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The Powerful Influence Of Words

Dumb Little Man

One of the best habits you can have is to exude passion and excitement when you speak. Words and how we speak them, have a powerful influence in one’s pursuit of success in life. Have you noticed how dull most people’s words seem to be?

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A PA’s guide to confidentiality

Practically Perfect PA

As a PA or EA, your ability to handle confidential subjects, issues, emails and documents is essential. And increasingly, PAs are asked in job interviews how they approach the issue of confidentiality.

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Create Joint Venture ‘Giveaways’ to Boost Your List

Office Organization Success

I added 550+ new subscribers in just FIVE days with this strategy. And, once you know exactly how to set this up, you can do this too.

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The Motivations and Challenges of Diverse Small Business Owners

Small Business Labs

Gallup's Diverse Small Business Owners Share Their Experiences covers a series of surveys of different segments of small business owners. The surveys asked about the motivations and challenges among Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Women, LGBT and Veteran small business owners.

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12 Mind-blowing Tips for Increasing Your Overall Positivity!

Dumb Little Man

Positive thinking has been very often understood and used in a wrong connotation. People abuse the power of this great practice and suggest that it will attract you money, wealth and abundance. “Be Be positive and you’ll have anything you want!” No you will not!

2015 286

Healthier choices for your conference

Practically Perfect PA

With spring here and summer on the way, I am sure I am not the only one thinking about trying to include some healthier choices in my life. And why not extend that to your conference or event.

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Why Startups Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be and Why It Doesn’t Matter

The Small Business Blog

Typically, when we read about new businesses and entrepreneurs it’s all ‘this is the new Facebook’ or ‘how this business has really taken off in the last year’ and all too often, the media focus entirely on the glamour and success of entrepreneurism.

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Dumb Little Man

Many people complain: I have no friends. Or: “I turn away people.” ” Maybe you’re being a good friend? Here we remember the … 10 CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD FRIEND 1 – You do not solve the problem of your friend, you help to solve.

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When should you start planning your Christmas party?

Practically Perfect PA

I know, I know it is only May, we haven’t had summer yet and I am already writing blogs about Christmas parties. You may think I am crazy but actually this is the best time of year to start thinking about your office do.

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Thursday From the Trenches Episode 14

Simple Productivity Blog

In this video I talk about how I have been managing energy as I go through a really hectic time in my life. The post Thursday From the Trenches Episode 14 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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Researching Society's Edges

Small Business Labs

We're often asked about how we go about our work of identifying, tracking and forecasting the future of small business.    One of the key tools is identifying and studying edge communities. These are groups that exist outside of the mainstream in one way or another.

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3 You Won’t Believe Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Dumb Little Man

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? If you could have an outer body experience that will show you who you really are, would you? I know these questions may sound cliché but when compared to the way you’re living your life right now, can you answer them?

Criteria for Decluttering

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-05-06 23:30:30. Republished by Blog Post Promoter It’s simple. Whenever you’re torn about getting rid of something or keeping it, ask yourself these two questions: Do I need it? Do I love it? If the answer is yes to either one, you keep it. The post Criteria for Decluttering appeared first on Clutter Coach. Clutter Habits Philosophy

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On Vacation, May 2015

Simple Productivity Blog

I am taking a staycation this week as I work toward finishing up my teaching course! See you all next week. Photo by Jones Road Caddie. Licensed under Creative Commons. The post On Vacation, May 2015 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog.

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The Climb: Why I’m Going Beyond Productivity


Back when Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana, my daughter was a fan. She eventually outgrew it, but before she did she asked if we could go see Hannah Montana: The Movie. So we did. It was pretty unmemorable fare, but there was one thing about the film that has stuck with me.

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Should You Cook With Expensive Wine or Cheap Wine?

Dumb Little Man

We all know that wine tastes great — well, most of it does. But what is it within the wine that enables us to enjoy it? Just like the food we eat, wine comes in a vast array of flavors and styles. What makes each wine unique is the combination of sugars, acid, aroma compounds, tannin, and alcohol.

How Maslow Can Help Your Marketing

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! How Maslow Can Help Your Marketing first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — 2015, All Rights. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Top 10 Confused Words in English [E-F]

Daily Writing Tips

The words in the following list represent misunderstanding of the words’ meanings and not simply an inability to spell them correctly. This post covers words starting with the letters e and f (the a-b list is here , and the c-d one here ). economic / economical.

2015 112

Why Today Predicts Your Future


All Jay Jay French ever wanted was to make it in a hard rock band. French formed band after band in an attempt to get signed because he believed that was the golden ticket to music success. The only trouble was to get signed, you had to be seen by the right people on the right night.

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Choosing a Marketing Plan That’s Right for Your Business

Small Business CEO

Marketing is the life blood of any company. Without it, you won’t bring in any new customers, and your business will struggle to grow. This is why it is so essential that you choose a marketing plan that is right for your company.

2015 108

How to Best Work With International Colleagues

45 Things

When Erin Meyer visited Tokyo with a Japanese colleague shortly after her book, “The Culture Map” was published, she agreed to speak to about 20 Japanese managers. After her presentation, she asked if there were any questions or comments. “No No hands went up, so I went to sit down,” she recalls.

Internet Initialisms

Daily Writing Tips

Although I’ve adopted a few initialisms such as BTW, LOL, and IMHO in my own informal writing, I’m mostly ignorant of the alphabet soup current on Twitter and other social media sites.

2015 111

Verb Review #9: There Is / There Are

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks about the use of “there is” and “there are”: I am writing to express my puzzlement over whether to use “there is” or “there are”. When I was reading a script, I came across [this] sentence: “In his arms there are a whole bunch of corn husks.” Should it not be “there is”?

2015 107

Till vs. Until

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks, Isn’t the shortened version of until spelled ’til , not til or till ? I know that till is a word (I worked as a grocery store cashier as a teenager), so I understand why it doesn’t get flagged by spellcheck when some writers incorrectly shorten the word until as till.

2015 105

Tips to Ensure you are Getting the Most Out of your Employees

Small Business CEO

Most successful companies recognize two basic facts. Firstly, employees are the company’s most valuable resource, and secondly, for the company to be efficient, it needs to get the most out of all its employees. By and large, even the most successful companies struggle with achieving a balance.

2015 104

25 French Food-related Terms in English

Daily Writing Tips

Note: The pronunciation of these terms varies according to how familiar the speaker is with French. Usually, getting close is good enough. I’ve included pronunciation for six terms that may be especially tricky for some English speakers. à la carte.

2015 102

Buying Options: Try Before You Buy

Small Business CEO

Running a small business involves more than just selling products or services at a profit – effective investment in new equipment can make a significant difference to your monthly bottom line.

2015 102


Daily Writing Tips

The lovely word cryptid came to my attention in reference to the ivory-billed woodpecker. One of these birds, long believed to be extinct, was sighted in eastern Arkansas in 2004. As no subsequent sightings have been reported, the survival of the species is still disputed.

2015 93

Causing a Furor, Not a Fury

Daily Writing Tips

Although furor and fury derive from the same Latin verb, furere , “to rage, be mad,” when the intended meaning is “public uproar,” furor is the better choice. Although anger is often one of the emotions expressed in a public upheaval of interest and comment, it isn’t always.

2015 92

The Many Benefits of Mobile Trading Platforms

Small Business CEO

For most forex traders, investing is something of a sideline. Many have existing businesses to deliver an income, and a multitude of commitments aside from those connected to their trades.

2015 85

What are You Doing to Help Vets?

45 Things

Most of us on this Memorial Day today are enjoying time with family and friends, but we should also take time to remember those who have lost their lives defending this country -- and the military personnel and their families who sacrifice so much every day.

2015 69

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP (Infographic)

Small Business CEO

Although many companies have already begun to use the cloud for their everyday business needs, this tool’s capabilities expand far beyond the day-to-day operational processes.

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