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Are you outgrowing your PA role?

Practically Perfect PA

I think we’ve all been there. You’ve been working in your role for a few years, you know everything there is to know about the job and you’re settled into a fairly easy routine that doesn’t come with too much pressure. Life is good right? Well, yes, it sounds like it.

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Is Your Job Title Hurting Your Career?

On The Job

When you decide to change jobs, you may have certain criteria in mind about what jobs you will take and the ones you will dismiss. Some of your criteria may be based on salary, location, company culture or perks. One area that often is overlooked is the job title.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Learning From Mistakes

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Have you ever wondered why most successful people speak of their achievements and avoid talking about their unsuccessful attempts? This is quite logical since we all aim to achieve more and love to brag about our success. However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes along the way or that successful people did everything right from the beginning. As a matter of fact, most successful people put emphasis on why learning from mistakes is important.

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The New Multinationals: Small, Micro and Solo Businesses Driving the Next Wave of Globalization

Small Business Labs

Globalization and international trade was once driven almost exclusively by large multinational corporations. No longer.

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Technology of the week:

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Technology of the week: Here are all the details… What is is the greatest thing ever. Do you have tons of newsletter subscriptions that you just delete without reading (obviously not Practically Perfect PA!) well,

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Things Changed--Is Your Style Guide Up to Date?

Business Writing

While you have been busy working, some of the rules of writing evolved, and the University of Chicago Press released a new Chicago Manual of Style. Take a look at the changes below to determine which ones you need to.

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5 Ways Writing Can Lead You to Mindfulness

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Self-awareness means living freely and being connected to the present. It means discovering our true selves and being conscious of the reasons behind our actions. It is a step towards evolution and an open gate to mindfulness. While many believe that mindfulness only means feeling mentally fulfilled, there is more to that definition. Mindfulness means connecting our bodies to our souls and finding peacefulness. It is letting go of the material and relying on the spiritual.

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Day in the life: Selena Booker, Executive Assistant at the Waikato Regional Council

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Day in the life: Selena Booker, Executive Assistant at the Waikato Regional Council in New Zealand. To start she gave us a little background on where she lives and works… Enjoy! Waikato is the fourth largest region in New Zealand, covering 25,000 square kilometres.

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If You Don't Learn to Delegate, Your Career Will Stagnate

On The Job

Many people believe that only bosses get to delegate, but that's a belief that can hurt your career. If you don't learn to delegate -- even in the early stages of your career -- then you're not using your abilities to the greatest advantage for you and for your employer. You may believe that delegating isn't worth it.

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How to Take Care of Your Back When You Have a Sitting Job

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Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your back health. It can leave your spine in pain and feel stiff and sore. It can also cause tightness in your lower back and hips. Whether you’re experiencing a little tension or more serious back pain, here are a few ways to lessen work-related back pain. Sit Correctly At Your Desk. Sitting jobs are bad for your back. Unfortunately, most of today’s jobs include long hours of sitting at a desk.

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Need for Agility and Skilled Talent Driving Growing Corporate Use of Contingent Workers

Small Business Labs

Ardent Partners recently released their 2017-2018 State of the Contingent Workforce Management report. Ardent Partners is an analyst firm focused on corporate procurement and supply chains.

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5 Must-Have Learning Management Systems (LMS) Features for Employee Training

Small Business CEO

Picking a learning management system for employee onboarding and training can be a stressful affair. There are more than 180 sophisticated learning management systems in the market today and each one of them offer unique features and tools to make elearning fun, engaging and productive.

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Magic Trick to Cut Down on Wordiness

Office Dynamics

Want a Magic Trick to Cut Down on Wordiness? by Barbara McNichol. Ever wonder how to make your sentences less verbose and more direct? Here’s a trick that works like magic: Change long nouns to short verbs. Consider the differences in these three examples from a nonfiction manuscript I edited: “They remain in contradiction with themselves” vs. “They contradict themselves.”. “He He made an acknowledgment of her success” vs. “He acknowledged her success.”. “We

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10 Brilliant Camping Tips To Make Camping Easier

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What are the campgrounds near me ? What should I bring to a camping trip? Are there camping hacks I don’t know about? If you’re asking yourself or the all-knowing Google these questions, then you’re most likely new to camping. Camping is fun but it can take a lot of planning, patience, and work, particularly if your family is big. Without the right strategy, it can easily turn out as one of your worst outdoor experience.

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Fit Matters with Moe Carrick


On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Moe Carrick. She is the founder of Moementum Inc., and she loves to help leaders transform themselves and their companies. Her book, Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job , with Maven House Press, was released May 2017.

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What to Consider When Planning a Rental Property Investment

Small Business CEO

Many of the world’s richest people own their wealth to real estate. Therefore it should come as no surprise that many people looking to invest choose to invest in rental real estate, as there are many reasons why this type of investment is usually the safest bet.

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Top 10 Websites for Book Lovers

Daily Writing Tips

There is something magical about reading books. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or sci-fi, there are many books out there. Still, it isn’t always easy to make a trip to the bookstore or library to find that specific book that you are looking for.

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Know Your Customers In The Digital Age

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To know your customers is crucial if you want to provide excellent customer service to make sure your customers come back. Back in the days, when brick and mortar was king, knowing your customers was easy. You would see them every day and get to know them on a personal level. However, in today’s digital age, how do you get to know your customer on a more personal level? How do e-commerce sites get to know someone who is pressing a button a thousand miles away? The answer is data.

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“No, Fear.”


When I decided to turn comments off here at Productivityist, it had me thinking about how I look at – and face – Fear. Fear deserves to be given a proper name in this instance because it is just so prevalent and real. Just like Pressfield has with The Resistance , I have given Fear its due.).

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Arnold Siegel’s 7 Ideas for Staying Productive When You’re Dealing With Anxiety

Small Business CEO

Anxiety is a universal fact of life. We all feel it. “We We put pressure on ourselves to be successful,” says Arnold Siegel , contemporary American philosopher and founder of Autonomy and Life, “and we feel it from others too.”.

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5 Examples of Repetition and Redundancy

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the following sentences, repetition of words or phrases or redundant use of similar terms is easily eliminated, as described in the explanations and shown in the revisions that follow each example. This procedure is called an assay. An assay determines the purity of a precious metal.

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Basic Car Repair Everyone Should Know

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Most of us agree that car repair can be costly. Every time you take your automobile to a repair shop, you are forced to part with some amount of money. There are different categories of car repairs. Major repairs need to be handled by people who are well-trained in handling various issues that affect cars. The other category is the minor repairs. Although you can seek the services of a mechanic, you can do most of them on your own.

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What's the scariest thing about business?

The Marq

I have a very short video for tonight, Halloween, in United States! It's all about the scariest thing I know about business. Check it out.and Happy Halloween! Copyright(c) 2017 Business Strategies Business Tactics Personal Family

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How to Build a Strong Relationship With Your Clients

Small Business CEO

It is well known that the acquisition costs are lower for existing customers compared to new ones. According to one Gartner report, 80% of a company’s revenues come from 20% of its clients.

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Vocabulary Quiz #10: US Slang

Daily Writing Tips

As a result of the popularity of police drama in U.S. entertainment, many words associated with criminal activity have become common in general usage. Edit the sentences below replacing the slang term with the appropriate standard English word.

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How To Use Life Insurance For Your Retirement Strategy

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Retirement. The idea of retiring and running out of money can be scary, particularly for someone who’s not prepared. But you know what’s scarier? It’s the fact that there’s no hard formula to help you know how much money you need to prepare for retirement. You can start saving as early as your 30s or your 40s yet you still can’t be sure. However, saving up is still better than having no savings at all, right? This is where a life insurance fits in.

How To Organize Your Gmail In 20 Minutes (And Keep It That Way)

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Do you feel overwhelmed every time you look at your Gmail inbox? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people actually struggle with this and they spend a lot of time searching for tips on how to organize Gmail inboxes. If you are doing the same thing, stop and check out these easy and fast strategies on how to keep your email more organized. Archive Emails You’ve Seen But Don’t Want to Delete.

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25 Best Books For Starting An Online Business

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There are millions of reasons to start a blog, a landing page or a website. Whatever your goal is, you’ll need the right strategy to stay ahead of the game. That’s exactly why I recommend that you check out best books for starting an online business. These books won’t just answer your question but they can also immensely improve your knowledge. Are you ready to feel inspired and encouraged? Let’s press on! eBooks for Blogging.

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DIY Projects for Your Business

Small Business CEO

Whatever your business is, the more you individualize, customize, and personalize your output, the more competitive you’ll be in an industry that is otherwise mostly homogenous.

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4 Tips to Preventing Construction Accidents

Small Business CEO

Construction CEOs wrongfully assume that accident prevention rests solely on the shoulders of site managers and workers. But as CEO, it’s also your job to make sure that certain safety protocols are in place and that everyone is properly trained.

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Car Dealer Chat Targets Your Money Makers

Small Business CEO

The public often makes the mistake of assuming car dealers make their money on the sale of a new car. It makes sense; they’re big ticket items and it’s easy to assume that someone is profiting when you pay a few tens of thousands of dollars.

2017 60

Pros and Cons of Being a Landlord

Small Business CEO

Being a landlord is a great way to earn more income on the side. It also comes with its own set of challenges, from problem tenants to maintenance costs. Below are the pros and cons of being a landlord so you can decide if it’s the right job for you. Extra Income.

2017 60

Protecting Your Business from Disasters

Small Business CEO

In the past few months, the United States has witnessed a spate of natural disasters. Along with Hurricane Irma, Harvey, the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2005, is reported to have caused damages worth $200 billion on the local economy.

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4 Tips for Crafting a Proposal Worthy of a ‘Yes’

Small Business CEO

When you’re in business, there are several times when you may be faced with writing a proposal to get something you want. Maybe you have an idea for expansion, but need some extra funding so you’re looking for investors.

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Thermostat Wars!

Small Business CEO

When the heating season comes about, a lot of households and offices with mixed gender staff experience the so-called thermostat wars. But why does it happen? Can you do anything to stop it? And most importantly, is it bad for your heating system?

2017 57

4 Tips for Boosting Your Beauty Blog

Small Business CEO

Creating a beauty blog can be something fun as a form of self-expression. Not only can you use it as a creative outlet offering beauty advice , but you can even make money off of it if you go about it the right way. In order to make it a profitable creation, you will need an audience.

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Why Customer Service is So Important in E-commerce

Small Business CEO

When establishing an online store, you may not be thinking about the importance of customer service – after all, you won’t be seeing anyone face to face. However, it’s still crucial you’re communicating with those who do business with you, and here’s just a few reasons why.