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10 Tips to Beat the Overwhelm and Stay Focused

Office Organization Success

Staying focused and on track is one of the hardest things for a business owner to do. After all… there are the emails to check. the client calls to take. the follow-up to do. the product to launch. the program to create. the social media to update.

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5 Things to Never Say in a First Job Interview

On The Job

Blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter provide forums to share our thoughts on a daily basis. We might complain about the rotten weather, how long we had to stand in line to get coffee or the dog that barked all night and kept us awake.

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Small Business Owners Don't Like Taxes

Small Business Labs

I've never met a small business owner who liked taxes. No surprise there. Also, if you talk to small business owners for any length of time, most will eventually complain about taxes. The recently released Wasp Barcode Small Business Accounting Report supports this.

2015 241

Challenge: Capitalizing Job Titles and Units

Business Writing

A reader named Michelle sent me an excellent capitalization challenge. She received a brief article (indented below) to publish in a magazine, and she wants to follow standard capitalization rules. Which categories of capitalization would you change in Michelle''s example?

2015 239

Creativity and the Balanced Life

Simple Productivity Blog

Robert Fulghum wrote "Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some." Today we will look at the component of creating in context of a balanced life.

2015 235

6 Spring Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Eco-Office Gals

Congratulations! You made it through winter. Say goodbye to your sky-high heating bills and hello to spring! Unfortunately, you won’t be saying goodbye to your energy worries altogether, though. Before you know it, summer will be here.

2015 223

Wasp Barcode's Excellent Small Business Accounting Report

Small Business Labs

Kudos to Wasp Barcode Technologies for their excellent Small Business Accounting report. It contains survey results from companies with 11-100 employees on issues related to their accounting and finance functions.

2015 228

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7 Secrets of Managing Extreme Busyness

Simple Productivity Blog

I have been extremely busy over the last few months, and it is about to get worse. Everything will ease up in June) Several friends and acquaintances are amazed at what I have going on, and asked me how I manage it. So here are my 7 secrets of managing extreme busyness.

2015 233

The Theory of Scarcity and How It Can Change Your Life

Dumb Little Man

There is a theory in economics called the theory of scarcity which basically discusses that there is limited availability of certain resources at any point in time. This basically dictates that due to the limited resource, it also means a limited number of goods can be created.

2015 286

Are we all hypocrites?

The Small Business Blog

How often have I complained about our High Street consisting of only coffee shops and charity shops – not that I have anything against charity shops or coffee shops for that matter? Everyone I talk to says it is sad to see all the independent shop owners go and disappear.

2015 197

Ten tips for organising a business trip to… Edinburgh

Practically Perfect PA

As I currently live in Edinburgh I thought I would share my top ten tips for those organising business travel to this wonderful city. With such a large number of financial organisations based in Edinburgh, many of you will organise business trips here at some point or another.

2015 188

I Know It’s Boring But It’s Important

Office Organization Success

How many of you track your business stats each week? I’m guessing not many! I know it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but it’s so critical to your business success.

2015 188

How to Decide What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Any of It!?

Dumb Little Man

Every day, I start my work day by looking at the list of things I planned to do that day. Most times, I’m pretty much on track with meeting goals and deadlines but there days when I look at my list and …nothing… I’m not motivated to do anything I scheduled to do!

2015 285

Is average good?

The Small Business Blog

When you talk to people about how their business is doing, they will often say something like: ‘OK – average, I guess.’ ’ What does that even mean, I do not know and more to the point the people who said it don’t know either.

2015 184

5 Things New Leaders Say That Employees Hate

On The Job

Young leaders are faced with numerous challenges, but perhaps none are greater than learning to communicate and connect with employees. If they fail in those areas, they may find their teams underperforming and their own careers in jeopardy.

2015 181

The Virtual Assistant's Bill of Rights

Virtual Moxie

In the Virtual Mentoring Program, and Virtual Basics at AssistU (and in the Virtual Training Program that came before them), we''ve long shared two documents: The Virtual Assistant''s Bill of Rights , and the Client''s Bill of Rights. .

2015 248

How to Break the Cycle of Worrying Once and For All

Dumb Little Man

We all have been there. Worrying about things we cannot or have no control over. We worry about our lives, finances, health, kids and many times things that doesn’t even concerns us.

2015 285

Open Loops 3/20/2015

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

2015 163

Wix, Squarespace, Muse & WordPress. Finding the Right Choice for Your Website.

Tips From T. Marie

One of the most frequent questions I get from people in need of a website or a website makeover is: “Why WordPress, I’ve heard is so much better?”.

2015 161

Uber and Lyft Lawsuits & the On-Demand Economy

Small Business Labs

Uber and Lyft were both dealt legal setbacks in two different lawsuits last week. The separate suits - one filed by Uber drivers and other by Lyft drivers - allege they are misclassified as independent contractors. The drivers are claiming they are employees. Both Uber and Lyft had sought summary judgments dismissing the cases, but the judges in both cases denied their requests and the suits will be decided by juries.

2015 156

5 Ways to Calm Down Before You Shoot Ballistic Missiles at Everyone

Dumb Little Man

I came across the term “Ice Glass Method” while reading the wonderful book “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely. It is used for control the craving for excess shopping. In this method, the person has to put the credit card in a glass of water and then place it in the freezer.

2015 285

Can’t Travel to Work? It Doesn’t Matter if You’re in The Cloud!

The Small Business Blog

If you’re sick of staff sickness, the Cloud could be your remedy Discover how embracing the Cloud can help keep workers working and your business booming. Employee absence due to ill health costs the UK economy almost £29 billion every year. As you can imagine, the worse hit are the small and medium sized businesses,… Read the full article here: Can’t Travel to Work? It Doesn’t Matter if You’re in The Cloud! on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog

2015 153

Technology of the week: The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Practically Perfect PA

What is The Man in Seat Sixty-One? The Man in Seat Sixty One is a fantastic website which focuses on train travel throughout the world. Seat 61 explains in great detail how to get from London to anywhere in the world using trains. What does it do?

2015 151

Communicating With Your Manager

Office Dynamics

The Importance of Daily Huddles. When I was an executive assistant, one of the best success strategies my favorite executive taught me, at a young age, was to have daily huddles with him. Now this came from an executive who traveled around the world, would work until 2:00 a.m.,

2015 209

Can instant messaging help you regain control of your inbox?

Dumb Little Man

Instant messaging (IM) has suffered unfairly over the last 20 years, afflicted with a rocky reputation as a social media platform for gossiping teenagers and bored university students.

2015 258

White collar crime does pay, doesn’t it?

The Small Business Blog

My favourite group of people, the bankers, are in the news again. This time it is not mainly about fraud, but about £16.5m extra bonuses paid by Barclays Bank to its executives. While the rest of us has to live with cuts to our welfare state, these guys are paying themselves more and more money,… Read the full article here: White collar crime does pay, doesn’t it? on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Comments

2015 137

Editions, Istanbul

Practically Perfect PA

Unsurprisingly for a hotel in Istanbul’s financial district the facade of the hotel is uninspiring on a busy main road. However, the foyer / reception area is considerably more impressive, spacious and airy with an inviting bar.

2015 141

Do You Respect Your Own Time?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. When it comes right down to it, our most valuable business resource is our time.

2015 130


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10 Ways to Optimize Your Business Manufacturing Process

Small Business CEO

Streamlining your manufacturing process can help to save time, save money and help to minimize operational discrepancies. If you are looking for ways to optimize the manufacturing process for your product or factory business, read on for 10 invaluable tips. Sourcing and Partners.

2015 104

Christine Arylo on self love, success and clutter

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2009-06-01 13:35:01. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. Creating an organized space makes it easier for you to lay your hands on the things you need and helps you be more effective because you now have time for the important stuff. It's also an essential part of taking care of the most valuable person in your life, yourself.

2015 100

Luck or Preparation?

Office Dynamics

When I teach goal setting, the first thing we talk about is our belief system. I ask my participants if they believe people achieve great things, promotions or success because of luck or preparation. What would your answer be? Some of my participants say, “I definitely believe people are lucky.”

2015 137

Start From The Edges


When you begin to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, you are faced with a slew of pieces scattered randomly. The first thing you’ll want to find are the ones that have smooth edges – the edge pieces – because they will allow you to build the puzzle faster.

2015 101

How to Avoid Late Payments as a Small Business

Small Business CEO

For small and big businesses alike, late payments can be the bane of a company. It’s a hassle to chase clients around, hounding after them to please pay up. Sometimes it’s simply because it slipped their mind.

2015 99

A Double Negative Is Not Always UnOK

Daily Writing Tips

The grammatical rule against double negatives applies to sentences that combine not with no or with other negatives such as hardly , nobody , nothing , never , and nowhere : I can’t hardly see through these glasses. He didn’t meet nobody on the mountain. They never lied about nothing.

2015 94

When Should You Consider Using a Virtual Office?

Small Business CEO

Virtual offices stand out as great options that can be used to offer an extra edge to a business. There is the possibility of getting a professional address in a hub that has a great economic reputation.

2015 93

Major Components of Kosher Certification

Small Business CEO

There are many reasons a company would be interested in gaining Kosher Certification. One of the major ones is the large market for kosher products amongst members of the Jewish faith.

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