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Six Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Dumb Little Man

Do you ever feel stressed? It’s a silly question, I know! Modern life brings so many worries and anxieties that you probably feel stressed at least occasionally … and perhaps a lot more often than that. Whether you’re facing a demanding boss, a difficult colleague, a mountain of debt, a rebellious teen, or a computer that’s crashed and taken all your files with it, stress often seems like an inevitable part of modern life.

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Lack of Time and the Rise of Personal Services

Small Business Labs

We've long been fascinated by the growing number of small personal services firms.  These are firms that provide life support services to increasingly harried, time-constrained and often affluent consumers.

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#Cinchspiration Week #5-6

Eco-Office Gals

I didn’t drop off the face of the earth dear readers. I’ve just been beating myself up inside and I struggle when it comes to sharing the ugly truth. I haven’t done well lately, and I have no one to blame but myself!

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Tea Maid

Practically Perfect PA

If there is one thing people know about me it is that I love a good cup of tea, I am English after all! I plan my tea breaks at work so that I get a chance to step away from my desk and, you know, load up on some caffeine while having a small amount of ‘me’ time.

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5 Tips for Solopreneurs for Successful Project Management

The Solopreneur Life

W hen you enter the self-employed, solopreneur life, one of the hardest obstacles you’ll need to overcome is project management. In the corporate world, there is often a chain of command and a list of policies and procedures to manage tasks. Structure often varies depending on the business — is it time, effort, cost, or quality that dictates the timeline for completion? As a solopreneur, you need to incorporate every aspect in order to successfully manage projects.

Big Name Chefs Starting Food Trucks

Small Business Labs

Good article on Zagat's on Hawaiin celebrity chef Sam Choy starting a food truck in Los Angeles. According to Zagat's his Pineapple Express truck will bring "poke, Kalua pork sandwiches and Mauie Wowie chopped salads to those starved for a taste of the islands."

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Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

Eco-Office Gals

The world is full of people who care about the environment and who are willing to do everything that they can to help the environment. Recycling, reducing energy consumption, changing purchasing habits, driving less; the list goes on and on.

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Finding the Right Clients Starts With Knowing Where To Look

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Some years ago (for those of us “seasoned” enough to remember), there was a very popular country song entitled, “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” It was quite a catchy little tune, and it came to mind as I began today’s article. Do you ever feel like you’ve been looking for clients the same way? Indeed, finding the right clients can be a challenge.

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Coworking Facilities as Mini-Industrial Clusters

Small Business Labs

We've noticed that a growing number of coworking facilities are starting to look and act like mini-industrial clusters. Industrial clusters are geographic concentrations of firms that broadly serve the same industry and have common needs for talent, technology and business infrastructure.  Firms within a cluster may be competitive or cooperative and are often reliant on other firms in the cluster as suppliers and/or customers.   Some of the best known large U.S.

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5 Tips for a Greener Office

Eco-Office Gals

Many offices are doing their part to go green these days. You really can’t afford not to with all the paper and electricity that is being wasted on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not enough of them are implementing the kinds of green, waste-cutting measures that are necessary.

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The Secret To Being Happy

Simple Productivity Blog

This post was written by a guest author. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines. In this post I want to ask you two key questions: Are you being yourself around people? Are you happy with your life?

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How to Convey Executive Presence Without Saying a Word

On The Job

I cannot believe the latest column I did for Gannett/USAToday seems to be sparking an online squabble over dog training techniques. Let me make one thing clear: This column is not about dog training techniques. Now, read on if you want to know how to establish your credibility through body language.

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Using Big Data to Improve Neighborhoods

Small Business Labs

Described as the Facebook for Neighborhoods, the startup Next Door recently raised $18.6 million which will be used to expand operations. According to a GigaOm story about Next Door , they have: "about 3,700 neighborhoods on board in 48 states with a median of 600 to 700 members in each network. The service is adding 22 neighborhoods every day now."  "  Next Door is an example of the growing number of companies focused on neighborhood enhancement and discovery.

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What is Your Business Website Saying?

Tips From T. Marie

Did you know that 75% of web users admit that they judge a business based on the design of their website? A Stanford Web Credibility study proved it back in 2002. If it were true 10 years ago, imagine how true it is in today’s ‘connected’ society! I guarantee that number is higher today, probably somewhere closer to 95%!! Smartphones, tablets and other portable computing devices have given us all the ability to research any business we may be interested in quickly and easily.

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Prevent Predictable Annoyances

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. One of the funniest phrases I have heard in the past few months is “Pigeons of Discontent.” ” This was meant as the opposite of “Bluebirds of Happiness”, and I find that it is very apt.

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Quick Biz Tip To Organize Your Blog

Office Organization Success

Create Categories: These are a great way to organize your articles and group relevant information together. You can create several main categories for your articles, and even create sub-categories if you’re so inclined. By assigning each one of your blog posts a category, you will make it really easy for your blog visitors to find the information that they’re most interested in. Quick Biz Tip blog

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Pet Supply Sales Continue to Grow

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we like pet trends here at Smallbizabs, especially the trend towards pet humanization.  This is the growing trend of pet owners seeing their pets as full fledged family members and themselves as "pet parents" Pet parents treat their children well, which is why pet industry revenues continue to grow.  According to an article in Media Post,  U.S. retail sales of non-food pet supplies totaled $11.1 billion in 2011, up 2% over 2010.

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6 quick tips for managing paper

Ian's Messy Desk

Close your eyes and picture the Zen-like state of your desk in a paperless world. When you need data from the last quarter, you speak to your computer and a soothing voice responds with the information. When it’s time to pay the bills, you instruct your computer where the payments are to come from. Now, look at the paper sitting on your desk, dressers, tables, shelves, filing cabinets , etc. The ideal of a paperless office has been around for at least three decades.

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Rebalance Your Productivity With Eastern Wisdom

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I know I’m not the only one who feels off-kilter. And when I feel off-kilter, my productivity suffers.

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Knee-Deep in Launch Mode

Office Organization Success

I am loving watching the Olypmics … and it’s great to finally see Team GB win a few gold medals! It’s less than three weeks now until the boys head back to school. The summer seems to have flown by so quickly. I promised them that next week we’ll go school supplies shopping. Any excuse for me to head off to Staples! This week I’ve been knee-deep in a major launch for one of my clients. It’s been a very busy time with lots of different moving pieces happening.

2012 122

How to Shorten Your Job Search

Job Advice Blog

People in transition know that finding a new, suitable job is a process—and most often, an unpleasant and lengthy one. While this is true in most cases, it doesn’t have to be that way, provided the job seeker understands the search process and becomes efficient with planning, creative thinking, networking, and research. Where Do You [.].

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Things To Think About Before Quitting Your Day Job and Starting Your Own Business

The Small Business Blog

When you’ve got a great idea for setting up your own business, the freedom of being in charge of your own destiny can be very alluring. So, it can occasionally be tempting to throw caution to the wind and get started straight away. But before you make the leap, it’s worth taking a little time…

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Using Timers To Keep Kids Focused

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. I’ve talked about using timers before (see A Really Easy Way To Get Going On Any Task and The Power of 15 Minutes ). Mostly it is to get me going, or keep me going on a task.

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Listening With Heart

Virtual Moxie

Here’s a story: There once was a little girl who wanted to talk with her father when he got home from work. She loved waiting for him to arrive so she could tell him all about her day. But each night he would sit in his chair, and read his paper while she talked to him -- muttering the occasional "uh huh" along the way, and managing to smile or chuckle at appropriate moments.

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7 Tips Pros Use To Get Words on the Page

Men With Pens

“I am a lousy copywriter.” ” So said one of the all-time great ad men when describing his work. And really, that doesn’t surprise me, because he followed that up with “I am a good editor.” ” (How great an ad man was he?

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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Social Media Fails

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Social media is a never-ending job. You can automate some of it but be aware that you will always need to interact with the people who follow your business or comment on…

Open Loops 8/7/2012: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Tuesdays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. These are great tips for ending conversations. We had a system at work that if an empty IM came from the office manager, I was to go and rescue her from a conversation with the office boor.

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Moxie Tip 219: Are You a Life Preserver?

Virtual Moxie

Stay away from the want to save, and the people who want to be saved. What I would suggest you look for are the people who already have it together and want to bring you in as a partner to help take their businesses further, rather than the people whose businesses are a mess and are looking for a savior. Moxie Tips anastacia brice assistu business standards business tips for virtual assistants motivational tips for virtual assistants small business foundation virtual assistant

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Caution: Enter at your own risk!

Laughing all the Way to Work

I once worked with someone who had body language that you could read like a book. Stern looks, sad demeanor, very angry looking at times, sighing, interrupting while you were talking, especially when they were not in agreement, by harrumphing, sighing and rolling the eyes. It was disconcerting, but they didn't appear to be aware they were doing it. When I pointed it out, they said, "I can't help the way I look".

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The Subtle Benefits Of Being Born In The Wrong Place

Brilliantly Better

I was born and raised in Romania. For many years, I thought I was born in the wrong place. From a certain point of view, I still believe this. There are just too many things going wrong around here: we don’t have proper roads, our politicians are notoriously stupid and it’s almost impossible to get [.]. Personal Development benefits personal risk tolerance

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When the sick day really isn't one, how do you explain it?

Office Dynamics

I noticed this question was a hot topic and I certainly had an opinion on it. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one as well. From our friends at Business Management Daily. When the sick day really isn't one. Question: “Like many companies, mine differentiates between sick time and personal time.

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Moxie Tip 221: When Challenge is Good

Virtual Moxie

An important distinction is the distinction between challenging work, and challenging clients. You want to the former to keep you sharp, and keep things interesting. You absolutely do NOT need the latter. Look for challenging work, and easy clients. Moxie Tips anastacia brice assistu business standards business tips for virtual assistants motivational tips for virtual assistants small business foundation virtual assistant

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Small businesses and the importance of outstanding customer service

Service Untitled

Although it is very convenient to shop online, many customers still enjoy the experience of touching merchandise and browsing in a brick and mortar store; hence the popularity of small neighborhood businesses.

Conscience vs. Conscious

Daily Writing Tips

What’s the difference between conscience and conscious ? They stem from the same Latin root, but their usage is distinct. Writers occasionally confuse the two words, but if you remain conscious, you’ll likely be able to say with a clear conscience that you know the difference. Conscience and conscious both come from the Latin word conscius ; the word elements mean “with” and “two know.” (Yes, Yes, the -science in conscience means the same thing as science itself.).

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How are we going to top that?

Office Dynamics

We spent some time last week in our conference room brain storming ideas on what to do for our 19th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence team building exercise. I think we are all feeling like we have such a huge expectation to ‘top that’ with this exercise. You see, in 2011, we had much success with our activity. The teams were charged with coming up with their top ways they add value in their work lives every day.

2012 100

Moxie Tip 217: Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Virtual Moxie

Online relationship pundits often make it sound like you should make time for everyone who wants it--that's the way to build relationships. But if you look at them closely, you'll see that they don't actually do that. They can't--if they did, they'd have no lives outside the connecting they did with people who wanted their time. And you can't do that, either. Stop trying--your practice, and more, your clients, are probably suffering because of it.

2012 140

It Will Not Always Be Easy

Denise Aday

It Will Not Always Be Easy : That hard space is an vital ingredient for innovation and a necessary step for growth.We as humans hate being uncomfortable or in pain, we hate not knowing or being difficult. Struggle is ok….stopping stopping is not. Desiree Adaway.

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