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7 harmful eating habits that cripple your productivity (and what to do about it)

Dumb Little Man

Skipping lunch to get ahead of your work is not giving you the productive advantage you expect, after all. Putting in longer hours doesn’t equal more productivity, and putting in longer hours while eating poorly is a surefire way to get a lot less done.

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Email Management: 5 Top Tips for Managing Your Emails

Office Organization Success

“Help! I’m in email overload.” ” When I asked my subscribers recently what their biggest office headache is, email is right up there with the rest of them! Comments such as: “Emails – yikes!”

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3D Printing Industry Forecast to Reach $12.5 Billion in 2018

Small Business Labs

"Big Three" strategy consulting firm Bain and Company is forecasting the 3D printing industry will continue its rapid growth and reach $12.5 billion in revenue in 2018. The chart below, taken from a Bain infographic on 3D printing , illustrates this growth.

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Choose to Avoid Negative Talk In The Office

Office Dynamics

Imagine this… There is a huge fiery dragon roaming the earth. Some days, the dragon is a little more tame and other days the dragon is on a rampage breathing fire. Do you know this dragon?

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Stop Focusing on Success and Focus on Making an Impact

Dumb Little Man

Every day and every week we can seize another golden change to become better and to make someone else’s life better. But too often, we see our days and weeks not as opportunities for impact, but as things we must ‘get through’ in order to get something else.

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Research Proves Your Reputation Matters with New Colleagues

On The Job

If your grandmother always told you that your reputation matters a great deal in this world, she wasn't just offering some old-fashioned advice that doesn't matter anymore. According to a new study by Stanford GSB professor Adina D.

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The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report - 30.2 Million U.S. Independent Workers

Small Business Labs

The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report was released today. Key findings include: The number of independent workers aged 21 and up stands at 30.2 million in 2015, divided between 17.8 million Full-Time Independents and 12.4 million Part-Time Independents.

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Five Useful Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Dumb Little Man

Grocery shopping….it it can be the bane of our existence at times. We want to make healthy food choices and buy what is best for us and our family, but we want to keep our total bill to a manageable level. Sometimes the balancing act between good for you and good for the pocketbook can be a battle.

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Happy Sabbatical to Me!

Virtual Moxie

I'm officially away from today, through the New Year. Q4 is a time I take away from my regular responsibilities and try new things, dream new dreams, conjure and create, and historically come back more relaxed, happy, and ready to take on my world in new and/or different ways.

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The Rise of Social Offices and "Wholeness"

Small Business Labs

Industrious is a fast growing coworking chain that started in Chicago and now has spaces in a dozen or cities. Like the better known WeWork, Industrious spaces tend to be quite large by traditional coworking space standards. What I really like about Industrious is how they've branded themselves.

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Is it time to bust your comfort zone?

Office Dynamics

We’re all familiar with the comfort zone: That risk free place of ease and certainty with no surprises. It’s always the same in the comfort zone—nothing bad happens, but nothing particularly good either.

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Be More Productive – Starting Today!

Dumb Little Man

First of all, if you’re anything like me, you’re used to having many distractions and queries thrown your way at work. Can you re-arrange that meeting?” “Can Can you send that updated report to me at some point this afternoon?”

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Getting to Your Dreams With Uncompromising Standards

Virtual Moxie

I love Mike Dooley. His work is phenomenal and has helped so many people. If you haven't read his books, and have never seen Notes From the Universe, you're in for a treat. Today, a quote of his that, I think, stands without any embellishment from me. Keep on rockin' your standards.

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Why Your Presentations Suck -- and How to Make Them Much Better

On The Job

Michael Baldwin says we’ve been in a “downward spiral” since the first “spectacular” presentations were made with cave drawings 32,000 years ago.

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Executives and Assistants Working In Partnership Guide Giveaway Winner

Office Dynamics

Thank you to all who participated in our contest in collaboration with Executive Secretary Magazine for a free copy of the soon-to-be-released Guide, Executives and Assistants Working in Partnership.

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Three Top Tips for Maximizing Your Motivation

Dumb Little Man

What’s your motivation challenge right now? Is it getting fit? Looking for a new job? Going back to study? Losing weight? Sticking to a budget? How are those New Years’ resolutions going? Motivation is the key link between having goals and actually achieving them.

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The Whole Life Productivity Manifesto

Simple Productivity Blog

It used to be that work was work, and everything else was life. But with the advent of mobile technology, work is now everywhere. Work and life are not separate. It’s about whole life. Productivity techniques no longer apply to just work.

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How I Use Yosemite On My Mac to Get Work Done


This guest post was written by Heidi Pungartnik, founder of the productivity website On The Grind. She would love for you to stop by and grab her free list of 20 little known productivity tools here ! Apple’s Yosemite operating system offers many new features to help users be more productive.

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The staggering lie of so-called Limiting Beliefs

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

My gears are really grinding on this one. It’s time to put an end to an insidious, toxic and manipulative lie that entrepreneurs are being sold. The worst part? They’re so brainwashed, they tell THEMSELVES the lie too.

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5 Super Quick fixes for Men Care

Dumb Little Man

For far too long, natural products and men have been on two opposite ends of a pogo stick, but that’s all about to change.

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Opening A New Door

Simple Productivity Blog

The end of the start of something really great.Whole Life Productivity ( [link] ). The post Opening A New Door appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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Good Health and Productivity Go Together


There is no doubt there are many great applications out there to help you boost your productivity. And, in most cases, less time in your email inbox is a good thing. But t he most productive thing I do each day has nothing to do with traditional productivity.

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Buck Naked and Butt Naked

Daily Writing Tips

A reader has two questions about the idiom “buck naked”: 1. When did people start saying, “butt naked” instead of “buck naked”? What does “buck naked” mean, anyway? buck naked , adjective : completely unclothed. In Old English, the word that is now spelled buck referred to a male deer.

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Quick Decluttering Tip

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-02-11 17:16:15. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Decluttering, also known as getting rid of stuff you don’t want or need, is something you should do every day. Tossing out the junk mail counts; I’m not talking about clearing out your closet. It’s a good idea to do it everyday because then you get in the habit and don’t have to think about it so much. You also become attuned to looking for clutter to get rid of.

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How to Change Your Language – and Change Your Mind

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! How to Change Your Language – and Change Your Mind first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Better Business

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The Productivityist Podcast 59: The Habits of a Happy Brain with Loretta Breuning


In this episode of The Productivityist Podcast, I speak with Dr. Loretta Breuning from the Inner Mammal Institute. We talk about how you can retrain your brain, including some tactics and tips so that you can start building a happier and healthier brain.

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Daily Writing Tips

The word Luddite originated in the nineteenth century as a label for an organized group of English workers and their sympathizers who set out to destroy manufacturing machinery in the midlands and north of England between 1811 and 1816.

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Why You And Your Team Should Be Attending Conferences

Brilliantly Better

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions. Completely synergize resource taxing … The post Why You And Your Team Should Be Attending Conferences appeared first on Dragos Roua. Advice Business

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Despite Is Not a Conjunction

Daily Writing Tips

The error of using despite to introduce a noun clause may be more common with ESL speakers, but plenty of examples can be discovered in the writing of native English speakers.

2015 102

Cost-Effective vs. Cost-Efficient

Daily Writing Tips

A reader has asked about the use of these two terms: I was wondering if you would care to comment on the difference between cost-efficient and cost-effective.

2015 100

Metre, Meter, and Mete

Daily Writing Tips

Numerous readers wrote to correct me regarding the following entry in my post about commonly confused words that begin with M : 5. meter / metre. Both words are nouns. A meter is a measuring device, like a gas meter. Metre is a metric unit or a type of rhythm in verse.

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The Changing US Political Symbolism of Blue and Red

Daily Writing Tips

In British politics, blue is associated with Britain’s conservative party, the Tories, whereas red is associated with the Labour Party. The same association of blue with political conservatism was once common in US politics, but now red is associated with the conservative party.

2015 98

Verb Review #11: May and Might

Daily Writing Tips

The auxiliaries may and might are often used interchangeably. Most of the time, interchanging them doesn’t seem to matter. Strictly speaking, might is the past form of may , but may often occurs in past tense constructions, and might is used in sentences about the present or future. Both may and might are used when the speaker is not sure about something: I may watch a movie tonight. I might watch a movie tonight.

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Ensuring Mobile Compatibility For Your Website

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Quickly communicate enabled technology and turnkey leadership skills. Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology. Globally network focused materials vis-a-vis cost effective manufactured … The post Ensuring Mobile Compatibility For Your Website appeared first on Dragos Roua. Advice Business Technology

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