution can be difficult. What’s even harder is attempting to achieve something when you don’t have the right tools. If your goal is to improve your health and overall strength and flexibility, here are 7 great fitness tools that will make your goals a little easier to keep. Gymnastic Rings. Gymnastic rings have been nearly forgotten, only remembered as a strange spectacle once every four years as we see them in the Olympic games.

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5 Ways To Improve Work-Life Balance When You Work At Home


Micheal Gilmore is a blogger and editor at He enjoys writing about business, marketing, productivity and personal growth. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can’t wait to see the Himalayas one of these days. Whenever I say that I’m working as a freelancer writer, people around me believe that working from home is easy. That it takes less effort than a regular full-time job and gives you more time to live your life.

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How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job in Australia

Small Business CEO

Australia ranks high among the countries in the world when it comes to its resilience in the face of global crisis. Its beautiful natural landscapes, low pollution levels, low population, and eminent positions in quality-of-life rankings attract people overseas to come and make Australia their home.

Valleys and Gullies

Daily Writing Tips

A variety of words serve to describe geographical features characterized by low-lying terrain between higher elevations of land. This post lists and defines many of these terms.

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The Average Joe’s Guide To Setting Up An Online Business

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E-commerce can be a minefield to the average Joe. Many big decisions need to be made, from deciding what to sell to how you can start setting up an online business. But, don’t let the online world scare you. With the following tips, you will be well on your way to creating your own successful business. Refining, Designing And Sourcing Your Product. There are lots of options when embarking on a career in e-commerce these days.

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The Key To Personal Productivity


This guest post is by Productivityist team member Jim Woods. He is a writer, content editor, and Productivityist Coaching Practitioner. You can connect with him @jimwoodswrites on Twitter or his website It’s really easy to get lost in the sea of productivity apps. Don’t get me wrong; there are some AMAZING apps out there. But no app can ever replace your instincts. You know when something isn’t working. You know when you’re REALLY procrastinating.

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Choosing a Domain Name that Works for You and Google

Small Business CEO

If your business is just starting out or going through a radical rebrand, you’ll be only to aware of the importance of choosing a domain name that works for both internet users, and search engines. This balance isn’t always easy to achieve.

Mr. and Mrs. and More

Daily Writing Tips

This post details the permutations of abbreviations for courtesy titles. As mentioned in this post , mister developed as a variant of master.

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Effective Ways To Attract Web Traffic Even When On a Small SEO Budget

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Search engine optimization is one of the most practical ways of generating new leads for sales conversions. Unfortunately, it can be pretty expensive for online businesses. This is one reason why some people choose to cut corners and engage in generating spam comments. Such tactics have no chance of succeeding these days as search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and favor quality over quantity.

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The Productivityist Podcast: Automating, Growing, and Selling with Joshua Latimer


In this week’s podcast episode, my guest is Joshua Latimer – the man behind Send Jim and Automate Grow Sell , which help small businesses tap the power of relationship marketing. A few years back, Joshua left his job as a banker at JP Morgan Chase and decided to open a cleaning business in Michigan, which he eventually sold in 2015. He is now based with his family in Costa Rica managing a company that creates more freedom for businesses through automation and systems.

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4 Business Insurance Tips Agents Don’t Want you to Know

Small Business CEO

There are many different types of insurance policies available to small and medium-size business owners. There’s so much to consider, much of it being industry dependent, and also depending on what risks you, your employees, and customers undertake while doing business together.

5 Categories of Unnecessary Scare Quotes

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the sentences in this post demonstrates a distinct example of superfluous use of quotation marks to call attention to a word or phrase. The discussion following each example explains why the scare quotes are extraneous.

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5 Sports From Fiction You Can Try And How You Can Play Them

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If you’re bored by the games you see every day, it’s probably the right time you try something new and unusual. Your best bets are games that came straight out of a film or book. There are a number of sports seen in fiction stories that fans have wanted to play ever since they read about them. Fortunately, some of those fans were inventive enough to find ways to replicate them and make them work in real life.

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What Jumping Rope Taught Me About Life And Fitness

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We often judge activities based on how much they can change us physically. However, when it comes to their mental effects, we rarely care. I used to be a runner. Treadmill or no treadmill, rain or snow, I ran every day from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning and I hated every minute of it. From the moment I tied my laces until my last mile, running scared me. So, why did I do it? I used to be a chubby kid. I was ‘that kid’ who deliberately tried to get sick for sports day.

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5 Simple Ways To Cope With Life

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There have been times where I found life to be really difficult to cope with. During those times, I have succumbed to stress, had low self-esteem and felt that I just could not carry on. Fortunately, I have come through and this encouraged me to share with you 5 simple but effective ways to cope with life. Recognize your situation. Sometimes, one of the most difficult things to do is to recognize your own situation. When life is tough, it becomes difficult to see what is actually happening.

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7 Ways To Tell That You’ve Gone From Dating To A Relationship

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Anybody who has dated and experienced being in a relationship will know how complex the process can get. The longer you continue to see each other, the more dynamic the feelings become. If you are still in the dark, here are 7 of the most obvious ways to tell if you’ve gone from dating to entering a relationship. Nightlife Goes From Club To Couch. Before, you used to spend most Saturday nights dating people at a bar, cinema, or restaurant.

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