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How to Exercise Your Willpower by Working Out

Dumb Little Man

There’s an intimate connection between willpower and exercise. I notice it most at the gym given the intensity of working out. Willpower is what keeps me going five days per week, first thing in the morning despite bad weather, fatigue or lack of motivation.

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How to turn an assistant into a career EA

Practically Perfect PA

I’m not going to lie, I became an assistant because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Growing up I’d dreamed of becoming everything from a spy to an air hostess but those dreams faded once I left University and hit the big wall of reality that is paying bills and funding your social life.

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WordPress Plugin Analysis & Facelift.

Eco-Office Gals

WordPress is a wonderful platform, back in it’s early onset I knew this was going to be the medium I wanted to work with at Eco-Office Gals. Unlike a static, HTML site of old, it grows with you, it grows with our online needs. Growth also means change.

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How to Set (And Stick To) Your Business Boundaries

Office Organization Success

It happens to all of us at some point or other … a client will ask us to do something different for them that is outside of our normal business practice. And, in the interest of keeping our clients happy, we will accommodate.

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7 Actionable Ways to Simplify Family Life So You Can Be Happier

Dumb Little Man

"Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius As a parent, simple isn’t always easy. And when you have more than one child, it’s almost impossible.

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Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2013

Small Business Labs

Below is our sixth annual Top 10 Small Business Trends list.  Last year's trends and links to our trends lists from prior years are available here. Our overall economic outlook for 2013 is for continued moderate growth with U.S. GDP increasing 2.25% to 2.75%.    We expect hiring and the job market to continue to improve with unemployment falling and finishing the year in the 6.8% range. Technology  1.

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5 Great Green Additions to Your Office Desk

Eco-Office Gals

One of the best things about green technology and the advances being made within its field is that function no longer means an ugly form. There are lots of beautiful and ecologically friendly ways to dress up your home, reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time.

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5 Goal-Setting Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2013

Dumb Little Man

How often do you set yourself a goal and then fail to achieve it? Do you ever reflect on the reasons why you didn’t achieve your goal? Now that we have entered 2013 the world has started setting New Years’ resolutions and goals for the year. All too often, people set goals with good intent.

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We’ve all got to do more to retain great people

The Small Business Blog

We’ve all heard it before. Try and keep the best people, and surround yourself with people better than you. This is the secret of success, and apparently people like Branson are masters at it.

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How to Plan an Eco Friendly Office Move

Eco-Office Gals

Are you in a position where your office is expanding and so you have to move into a bigger space? Or perhaps, you’ve decided to take “eco-friendly office practices” to the ultimate extreme and have your staff telecommute so that you can save on your resources?

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How to Keep Your Career Resolutions

Eat Your Career

Did you set New Year’s resolutions for your career? If so, I want to help make sure you keep them! In my most recent segment on Fox 31 Denver’s Good Day Colorado , I share 6 simple strategies for success. Watch the video below. Subscribe to the comments for this post?

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Giving Is NOT Better Than Receiving: Guest Post by @CoachBarbWade

Productive & Organized

Many of us have been taught that it is much better to give than to receive.    We were taught that at a young age by adults that did not want us to be selfish. 

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What is Smart Dust?

Small Business Labs

Smart dust is one of my all time favorite buzz words.  It refers to tiny wireless sensors that detect anything from light to temperature to humidity to vibrations. They're called smart dust because the idea is lots of them would be deployed, they'd be really small (the size of grain of sand or smaller) and they'd float and lie around, like dust.

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Eco Friendly Order Fulfilment Options for Businesses

Eco-Office Gals

A successful company is committed to the details of day-to-day business; that is what turns a first-time customer into a repeat one who then turns around and shares the word with others.

2013 181

Top 5 Tips for Small Business Conferencing

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

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Why Anxiety May Prompt You to Take Bad Advice

On The Job

When I was in my early 20s, I took some really bad advice. I listened to people I should have ignored and did what they advised. I regretted it for years, and told myself one simple truth I would live by: "I will listen to myself from now on. If I make a mistake, it's my own fault.

2013 209

Unemployed? Maybe it’s Time to Be Your Own Boss

Tips From T. Marie

Just when the financial analysts start showing some optimism for our flailing economy, headlines prove that the job market is still dismal out there. Here in North Carolina , like many places across the country, it’s been that way for a while, so when Charlotte’s WCNC news desk reported the fact that several hundred finance workers lost their jobs last Friday, it was like adding insult to injury.

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Top 5 Office Waste Reduction Tips

Eco-Office Gals

When you’re sitting in an office around other staff members for hours at a time, five days per week, you are bound to have a significant amount of waste that piles up from time to time.

2013 176

A Week of Strategic Planning

Office Organization Success

what a week it’s been! My head is absolutely spinning (but in a good way). On Wednesday, I hosted my students for their Create Your 2013 P.R.O.F.I.T. Plan Workshop. It was a 5-hour, live, virtual workshop. And we dug in deep and did lots of different strategic planning exercises. They came away from the workshop with their own 90-day P.R.O.F.I.T. Plans in place. And then yesterday and today, I’m busy going through similar exercises for my own business with my own mentor.

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Increase Productivity By Streamlining Inputs

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. One of the easiest ways to increase productivity is to streamline your inputs. By limiting the number of places you have things coming from, you can cut down the number of places that you have to check. By limiting the places you have things in process, the less time you will spend searching for things. What Are Your Inputs? Inputs can be defined as any place where things come from that you have to deal with.

2013 172

Five personality traits to benefit any project manager

The Small Business Blog

Consider this: two projects are in trouble; one team bring their project to a successful conclusion; the other team fails. What’s the difference between the two of them? Leaving aside the variables, the difference may well be the personality traits of the project managers in charge. Here are five personal attributes that might make one project manager and team more successful than the other. Let us know your five; we’d like to hear them. Great communication skills.

Why It’s Important to Tell the Story of Your Green Brand

Eco-Office Gals

If you ask any company that is thriving within the marketplace to tell you about you will need in order to be a success, one of the first things that they will probably mention is the importance of building a brand.

2013 173

Schedule a Call ONLY at the Point You Confirm It.

Virtual Moxie

Amy wrote to pick my brain , with this conundrum: “When a potential client emails me and wants to do a consultation, I always send back three very date/time-specific appointment possibilities, and immediately block those times on my calendar, pending his response; it's what I feel I should do, since I offered those times.

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Your BIG Dreams (a Spotlight)

Office Dynamics

Our theme this January is swirling around BIG dreams and dreaming as big as you can. Joan challenged you to submit your big dreams to us to share her on the blog. Thanks to these wonderful ladies for getting the ball rolling. It can be intimidating saying your big dream out loud for others to hear.

2013 155

When Traditions Don’t Work

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. We just finished up the holiday season (thank goodness) in many countries. Holidays come jam-packed with activities, many of which have a basis in tradition, whether it is cultural, religious or family traditions. Sometimes tradition can lend depth and meaning to a special time. Other times it is just an unnecessary and unwelcome complication.

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The Benefit Of Switching From Plastic Bottles

Eco-Office Gals

Contributing to a green movement can be as simple as a few easy steps done in aggregate. At the end of the day, little changes can go a long way. One simple step is removing plastic bottles from your life. Water is a great resource. For some of us, water is something we take for granted.

2013 164

Moxie Tip 300: Don’t Change Who You Are for Anyone

Virtual Moxie

Learning skills that you know aren't a good use of your time and talents and that don’t lead to work that lets you be happy is a sucker’s game. Don’t play it. IF something needs adjusting, it’s likely to be how you position yourself from the get-go with the potential clients you talk with. Make sure the story you tell about yourself is clear and in alignment with both who you are and what you do.

2013 152

After The BIG Dream

Office Dynamics

Hello Monday Motivators! I hope you had a good weekend and are getting back into the swing of your normal schedule. Last week I wrote about ‘ Dream Big ’ Our Office Dynamics theme for January is DREAM BIG !

2013 153

Open Loops 1/18/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. Zen Habits has a great analogy for single tasking that actually tells you how to do it. It is called full-screen living. Check out the article at “A Primer on Full-Screen Living” Keeping the fridge clean can be a big job, but Tip Nut has a great method to make it work easier…cleaning every day.

2013 126

5 Ways to Go Green From Your Office Chair

Eco-Office Gals

You do what you can at home every day to cultivate a green lifestyle and work towards a sustainable future, but if you’re like millions of other people, you may feel powerless at work.

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Moxie Tip 302: Getting Paid For Your Intake

Virtual Moxie

Once you've decided to bill for your intake process, there are two (at least!) ways to consider doing it: 1. Take the time from the retainer. If you pretty much know how long it usually takes you to do the intake, charge a flat fee, upfront, to be paid along with (in addition to!) your initial retainer. You'll want to create an explicit agreement about the fact that paying for the intake is going to happen and how, so that there can be no misunderstanding or disconnect for the client.

2013 141

Distractions at Work & How to Manage Them

Office Dynamics

Guest Blog submitted by Sara Bowman. From social media to chatty co-workers, it's easy to get distracted at work. Learning to manage these time wasters can not only increase your productivity but improve your overall workday. With eight hours in the average workday, here are some common distractions and ways to eliminate them: Strong Smells. Whether it sparks hunger pangs or leaves you feeling nauseous, it can be distracting whenever someone takes a smelly snack break at their desk.

2013 132

The Cocoon

Brilliantly Better

One of the words I really like is “calibration”. I don’t know if it’s the word, or the action, but I often think in terms of calibration. For instance, every time I start a new project, I calibrate my effort. I do a few trials and see how much I can commit to that project. [.].

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Is Electric Radiant Floor Heating Good For the Environment?

Eco-Office Gals

There are basically three types of radiant floor heating. In one type, channels or tubes under the floor are warmed by warm water. Another type of radiant floor is warmed through electricity, and the third type is warmed through the movement of air.

Moxie Tip 301: Pricing your Intake Period

Virtual Moxie

The time between when you send your client agreement/intake packet to a new client and the time you actually begin working with her is the "intake" period--the time you do the work to get things ready on your end to work with the client. This might be setting up files, or reading materials the client sends you to bring you up to speed, or setting up an online collaborative workspace, or any number of other things you might do in preparation for the actual work to begin.

2013 141

How to Test for Hyphenation in Phrasal Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

One of the most frequent style errors among writers is the omission of one or more hyphens in a phrasal adjective, a phrase consisting of two or more words linked to show that they’re teaming up to modify a noun that follows them. There’s an easy test to help you see that the hyphen is necessary.

2013 104

How Not to Mess Up Guest Posting on Your Dream Blog

Men With Pens

So your guest post pitch has been accepted by THE blog you’ve always dreamed of posting for. You’re on cloud nine – and deservedly so! You’ve been working up to this moment for a long time. You’ve learned the craft, improved your skills and honed your style on your own blog.

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