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4 Amazing Women Bloggers On My Reading List

Tips From T. Marie

When I first started out my blog reading list was populated by the likes of Gary V , Mike Michalawicz, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin.

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How to Budget Using the 50/20/30 Rule

Dumb Little Man

Thinking about ways to better manage your finances? The 50/20/30 rule is one of the most popular techniques that you can try. It’s simple and easy to follow. You only need to categorize your spending into three categories. 50% of Your Income – Essentials.

Budget 268

Why Independent Work and Coworking Increase Mental and Physical Well-Being

Small Business Labs

McKinsey's  The overlooked essentials of employee well-being focuses on how companies can improve the well-being of their employees.

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Introducing Boomerang Virtual Assistants

Laughing all the Way to Work

I finally launched my new website and am open for business. Well sort of. The website is awaiting a small final touch, but if you want to take a peek here is my URL address It's very exciting, even at this stage. Sometimes you just have to do it and quit trying to figure everything out. My esthetician, who opened her own shop about a year ago, said she is learning the business side as she goes.

2018 146

Preparing for a Practically Perfect Meeting

Practically Perfect PA

Whenever you hear the word ‘meeting’ floating around the office, there’s always that stroke of fear that trembles down everyone’s spines. There’s no need to be scared!

2018 141

6 Foolproof Ways to Refine Your Professional Life

Dumb Little Man

Sometimes, we feel that a new job will diffuse us with happiness we have always longed for. At times, however, we feel that staying away from toxic people and jobs can improve our lives. There are a number of things that can make you unhappy at work.

2018 243

How to Make Your Office Kitchen Space Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

An eco-friendly attitude doesn’t have to end with your opinion. You can show your support for environmental conservation in the way you dress, drive, eat and shop. You can make it part of your home and even part of your workspace with a little effort and the right direction.

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Top 5 Tips for Managing Tasks and Priorities for Assistants

Office Dynamics

I have several tips I can offer on this subject, but here are the top 5. If you make any one of these a habit, you will see an increase in your productivity. FOCUS! This is the most important of all 5. In a world where people think multitasking is a valued skill, it isn’t.

2018 190

Identify One Goal: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose

Dumb Little Man

I think a lot of young people will find this post very useful if they were to apply themselves to it. Most often, I find people wondering what their purpose in life is. And before they discover it, they try a couple of things and make some mistakes.

2018 238

The Skills to Include on a Resume -- and the Ones to Leave Out

On The Job

There’s a famous line from the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke that says: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” Fast forward to 2018 and that line could apply to the disconnect between jobseekers and employers.

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What to expect at Friday’s Virtual Summit

Practically Perfect PA

The Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit is happening this Friday. That is Friday 19th October 2018 from 10 am – 6 pm GMT+1. If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, the time is now! Here are all the details. The whole event is online which means you can watch it anywhere in the world.

2018 130

Should You Let Your Boss Shift the Blame to You?

Office Dynamics

Question: “My boss recently shifted blame in my direction for some mistakes in a print campaign, when the problem was actually some simple miscommunication between us.

2018 168

4 Ways Men Can (Accidentally) Mess Up Their Relationship

Dumb Little Man

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, right? That was the big a-ha moment back in the 90s when Dr. John Gray wrote his book. When that book came out, men and women everywhere stopped, took notice, and said: “Okay that makes sense.

2018 234

This is the One Thing Every Boss Should Hear

On The Job

Is it really that difficult to be a boss? "It’s It’s not easy," writes Andy Kessler in the Wall Street Journal. Decisions come at you rapid-fire and, like it or not, you’ve got to make a call, potentially without knowing the consequences for years.

2018 130

The Robot Business is Hard - Rethink Robotics Shuts Down

Small Business Labs

With all the noise around AI and robotics these days, you'd think this is a great time to be a company that makes robots. And in many ways, it is. According to the International Federation of Robotics, an industry body, worldwide sales of robots increased by 31% in 2017. 

2018 151

Podcast 104: Busy people

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 104 and it’s about busy people. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” ” Busy people get more done. Let’s amend that to busy productive people, since we know that it’s quite possible to be busy about nothing.

2018 100

How to Build Your Career: 5 Simple Rules to Succeed

Dumb Little Man

In the past, if you were interested in having a successful career, you only had to do a couple of things — go to school, finish college, and get a job. And you would have that job for the rest of your life, provided that you wanted it. Nowadays, however, the job market is more brutal than ever.

2018 221

3 Ways to Squeeze Every Penny Possible Out of Your Startup

Small Business CEO

If you’re looking at setting up a new business, the statistics for success are never great motivation. According to the Small Business Association, 30% of startups fail within their first two years, while 50% fail within five.

2018 86

Can You Build A Fine Watch With A 0.5 Inch Wrench?

Brilliantly Better

People have opinions abut everything. And that’s neither good or bad, it’s just how we are creating this collective illusion that we call reality. We have opinions about how the world works, about what other people should (and shouldn’t do),… The post Can You Build A Fine Watch With A 0.5 Inch Wrench? appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development value

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28 Good Words from Latin and Greek

Daily Writing Tips

Let’s talk about something good. Here is a variety of words for good things, based on ancient words for “good”: Latin bonus and Greek eu. Good words from Latin. In Rome, bonus was the Latin word for “good, noble, kind, honest, brave.”

2018 81

E-Waste Tips: What To Do With Old Tech Gadgets

Dumb Little Man

Have you noticed how we seem to be piling up a lot of our electronic devices at home? Some we use and some collect dust in some forgotten drawer. If you’ve always puzzled how to do some electronic spring cleaning, here are some ways that you can get rid of old gadgets. Take it to a Retail Location.

2018 220

Building a Strong Brand Identity: The Key to Small Business Branding Success

Small Business CEO

If you want your business to succeed, one of the things you need to take seriously is branding. Your company’s unique identity is what sets it apart from everyone else, a representation of your story and goals to your customers.

2018 75

How Sponsoring Goat Yoga Can Help Your Business Grow

Dumb Little Man

Nationally, corporations give more than $17 billion to nonprofits in charitable donations every year. But there are more ways to show your support to your local community than just by writing big checks.

2018 220

5 Habits You Should Adopt to Become an Effective Public Speaker

Dumb Little Man

Most people want to be an effective public speaker. However, not all people are naturally gifted with skills in public speaking. That’s why if you want to be an excellent public speaker, you need to put a considerable effort to work at it.

2018 219

6 Really Simple Strategies for Sharing Files Like a Pro

Dumb Little Man

Not so long ago, file sharing was a groundbreaking technology. However, using the cloud to share files and collaborate on projects has quickly become the cornerstone of many workflows across countless industries.

2018 213

Why Your Organization Should Invest In An HR Management System

Dumb Little Man

When your team grows, managing them turns into a major task. You’ll face a lot of challenges, from recruiting, maintaining records, and establishing organization culture. This is one good reason why businesses need to integrate an effective human resource management system.

2018 205

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car Insurance

Dumb Little Man

Car insurance can be very confusing for anyone. It’s also one of those things that can be very costly if not done right. We rounded up the 10 key things that you may not know about your car insurance. Having “No-Fault” Insurance.

2018 205

5 Interview Mistakes That Can Get In The Way of Your Dream Job

Dumb Little Man

Being called in for that exciting first job interview causes a whirlwind of emotions — excitement, nervousness, and fear. The first impression is the only impression that matters on this interview, so what should you avoid?

2018 202

Someone Else Can Do These 5 Business Processes Better Than You (No Offense)

Small Business CEO

One trait successful entrepreneurs almost all have in common is the ability to say “no” — to dodgy proposals, out-of-left-field ideas, clients who bring a whole rat’s nest of strings to the relationship. Still, many business owners like to think they can do it all. Maybe you’re one of them.

2018 71

All You Need to Know About Account-based Sales and Marketing

Small Business CEO

ABS stands for Always Be Selling – everyone knows that, right? After all, if you relax on your sales strategy for even a moment, your customers could forget you, your competition could gain an edge, and your business could fold completely.

2018 71

5 Reasons Why Keeping Your CSRs Happy is Important

Small Business CEO

If you are in a position where you generally hire people and enable them to earn a source of income, it is also very important that you put effort into keeping these employees happy as well, and this includes putting in additional effort in order to make sure this is so.

2018 71

How to Excel at Spread Betting

Small Business CEO

Spread betting is a trading method activity that can help you achieve substantial rewards with regards to your capital, if done right.

2018 66

What is an Anagram?

Daily Writing Tips

To create an anagram, you rearrange the letters of a word or phrase to form a different word or phrase. For example, the word section is an anagram for notices and vice versa. A “perfect” anagram uses all the letters, no more, no less. But sometimes letters are repeated or omitted.

2018 73

More Names of Plants, Food, and Drinks Formed by Folk Etymology

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists words derived from words in other languages as a result of folk etymology, a process by which speakers adopt the foreign terms after revising them by using existing elements from their native language.

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