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Home Security: Try These 10 Ways to Make Your Home Safer – Without a Gun

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The country is currently very divided on the issue of firearms. Some citizens insist on their right to arm themselves, others refuse to have a gun in the house, while some are considering purchasing a firearm for protection but are concerned about safety.

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Do you have the confidence to open the boardroom door?

Practically Perfect PA

I’m not quite sure why I’ve been so lucky but in my last three roles I have sat near the company boardroom, in the last two offices in fact I’ve sat directly outside the boardroom. Like I said, I don’t know why I was so lucky!

Why Well-Thought-Out Career Choices Still (Sometimes) Don’t Work Out

Eat Your Career

I recently spoke to a prospective career coaching client who told me she did everything right when she decided to change careers a few years ago. She went through a lengthy process of self-exploration to determine her strengths and weaknesses.

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Recycled Paper Myths Busted

Eco-Office Gals

Paper products account for the vast majority of waste generated from office environments. This means that any company looking to make their daily operations more environmentally friendly can make a huge impact just by switching to recycled paper products.

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Stand Up For Yourself. Grow From Conflict and Learn When Being Nice Just Isn't Cutting it.

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Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf -George Orwell Nice guys finish last. That is, until they learn what I'm about to tell you. A little background.

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Pay What You CAN Day – - TODAY! Friday, June 21

Step It Up VA Coaching

Announcing: PAY WHAT YOU CAN DAY!! For the rest of the day, until 11:59 pm EST, you can purchase a private, one-hour strategy session with me — and you pay whatever you can. No strings. No upsells. No gimmicks. Just you-and-me. Strategy. Growth. Success. Just one conversation can dramatically improve your business! And today you pay whatever you can. . HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: 1. Use this link to make your “Pay What You Can” payment. link].

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Should young people join start-ups?

The Small Business Blog

The obvious answer to this question is “yes, of course” but the reality of the matter is that getting young people (and particularly graduates) to come aboard an actual start-up can be a tough sell.

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5 Tips to Make Friends as an Adult (by Acting Like a 5 Year Old)

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Can you really make new friends as an adult? I mean, there’s plenty advice out there on how to help kids make friends. But if you don’t have friends by the time you’re an adult , it seems the world hands you a dunce cap and shows you to the corner.

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Think Employees are More Committed than Virtual Assistants? Think Again.

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Business Tips. Featured Tags: Disengagement employee success virtual assistants Virtual Professionals Here’s another nail in the coffin for those folks who like to tell me “I prefer working with in office employees because I can tell they are doing the work.” According to this article at 70% of the United States workforce is emotionally disconnected at work. What exactly does this mean? It means that [.] ( Read more. ).

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Infographic: The Mind of an Entrepreneur

The Small Business Blog

It is often thought that the mind of an entrepreneur is wired slightly differently. It takes a strength of character and a unique perspective to start your own business and make a success of it. That’s why the infographic today is so interesting.

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LED Street Lights: The 21st Century Lighting Option

Eco-Office Gals

LED street lighting is an innovation that is here to stay. From its limited use when it was introduced less than a century ago, it now finds use in an ever increasing range of applications.

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Ask Yourself These Seven Empowering Questions to Help You Break Through Resentment and Get On with Your Life

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Are you holding onto resentment that you just can't shake? Sometimes it's on the surface; other times it's buried deep. But you can always feel it, gnawing away at you. Resentment can stem from something another person said or did. Or from a life situation that's outside your control.

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How to Know When Someone is Lying

On The Job

I think most people believe they are good at spotting liars. If you''re one of them, read this story I did for Gannett/USA Today, and you may begin to doubt your powers of perception. You might think you can detect a fibber by reading body language.

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Top 5 Tips for Being a Better Boss

The Small Business Blog

If everything goes to plan, hopefully your business will reach a certain point of success and then you will need to start employing people. At this point, for the first time ever, you are no longer just the boss of yourself but for other people too.

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Finding the Right Clients Starts With Knowing Where To Look

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Some years ago (for those of us “seasoned” enough to remember), there was a very popular country song entitled, “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” ” It was quite a catchy little tune, and it came to mind as I began today’s article.

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With Hackers and Big Brother Watching Here's How to Keep Your Personal Information Private

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Does the recent news of the NSA and other government agencies tracking your information have you worried? It should, and this guide will offer some tips on how to protect your privacy. Several reports have come out recently that are rather terrifying.

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Now Available. On Demand. Workshop Learning Library

Office Organization Success

It’s a powerhouse of tools, systems, strategies, resources, templates, cheat sheets, and checklists. But more importantly, it helps you experience: 1. Consistent revenues – no more feast or famine cycles! More clients – lots of your ideal clients too! Less stress and overwhelm – you’ll actually fall in love with your business again! Not only are you getting on demand. Anytime. You also get two amazing gifts: 1. Save 20-25% on every workshop. The more you say YES, the more you save!

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Top 5 Tips for Steady Growth

The Small Business Blog

It’s great when your business starts to grow. But frantically pushing for faster and faster growth without laying the proper groundwork first may mean that you are not adequately prepared to cope with the changes as they happen.

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Baby Boomer Versus Millennial Brains

Small Business Labs

An interesting article from Nielsen compares the kinds of advertising Baby Boomers and Millennials (also called Gen Y) respond to.

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17 Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life Once And For All

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Modern life can be stressful but there are some key things you can stop doing that will remove stress from your life and give you back your sense of calm. Stop being so hard on yourself. You will mess up sometimes. Learn from it, and let it go.

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A Fun Skype Video Interview

Office Organization Success

My Dad arrived on Tuesday for a two-week visit. It’s lovely to have him here and spend some time with him. And Mom is never far from our thoughts either. Today, we’re all taking a mini vacation up to the Lake (Erie) to a little place called Vermillion. It’s a really pretty town right on the Lake. And this weekend is the Festival of the Fish (!) and I know they’re doing fireworks over the harbor this evening. So we’ll stay overnight, and walk around the town tomorrow.

Feisty Enterprise Tip #6: Find Some Business Owners You Can Trust and Ask Them Questions

The Small Business Blog

Then do something in return for them so that you feel able to ask more questions another time. You help them to succeed and they’ll help you to succeed. There is no better way. It is why the Enterprise Rockers Movement was founded.

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Are We Addicted to Mediocrity

Ian's Messy Desk

I wish I had written this, or something like this: The one possible weakness of this otherwise terrific little volume is that it is aimed solely at people who are creative, intelligent and want to succeed. Those who are mediocre, unmotivated or just coasting through life will probably not get much from Godin. He is not an elitist, but his message is squarely aimed at those who want to succeed or at least achieve excellence. From: Know a dip from a dead end –

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Debt Management: 5 Reasons Paying Down Your Debt Might Be Even More Important Than You Realize

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It’s something that we Americans have been eager to pile on and slow to pay off. A 2012 survey by suggests that 25 percent of Americans carry more credit card debt than emergency savings.

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Complimentary Closes That Aren't

Business Writing

These complimentary closes often appear at the end of professional emails: Best regards, Regards, With thanks, Best wishes, Sincerely, In the past week I have received messages with variations on two of those closes. What do you think of these? Courteous Writing Email Etiquette

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Professional Cloud Email for life

The Small Business Blog

Want Cloud email functionality that’s tightly integrated into the rest of your business processes? WinWeb have the ideal add-on for any existing users of their Cloud Apps or anyone just looking to make their first steps into the world of Software-as-a-Service.

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Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development is Important but Few Plan to Invest in Them

Office Dynamics

Survey: Few CFOs Plan to Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development for Their Teams. MENLO PARK, Calif., June 19, 2013 / PRNewswire / -- Executives say it takes strong soft skills to move up the corporate ladder, but few firms provide training in this area, a new Accountemps survey finds.

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LoMo Market: A Mobile Farmers Market

Small Business Labs

American Express Open's A Mobile Business Model That Has Nothing to do With Apps reports on LoMo Market , a truck-based roaming farmers market in Durham, North Carolina.

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Applying the Four Laws of Simplicity

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I was reading through some old articles I had bookmarked and came across an article about the Four Laws of Simplicity on Zen Habits, and I started thinking about them. I found it remarkable easy to think about this concept in regards to stuff, but then I also started thinking about how I would apply them to productivity systems.

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Plan for a lifetime

The Small Business Blog

Successful businesses aren’t usually created overnight. They sometimes require years of planning to get off the ground.

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Why Self-Help Can Become an Addictive Trap

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

I love personal development, but it kinda poisons our minds. Don’t get me wrong, some of the biggest shifts and growth in my life happened because of a seminar attended, a book read or a coach consulted. That stuff really does work – if you work it.

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Breather: Startup Providing "Zip Car" for Offices

Small Business Labs

Breather is a startup providing hour by hour access to private offices. The goal is to give folks who are away from their home or office a place to "meet, work or rest"   All of the spaces include a couch, a desk, Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets.

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Hit The Ground Running With A Productivity Ritual

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I’ve heard many people complain that routines are straightjackets. Yet anyone who has been around a small child for extended periods knows the power of a bedtime routine. In fact, bedtime routines are suggested for adults who are having trouble sleeping. Because a repeatable set of actions before bedtime creates a mindset that allows for the onset of sleep. Creating A Ritual.

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Beware false integration

The Small Business Blog

This post on the WinWeb blog explains why true integration requires more than just API connections with third party software. Watch out for hidden pitfalls and problems that are unique to API integration and decide whether your business wants to take the risk or opt for a true integrated system.

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Announcement: The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

You read it right. This is a job advertisement. Of course it isn’t for you. You’re one of those kicks-ass-and-takes-no-names entrepreneurs. You’re proudly unemployable.

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Small Consumer Goods Firms Gaining Share

Small Business Labs

Good Things Come in Small Packages from Strategy + Business looks at how small consumer packaged goods companies are gaining share on large firms. Key quote: Several broad forces, most of them peculiar to our times, are combining to create advantageous conditions for small companies.

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Assertive versus Aggressive

Office Dynamics

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive. What is the difference between assertive behavior and aggressive behavior? Assertiveness has to do with having an “attitude of confidence.” ” It is an attitude of self-respect; it is an attitude of respecting other people’s rights.