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This Old Marketing Farewell Episode: Sometimes the End Is a Beginning

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PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. . In our grand finale episode, Robert kicks things off by pondering the decision to end something, so that something else can begin.

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The 3 Types of People That Ruin Meetings

Dumb Little Man

Aah, the office meeting. While there are many grievances in the average workplace, none is quite as loathsome as having an unproductive meeting. And yet, we still spend around 31 hours a month doing it. If you’re in the upper management, you can expect to spend 50% of your time in meetings.

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What Does "Redoubtable" Mean?

Business Writing

The other day I was reading a movie review, and a character in the film was described twice as redoubtable. Before you read on, answer this question: What does redoubtable mean? Need some help? So did I. I had no. Gems of Language Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

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4 Signs That You're A Toxic Boss

On The Job

There has been much written lately about sexual assaults and sexual discrimination in the workplace, and many people have lost their jobs because of it. But that doesn't mean abuse of workers has been stopped or that all bad bosses are going to be shown the door.

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Global Coworking Forecast: 30,000 Spaces and 5.1 Million Members by 2022

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We recently released our new coworking forecast for 2018-2022.    We are projecting continued rapid growth over the next 5 years, although slower than the industry's recent dizzying pace. The forecast was done this year with help from our friends at GCUC.

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9 Winning Tips For Online Slot Games

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Online slot games are great. You can play them anytime and anywhere. You can go for as long or as short as you like. There’s no noisy crowd to drive you insane and no added expenses to make you worry. Of course, all these fun things won’t matter if you don’t end up with good wins.

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Help Your Supervisors Start 2018 Out Right

Clutter Coach

By: Peg Ayers. A clean slate. A fresh start. As we remove the plastic wrappings from our new calendars and start neatly recording upcoming events and plans, we’re inspired to make 2018 the best year ever. Our New Year’s Resolutions show the way—if only we’d maintain them past mid-January. Supervisors and managers in your organization are having the same thoughts—they want to make 2018 the best year ever, for themselves and their people. How can you show them the way? Look Back!

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Happy Holidays and See You Next Year

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We're on vacation for the rest of the year.    Happy Holidays and see you in 2018

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How to Boost Metabolism: 8 Foods That Can Skyrocket Your Weight Loss

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I’ve got a secret to tell you. Your body has one powerful tool it can use to start burning fat like crazy. That same tool can also make you gain weight and store all those excess fats in all areas of your body. Can you guess what it is? It’s your thyroid. It’s that tiny gland located in your neck, right below the Adam’s apple. It has dozens of different functions and effects, but perhaps the most important one is metabolism regulation. Via webmd. What is metabolism?

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Podcast 082: Piggyback new habits

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! Today is a historic day! My topic is Simple Way #52 , Piggyback new habits, and it’s the last chapter in the book. This is podcast #82 so I’ve done plenty of shows on content that isn’t in the book, probably another book worth. To celebrate, how about a contest? The prize is a PDF copy of the book. You want to win this book!

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How clutter can hinder your productivity (and what to do about it)

Productivity Bits

When you own business or manage a team of employees, you know how vital productivity and efficiency is. If you work from home, in a factory, warehouse or office, clutter can affect you. Without time and effort dedicated to your environment, productivity and motivation can diminish. This can have some adverse effects on the business including loss of revenue and the overall success of the company.

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Digital Marketing Success Remains Elusive for Most Small Businesses

Small Business Labs

Infusionsoft recently released their 3rd annual Small Business Marketing Trends report.    The report paints a not so pretty picture of the digital marketing efforts of small businesses.

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Ethereum Vs Bitcoin: Which Is Better?

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Bitcoin and Ethereum have a lot of similarities. Both are cryptocurrencies that come in “coin” form, giving them a specific denomination that can be represented as a dollar or euro value. Also, both rely on the blockchain for secure transactions. These similarities can be so identical that those who are new to using digital currencies might feel that they are not actually making a choice but picking from two equals. That’s not the case, though.

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How to Include Everyone at Events

Small Business CEO

Joan Eisenstodt. According to the 2017 Disability Equality Index (DEI), a survey conducted by the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), U.S. businesses are becoming increasingly accessible for people with disabilities.

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Self-Care and Productivity


You know you’re a go-getter. Whether you’re raising a family, running a business, traveling the world, or stepping into a new chapter in your life, you have a full schedule. But where exactly does time for you fall into the mix?

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It Had to Happen - Digital Cats For Sale Using Cryptocurrency

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Yes, it was just a matter of time before two of the most popular fads on the Internet - cats and cryptocurrencies - would end up combining in some way.    CryptoKitties  is a game by Axiom Zen lets users design and trade digital cartoon cats.

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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Morocco

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There is so much to see and experience in Morocco! All the sights, smells, and sounds will intrigue and excite you from the moment you arrive. It’s a land of diversity with mountains and deserts, blue-colored cities, souks and medinas, fabulous architecture, and thought-provoking ruins. It’s undoubtedly a land of beauty and many places throughout the country will stop you in your tracks. With that in mind, here is a guide to the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

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Tips for Immigrants Who Want to Start a Small Business

Small Business CEO

One role immigrants don’t get enough good publicity about in the news is the fact that immigrant entrepreneurs play a huge role in hiring a large swath of the U.S. labor force. The exact numbers are staggering, too.

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3 Types of Erroneous Use of Dashes

Daily Writing Tips

Dashes, like semicolons, are basically commas with superpowers.

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Global Coworking Forecast: 30,000 Spaces and 5.1 Million Members by 2022

Small Business Labs

We recently released our new coworking forecast for 2018-2022.    We are projecting continued rapid growth over the next 5 years, although slower than the industry's recent dizzying pace. The forecast was done this year with help from our friends at GCUC.

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4 Ways Small Business Can Become More Efficient Through Cloud Computing

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In today’s business world, it is important that business have access to what they need when they need it. Whether through phones, tablets or computers, there is a need for convenience and reliability as far as access to information is concerned. Cloud computing facilitates all these. Without a doubt, it has transformed how several businesses operate.

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3 Tips – Based on Research – to Skyrocket Form Conversions

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You’ve done everything correctly: built a beautiful website, added contact forms and marketed your business. Leads are pouring in, but for some reason, they never convert. Your business is suffering, and the problem may be a simple one. Your contact form isn’t optimized for success.

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Bills, Bolls, and Bulls

Daily Writing Tips

The Latin noun bulla , meaning “knob” or “round swelling,” is the source of a family of words starting with b followed by a vowel and the l sound (and sometimes additional letters and sounds), which are listed and defined in this post.

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Three Ways to Set Wellness Goals to Improve Employee Performance

Brilliantly Better

This is a guest post by Ben Branson Heat and pressure can turn a lump of graphite into a diamond—or crush it completely. Change graphite into ‘employee’ and heat/pressure into ‘stress’ in the previous sentence and you have the two… The post Three Ways to Set Wellness Goals to Improve Employee Performance appeared first on Dragos Roua. Business

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How Stroke Prevention Can Save Your Life

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No one wants to think about the possibility of having a stroke, but someone in the United States has a stroke an average of every 40 seconds. It could be life altering or even life ending. The good news is that it is possible to survive a stroke and it’s also possible to prevent one from happening in the first place. You should take steps to understand your risk factors, make lifestyle changes, and finally plan for your best possible outcome should the worst happen.

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Dazzling Displays – 3 Tips For Boosting Your Sales Through Visual Merchandising

Small Business CEO

When it comes to taking in and making sense of information, we focus more on visuals than anything else. In fact, educational researchers suggest that about 83% of human learning occurs visually.

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Ditch the annual engagement survey: measure employee engagement like you measure your finances

Daily Writing Tips

In today’s world of work, we’re seeing a power shift from employer to employee. Employees are pushing organizations to be better every day, and demanding that employers create an environment within which they want to work. This is important because workplace culture is key to employee engagement.

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Soulful Simplicity with Courtney Carver


On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Courtney Carver , the person behind Be More with Less and author of Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More.

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3 Lead Generation Tactics That Can Give Startups a Big Boost

Small Business CEO

Lead generation is key when starting up a business. The rule is simple: More leads equal more sales (given you can convert those leads well, though…) However, to make lead generation work, you need some tactics.

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5 Key Trends to Shape Your 2018 Information Management Plans

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I spend a lot of my time writing and speaking about trends in the content management marketplace. As many of you know, I regularly blog under the Digital Landfill title, and I’ve also been fortunate to be invited as a guest columnist on the DocuWare blog from time to time. Workflow Enterprise Content Management

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3 Lesser-Known Link Building Opportunities for Businesses

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Businesses, especially new businesses with a small budget, have a hard time justifying link building. You might , and I say might very lightly, be able to start generating leads affordably with pay-per-click advertising.

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Benefits of Contract Hire for Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

Today, so much work is conducted on the information superhighway, that it is easy to forget that we still need to spend a certain amount of our time on the real one, too.

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Spending Smart by Maximizing Technological Investments

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Technological investments are a part of business. Your business can spend $1 million to invest in new technology and equipment, but how will these technologies transition to profit? That’s the question. Increased investment doesn’t necessarily mean improved financials.

2017 60

Basis of Estimating Software Development

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The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex. When it is suggested that estimating is hard, of no value, and unnecessary, always ask what principle is used to support that claim? Don't hear one? Then it's likely just a personal anecdote made without any principles. . Here are some resources that will provide guidance to produce credible software development estimates, in both traditional and agile domains. Let's start with some books.

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3 Types of Errors in Interpolated Coordination

Daily Writing Tips

2017 57

What Makes a Good Manager

Small Business CEO

Being a good manager is essential in order to create a positive work environment.

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4 Purposes Your Business Website Should Serve

Small Business CEO

Building a functional business website is a major step in the right direction for your organization. The internet plays far too large of a role in our everyday lives for your business to disregard its power.

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