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3 Amazing Science-backed Life Tips You'd Never Guess

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Life is tough and we’ve all got problems. But hey, look on the bright side - this article has three science-backed tips to help you live your life smarter, and it’s free! Any or all of these three tips could end up making a difference in your life.

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20 great networking questions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

With The Office* Show coming up in a few weeks I’ve been thinking about my networking plan for the few days that I am there. Earlier this year I wrote a post on how assistants can get the most out of attending events.

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The Rise of Smart Objects

Small Business Labs

Good article from JWT Intelligence on smart objects. These are objects that have been enhanced by the addition of computers of some kind. A good example from the article is the smart beer bottle from Heineken.   The bottle has a set of music detecting sensors and LED lights.

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It’s Not All About Money, But Money Doesn’t Hurt…

Eco-Office Gals

People of environmental principle are often defined as those who are willing to take an extra step to be more ecologically responsible, in spite of the potential financial impact of that decision. That’s honorable, and we’ve all experienced that in a variety of ways.

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Are Your Lifestyle Choices Killing You? Try These 8 Simple Rules to Live Long and Strong.

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Longevity is basically a crap shoot. We all know that. At any moment we can get hit by a bolt of lightning or fall into a deep dark hole. Chances are that you’ll live as long as your body holds up depending on how well you take care of it and how environmental factors will affect you.

Why Being Disruptive at Work Can Be a Good Thing

On The Job

Bill Jensen often writes about making work simpler to be more productive and successful, but his latest book says it’s time we harnessed the power of disruption to achieve even more. In this interview with Anita Bruzzese, he talks about the ideas behind “Disrupt!

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Autonomy, Control and Self-Employment Satisfaction

Small Business Labs

Fast Company's Why Everybody's Going Freelance  explores a key issue why the self-employed tend to be more satisfied with their work than traditional employees - autonomy.

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How To Motivate Yourself and Improve Focus, Organization and Productivity to Reach Your Goals

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At one time or another, not to say all the time, we are faced with a task whose outcome promises to yield many rewards, but whose execution is, to say the least, prone to procrastination. So if the project’s payout is attractive enough, what can we do to overcome the laziness that slows us down?

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Are Extroverts Misunderstood?

On The Job

Ask an introvert about an extroverted colleague and you''re likely to hear how these outgoing co-workers talk too much, have trouble staying on task and are generally annoying.

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Rage Against the Machines

Small Business Labs

There's been a regular stream of articles about robots and automation taking jobs from humans of late. Techcrunch's Jobs, Robots, Capitalism, Inequality and You nicely sums up many of the negatives associated with the technology replacing jobs.

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WinWeb Hub Launch Reminder

The Small Business Blog

Micro business owners and entrepreneurs in the Hertfordshire area are invited to attend the launch of the WinWeb Hub in Letchworth this afternoon. Drop in at any time between 2pm-6pm if you want to meet other entrepreneurs and experience everything that the Hubs have to offer.

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Don't Be A Quitter: Perseverance Is One Of The Most Underestimated Skills of Successful People

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There is a trap it is easy to fall into and, if you fall into it, you will lose out on many opportunities in life. This is the trap in which you look at successful people and assume they are the lucky ones.

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Why Client Contracts Are Important In Good Times And In Bad

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Have you ever signed on with a new client thinking it was going to be the best relationship ever, only to have things sour at some point? If not, you’re lucky.

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The Personal Revolution

Small Business Labs

Legendary venture capitalist Michael Moritz gave an interesting presentation at a recent tech show titled The Personal Revolution.  His slide show in embedded below. The theme of the presentation is the economy is moving to "data factories" that create tools and products that make it easier to start a small business.

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[Hot Tip] The One Thing To Ensure A Successful Product Launch

Office Organization Success

The one mistake I see business owners making when it comes to launching (or re-launching) a product or program is that they do not allow enough time to plan and promote. And this results in not-so-great sales and registrations (and in some case, no sales at all!). This is why I created the Interactive Product/Program Launch Timeline Tool which eliminates all of the guesswork when it comes to planning out your next product/program launch.

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Eating 7 Of The Best Weight Loss Foods Will Help You Start Shedding Pounds

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Have you been longing to shed off some pounds for a while but do not know exactly where to start? This may be a common problem for many individuals especially if they do not know the proper guidelines to start with.

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When is a Partnership Not a Partnership?

Virtual Moxie

One of the concepts I introduced in the late 90s that''s now commonly accepted in the. Virtual Assistance industry is that of only working in long-term and. collaborative partnerships with clients. When asked what they think it means to work in partnership with a client, VAs often tell me that it refers to "being equals" in the relationship. And while equality certainly is a big piece of what has to be present in a. partnership, the element I think is often missing is one of.

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Increase Productivity By Thinking Inside The Box

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Have you ever had a day with nothing on the schedule, in which you intended to get a lot of things done? And then did none of them? We can increase our productive time by boxing our time with routines, and then thinking inside the box. How Limiting Options Spurs Answers.

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Need Help With Your Infusionsoft Or 1ShoppingCart Account?

Office Organization Success

This week has been all about creating systems and processes … I feel I’ve spent the whole week inside Infusionsoft, setting up various marketing campaigns for three of my clients. I’ve created a: Nurture sequence for new subscribers. A live event sequence, which includes a Bring A Friend option. New system for Tags and re-organized them so they make sense. It’s now much easier to see which group of clients to send which email(s) to.

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Starting A New Business? Here Are Some Of The Quickest Ways To Gain Confidence As A New Entrepreneur

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After holding exactly two “normal” retail jobs in college, I decided that I got around zero satisfaction from working for a corporation, and that my real professional ambition in life was to call my own shots, work on my own terms, and start my own business. This decision absolutely thrilled me.

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How To Effectively Write Notes and To Do’s

Productivity Bits

I admit it. I’m a bit tired of living a digital life. So I began embarking on this digital-to-analog journey. You might have read some of my posts here about Moleskine and Field Notes. I’m struggling. I can’t seem to find better ways of taking notes.

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Simplifying Weekends By Simplifying Laundry

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Far too often we take our large chunks of non-work time (otherwise known as weekends) and spend it catching up on the trivial tasks of life such as laundry and cleaning. In this article, I am going to show you how simplifying laundry will allow you to reclaim your weekends for other uses. Laundry Takes Time… The main thing about laundry is that it takes time for the machines to complete. It’s the machines that do the work.

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Solo-E 10th Anniversary Ultimate Giveaway

Office Organization Success

A happy Saturday to you. I’m just stopping by quickly today, before your weekend gets fully underway, to let you know about the Solo-E 10th Anniversary Giveaway Event. All of these giveaways are high-quality, no-fluff products provided by my fellow Solo-E Experts. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find: Successful Teleclass Toolkit from me! 3 copies of Kelly Eckert’s ‘Branding with Spirit Animals’ program.

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Struggling To Make Ends Meet? Try These 12 Ways to Make Money Online.

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One of the most exciting aspects of the Internet revolution is the array of possibilities available for making money by working online. In these rough economic times, many of us are looking for ways to earn extra income.

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Taking Journaling to Another Level


I''ve always journaled in some form or another. I did it to either chronicle my day, get thoughts out of my head that needed to be captured elsewhere (but not publicly), or -- more recently -- to leave something behind for my children to read after I''m gone.

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Open Loops 9/20/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to edit the subject line automatically… From Lifehacker, who shares a trick for the new Gmail view. From “Use Gmail’s New Compose View for Replies with a Keyboard Shortcut” This is a great article on how to avoid letting little stuff get in the way of your goals. I really like the point about focusing on rest when tired.

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Perfectionism or Death

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2007-12-05 15:52:52. Republished by Blog Post Promoter What’s the biggest problem with perfectionists? It’s that they don’t know they have a problem! Perfectionism is a habit that people are proud of, even when it causes them anxiety and trouble.

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How to Survive If You Lose Your Job And Get On The Road To Finding A New Employment Opportunity

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In a world where the only constant thing is change, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected — like losing one’s job. However, many people may still be caught off guard when they suddenly receive that dreaded pink slip, especially if they’re still on the road to becoming financially stable.

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Saying Things Done: A Quick Look at Capturing Tasks Through Voice


I''m a bit of a talker. If you''ve ever listened to Mikes on Mics or seen me speak , then you probably know that already. So it should come as no surprise that there are occasions where I capture my thoughts and tasks in audio form.

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What’s the Difference Between Writing and Editing?

Daily Writing Tips

Editing has always been a fundamental component of writing as well as a separate function, but as self-publishing, online and in print, has become ubiquitous, it’s important for writers to realize the distinction. A discussion of the differences may also help you confirm where your strength lies.

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Social Fusion Mixer Kicks Off Conference!

Office Dynamics

Tonight we met at the Red Rock Resort Pool Area for a great networking event. After checking in with Beverlina, I wandered over to the bar to cash in my drink ticket for something refreshing, cold, and fruity. A steel drum band was playing outside, and the warm breezes blended with the music in a satisfying way. It was close to sunset. We gathered at tables and cabanas surrounding an outdoor pool.

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Shopping For A New iPhone or Smartphone? Here's How to Get the Best Trade-in and Most Money for Your Old Smartphone

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This week’s announcement that two new iPhones will be hitting the market has caused a lot of us to think about getting a new smartphone.

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How to Be Unique

Men With Pens

How unique do you need to be? That''s a question that can apply to all sorts of content creation, from fiction novels to your next business blog post. After all, how can you possibly create and write something different when there''s nothing new under the sun? Easily. here''s how.

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Avoid Gratuitous Capitalization

Daily Writing Tips

As an editor, I devote much of my time and energy to helping a writer bring out the best in his or her prose, but a lot of effort also goes into minor but nagging errors — unnecessary capitalization among them.

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Self-Improvement. Commit to One Learning Event

Office Dynamics

Happy Monday Motivators! Well, I am extremely motivated as I approach this week as it is our 20 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. I am excited to greet attendees from across the United States. Obviously, these are individuals who have committed to a learning event. They have committed to being away from home and their office for 4 or 5 full days. I guarantee they will be better people for doing so. They will learn valuable information from our speakers and their peers.

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10 Reasons Why Brand Training Is Important For Your Employees

Small Business CEO

Most companies provide initial orientation training, where employees learn about the company’s brand. After this, they get few opportunities to form a cohesive bond with the company’s brand. In this article, we explain why ongoing brand training is important for your employees.

How not to act when customer service fails miserably

Service Untitled

This week was a drama-filled example of a customer “gone wild” when an incredibly frustrated customer service recording from Reddit was made public on YouTube.