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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Driving A Stick Shift Car

Dumb Little Man

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” – Unknown. For me, this is more like “kill the car seven times, start it up again eight.” ” The process of learning and actually driving a stick shift car has been such a process.

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How to Use Downtime at Work Productively

Eat Your Career

As we head into the dreary winter months, I am reminded of the seasonality of business. In most organizations, there is a natural ebb and flow that occurs. Things get predictably busy at certain times of the year, just as things get predictably slow at other times.

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Diversity is not inclusion

Practically Perfect PA

“If you do not understand the benefits of difference, you will always align yourself to your similarities, and in doing so, you will miss out on the beauty that variety brings to the table.”

2019 180

Coffee Break: November Wordsearch

Tips From T. Marie

It’s time for another coffee break. Here’s your wordsearch for November. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Select Level: {{ currentLevel.width }}x{{ currentLevel.height }} {{ level.width }}x{{ level.height }} {{cell.letter}} {{word}} × Congratulations!

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7 Useful Winter Gardening Tips You Need to Try This Season

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Temperatures have started to drop gradually and winter is getting closer by the day. By now, the last crops have been harvested. Everything that’s left to do is to prepare your plants for winter.

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Telephone Screening and Etiquette Skills for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Top-notch telephone screening and etiquette skills are paramount regardless of industry, company size, or geographic location. Their importance hasn’t diminished in our modern world of text messages, e-mails, and online chats. What exactly am I talking about?

You Need This to Be Happier and More Successful at Work

On The Job

More employers are beginning to focus on "emotional intelligence" when making new hires and when deciding who is ready to be promoted.

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10 Helpful Tips On How to Deal With A Difficult Boss

Dumb Little Man

Most of us have that one boss we couldn’t stand to deal with. The problem is, many of us don’t have a choice when it comes to who we work with or work under.

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7 Ways Executives Can Improve Communicating with Their Assistants

Office Dynamics

I have been fortunate to gain a three-dimensional view of communication between executives and assistants: I was an assistant for 20 years thus understanding what I needed from my executive so I could be effective.

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Episode 270: The Daily Decision with Brian Dixon


On this episode I’m joined by Brian Dixon , the author of Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything. As a podcaster, conference speaker, and business coach, Brian is passionate about helping high potential leaders and teams thrive in a world of overwhelming options.

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Podcast 131: How to avoid multitasking

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 131: how to avoid multitasking. By now you’ve heard, if not from me, then from many others, that multitasking is a bad idea. That’s true. It’s not effective. It makes your work take longer, you’ll make more mistakes and it increases your chances of not finishing the main thing you need to do because you’ve gone down so many rabbit holes.

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How to Deal With Employee Resistance During Agile Implementation

Dumb Little Man

The modern workplace is a combination of people from different generations who have varying workplace ideals. Some people prefer to strongly believe that the traditional method is the best way to work.

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3 Types of Spelling Challenges

Daily Writing Tips

Often, the English language appears to have been invented by a malicious entity.

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How Running Ridiculously Long Distances Can Help You

Brilliantly Better

I ran my first marathon when I was 42. Seemed like a nice number: 42 kilometers for my 42nd birthday.

2019 60

Team Spirit: 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Custom T-Shirts for Your Staff Members

Small Business CEO

Today a multimillionaire entrepreneur is just as likely to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt as a business suit. Casual is the new cool, which is one reason many businesses now supply employees with branded company t-shirts.

2019 79

8 Flea Home Remedies You Should Totally Try

Dumb Little Man

If you’re a pet owner, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with fleas in the past. Or, if you haven’t, don’t count your lucky stars quite yet. It’s very possible you may face them in the future. The thing about fleas is that they reproduce amazingly fast.

2019 218

10 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Jen Lawrence

Planning an event for your company or business can be an insanely overwhelming. The sheer number of details can trip planners up. However, have no fear – there is a method to the madness. You just need to have some insight and help.

2019 52

First Ultra-marathon In Spain – The Aftermath

Brilliantly Better

Since you all know now my reasons for running ridiculously long distances, I thought to leave a small recap on how the first ultra in Spain went. It happened just a few days ago, an 80km race called Eco Trail… The post First Ultra-marathon In Spain – The Aftermath appeared first on Dragos Roua. Running

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing

Small Business CEO

You just spent years developing the perfect product. You just opened your business online and as a brick and mortar establishment, but you can’t get any customers to come your way. You need marketing. Don’t get caught up in the misconception that marketing and advertising are one and the same.

2019 79

3 Ways to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever stopped to think how much it costs to get a person to buy one of your products? Then you’re in the right place.

2019 194

Creating Effective Team Communication Systems


Project and enterprise teams across all organisation types are perpetually exposed to a stream of information flows that ebb the natural tempo of processes, policies, system mechanics, codes of conduct and collaboration protocols.

2019 70

Insecurity in Men: What You Need to Know About It

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When we think about insecurities, many of us mentally gravitate toward thinking about women. They often worry about their bodies, age, attractiveness, and ensuring their equality. Men, on the other hand, have it easy.

2019 169

7 Things Not to Say As A Customer Support Agent

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Customer service is an integral part of any business or company. It has the power to make or break the image of an organization. Having this in mind, it is imperative to make sure that your agents are always aware of the things not to say as a customer support agent.

2019 170

The Top Traits of Highly Effective Leaders

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What is leadership? There are plenty of people in the business world who think that leadership is declaring yourself in charge and then verbally abusing and cutting down anyone who doesn’t fall in line.

2019 165

The Dummies’ Guide to Using No Deposit Bonuses

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One of the most sought-after bonuses at online and mobile casinos is the no deposit bonus. All you need to do is open a real money account with a casino – ensure that it is properly licensed, preferably from a reputed licensing authority – and the bonus is instantly available for you to use!

2019 151

5 Positive Effects of Gaming on Your Mental Health

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Have you ever heard of “play therapy” before? Yes, play therapy is commonly used as a therapeutic method for children aged 3 to 12 years old to aid them in developing communication and problem-solving skills.

2019 151

3 Major Benefits of SEO for Your eCommerce Business

Small Business CEO

The number of businesses implementing eCommerce sites and selling their products in the digital space is rapidly growing. If you’re thinking about joining the bandwagon, start off the right foot by implementing SEO best practices.

2019 76

Responsible Small Business Funding Approaches

Small Business CEO

Growing your small business takes more than a great idea and hard work. You will need funding for start-up and operations until your business is self-sustaining.

2019 70

How to Boost E-commerce Sales in the Holiday Season

Small Business CEO

We’re getting close to the holiday season, the period when people are willing to spend a lot of money on presents for their loved ones. However, since your customers are preparing their wallets, you should as well do several things to get better results and higher profits.

2019 70

Do You Need a Lawyer When Claiming for Workers’ Compensation?

Small Business CEO

When claiming for workers’ compensation benefits, one of the questions that may enter your mind is: do I need a lawyer when claiming for worker’s compensation benefits? Technically, the answer is no. You can usually do the filing for claims yourself without any lawyer’s help.

2019 65

Of All the Things You Might Invest In, Which Ones Do You Choose?

Small Business CEO

It makes good financial sense to save your money. Do the safe thing and put it in a bank. But what if you want more? What if you want your money to make money for you? That’s when you should start thinking about investing.

2019 65

6 Small Business Tips to Make You More Profitable

Small Business CEO

Every entrepreneur dreams of their business dominating their niche, but it’s not an easy road. Here are six small business tips to set you up for success. Stick with Your Niche First. Find your niche. It’s one of the first lessons many entrepreneurs learn.

2019 63

Communication Frameworks For Virtual Teams Inspired From Nature


I previously wrote about the most effective communication methodology using pheromone messaging inspired from Nature to identify and augment a robust, team focused unified collaboration system here.

Don’t Let the Facebook Phishing Lawsuit Offer False Sense of Security

Small Business CEO

Every Internet user must be aware of the dangers of phishing attacks. These types of scams are escalating. Facebook has recently taken action to help combat the growing problem of phishing.

2019 63

Why Your Small Business Needs Scheduling Software

Small Business CEO

As a business owner or business manager, it becomes your complete responsibility to ensure that your employees are doing their best. While their tasks are laid out for them, they need to work based on schedules to adjust well to the working environment.

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