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Boost Your Memory With Exercise

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Generally, I think it’s a good thing we can forget things. Would you really want to remember all your homework and assignments from grade school with the same clarity as you would present-day events? I certainly wouldn’t! That’s why you should be tracking your workouts.

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What meetings should make it into your Executive’s schedule?

Practically Perfect PA

Last week I wrote a blog post about the meetings you should have with your Executive, where I detailed the meetings you should set up in your Executive’s diary that focuses on the work that the two of you need to move the business forward.f

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Conference for Administrative Assistants – How to Get Your Executive’s Approval

Office Dynamics

Most of the time assistants tell me they can’t attend our conference for administrative assistants or training because of budget cuts or not getting financial support. Sometimes it really is a budget issue. I understand that perfectly as a business owner and CEO.

2019 245

Food Delivery Continues Fund Raising and Rapid Expansion

Small Business Labs

Over the past couple of weeks both DoorDash and London based food delivery company Deliveroo announced substantial funding rounds. 

2019 153

15 Benefits to Outsource Document Management

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Outsourcing is a significant breakthrough, which started in the late 90’s in North America and Europe. Different aspects and processes in businesses were outsourced, including documents from public, classified, and restricted archives.

2019 245

Time to quit your job? Here’s when you know you got to go!

Practically Perfect PA

Are you thinking about quitting your job but you don’t know if you are doing it for the right reasons? It is a tough decision to leave any job. You have security, a regular pay-check and of course, once you had your notice in, you can rarely change your mind. So when you do quit, […].

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Positive Career Affirmation #13

Eat Your Career

I communicate with confidence and professionalism, even in difficult conversations. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #13 appeared first on Eat Your Career.

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Free Time-Saving Tools for Students

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Wow, modern life is demanding! We do so much more than previous generations. We don’t just study but have to work as well. And even then, we have to finish our studies in the blink of an eye – or end up deeply in debt if we don’t.

2019 245

5 top technologies for tracking time and billing

Practically Perfect PA

If you work in a large organisation, then most likely you will have systems in place that allow for time billing, this is indeed the case if you work for a law firm or accountancy practice.

2019 172

New Book Announcement: The Invisibility Cure

Eat Your Career

I am so excited to announce that my new book is now available for purchase ! It is such a wonderful feeling to type those words. I was starting to worry this day would never come.

2019 130

The Best Way to End a Job Interview

On The Job

"Is there anything else you'd like to add?" This has always been the question I ask last in an interview, and it usually produces some great results. Sometimes people will say, "No, I think we've about covered everything." and then jump in with some new information.

2019 170

8 Avoidable Workplace Safety Mistakes

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Let’s accept it. Not all businesses are serious about their workplace safety. Some of them leave the safety on the mercy of a few fire extinguishers and a couple of warning signs here and there.

2019 236

How to manage conflict at work

Practically Perfect PA

At our recent Future Assistant Conference, we covered the topic of ‘managing difficult conversations’ Julie Leitz’s presentation is still one of our most popular online sessions because so many us shy away from having difficult conversations and managing conflict at work.

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There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management

Ian's Messy Desk

The post There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. What does it mean to be productive? That’s the question Dustin Wax asks in his post, There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management – suggests the typical answer might be, “Getting the most done in the least possible time.”

2019 118

Being an Administrative Assistant for Two Different Types of Managers – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. We don’t always have the best answer to each individuals problem but someone else might!

2019 161

Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Max: 4 Tips to Get More Jobs

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If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you’re missing out on a killer opportunity to get flooded with job offers. Worse, you’re giving your competition the edge because 40% of recruiters won’t interview you if they can’t find you online.

2019 236

Podcast 120: Rewarding yourself

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 120 and it’s about rewarding yourself. It seems logical that having a reward to look forward to would motivate you to complete a task. You tell yourself, once I finish writing my book, I’ll take a nice vacation. Once I complete the bike marathon this summer, I’ll buy those new shoes I’ve been wanting.

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Is Your Workplace Toxic?

On The Job

Is your workplace toxic? A survey of 9,000 tech workers by Blind finds that more than half of those surveyed believe they are indeed working in a toxic environment.

2019 141

How to Write a Book Outline: Fiction and Nonfiction

Daily Writing Tips

You learned how to write outlines in school, I suppose. You were probably required to do it a certain way: I. Roman numerals for the main points. capital letters for the sub-points. Regular Arabic numerals for the sub-sub-points. lower-case letters for all the sub-points below that.

2019 106

How to Decorate your Home

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Some people have a strong gut feeling for home decor. They exactly know what to buy and where to place it. They can also visualize the colors and they’re never afraid of change. Then, there are those people who always have their interior designer’s phone number on speed dial.

2019 234

Why I Stopped Saying You Can’t Use Email to Manage Tasks


For years I’ve been a champion of steering clear of email when you’re trying to manage your tasks.

2019 83

How to Choose a Good Auto Insurance Company

Small Business CEO

If you are looking for auto insurance, then there are several things that you need to consider. Some of them are auto insurance quotes for most of the companies.

2019 70

Passed vs Past

Daily Writing Tips

Sandi from Inspiration for Writers wrote to ask: “Can you do a segment on Past vs. Passed–if you haven’t already? Too many get these words mixed up.”. Very happy to oblige, Sandi! Past – relates to location. The word past locates something in time, and sometimes in space. It can be.

2019 102

Moving Into a New House On a Budget

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Are you settling in a new house? How do you start decorating a new home on a budget? Should you buy new furniture? Let’s discover how to create an inviting new house without digging a deep hole in your pocket. Plan and Understand Your Budget First.

2019 223

How to Build an Achievement Structure: Getting the Front End Work Done


The title may seem daunting, but the idea behind it is simple: You must set yourself up in advance so that you can keep yourself from simply going through the motions every day?—?which which is really what you’re doing if you’re using a simple to-do list.

2019 74

4 Misconceptions About Content Marketing You Need To Know

Small Business CEO

The concept of content marketing is in a constant state of evolution. Content marketers are regularly working to strive for perfection in this field, however, it’s a long term process. But currently, many misconceptions and false statements are being promoted regarding content marketing.

2019 69

How to Turn Negative Reviews Into Opportunities

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Negative reviews are part of doing business. It does not have to be a disaster even if you receive one. Instead of worrying that you got such an undesirable review, you can use it to improve your business and work on a strategy to engage your customers once again.

2019 197

10 Ways to Embrace Changes In Your Personal and Professional Life

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For most of us, change is inevitable. It’s something that’s bound to happen sooner or later. And when it does happen, whether in your personal and professional life, you’ll find yourself in a really difficult position.

2019 188

Being a Single Parent of Three, This is What I Advise All the Moms

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Today, I attended the graduation party of my twin boys. Looking at them with their graduation gowns and hats on, I felt so proud. When their names were being called out, I went down the memory lane when I had my newborn twin boys in my arms. I was very happy to see their tiny, innocent faces.

2019 185

7 Tips to Lower Utility Bills in Your Business

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Businesses always need to optimize their processes to make the operations more profitable. One factor you need to pay special attention to is your business’ utility consumption. If you’re willing to put the effort, it is easy to reduce the utility consumption of your business. The problem is most companies think that it is not possible. It is not true at all. And as proof, we’ll share with you 7 tips to lower the utility bills in your business. Use solar power partially.

2019 171

Preparing Your Business For The Next Recession

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The economy is cyclical which means we can’t sustain growth indefinitely. When growth occurs too rapidly, it can lead to a bubble and a subsequent collapse.

2019 232

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Workforce Management

Small Business CEO

Your projects are only as good as your workforce. The employee base is the biggest asset of any organisation. From managing client demands to mitigating project risks, your workforce makes sure that all your deliverables are on time, every time.

2019 68

Bitcoin ATMs Let Anyone Get Involved in Crypto Easily

Small Business CEO

The world of cryptocurrency can seem intimidating to many people. Assuming you have already decided you want to get involved, the question then becomes how? How do you go about acquiring the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others?

2019 68

Episode 245: What Happy Successful People Do Differently with Marc and Angel Chernoff


On today’s episode, I spent time again with Marc and Angel Chernoff.

2019 67

Best Tech Devices for Small Business Offices

Small Business CEO

In today’s competitive business environment, every business is striving to raise its efficiency and productivity to gain an edge over others. What can you, as the owner of a small business, do to achieve that feat?

2019 65

What Makes Cloud Tech The Best Option for Securing Your Sensitive Business Data?

Small Business CEO

When it comes to running a business, modern technology is always evolving. This is great news for all entrepreneurs as it offers ways to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and increase staff productivity.

2019 63

Factors to Consider When Looking for an Essay Service in the UK

Small Business CEO

In our modern society, most millennial students are finding it difficult to strike a balance between their academics and the extra curriculum activities. Some of the students want to develop their social life and of course, enjoy their holiday vacations instead of being glued in a certain essay.

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