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The Power of Playing Make Believe

Dumb Little Man

Albert Einstein once wrote , "Imagination is more important than knowledge." For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

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The wonderful world of events – roundup

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing a series of blogs on events, well more specifically how assistants can organise and run great events within the context of their role.

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The 5 Eco Gadgets That Will Save Your Money

Eco-Office Gals

Saving the planet is a noble goal, but who says you can’t put some cash back in your wallet at the same time?

2013 208

What Working Parents Want in a Job

Small Business Labs

Pew Research's Modern Parenthood study examines the dramatic changes in how mothers and fathers spend their time that has occurred the past 50 years.  Key quote from the study: Dads are doing more housework and child care; moms more paid work outside the home.

2013 191

A Better Way to Stop Negative Self Talk

Dumb Little Man

Admit it. You’ve tried everything and still your inner gremlin is destined to outlive your earthly existence. You’ve tried resisting it. You’ve tried ignoring it. You’ve tried to replace it with a more positive, cuddly gremlin. You’ve even tried intimidating it.

2013 285

Easter and assistants

Practically Perfect PA

I don’t know about you lot but I can not be happier that tomorrow is Good Friday!

2013 194

WordPress Spring Cleaning Sale!

Eco-Office Gals

Waking up to 29 degrees this morning doesn’t make me think of Spring, but the daily allergy headaches from the blooming flowers are a sure reminder! Your WP site knows no seasons, it runs days and night to bring branded awesomeness to your readers, but it needs your help!

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Action

Dumb Little Man

You're lying on the couch and Teen Mom is on TV. You don't even care, it’s just noise, because you are procrastinating a task you know has to be done. This could be a number of things such as a paper, home work, cleaning, or maybe it's a goal you want to accomplish.

2013 285

The Rise of Small Business Crowdfunding

Small Business Labs

I had the opportunity to moderate a panel on alternative financing methods at the Global Coworking Conference. While we covered a lot of topics, the audience was clearly most interested in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, which is raising money by getting getting small donations of money from a large group of people, is hot. Kickstarter, the best known of the crowdfunding site, has raised over $500 million for a wide variety of projects.

2013 168

Building Your First Team – How Do You Know You’re Ready?

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. Building a team to support you and your business can be a pretty overwhelming idea. Where do you find good team members? Will you have enough work coming in to keep them busy, and to pay them fairly for their time? All reasonable questions; and all have reasonable answers.

2013 158

Getting Gobby To Rock Government and Big Business

The Small Business Blog

It’s getting hot in the Enterprise Rockers kitchen Last Friday I had an article published in Business Zone online where I dared to criticise the House of Commons for showing itself up on Budget Day as being clueless about small businesses.

2013 239

How to Get Over the Hump

Dumb Little Man

It’s that time of the year again. A feverish pace comes upon the sports world while all eyes turn towards colligate basketball in hopes of witnessing history. From Nebraska, to Connecticut and Florida; everyone wants to know if they have their ‘brackets’ in order to track this year’s upset.

2013 260

Be a Better Assistant, Ask the Expert: Free Q&A Call with Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

Are you wondering how to be a better assistant? Get on this FREE call with Joan Burge. April 16, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time Ask administrative expert, Joan Burge, any question related to your profession!

2013 218

The Simple IKEA Charging Station

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Reader Rachel asked for a picture of the IKEA charging station I mentioned in 8 Productivity Stations Every Home Should Have. Here is my simple charging station, with explanations of how I made it. Supplies: The Box and Extension Outlet.

2013 208

Largest Cyber Attack in history taking place now

The Small Business Blog

Five national cyber-police-forces are investigating the biggest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in history, according to the BBC. The ongoing attack is causing global internet slowdown.

2013 235

The Empire Strikes Back at Food Trucks

Small Business Labs

Washington DC is considering new regulations that would create special zones throughout with a limited number of parking space for food trucks. Truck owners would be assigned spaces based on a lottery, with winners getting a parking space but also paying a fee for the right. This would effectively limit the number of food trucks per zone and raise the costs of doing business.    Not surprising, DC food truck owners are not happy.

2013 142

The Worst Thing Is to Be Stuck in Your Career

Job Advice Blog

Many of my clients say they feel suffocated in their careers. For whatever reason, they do not like the profession they have chosen for themselves: they feel they’re poorly fit for their careers, and they dislike everything associated with their jobs, their companies, and their bosses.

2013 199

Use a ripening drawer for paper management

Clutter Coach

Does paper management seem overwhelming? All those decisions to make! Here’s a way to get some control before you’re ready to make the decisions. I wrote about this concept several years ago.

2013 193

Top 5 Tips for Small Businesses Going Mobile

The Small Business Blog

The Who sang about “Going Mobile” back in 1971 but little did they know how important mobile technology would be to us over forty years later. Your business can benefit a lot from mobile technology but before you dive in with both feet there are some important things you should consider.

2013 209

Automation Is Key To Your Business Success

Office Organization Success

We are being told that it’s now Spring, but it feels anything like Spring! This week the boys lost a day of school due to freezing rain and ice … yuck! I had a great time last weekend at Suzanne Evans’ 10K Club in Charlotte. I worked with so many wonderful business owners, and loved helping them create their automated and streamlined businesses.

2013 133

I Can Crack That Password in 52 Seconds.

Virtual Moxie

Do you think your passwords are sufficiently strong? I think most people do. I suspect that the longer a person goes without a problem, the more likely she is to think herself safe.I know that's the case with home security—it's been proven that most folks think their homes are impenatrable, when the reality is that they can very easily be breached, so why wouldn't that be the case with the services and programs we use--that form our "home" online? I think it’s worth checking, just in case.

2013 182

Win a ticket to the Growth & Success Workshop!

Step It Up VA Coaching

I’m hosting a super-cool contest where you could win a ticket to the Growth & Success Workshop! Here’s the scoop. All you have to do is let me (and all your fabulous twitter friends, and Facebook friends and fans) know why you want to attend the workshop. And one lucky participant will win a ticket to the workshop – - a value of $397. Don’t worry, those of you already registered – you can play, too, I’ll refund your tuition if you’re the winner!).

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Is your business still confused by the Cloud?

The Small Business Blog

A surprisingly low number of small business owners actually understand what the Cloud means, according to a new study conducted by Wakefield Research. eWeek reports that from the survey of 500 US small businesses, only 28% said they completely understood the concept of Cloud Computing.

2013 206

Free Training: From Idea To Implementation

Office Organization Success

The Simple, 3-Step Action Plan To Grow Your Business, Get More Clients, And Create Consistent Cash Flow. As the saying goes… “If you fail to plan … you plan to fail.” ” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet you’d be surprised how many business owners do not have a simple business plan in place … and so, what happens? They’re too far ahead of themselves. They’re working on too many things. They’re finding themselves thwarted by overwhelm.

Moxie Tip 342: You Know When to Let Go

Virtual Moxie

You’ll always know when it’s time to let someone or something go. You’ll feel it in your body—a subtle (or not-so subtle) shift in energy when that person or thing is present. Pay attention to the message, and more importantly, be willing to act on it. The longer you stay close to what doesn’t serve you, the longer you stay stuck where you are. Moxie Tips

2013 167

Simplifying Productivity: The Back Burner Method

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. So once again I found myself overwhelmed. Changing priorities at work left me with the task of getting up to speed on a programming language I hadn’t done any serious work in for about 5 years (and that’s a lifetime in software development, folks). I tried micro-tasking , and that helped break through tasks that had been stalled. But the target list was still more than half-unfinished at the end of the week.

2013 155

A more personal service – why clients come back to small businesses

The Small Business Blog

Whilst small businesses may not have the manpower or resources to provide everything offered by larger competitors; they continue to flourish.

2013 203

How I Use Evernote for Beer Cellaring


Ever since writing became my career, I’ve made efforts to keep it from being my primary hobby.

2013 105

Someone offered me $50k not to publish this

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

The title of this article is a lie and a trick. This article is really about the dangers of marketing to the lowest common denominator. This is a rant post.

2013 103

Idea > Decision > Action

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2012-01-26 10:07:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter For many people, it’s easier and more fun to think up new ideas than to take action on the ones they already thought of. Buckling down and focusing on one idea and making it happen can make them antsy.

2013 141

Time to sell your business? Get ready for an adventure

The Small Business Blog

So, you’ve worked hard building your business for years, sacrificing time with your family, missing important events and doing all you can to ensure future financial security. Then, out of the blue, comes an opportunity which you may or may not have planned for.

2013 201

Two Desks in One: My New Minimal Workspace


I’ve discussed standing desks before , and while I continue to praise the idea of them I have definitely changed how I incorporate one into my workspace.

2013 96

Moxie Tip 341: Limits

Virtual Moxie

Accept your clients limits and stay in the relationship or leave based on your own. Moxie Tips

2013 138

Open Loops 3/29/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. As a musician, I have known this for years. It isn’t about how long you practice, but how well you practice. Lifehacker has an article that details a scientific study providing this at “Do Less and Focus Hard: If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong” I have been struggling with finding files on my work computer. Now I know which tool is best.

2013 135

Economic conditions forcing business collaboration

The Small Business Blog

A report released yesterday entitled “Collaborate UK” contained some interesting information for anyone involved with the micro business sector.

Contingency, Retained, or Project Partnering?

Job Advice Blog

Why would anyone spend upwards of 40 percent more for talent using a contingency firm or 80 percent more using a retained firm? Project Partnering with JTL Services, Inc. will save you more money and guarantee results unlike the traditional methods of sourcing top talent.

2013 130

Moxie Tip 340: Get Out and Meet Folks

Virtual Moxie

If you don't get out and meet people from your virtual community because you think it wouldn't matter, go. Do it. It matters. And only by doing it will you realize how much. Moxie Tips

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